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Slender Man vs. Spycho

Before or after rape of Sniper. If Eximplode doesn't mind other people writing the TNI characters. (I still haven't really read TNI, haven't taken the time as I know it's long, but I know about it and I've seen some fan arts.) Good idea or bad idea?


Holy crap. Look for anything with Anne the Cat Detective as the author in here, most notably Mercy, Mercy Redux, the Shuffle, and Howl, Dog (what-if sequel to 'The Sun Is Burning'). Also The Defiant Ones series (she wrote it but someone else posted it here.) She writes lots of long, absolutely lovely Spy/Sniper stuff. This is just the longest completed stuff, I think.

There are also lots more long ones written by other people in here too, I just don't recall them all off the top of my head. Crossdressing Fortress is another great one that only recently had some Spy/Sniper but it's so good. "SNUFF" - [Sniper/Spy; KOTH Viaduct] is mostly Spy/Sniper and it is amazing. The Reed Fields, Dances with Tigers (short but related to the Reed Fields), and Moi Petit Bécassine are also amazing.

And that's just Spy/Sniper stuff. Some of those are complete, some of them aren't.

I would give you links but shit, just click "all threads" and these will be unveiled. The names are exactly the names of the threads, I believe. Pro-tip, anything else with a large number of posts is going to be long or extremely well-loved. Seriously, just dig through Afanfic and you'll find what you're looking for. You'll be reading for days. There's also the archives, if you go to tf2chan.net and scroll down a bit.