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Blame my girlfriend for the last bit on the end. She demanded the last fourty words be exactly that scene (although it turned out to be about eighty).

PART SEVEN: Sniper/Scoutma/Spy


Sniper had been with Spy for nearly a year now. He wouldn’t call it love, but friends with benefits (and also some blossoming feelings but that was something better left alone. He knew Spy wasn’t exactly the right type to be getting in a full blown relationship with). And besides, sometimes he would be seen kissing the pretty belle that was the mother of the other team’s Scout when family were allowed to visit (rare occasions dreaded by all except both Scout’s mothers and perhaps the Spies they were enamoured with). Today was one of those days. Sniper could see Demo escorting his blind mother around the base and explaining why he wasn’t working right now (“It’s a family day mum. We’re still getting paid. Mum, please it’s okay. I don’t need another job mum.”) and the other team’s Spy was already handing his lady a bouquet of flowers. He didn’t want to know what his Spy was already up to.

Downstairs he trudged, avoiding the main rooms where he might see the happy couple hugging and just generally being awfully lovey. He didn’t expect to have the slouch hat whisked off his head and a feminine giggle alert him to the two people standing behind him. Spy had his arm around the woman’s waist and she had placed the akubra on Spy’s head just as Sniper turned around.

“What’re you playing at you two?” He tried to ask as jovially as he could and keep the bitterness out of his voice.

“Why, my Cherie had a lovely idea just now and we wished to see how you’d take it.”

An idea? He raised a furry eyebrow.

“Come on Snipes, it won’t kill you.” She had the same accent as Scout, the thick Bostonian tongue had the weird effect of grating on Sniper’s nerves but sounding quite pleasing at the same time.

Sniper rolled his eyes and snatched his head back off of Spy’s head. “Tell me your idea first.”

“Oh but Monsieur that would ruin the surprise!” As much as he trusted Spy, the look on his face wasn’t something that Sniper would exactly call friendly. Although, Spy’s face had a habit of twisting itself into odd expressions at the drop of a hat so Sniper couldn’t call that an accurate measure of what he was feeling.

After a second of internal debate, Sniper relented. “Fine, I’ll go along with your crazy idea. No offence ma’am.”

She shook her head, laughing again. “You’ll enjoy it babe, I promise.”

Sniper was dragged down the corridors to the team’s collective dorm area. He was shuffled inside Spy’s room with Scout’s mother following close behind them. She had a wide, attractive grin across her slightly chubby face. Sniper wasn’t sure what to make of it exactly, just like the way he wasn’t sure what to make of Spy beginning to undo his shirt buttons.

“Hey, mate, what’s going on?”

“Why Sniper, haven’t you figured out the Madame’s idea yet?”

Behind him the door locked. The blinds were already shut and Spy had pulled his mask off. He never did that on the base. Scout’s mother seemed right at home with it though, running her hands through his hair while they kissed. At first Sniper was a little lost for words, but then the lady reached behind her and tugged him closer until he was positioned right behind her and Spy was gripping his chin with a suddenly ungloved hand.

Clothes were of little use and the room had steadily been getting warmer since the three piled into the room. For most of the time Sniper had stayed behind Scout’s mother, once or twice being shuffled around in front of her while Spy did something behind her that had her gasping and leaning against the Australian for support. Now they were on the bed and Sniper’s head was spinning with the heady scent of sex in the air. Some time during the tryst he found himself inside the woman, a privilege he hadn’t been expecting, and Spy in front with his mouth wrapped around the nipple of a rather luxurious breast.

She was glorious. Tighter than he expected for a woman that had birthed eight children, soft and wet too. Even with a condom on he could feel it. He ran his hands around her wide hips, over the white stretch mark scars of her inner thighs and over Spy’s head where he was nestled there.

In all, Sniper rather liked this idea.

Together, they lay in the bed that was too small for even two people with smoke curling around the ceiling and staining the white a sickly yellow. Scout’s mother was wrapped around Spy’s side and Sniper was between his legs, shifting sometimes to try and find a more comfortable spot. More often than not, that would prompt an angry jabbing from Spy and a chuckle from his -their- lady friend. Eventually they settled into a tired sleep with the odd restless fit when someone’s body decided it was too hot.

At one point, the other team’s Scout went in search of his mother (after a shouting match with Soldier, who finally decided it was alright but ’only until you find her and DON’T DAWDLE MAGGOT’) and when he tried to kick open the door to the Spy’s room -knowing full well she’d be there- he was confronted with an angry Australian who’d just been woken up and hadn’t put any underwear left. The Scout decided he could go mess around with his counterpart while he waited for them to finish playing around, because that would preserve his sanity for a little longer.

Suddenly, fireworks went off just outside the hidden window and Spy crammed his head back into the mask just as half the team barrelled their way into the room- effectively breaking the door off its hinges- and confetti streamers exploded in their hands. Their Scout stood on the bed above the threesome and sprayed silly string in Sniper’s face.

And that was how half the team ended up going through respawn that night.