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Four Daughters (Medic x MTF Heavy)

(I wanted to take a shot at writing a transgender fic. I don't think Heavy is trans in canon, but I thought it would be interesting to have a biologically male character, one who who embodies masculinity, to actually see themselves as female.)


Zhanna was getting married. Much care had been taken to tailor her wedding to her and Jane’s specifications, down to little bowties for each and every raccoon, and Misha should have been excited. But something clicked inside of him, something he had been aggressively trying to deny for decades. He saw the way his mother and sisters fit into their dresses, and how beautiful they looked, agonizing over their makeup, their hair, while he stuffed himself into an old, ill-fitting suit. That night, he couldn’t sleep.

Heavy generally slept like a baby, unless something was terribly wrong. Even his breathing sounded off, labored, as if a heavy weight was lying on top of it. There was a shuffling of the mattress as Medic rolled over, lightly shaking Heavy’s shoulder. He was whispering to himself, over and over. Whispering that he was a big, strong, giant man.

“Are you alright?”

“It is hard to say, Doktor. I cannot explain. It hurts. Is not so much like bullet holes. Different.”

“Interesting. Vhat for?”

“I am acting like baby. Seeing sisters in dresses. I should be happy, proud of Zhanna. And I am. The most proud I can be, but…”
“But vhat? If it is a gown you desire, or pretty panties, I could alvays give you one. I zhink you’d look qvite cute in a lacy ensemble.”
“Is alright, doktor. I…it would not be the same. What is underneath would not be the same.” Heavy ran his hand over his arm, feeling like a little of the weight had finally lifted. This was the body of the idealized man. He should be happy. Was that what was wrong? Could the wrong person have received another’s ideal form? There was a painful, agonizingly long silence. Medic put two and two together.

“Schatz, perhaps your papa really gave the vorld four daughters. You just didn’t realize it until now. Is zhat correct?”

“Oh my God.”

“I can have zhe correct chemicals shipped vithin a week. Und you know zhe best surgeon in town. If anyone sees my beautiful wife as a man, I gut zhem. Alright? Go to bed, liebling.”

Wife. That sounded nice. Even if she were still bald, she was a woman. Her. She. It finally felt right.