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File 128920543167.png - (157.90KB , 296x290 , vitruvian_man.png )
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Feel free to post whatever art tutorials and helpful images you can find here.
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>> No. 1423
Check the "Loose Canon" comic.

File 130107018478.jpg - (266.13KB , 625x1000 , tf2redposter copy.jpg )
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I was going to post this in the thread on critique in /off-topic/, but I was disappointed that it was closed before I completed my final draft. Some people may consider this beating a dead horse, but I feel that there is still something that a reader may be able to take away from this. Some of the bits (particularly the numbered parts) are gamed from my friend's article on how to give critique, since we share many of the same ideas and opinions on the matter. The first half is essentially about morality, and the second half is about Better Critique.


Forgive me if I'm wrong, but right now this argument appears to be, essentially, "is the critiquer wrong for giving a critique to a person who may or may not want it" or "the person is wrong for not wanting it in the first place." This is a pretty difficult question. I think we can all agree that it is certainly better for someone to take a critique gracefully, and that people should act this way. However, should it be in the viewers hands to essentially, force people to take critique because of this statement, or in an extension of that argument: run people off the site for not doing so? Is it okay to run someone off the site for not responding to critique gracefully? It's a complex problem.

We can all agree that no one likes whiners who think they are hot shit and spam the word 'style' like it absolves them of everything. However, I do think that people are wrongly assigned this status more are more common than not. Also: people who are of this mindset are mostly inexperienced, and as people, we should be obligated to teach them that it is incorrect instead of taking what is essentially the easy way out. Because:

Critique is first and foremost, to help people. If they don't want to be helped, that's their problem (more on this later). In the same vein, as critics, we are free to say what we want. However, a lot of people here take the "if the artist can't take it, then it's their problem, and they should suck it up and stop whining" which is honestly an outdated view on criticism. In the same vein, the "if they can't take it, t
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>> No. 1449
Be specific when you give crit. I've actually heard professional art teachers tell their students they're not drawing, say, their anatomy spot-on, but never identify what specifically isn't working, and thus the student never learns.

Unfortunately even with a trained eye or a knack for detail, not everyone always sees what's wrong. If you always automatically knew what was wrong, you wouldn't be asking anyone for help.

File 129825781049.jpg - (284.44KB , 1152x768 , critics.jpg )
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Here is an article from Coelasquid that contains invaluable advice on drawing and constructive criticism. It's well worth the read if you are aiming to become a professional artist, want to improve your skills, or want to make sure you're giving artists substantial concrit advice. I'd definiately give this a read.

>> No. 1451
Wow. Thanks for posting this. So much. Imma bookmark it because I think this provided me with a little impetus to work harder. But yeah, thank you again :'D

File 168766205069.jpg - (46.48KB , 624x442 , strip.jpg )
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What's happening to the TF2 Emporium? ever since they changed their policy their WIP is just flooded with Porn or NSFW posts

File 141946246286.jpg - (793.30KB , 700x1156 , 1360726590096.jpg )
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I'm building a medigun and a minigun for cosplay, and I've found lots of sound files on the webs for just about every other weapon - but I can't find any sound clips of just the medigun or the minigun's sound effects... Can anybody help me out?

(..and less likely but I would kill for any Archimedes/dove sound effects ripped from the game... I have animatronic doves ready to go, but no good sound effects for them)
>> No. 1467
you can probably find them in the tf2.gcf, use gcfscape for it?
>> No. 1468
the file you want is Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\tf2_sound_misc_dir.vpk
right-click what you want and hit extract

File 129819770397.png - (234.57KB , 981x674 , yyghjnm.png )
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oh hey the chan died

So I've been looking around for the past 30 minutes in all of the possible boards for a lost and found thread like there used to be before the rather sudden crash, and I noticed there wasn't once, so this may be my one of my last posts here.

I really need to find two fanfics I wrote and never got the chance to finish, between January and July of 2010. One was called "The Bathroom" and the other was "Code of Conduct." I've asked a few people about them, but so far, my search has turned up dry. "The Bathroom" was a Tentaspy fanfic with a different look on the character, and "Code of Conduct" was a Spy/Sniper fanfic based off a prompt from the kink meme. One, if not both, were under the title "Sheepy the Wonderful" or just "Sheepy."

You guys could use this as the new Lost and Found thread since idk why the help section isn't up yet, but I'd really, really like to find those fanfics. There were people who liked them, so I just hope they have them saved.
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>> No. 1222
Nevermind on references, I found them /workshop/. Forgot about that.
>> No. 1223
DOUBLE JUST KIDDING, I found the REAL reference picture thread on the second page of /resources/. Weird, I thought I went thought all these threads.
>> No. 1228
File 136462526272.jpg - (160.92KB , 949x800 , 126082771979.jpg )
>I really hate asking this here, but after repeated attempts to find what I'm looking for to no avail I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me. Anyway, I was poking around in the afanfic archives and came across a few that were written in response to some pictures drawn by Humon (Gumon): one was an image involving Heavy, Medic, and Sniper, while the others featured Heavy and Medic along with a tied up Demoman and Soldier. I've tried clicking on the thread's attached image files but I get a 404 error, and Ive come up empty-handed after searching other sites for the pictures (though I did find one that involved Heavy, Medic and a tied up Spy and Scouts mom). If anybody that was around back then happened to save the pictures I would really appreciate it if you would repost them here.

I hope this is what you were after

File 130427863115.jpg - (19.47KB , 357x390 , DAT ASS Solly.jpg )
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First: http://tf2chan.net/resources/res/172.html

Continue the fun, ladies and gents!

Also I'm looking for a picture that was on the chan a while ago and I forgot to save it. It had Engie and the caption "I HAVE THE WEIRDEST BONER". Anyone care to repost it here? Thanks!
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>> No. 1211
File 133802911666.png - (184.50KB , 414x295 , 13378524964922.png )
>> No. 1225
File 135636220570.png - (257.70KB , 431x390 , 2263237.png )
>> No. 1226
File 136108530625.png - (86.81KB , 462x619 , 130886364887.png )

File 134513112067.png - (168.76KB , 219x450 , 58323263478.png )
1217 No. 1217 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Could somebody help me by recolouring Soldier's helmet and jacket so he's BLU Soldier. (I don't have any experience photoshopping, I'm sorry.)

Blu Solly in comics, if you need refs: http://tf2chan.net/resources/src/133802911666.png
>> No. 1220
File 134740625221.png - (139.67KB , 219x450 , blu solly.png )

File 134158867192.jpg - (70.05KB , 1280x1024 , o07c5e.jpg )
1219 No. 1219 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Can anyone upload the sentry/dispenser etc papercrafts? Highwaychile.net has inexplicably gone offline.

Many thanks in advance.

File 133750012373.gif - (263.60KB , 400x400 , DR_MEDICK.gif )
1207 No. 1207 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I need some help finding a nice piece of art I saw on here once.

It was the medic lying in a (hospital?) bed looking ill.
Soldier walks up to him and sees something on his arm.

It's a number.
Medic quietly says "I was never a Nazi..."

Anyone know where to find or have this image?
Please and thank you (also good art whoever did it)!

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