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File 128920543167.png - (157.90KB , 296x290 , vitruvian_man.png )
1229 No. 1229
Feel free to post whatever art tutorials and helpful images you can find here.
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>> No. 1373
Before I forget, Demoman's in-game emblem has changed: http://i52.tinypic.com/jpwto2.jpg
>> No. 1374
If you have any of the Orange Box (Half Life and sequels, Portal, Team Fortress 2), you can download the Source SDK for free, which includes a Model Viewer and Face Poser. Both lets you rotate/zoom/pan the model in its 3D environment and has the entire library of all animations.

It's an awesome, awesome resource for anybody who doesn't want to shell out $10 for Garry's Mod.
>> No. 1375
File 129122935355.jpg - (288.24KB , 2948x1538 , pootis.jpg )
erecting a dispenser
>> No. 1376
File 129123061177.jpg - (237.29KB , 1809x1189 , compensating_for_something.jpg )
sentry going up
>> No. 1377
File 129123561322.jpg - (99.64KB , 1335x1083 , teleporter.jpg )
need a teleportah heyah
>> No. 1378
Dot, again, we already HAVE a ref thread. Why don't you post these great images there?

>> No. 1379

Sorry, missed you pointing that out the first time. I kind of don't want to repost it all in the other thread right now, but I'll get to it eventually.
>> No. 1380
I LOVE dis thread! Truly I do!

I'm hunting for some good carry pose tutorials. Piggyback, fireman's, bridal; any and all person-carrying-person poses (dude carrying dude would be especially nice)...I would be mighty grateful to anyone who could share such a find with the rest of the chan!
>> No. 1381
wat, someone posted my tutorial on cooters. (thanks for ignoring my shit typing in it)
>> No. 1382
Well, given that this is TF2chan, it's not the MOST needed tutorial of all ... But if it stops just one person from drawing horrible generic animu vagoos, I'm already happy.
>> No. 1383
Are there any size comparison charts around? (as in class heights, like how tall one is compared tot the other) I tried to find one on Google and failed.
>> No. 1384
In this thread, yes: http://tf2chan.net/resources/res/1.html
>> No. 1385
A guy on youtube I recently found has very useful tips and tutorials that I thought you guys might be interested in. You can either look up his username (matthew39arch) or here is the link to his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/matthew39arch

His website he advertises has a lot more in-depth lessons, but you have to pay.
>> No. 1386
File 130099114514.jpg - (239.85KB , 900x792 , 1293362352759.jpg )
Probably not going to be useful for anybody other than weeaboos and yoweefags, but I figured a wingfag tutorial here wouldn't hurt.
>> No. 1387
File 130113136087.gif - (8.45KB , 492x290 , tips_palette.gif )
>> No. 1388
Best post ever.
>> No. 1389
This article should be read by all artists; it's very inspirational and helpful:

>> No. 1390
File 130243619097.jpg - (174.62KB , 1000x1800 , 74e548f011bf0223687aef1d125c9a7d.jpg )
Apparently Danbooru is good for more than just porn and lolis.
>> No. 1391
Hey, I'm looking for some sort of head template I can use. Anybody got something like this?
Just a blank, basic head shape, that I can trace over, and design my character's face before I try drawing it for real.
It's a lot easier to figure out how to make the nose look on one of those things than on a full drawing, where I will inevitably fuck up the rest of the drawing by constantly erasing the nose.
>> No. 1392
Help for drawing kisses, anyone? Like an actually helpful tutorial or something? Kisses are even harder than hands, I swear.

Please, any kind of instructional thing or good reference would be really appreciated - Google isn't being helpful.

(Thanks in advance)
>> No. 1393
File 13044726497.jpg - (153.58KB , 1280x800 , Kiss.jpg )
>> No. 1394
Oh thank you, not bad!
Though I must say I'd love some more reference with more realistic faces. TF2 just doesn't cut it in that department. Still, thanks to you!
>> No. 1395
Feet: http://www.elftown.com/_foot%20photo%20reference Hands: http://www.elftown.com/_Hand%20photo%20reference
Huge zips of nude poses and some faces: http://www.mediafire.com/?5241h9d2pp3d2 (Mostly female but there are some very nice male folders.)
>> No. 1396
File 13047102015.jpg - (707.04KB , 1819x1176 , 1290016289062.jpg )
>> No. 1397
AW MAI GAWD ♥ I've needed onea' these.
>> No. 1399
I remember before the board reset, in the art help thread, there was a link to a site, that had hundreds of probably thousands of male and female bodies in different poses and whichever pose you selected, it'd then load up in the flash window and you could then rotate it and move your view around so the 3D, digital model could be seen from any angle.

Does anyone have that site or something similar to it?
>> No. 1400
Do you mean Posemaniacs?
>> No. 1401
Yes. Zank you engineer!
>> No. 1402
Are there any tutorials on how to draw good with a mouse? I can draw alright with pencil and paper, but when I try drawing on the computer, it just looks awful, and I can't afford a tablet, so I'd like to learn how to draw using my mouse.
>> No. 1403
Could anyone upload some pictures of the characters' faces seen from different perspectives?
>> No. 1404
Anyone have a tutorial on how to draw people sitting down? For the life of me, I just cannot figure it out, no matter how many references I use.
>> No. 1405
File 132092182883.jpg - (264.41KB , 1920x1080 , heads_render.jpg )
This one can also be found here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19352201/heads_render.jpg
>> No. 1406
File 132149167161.jpg - (106.76KB , 600x903 , tumblr_lt8daznW8K1qkrm0k.jpg )
You're welcome.
>> No. 1407
File 132177757517.gif - (484.87KB , 425x226 , tumblr_lt4pkafzdF1r3tiwzo1_500.gif )
There was a blog I found on Blogspot, I think, that had really damn cheesy text but the most AMAZING black and white male nudes. The photos were classy and in a variety of extremely helpful poses, but the text on the blog was some white-on-black really cheesy RP stuff, with phrases like "welcome my lord" and "various realms with their own customs that you may have to conform to".

Is this ringing a bell for anyone? I am totally kicking myself for bookmarking it while still inside Sandboxie.
>> No. 1408
http://fineart.sk/ is like the God of all anatomy sites. Furreals, yo.

Not only do they have photography of nudes, males and females, of varying age and stature, but scans from some of the best books on the subject :D

>> No. 1409
How To Draw Kissing (Lots of different styles) - http://aqua-bluebell.deviantart.com/art/tutorial-how-to-draw-kisses-50197849 and http://www.dragoart.com/tuts/5061/1/1/how-to-draw-a-kiss.htm and http://www.dragoart.com/tuts/3397/1/1/how-to-draw-kissing.htm and http://princess-sky-x.deviantart.com/art/How-to-draw-a-kissing-scene-1-96618113?q=boost%3Apopular%20how%20to%20draw%20kissing&qo=5 .. some of them are kinda animu but the concept is pretty much the same throughout. Its weird that there aren't more tutorials on this subject...

>>2855 Get GIMP. Use the line tool. I used to use that until I finally got a tablet (by the way the one I have was 60 dollars on Overstock, Wacom Bamboo something. They're getting pretty cheap!)

Okay I can draw pretty well. The problem is I don't have a damn clue how to do line art or color. Halp pl0x?
>> No. 1410
I seem to remember stumbling across a spreadsheet of the Character Models some time ago that featured their teeth.

Valve, being a company with meticulous attention to detail, even went to far as to give each character a completely unique model just for their teeth (Sniper having sharpened canines akin to fangs, Scout's being slightly miscoloured from years of enamel-rotting soda, etc etc)

I don't remember where on this Chan I found it but I've been scouring /workshop/ and /fanart/ for the better part of an hour now looking for it. If anyone out there has it (or knows where to get it) could they please post?

>> No. 1411
Never fear, my friendly anon! It was hiding in Dsc, the whole time!

>> No. 1412

Thanks for the help!
>> No. 1413
Hello, does anyone have any Soldier holding his rocket launcher poses and/or possibly some rocket jump poses? Thanks.
>> No. 1414
Found a really awesome website with video tutorials for all kinds of basic digital painting techniques using Photoshop.
>> No. 1415
Does anyone know how people get those really nice pencil scans? Whenver I try scanning my art, the texture of the paper, and all the erased lines show up and it makes it impossible to work on the picture with pencil lineart.
>> No. 1416
Does anyone have the BONK! logos? Not just the unraveled cans but the plain logo without any background, like on the Atomizer?
>> No. 1417
All I have currently is photoshop. I'm deent with it, but I just can't get that kind of 'painted' look I want. I want to be able to see every stroke I make and it's just not happening.
Is there another system that would work better for what I want? Or does anybody have any advice to give on the subjet?
>> No. 1418
If you're using a tablet, I find that MyPaint is a pretty good open-source painting program, and there are plenty of brushes to work with. Paint Tool SAI works quite well too, though you need to purchase it.
>> No. 1419
File 13384873753.jpg - (311.81KB , 900x1250 , legs_and_feet_pack_2_by_kxhara-d51u72r (1).jpg )
On Sparkledog Central by kxhara
>> No. 1420
Umm... Someone said engineer's official eye color is blue, but I've only seen rebbacus' skin model with a bit greenish blue eyes.
Is there any references of engineer's official eye color?
>> No. 1421
As far as I know, all classes except Demoman officially have blue eyes. Racist bastards.
>> No. 1422
Can you tell me where the source is??
In tvtropes, engineer is said to have greenish blue eyes while others have gray blue eyes.
I wanna see his exact eye color.
>> No. 1423
Check the "Loose Canon" comic.
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