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File 129819770397.png - (234.57KB , 981x674 , yyghjnm.png )
365 No. 365
oh hey the chan died

So I've been looking around for the past 30 minutes in all of the possible boards for a lost and found thread like there used to be before the rather sudden crash, and I noticed there wasn't once, so this may be my one of my last posts here.

I really need to find two fanfics I wrote and never got the chance to finish, between January and July of 2010. One was called "The Bathroom" and the other was "Code of Conduct." I've asked a few people about them, but so far, my search has turned up dry. "The Bathroom" was a Tentaspy fanfic with a different look on the character, and "Code of Conduct" was a Spy/Sniper fanfic based off a prompt from the kink meme. One, if not both, were under the title "Sheepy the Wonderful" or just "Sheepy."

You guys could use this as the new Lost and Found thread since idk why the help section isn't up yet, but I'd really, really like to find those fanfics. There were people who liked them, so I just hope they have them saved.
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>> No. 366
/resources/ is pretty much our new /help/ board.

So yeah, have you checked the archive yet?
>> No. 367

Yes, I have, I even have the archives from before the site crashed and they weren't there. That's why I'm hoping someone has them saved because I only have one part of each on my hard drive for some odd reason.

>> No. 375
File 129849083476.jpg - (84.48KB , 513x441 , weenis.jpg )
Sheepy was born on January of 1992. She is, if you calculate correctly, eighteen.

Seeing as you figured out her birth date yourselves.
>> No. 376
File 129849106053.png - (304.42KB , 543x383 , qualitydog.png )
December, rather, same year.
>> No. 377
Our mistake. Thank you for letting us know. The ban has been lifted.
>> No. 379


I'm still looking for those fanfics, by the way, guys. I know the chan is dead and a smaller percentage of the usuals come here now, but really, I'd really like those fanfics.
>> No. 383
I wish you luck in your search.

Even I have noticed a few fics missing. One particular was a helmet party one with Engineer playing with Soldier's helmet straps.
>> No. 386
Just a suggestion, but have you looked in the Archives? They're on the front page.
>> No. 388
I was talking in reference to the archives. Particularly the danceflower section. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the afics/fics from back then were lost.
>> No. 396

yes, i have
i've even looked through the archives from before the site crashed
>> No. 413
As for my own quest, did anyone save that amazing image, it was a closeup of medic's face and he was holding a syringe... I thought I had saved it, but I just checked my stash and it wasn't there. Cue ultimate sadness.
>> No. 426
I loved your fics so much and I swear I was gonna save it, but, it was too late, and the Chan died. I'd love to read them again. And welcome back, nice to have you here again.
>> No. 430

awww thank yooouuu heartheartheart
that's really nice, thank you
yeah the reason i'm looking for them again is because i wanna edit them and/or rewrite them and post them again
but i might post some fics i've written lately for a friend or two, since i've been writing a lot but not posting it anyway

i'm actually posting again, though, because a fanfic i hadn't written is something i really really wanna find. it was about
t-tentaspy being pregnant with an egg
and my friend was the one who told me about it but she couldn't find it in the archives because she was looking for it, too
look don't judge me just find it for me okay
>> No. 439
Well, lets see. Does anyone have the heavy Putin image that someone made in projects a while back?
>> No. 447
I need help badly, you guys. Apparently I did not save the full thread of Miarr's fic "Phenomenology", i on;y have it saved up to part 3. do one of you darlings happen to have a copy of it saved? It's not in the archives as it was written I think in early 2010.

help with this will be rewarded with cupcakes and dicks
>> No. 520
I actually looked it up online. I come to the conclusion that he only wrote 3 chapters and was planning more but didn't. I don't know if that was right or not. I'm not interested in sex things much but I am in medical knowledge. So I would like the rest too.
>> No. 539
Does anyone have that picture of Spy ironing his pants?
>> No. 551
File 130882984845.jpg - (103.41KB , 850x605 , 12611010581.jpg )
I need more of this person's art. Badly. Whether it is through Hipstr, DA, Ygal, their personal blog, or anythin. Please. Help me.
>> No. 552
Looks like Kob's art to me. Here's more, mate.
>> No. 572
File 131018366021.png - (104.30KB , 300x400 , tumblr_lnwku4JoVV1qguupzo1_400.png )
Does anyone know who this is by?

The art style is so familiar, but I just can't put my finger on it... I found this through Hipstr, and the lady said she saved it from an oekaki image board.
>> No. 574
File 131021863388.png - (167.16KB , 351x357 , BUTSCOUT.png )
Looks like Makani to me. I've never seen that particular image before though. Hmm!
>> No. 575
I agree... maybe I'll ask her about it.
>> No. 1108
That's Makani's. I have it saved from an old art thread by her.
>> No. 1109
I'm looking for a Sniper/Medic adult fic called "In Which Medic Has a Voyeuristic Moment". Google failed me and I already checked the chan archives. Anyone have it or at least remember it?
>> No. 1111
>> No. 1162
Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but here goes.

I'm certain many of you are familiar with the TF2 parody of I Want My Hat back that's been making rounds on the internet (and especially t u m b l r)

There was a different version I saw, that had doodly MS Paint-ish art. That's the version I'm looking for, but I can't for the life of me remember if I saw it here or somewhere else. Any help's appreciated
>> No. 1166
Uh...okay. I'm gonna sound like a total weirdo. I read part of this really freaky fanfic here, maybe in like 2009 or so, I don't even remember, and I'm not sure if it was in /fanfic/ or /afanfic/, but I looked through the archives and didn't see anything like it yet. I have no idea the title, and barely half an idea exactly what the hell it was about, but here's what I can remember.

It had a sort of Sniper-monster. Who had his gun in his mouth/neck or something, and he was like part mechanical spider, and there was a scene with somebody feeding him a sugar cube or sugary candy...something. I remember him licking it off the palm of whoever's hand it was. I think there was also a mutant Scout of some kind who was crawling on ceiling? Something weird like that. And some people were watching them, trying not to get seen by these monster characters. Can't remember who, just that the Spider-Sniper thing was there, being all creepy.

I vaguely remember these bits, and nothing more.

But, yes, I'm serious. This fanfic had that in there. I don't know what it was. I just wanted to make sure I'm not going insane, because I swear I read something like this and for the life of me, I don't know what it is because I never saved any of it.

If anyone has anything like this, or knows the title, or can link the fic to me. Please, help?
>> No. 1218
I am looking for a piece of fanart. I don't think this piece of art was ever posted here specifically but I know the artist had posted some of her non-genderbend work.

The image I'm looking for is a digital painting depicting a young female RED medic being helped up by a RED pyro in an apocalyptic battlefield. It was a beautiful picture, I've looked everywhere on DA.
>> No. 1221
So I have two things I'm looking for:
The thread (if there is one) with all the reference pictures for the classes and their items, etc

Also wherever I might find a compilation of Marty's fics? I'm sorry, I was active on tf2chan back before the biggianthuge reload, and have only really come onto /cosplay/ since. I don't know if Marty is or isn't still around.
>> No. 1222
Nevermind on references, I found them /workshop/. Forgot about that.
>> No. 1223
DOUBLE JUST KIDDING, I found the REAL reference picture thread on the second page of /resources/. Weird, I thought I went thought all these threads.
>> No. 1228
File 136462526272.jpg - (160.92KB , 949x800 , 126082771979.jpg )
>I really hate asking this here, but after repeated attempts to find what I'm looking for to no avail I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me. Anyway, I was poking around in the afanfic archives and came across a few that were written in response to some pictures drawn by Humon (Gumon): one was an image involving Heavy, Medic, and Sniper, while the others featured Heavy and Medic along with a tied up Demoman and Soldier. I've tried clicking on the thread's attached image files but I get a 404 error, and Ive come up empty-handed after searching other sites for the pictures (though I did find one that involved Heavy, Medic and a tied up Spy and Scouts mom). If anybody that was around back then happened to save the pictures I would really appreciate it if you would repost them here.

I hope this is what you were after
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