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File 128918247162.jpg - (632.94KB , 1680x1050 , SANDVICH (2).jpg )
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New contact thread?

New contact thread.
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>> No. 2253
It's cool this thread is still around from 2010, less cool the only recent replies are from bots(?)
Anyways, I just got back into tf2 after a long dry spell and was looking to get back into rp. I typically rp Sniper or Spy, but I'll also play Medic or Heavy. Down with shipping with any class besides Scout, and appropriately aged OCs.

If you see this and you're interested my discord is Richard#2742

File 131402445446.png - (473.30KB , 700x488 , carrrrrk.png )
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Fich. Must I remind you all not to TOUCH the corkboard? After we all posted baby pictures of Scout's squidbaby, the weight was simply too much for it to handle.
BLU team, can you come pick up your squished Scout, bitte? Danke.
Well, I suppose all good things must come to an end, and thereby a new beginning. Try not to overload this board with baby photos (however ADORABLE they may be), or bodily fluids (really. This should not be so hard a direction to follow). We are running out of corkboards fast, and, since HQ is no longer watching us, it is unlikely we will get new ones anytime soon.
That said, post away!

[a baby photo of RED Scout's squidbaby is attached]
Okay, one more for good measure. I cannot resist! He is just so CUTE!
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>> No. 2002
Dude, why'd you have to shut the gas off? That shit was fucking awwwwesome.

Pretty colours everywhere you went.

Anyways, Nips says thanks for the birthday present. Socks are cool, I guess.
By any chance did you overlook the fact that my kid has no feet? Seriously, dude. Could've gone with literally any other gift, and...well, okay, maybe not pants, 'cause of the whole eight legs thing, but still. I mean, freakin' Heavy got him a bucket. He loves it.

Anyways, see you Monday, with my bat in your skull, as usual.
>> No. 2033
Woah, just got back from that team transfer (long story short, didnt work out and I'm now wanted in most of Hawaii)

Jesus, I didnt know paper could collect so much dust.
>> No. 2254
[A single post-it in the middle of the board]

Miss you guys.

File 128927144248.jpg - (41.41KB , 415x491 , Untitled-1.jpg )
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Here's my new OC thread. For me and the people I rp with to post our OCs in because that's how we roll.
This is my Sniper. He hasn't got a name yet. He's gay for AmberGauge's Spy, Marquis.
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>> No. 49
For some reason he reminds me of Dr. Gregory House.
>> No. 52
File 128952655979.jpg - (307.26KB , 1245x1717 , eric.jpg )
oh god it's so slight but I can't unsee it.
why would you do this
fortunately stirling does not have a cane, a vicodin addiction, nor is he an asshole.

this is a picture of eric, my spy. he's involved with the pr i'm doing with muu-chan.
>> No. 61
File 128953219619.jpg - (85.49KB , 514x684 , SCAN0095.jpg )

this is james.

he's a pyro.

he's my character in the rp i'm doing with Slashy.

File 131048666228.jpg - (35.51KB , 600x600 , MYAN.jpg )
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Tried to do this in /tits/, but it didn't work. So here I go again. I'd really love to hear your opinions about my characters - good or bad. If you have your own characters you want to talk about, I'd be happy to discuss them with you, but please try to keep in mind that this is my thread, please! Thanks a lot, you guys, you're awesome.

No pretty pictures (except my opening one... that I found somewhere - enjoy it), I'm afraid, since I'm not much of an artist, but I've been mulling over how to do femme characters of TF2 for a while now. I mean, as an ex-animu fan... I'd have to say it's bout near required for me to consider this in just about every fandom I'm in.

So, I see that most people tend to make gender-bended characters either the same nationality\race\(general) personality as their predecessor. So it's basically the same character, only with... ahem, an "exquisite rack". Always nice to see other people's takes on gender-bends of the classicle classes, but not quite enough for me.

Others tend to just go with whatever nationality tickles their fancy. Like the Engineer being from India or the Heavy being from... Iunno, Chile or something. Awesome, but... A little out of my range. And I don't want to have to rely on stereotypes to the point where my characters won't even be unique anymore, because, trust me, if I go that route, that's what's bound to happen.

So what I basically decided to mix up their nationalities while tampering with their personality to suit my fancy.

I just realized that probably doesn't make sense to anyone who is residing outside of my brain, so let me off an example instead. First and foremost being my FemSoldier - the first one I thought up.

So, she's a Soldier, only she's Australian. And when I say "Australian", I mean AUSTRALIUM Australian. So, yeah, huge muscles, big, booming voice, love of combat and all things bloody, and, of course, the signature SAXTON HAAALE mustache. So, she'd basically have the same model as male Soldier - only with short blonde braids under her helmet,
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>> No. 1811
Aw, now you're just too friggen sweet. c:

So, I spent some more time thinking over my fem classes, and realized that I never finished some details on them. So, here it goes.

Fem!Pyro is BoyScout's girlfriend. FemHoovy is sort of his adoptive mom on the battlefield. So this would obviously lead to a bit of conflict concerning the two.

FemHoovy personally feels that BoyScout is too young for Fem!Pyro and thinks she should stay away from him. She never voices these thoughts to Scout, because she is really hesitant to do anything to upset him, for fear of getting on his bad side, but when Scout isn't around.... Things get "tense".

Fem!Pyro thinks Scout is old enough to decide for himself if she's too old or not (she's only, 26, but depending on your headcannon for Scout's age, that might be a pretty large gap. Even so, judging by that Christmas comic, Scout seems to have a "Thing" for older women, anyway!), and doesn't appreciate some random cow who somehow takes it upon herself to be Scout's second mom to tell her what she can and can't do with her own goddamn boyfriend.

I haven't decided what Fem!Pyro's weapon will be yet. For now, let's just default back to the Fire Axe, because balls.

GirlScout's weapon, however, has been decided. I went with a Croquet Mallet with a spike going through the head and barbed wire wrapped around it. If that sounds like a bastardization of the Axtingquisher and the Boston Basher, it's because it totally is. ORIGINAL WEPON DO NOT STEEL

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1929
Spent some more time reflecting on these old babies. Here's a small tidbit I'd like to add about Femedic (the Redhaired one). I told you that Heavy is totes crushing on her and crap because of her hair, but to make it a little more connected to Poker Night, I've decided to have it be RED Heavy who's crushing on her - not her own teammate BLU Heavy. Ah, crossfaction.

I'm not sure what BLU Heavy thinks of her. Maybe he thinks of her as credit to team like any other Medic, and is mostly uninterested. I'll think about it some more.

Some RED Fems coming up soon, hopefully. They'll be totally different from their BLU counterparts, not just palette swaps, so it'll take some time, methinks.

Also, if someone is interested in RPing with my fems, be sore to shoot me an email! Toodles
>> No. 2196
Hi, it's been forever. I can't remember half the shit I had planned for BLU's fems since this was made more than 4 years ago, BUUUUT I've decided.

Grey-haired Fem!Medic will be on the opposing (RED) team. Jane Doe is of course BLU Solly (is that still a thing? Did they ever explain the differences between the teams?)

So yeah. Both medics are very similar and even might hang out off the battlefield, but belong to different teams and keep the spirit of crossfaction strong.

File 140063837763.jpg - (23.16KB , 370x388 , 370px-Sniper_vs_spy.jpg )
2032 No. 2032 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I've just recently dived back into the TF2 fandom and I'm desperately craving some roleplay.

I main RED Fem!Spy and am actually really particular towards pitching her against snipers, BLU in particular because I love power struggles, though same team can work as well if the dynamic is still kept interesting. Also interested in playing her against enemy engineers because again, power dynamics are my thing.

Not ashamed to say that I enjoy smut with minimal plot, but I also love a good torture/interrogation scene, erotic or not. Totally willing to do mini-plots though I tire easily of very long winded plot devices.

If it sounds like you might be interested, don't be afraid to drop me a contact request on Skype, just let me know you're replying to this ad and I'll very eagerly return the contact request!

skype: mirroredeyes

File 13419368914.png - (14.92KB , 236x57 , dvgrg.png )
1938 No. 1938 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Why doesn't anyone rp in here?
All the other fandoms are doing it, but I never find anyone from the tf2 fandom there
>> No. 2010
Aw fuck. C'mon guys, get your asses on omegle and come rp with us.

File 131325519553.png - (488.77KB , 800x434 , TF2 intro.png )
1422 No. 1422 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
This is a Skype based role-play of Team Fortress 2. Using three chat groups that your characters can use interchangeably, your character can travel between their base, the current battlefield, and the enemy base. To keep things active and moving, we ask that you try to sign on at least once every other day and give your team (and us admins) an update as to what your character might be up to. For a similar reasons, posts in the chat are suggested to be around a paragraph. They are not, however, allowed to be less than a few sentences. We stand strong by the idea that quality is better than quantity.

I am sorry, but this RP is restricted to only RED and BLU versions of any TF2 class type. No original characters allowed and you are asked to stay in character when role-playing, no OOC characterization unless on the OOC chat.

This forum is used strictly for any OOC RPing such as OOC versions of characters you create.

Unique to This Role-play:
1 ) We ask that when in a RP chat, that you follow a posting order based on whomever is online, in that chat, at that time. This will allow people to post without fear that someone will interrupt them and force them to change their post.
2 ) Say Mr. BLUspy wants to visit Mr.REDsniper after meeting them in battle. Mr.BLUspy MUST post in the battlefield that they are going to the RED base. They must also sneak into said base to meet up. This means, anyone that happens to be there, can possibly see you. This does, however, also mean that you shouldn’t be a douchebag and ALWAYS hear when someone is sneaking around.

R U L E S:
1 ) No powerplaying. Your character is not capable of doing everything and no worries... if you die, you respawn.
2 ) No godmoding. You cannot take control of another person's character unless consent is clearly given.
3 ) No metagaming. Your character does not know everything. They cannot know something they weren't present to hear about.
4 ) No drama.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1423
So yeah, About the part this is the OOC thread I lied. We will have an OOC message group on skype.
>> No. 1441
:O joining~
>> No. 1999
ey this sounds wicked cool, is this still alive and is there anyone in it?

File 134773442870.jpg - (7.95KB , 259x194 , d.jpg )
1966 No. 1966 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hi everyone, know my name is hard to say, but Tene is okay. Anyway, I'm looking for someone who is willing to do a roleplay with me, mainly with my otp Spy and Sniper (Possibly Tentaspy which leads to MPreg) I am looking to play Spy though I don't mind if it's REDXBLU, BLUXBLUE or REDXRED.I am hoping for a long term casual roleplay with a good plot and smut. I don't mind adding conspiracies and plots that follow Mannco or what the administrator has planned or anything, but I would like more plot than mindless smut.

I'm okay with adding other pairings into the universe like:
Robot Pyro/Robot
Robot/Robot(How does this even work?)
Spy/Blu scout's mom

As far as smut goes, though not all the time, spice it up when it happens, I got no limits though maybe I'll go as far as a piss fetish. Gagging, tying up and spanking are all in my top ten, (there's only three...shut up) Also nothing too out of character, (feel free to stretch the limits)

If anyone is interested, drop me an email. I'm willing to roleplay on facebook and skype too if needed, I also know a roleplaying site. kingcobra16@gmail.com or daydreamerwind@gmail.com

File 13413850057.jpg - (483.90KB , 960x640 , Apps.jpg )
1936 No. 1936 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Applications have just opened for Tegaki's Tf2RP!

Applications Close: 9th July

Wiki & Application Info:

So grab your tablets and apply today!
>> No. 1937
Just for clarification applications end on the 9th 11PM EST!

File 129037276020.png - (13.94KB , 100x100 , 17991894.png )
124 No. 124 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
- Heavy
- Medic
- Pyro
- Sniper

- Engineer
- Scout
- Sniper

- Any of the non-taken classes.
- The Administrator.
50 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1925
RED Scout and BLU Scout are now the only TF2 characters in Mayfield, as RED Engie has dropped.

Sorry to hear life's kicking your ass. Hang in there!

And I understand where you're coming from on how you get into character... would you mind at all if I got in touch with you on DW some time?
>> No. 1927

Sure, just let me know that you're the anon from TF2Chan so I don't think you're some weird spamming stalker.
>> No. 1932
File 133980962716.png - (258.54KB , 600x800 , vampire_medic_doodle_vol__ii_by_tupuchan-d3gk96i.png )
I'll be Blue Team Medic. :x

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