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File 132037285662.png - (4.96KB , 129x42 , Untitled.png )
1722 No. 1722 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Fuck Facebook. Honestly, I'm sick and tired of the drama and bullshit and the weaboos that have sprouted out of nowhere and taken root in my roleplay and if I see that Medic supposedly related to Hitler once more I'm going to kick a puppy.
So, after unsuccessfully trying to get some of my group over (there are maybe five people interested?) I'm shoving Google+ in you guys' faces. No fantasy Fortress, no weaboos, no drama and derp. Just normal TF2 roleplay.

To start things off, here is a nice and normal RED Spy. https://plus.google.com/u/0/112829752208424329935
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>> No. 1773
Hit the nail on the head, you did. Luckily I didnt come across and terribly paranoid people on the FB one, though I did find myself staring at the hundreds of accounts like "What." Didn't help that I tend to get shy when Im overwhelmed.

Ill toss a BLU Pyro in there and see how well this works out, I guess.
>> No. 1810
Hi guys!! I want to try and move on from the FBRP so I made an account! I noticed there wasn't a BLU Spy yet so I hope you don't mind my Femspy joining in! Here's her profile - https://plus.google.com/116490489565783662571/
ps: is this 60s or modern?
>> No. 1816
Would've replied earlier but my computer's been out for the count. Anyway, it's nice to have more Blu's! The more the merrier I always say. I see a Sniper from FB over here too! I'm thinking 60's with the odd modern element. As close to canon as we can get it, what with OC's.

File 132178102576.jpg - (34.51KB , 600x648 , otter.jpg )
1767 No. 1767 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I've been recently trying to get into original characters and have noticed that on DA they are mostly all the same. Is there any secret ways to make OC's likable? Or possibly any taboo subjects I should stay away from?

(Also have an otter)
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>> No. 1783
Hrmmm true. I don't really use her for anything important.... More for eh... random input and occasional narrative... This is the OC in question by the way ....

....and yes I know avian flu didn't exist in the 1960's.
>> No. 1784
Well, I don't really know much about her personality, and since we've already warned you about making connections to canon characters, she seems okay. Nothing in the design jumps out at me as being Sue-ish (looks pretty sensible). The fact that she's not wearing a miniskirt with her boobs hanging out already puts you way ahead of most of the competition.

The TF2 fandom seems to be pretty polarized on issues surrounding OCs and even genderbends. Some are staunchly opposed to both on pretty much all occasions, others embrace it fully. But other anon is right, people's guards go up way more when there's a female character involved. So just keep things sane, think them through, and keep a sense of humor about things. I would avoid the standard "CANON CHARACTER FALLS IN LOVE WITH OC" storyline, however. That can be found in any fandom, but gets pretty bad reactions in general.
>> No. 1813
OP here to finally thank all of you who helped me out with this. I've made my character more of a background character instead of 'part of the main team.' She's more of a working behind the scenes character and believe me when I say that the only time she will be with anyone is if someone asks me to. IE: Never.

File 132016664698.jpg - (569.78KB , 1400x1633 , 1299298019002.jpg )
1715 No. 1715 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]


Seriously we should have some kind of tutorial or something.

How do I prevent every session I have with my fellow player from becoming an unending exercise in patience? How do I into staying in character? When is breaking character appropriate? How do I juggle multiple characters at the same time?
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>> No. 1786

...Ohhh... so THAT'S what I was missing... I did think the gay RP sounded a little weird lately.
>> No. 1807
Dear tf2chan,

how does one begin rp-ing? I have roleplayed before and I'm afraid to ask more experienced people to be my rp partner.
My writing and characterization are so-so imo so
rp-ing the canon classes is difficult for me. Tips? First time experiences? Examples anyone?
>> No. 1808
whoops. It's "I have neverroleplayed before"

File 132305094567.png - (18.19KB , 426x101 , logo.png )
1789 No. 1789 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I was looking through some art blogs on that there Tum-bler and realized something.

What are your guys' thoughts on roleplay and ask blogs on there? Any favorites?

Ive seen all sorts, from Purple to Green to Red to Blu and so on.
>> No. 1790
A large chunk of tumblr's RP scene is a prime display of the worst of TF2 OCs. There's a lot of quality, too, but it's not something I really care to sift through just to have RP posts spamming my dash. Ask blogs also have a limited appeal, because I have to be exceptionally interested in the character to want to follow them for endlessly rattling off facts about themselves or providing fanservice.

I feel that I'd have to be entrenched within the community to enjoy this stuff, but that's one community I really don't want to touch. Tumblr's innate openness and the uglier side of the community often work in tandem.
>> No. 1805
I've noticed a disturbing trend when one rps violence on tumblr, someone will take offence to the gore and report your account. So needless to say its mostly sex and drama on tumblr rps with a liberal dash of cookie cutter characters driven by attention whores.

There are a few gems rpers but finding them is the issue.

File 132451428048.jpg - (214.20KB , 988x1200 , engisentrycolorswip.jpg )
1803 No. 1803 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So uh, I can't really draw and I want to get better at it. I also want to make TF2 fanarts. So I made this in hopes that people would come ask Engi things and I could draw him and all the world could be happy.


And I am so sorry if I am not supposed to post this sort of a thing but I don't really... ever use chans. In fact its taking forever to post this.
>> No. 1804
This belongs here in /rpg/. I know you're probably going for canon Engineer, but the concept is still roleplaying.

File 131872318550.png - (58.27KB , 768x1024 , 125895310517.png )
1695 No. 1695 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Oh hello. I'm wondering whatever happened to these sheets? I seem to have saved a BLU one, but I don't think I saved the RED one. Could anyone provide me with it? Thanks.
>> No. 1718
I would like to see a Red Version of this, would be useful.
>> No. 1791
File 132314069749.png - (341.21KB , 639x355 , tf2 scout pic.png )
what does it mean by "demeanor" and "habits"?
>> No. 1794
Demeanor means how their attitude is, are they passive perhaps? A relaxed person? Easily upset?

Habits are things they tend to naturally do often.

File 131951854135.png - (161.11KB , 621x684 , donttouchmysketchbook.png )
1705 No. 1705 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'munna start posting normal fan art, too. I swear. So let's start off with a HORRIBLE SELF-INSERT! HOORAY!

But yes. I do have some things that are halfway done that aren't adult fan art, and I'll post 'em here when they're done.
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>> No. 1785
I just had a flashback to the scene in the movie 'Heathers' where Winona Ryder's character writes, "Dear Diary. My teenaged angst now has a body count.."
>> No. 1788
File 132301911383.png - (99.79KB , 459x443 , hellhound.png )
iz my stupid OC again (his name iz Hellhound lol)
iz also how I am feeling right now
>> No. 1793
Friendly neighborhood modster just making a reminder to avoid chatspeak, like using "iz" in place of "is". It gives the impression of being underage and from reading your older comments I can see where people may get that impression, so just stay aware of that, please.

File 128921444860.png - (795.26KB , 1248x938 , swamp rap concept sketch RED base.png )
16 No. 16 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Re-Advertising my TF2 OC RP, with links and other cool stuff

"The Story:
About five years prior to the current date, these bases were abandoned. No-one is quite sure why. It is rumored that BLU left first, and RED followed once they discovered they had no-one to fight and no intel to pillage, as BLU had destroyed it all. Now, for the first time since, teams have been assigned to the swamp once again.

In this roleplay, we intend to explore the more frightening, terrifying aspect of the world. The shadows that move around a corner, the sound of footsteps that aren't your own...and that dreadful, sinking sensation, when you realize what lies beneath the dark waters of the swamp. Not all men here are monsters, and not all monsters here are men."

You can Apply at http://swamp-rat-corp.deviantart.com/
There is a limited number of Spots per tea-oh, and tentaspies/crabspies are welcome to join if they'd like. If you get rejected, don't worry! You can always apply again.

There is an IRC chatroom that you can go to if you have any questions, or PM the club account :3 have fun~
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>> No. 556
Considering adding Canon spots to my roleplay, but I'm not so sure how well that would go down considering it's most for OCs. Thoughts?
>> No. 811
Hi, how ya' doin'? Hey... Um... Listen... I filled out an application and I haven't heard back. I sent it in on DA for the position of the RED scout. Her name is Alexis.
>> No. 1739

DA is no longer our center of activity, and while the proboards site is still up, the proboards people got rowdy about us have explicit violence and sexual content (NC-17 board), so we moved to our own domain!

We are still accepting members and are currently running a belated Halloween event under partially new management.
Our rules have been updated and the map has been ironed out, and there's plenty of space to play.

File 128985471741.jpg - (18.26KB , 267x400 , heavy.jpg )
80 No. 80 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Post your OC's! No text-only descriptions please, only pictures. If your character doesn't look like a tf2 OC don't post them (they don't look like a specific class or they are in off-duty clothes).

pic not related but awesome
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>> No. 1670
File 131752530349.png - (163.70KB , 600x605 , SpyRichard.png )
meet Richard... or, "R", my Spy. he is actually a New Yorker that joined BLU after narrowly escaping the police for fraud and about half a million other scams that originally had him sitting in the lap of luxury. now he is pissed all the time because working for BLU is not nearly as luxurious but... least it isn't jail. :D
>> No. 1699
Okay, curiosity here. Are we just doing OC of established classes? Or are original classes allowed too? I've got an idea for an original class that hopefully doesn't completely suck.
>> No. 1710
File 131970400074.jpg - (249.60KB , 1500x1500 , OCSpy.jpg )
OC Spy. I'm the type who, when creating an OC, works strongly from the canon model and then makes tweaks-- though, in the case of spies and pyros, there's plenty of what's-under-the-mask leeway.

Anyway, he's slow in developing a name, though there are a couple strong contenders I'm playing with, and I guess I'll see what sticks. I'm a bit reluctant to go with 'Maurice', since I've used that before and got kind of attached to Maurice's separate fic canon...

So, for now, just calling him 'Spy'. He has a soft side-- well, relative to bloodthirsty mercs, he has a soft side... for all that's worth. He tries to balance that out by being an unrepentant dick much of the time, though. He also enjoys lording a little culture snobbery over most of his teammates. Can be a cheeky drama queen, it's probably best to ignore him when he's in a mood.

He likes bossa nova music and nouvelle vague films, and he tends to be a dilletante. At what he sticks with, he is largely an autodidact. Well, I suppose he's largely an autodidact with the things he abandons, as well...

He has no living family, or at least none that he knows of. If there are distant cousins somewhere, he's not terribly moved to find them.

In terms of sexuality, he considers women fine to look at, and is perfectly capable of seducing them if need be, but he's fairly indifferent to them, and generally reluctant to put very much of himself out there for anyone.

As much as he is guarded, he doesn't consider displays of emotion to be inherently unmanly. He prefers to remain an enigma, but accepts that there are correct circumstances for everything, including flying into a rage, weeping openly, and professing your undying love and devotion. It is not necessary for any of those to be genuine, and indeed it is often preferable if they are not, the important thing is that they occur only at the proper time/place.

Usually a teetotaller for at least the duration of the working week, as he is secretly a lightweight. Has cultivated a (lofty and opinionated) knowledge of wines and carries
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 131934725612.png - (391.95KB , 700x394 , jic.png )
1703 No. 1703 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
New TF2 roleplay group. Needs people. Over MSN or compatible / universal messengers. For more information,


I hope this is okay to put here... aha.

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