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File 130969535181.jpg - (25.60KB , 480x640 , 126050448558.jpg )
1157 No. 1157 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I didn't know where exactly to put this thread.

So I was going through the chan's fanart archives and came across the sketches featuring Soldier with a little girl (his daughter?).

I just wanted to tell whoever drew those that I love them as they remind me of my late grandfather and his relationship with my mom.

I would love to see more.

Keep on keepin' on,
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>> No. 1180
Ha. Me too. There's an old pic in the photo album of my dad falling asleep with me on him just like that.

And I LOVE all of these pics, so FUCKING much! Babies and TF2. Two of my favourite things. I need to draw some now.
>> No. 1184

A little girl that somehow managed to not only catch a live crocodile, but also tie a bow to it. Yup, that's Sniper's daughter alright.
>> No. 1214
I like her wellies.

File 130780278840.png - (424.68KB , 700x488 , Cork image.png )
909 No. 909 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Mein gott. I disappear in the sewers for a while, and THIS is what I come back to?! A bulletin board covered in blood, sewer water, ink, and....what in the name of god is in this turkey baster?!
I have no choice but to take down this monstrosity (und burn it), and put up a new one, in the hopes that it does not end up as defiled as its predecessor.
Please, refrain from smearing bodily fluids on this one.
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>> No. 1487
Kay. I'll be there with the little parasite in like, half an hour. Would be sooner, but that fucking diaperbag weighs me down. Don't know why I even need it. This thing don't wear diapers.
>> No. 1497

Soo... What happened? This corkboard's gettin' quieter and quieter. I think it's time to burn (again) and start a new corkboard... with lazers and rockets and a bacon dispenser and!... holy crap is that turkey baster from the last thread STILL here hanging off the corner? Eww.. whatever's inside it it's all moldy and green! I think something's alive in there!
>> No. 1508

So that thing is a turkey baster? That's odd, at home we used this thing were- {the rest has been scribbled out}

Just curious, but can't we follow tha gas pipes to were they are fucked up? So then we can get an Engie and fix it!

File 130143322352.png - (445.50KB , 399x583 , tumblr_lhx7j2LBXk1qg5jqjo1_400.png )
467 No. 467 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey TF2Channerz! My name is MysticNightShade, and admin at a TF2 RP forum called From 2fort,With Love. We're low on memebrs and we'd love to be active with willing roleplayers!


I hope to see you there soon!
>> No. 477
I see some people coming in! 8D Thanks guys, I'm really looking forward to this!
>> No. 1113
OH HO HOOOOOOO~~~! We're not dead! We've got some new members, but there's always room for moar! Come join the fun!

The other admins and I have so many sub-plots goin, it's evil! Be apart of the family!


File 130257364632.jpg - (78.88KB , 575x720 , pc112800.jpg )
557 No. 557 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hello there. It seems you have opened the door to a psychologist's office.

As you might know, the duty of a psychologist and a psychiatrist are completely different jobs, with the latter approaching abnormal conditions of the mind as a general doctor would: to hear and piece together symptoms to form a diagnosis with a prescription to follow. As a psychologist, you're somewhat outside the medical field in the sense that you're actually going to have to talk and listen to the people you're treating (they have called you a sap for that in college but no matter). It seems that people are developing resistances to the medication they've been given, insensitivities to anti-psychotics, 'pep pills', and pumping combatants' bodies full of dubious ingredients isn't working anymore. They apparently have 'feelings'.

Since there was a contract involved with getting assigned this job, there are rules (more of a suggestion than anything with this company) to go by when counseling a patient:

- Each post doesn't have to be long. You're having a conversation with a person, but if you want to write a multi-paragraphed monologue, go ahead.
- Multiple people can play the role of the single psychologist and the single patient during a session. Jump in if the water's looking fine.
-A session begins and it ends. As the psychologist/counselor, you can end a session whenever. As the character, you can begin one as soon as you enter the office.
-The psychologist/counselor isn't a necessarily consistent character. Say whatever, and see what comes of it. Remember, a small office counselor becomes you.
-Dibs, if called, can only last a week max. C'mon, it shouldn't take long to think of a response :-/
-Although the psychologist was contracted to deal with either member of RED or BLU and may be confused if a patient walks in that isn't them, characters of all sorts can come in for issues. Just be careful with My Little Ponies. Talking horses may send the psychologist to a quivering mass on the floor.[/quote]

Now then, I believe we do
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 655
File 130326334868.gif - (182.45KB , 337x255 , BaconBits_01.gif )
(There is a picture there, I swear :O)
>> No. 942
Ehm, g'day Doc. I've uh... been dragged over by the Medic. Says I need some sorta treatment for... my 'recent behavior'.
[Mumbles something incoherent, clearly irritated.]
>> No. 945
Mhmmm, yes, I see.. Come in, come in, take a seat, get comfortable. Now, what exactly is this "problem" of your's, mister Sniper? Medic failed to tell me when he brought you over.

File 12944615759.jpg - (132.77KB , 1024x768 , TF2_Engie__s_Cake_BG_by_MaDTaV44.jpg )
363 No. 363 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I was wondering if anyone was interested in helping create a live-chat RPG group.
Now this won't be something that requires a huge OC application or anything fancy, me and my friends are pretty lax as long as the OC isn't a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. We will require a short description and a picture, if you'd like. If you aren't an artist, then a physical description will be needed.
We'll probably have it set up where each person has 2 OCs, one in the RED team and one in BLU. However, each OC must be a different class.
A few things that need mentioning:
A) This will take place in the 60s (If your OC is a female, please add a bit of background as to why she was hired.)
B) We will change the map that it takes place in when needed.
C) Respawn still exists.
D) Only in-game weapons are permitted. (only because it's simply easier.)

Now that all of that is out of the way, I'm looking for a bit of feedback, and maybe for some members wishing to join.

This group also needs a name.

And. There will be cake.
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>> No. 445
I'm interested in this. Should I just go to the Steam group to learn more about it?
>> No. 521
I'll be happy to join this group. Will you send me an invite to join the Steam group?
>> No. 834
I made the group public, join away.

File 130293399927.png - (95.19KB , 469x295 , TILAMadver.png )
592 No. 592 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Take It Like A Man! is an 18+ roleplay forum. It used to be pretty active but things have slowed lately - and we're ready to get back on the activity wagon! So we need active roleplayers!

Female OCs are allowed, Respawn is on, and you're sure to have a blast - come on over - we'd be glad to have you.

4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 715
I'm up for it. I need to branch out my OC's personalities and stuff, anyway.
>> No. 805
Sure, why not? I'm Lexi, look me up.
>> No. 810
Sorry, here's my REAL name up at the top. I RP as an engie, so, my bad.

File 130334566043.jpg - (75.82KB , 720x540 , 222152_219313824750064_100000143435251_1024837_290.jpg )
679 No. 679 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So, yes. I inked up and painted a nice ol' violent TF2 fanart. That's what this fandom is all about right?? The currently vest-less Demoman getting his throat ripped out by the Gunslinger is mine. His name is Gann, and yes his dreadlocks are white. I don't really know why. But enjoy a bloody picture.

The lighting in my room is wonky, forgive my terrible photo.
>> No. 683
Ooh, I like it! (sorry for the short generic "awesum pic dood" message, but really, it's very nice)

File 128950383494.jpg - (71.79KB , 700x488 , REDBLU Cork.jpg )
45 No. 45 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Oh dear, it appears to me that the cork-board has fallen! It has seemed that the massive amount of notes, pictures, some green stuff, and Spy's dirty underwear have caused the string on back to break and make it come crashing down! After investing a few dollars into a fancy metal border one, I have decided to put this one up. Ladies and Gentlemen, please lets keep thing civil and no dirty underwear or stuff on this... HEY! Speaking of which, it's technically Veterans Day.... dose that count for Mercenaries?... I'm not sure, but I'm making a cake and some food to those that are interested! And yes, Heavies and Soldiers... there will be lots of Sandviches and bacon!
429 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 907
What? No! Its not like- he's not-
He's been missing for weeks! I just want to see if he's alright! Id bring you along, but I know you don't like him!

I can wait until he's well enough to say what's up, alright?
>> No. 910
>> No. 947
Shit, guys, how long was I out? I pass out in GLD team's infirmary, and wake up to RED scout having freakin' tentacles where his legs should be! Not to mention my whole team being shocked to find that I hadn't been snapped in two by that... tentacle... spy... thing...

Seriously guys, It wasn't all that long was it?

File 129438267846.jpg - (60.33KB , 1130x707 , what the fuck is that blimp doing.jpg )
360 No. 360 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
If you are into ponies, adventure, or just TF2 roleplay, come join our amazing sexy party. You will trek across the wasted ruins of what was once Germany, in search of answers, intrigue, romance, and even ponies. Along the way you will battle mutated beasts and attempt to unravel the mystery of why they blew allz that shit up yo.

>> No. 362
Did someone say ponies?

Damn. I do love ponies.
>> No. 546
Still kicking. Still ponies. Still accepting new members.

File 129941339130.jpg - (214.86KB , 775x974 , Adrian2(colour).jpg )
436 No. 436 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
huh, I kind of want to draw more OCs. maybe I will sometime.
>> No. 437
File 129941344890.jpg - (602.97KB , 1832x1513 , Adrian_grin(glasses).jpg )
this is my OC sniper, Adrian. sometime I'll come back here with a description lol
>> No. 439
his design doesn't stray too drastically from Valves sniper. If fact if you hadn't said he was an OC, I would of just thought it was fanart of official sniper....

great art though!
>> No. 1825
Hot damn I like. Seriously I love that hair.

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