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File 128920476783.jpg - (34.74KB , 394x400 , 128336788427.jpg )
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Guys, I'm sorry for posting in TF2chan with my personal issues, and all of the crap I'm about to post in a little bit, but hear me out. Please.

So, I have this roommate of mine that I live with in a small house in France. Being able to find stable footing in a country I've never stepped foot in once would be a blessing, but I wasn't the only one with residency issues, so there was a solution somewhere. I responded to a Craigslist ad for a person looking to split an investment for renting a small apartment (or flat for all y'all non Americans) in the eastern part of France. I called him up a few times to make certain he was legit. Judging by his accent, I was expecting him to be an Irish/Scottish person. And I was right in so many ways... I'm sorry to both Irish and Scottish people respectively. I will admit that before my roommate, I honestly had no clue what the differences were, but I think I made up for it in spades once with this guy.

There's some stuff I'll skip over for now like our contacts together planning pricing, location, making certain we weren't going to runoff with each others' bank accounts, but either way we're done, and we're heading to France.

I met him at where we planned to be all alone at the flat. I was nervous, and I refused to step inside just in case my bloody kidneys get stolen in a fantastic convince-a-foreigner-to-come-over-and-then-steal-organ plot, but whatev. Anyway, to my joy, I see my future roommate step out of a cab, and I'm... tense, I guess. I mean, I'm not afraid of Black men, but if you saw this guy, you will admit he had a rough, almost-mercenary demeanor about him. Maybe that sounds like over-exaggeration, maybe it was the eye patch.

Anyway, we live together now. For the most part the man is interesting and nice and all, but he has a problem with the bottle... I can talk to him during the day, but the guy always observes his nightly ritual of drinking himself to unconsciousness. But the thing is is that it's a very drawn out proce
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>> No. 257
My heart and soul scream for your death.
My brain, however, applauds your cunning usage of puns. They shall stick to me for hours upon end.
>> No. 273
File 129236876283.jpg - (623.28KB , 718x1024 , snow_princess_by_sinvia-d34ucto.jpg )
Hey guys, this is authornon. I'm sorry for the fucking huge delay. It... may not be so safe for me to talk about things in details right now (but then again, there's no reason to talk about important life details-that-somebody-could-easily-trace-where-you-live-by when you're on the internet anyway). I honestly thought this topic was dead-and-done, but I'm kinda glad some people bumped it, because I got a lot of stuff to tell you guys since last time. I'll try and respond to some of the things you guys posted during my period of being a fuckoff. Yes, I'm using it as a noun.

I do try not to be a horrible roommate, but if need be, I may want to contact this Jane person on facebook or something. Jane is such a common-sounding name, but I'll try to do something.

Sorry, I don't know what you wrote in the parenthesis (it comes out looking like ̼ͥ̾̐̕͟B̹̙͎̱͚̙̟ͨ̐̓̓͊͂̂̃̅́͜e̗͈̪̣ͨ̌ͬ̔͡͝h̪́ͦͫ̋͂́͛ͩ͟i̧̲̝͙̺ͬͤ̾n̥̠̯̻͙͉͆͊̃́̕d̐̽̽͂ͤ́̑ͫ͋
̷̘̰̪ͅ ̬͓̼͍ͬͪͬ̈́́͜T̨̞̦͚͂̓͊͛̋͊̀͟ḥ̵̤͈̪ͫͪ̽͌́e̞̟̱̞̐̿̿̾̒̍̀͡ ̢͚̤͓̞̞̺̗̒ͫ̔̔̒̉̐̽W̵̛̖̞̤̩̣͖͇̐̆͆̀̍͑̈́ͦa̟̩͔̻ͭͦ̑͋͊͋̚̕͟͠ḷ̢̬̪̲̪ͫͬͩ͠l̢̤̳̩͕̯̖̔ͤͩ.̭̪́̾̕
̩) so so yeah :(. Anyway, I will be completely honest, this seems to work. I kinda sat down with the guy before he decided to drink himself to death (in other words, sober) and we kinda talked for a couple of hours. Why alcohol is a major human necessity for social bonding I don't know, but it is. :/ He offered me scrumpy, and just by the smell when he took the lid off, my brain and liver immediately said "aw hell no".

A little contradictory to what really happened, but the guy still needs help, so this is still an
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>> No. 372
>I also have some more things to mention in my next update which should or shouldn't answer what I'm going to do next.

ok, now i'm really curious.
Also i still agree with >>13 i'm really curious about this Jane. You did ask him about this, right?

File 128986297456.png - (8.45KB , 80x80 , tf2_logo.png )
81 No. 81 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

It's planned to be a Pan-Fandom Team Fortress 2 experience, but since it's still in the pre-production stages, this is your chance to give (serious) concrit about the rules and setup. I'd like to launch sometime in January of next year, give or take Valve Time, so volunteers are very welcome.
>> No. 361
Overtime has launched. It's ridiculously easy to join, both because it's new and because everybody has to start practicing their pretendy fun times somewhere.

File 128945202743.png - (293.30KB , 599x617 , mister_rickley_by_failtality-d32irdj.png )
42 No. 42 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
A thread for the OCs & art of Gaytality/Failtality.
Occasional other shit might get put here too.
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>> No. 196
File 129083383175.png - (24.45KB , 436x265 , herpaderp.png )
>> No. 282

Give me more to post or post some. Geez woman.
>> No. 359
File 129428255515.jpg - (39.62KB , 550x390 , KoozerMox - Chris Angel_png.jpg )

File 129376723754.png - (385.08KB , 1306x501 , 2vxlweq.png )
325 No. 325 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Secret-maker? This is where we're at;

It's just messing around, but you might like the Men in Tights AU happening right now!
>> No. 327
I just want to second the secret-maker. Not so much on the joining in part but you guys were, and I'm sure still are, an amazing bunch to read.
Just wish I had the time to keep up with everything.
Keep it up.

File 128927144248.jpg - (41.41KB , 415x491 , Untitled-1.jpg )
33 No. 33 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Here's my new OC thread. For me and the people I rp with to post our OCs in because that's how we roll.
This is my Sniper. He hasn't got a name yet. He's gay for AmberGauge's Spy, Marquis.
3 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 49
For some reason he reminds me of Dr. Gregory House.
>> No. 52
File 128952655979.jpg - (307.26KB , 1245x1717 , eric.jpg )
oh god it's so slight but I can't unsee it.
why would you do this
fortunately stirling does not have a cane, a vicodin addiction, nor is he an asshole.

this is a picture of eric, my spy. he's involved with the pr i'm doing with muu-chan.
>> No. 61
File 128953219619.jpg - (85.49KB , 514x684 , SCAN0095.jpg )

this is james.

he's a pyro.

he's my character in the rp i'm doing with Slashy.

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