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File 128918247162.jpg - (632.94KB , 1680x1050 , SANDVICH (2).jpg )
1 No. 1
New contact thread?

New contact thread.
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>> No. 2
Fuckyeah contact thread.

So yeah, I guess I'll be the first to answer here...

I'm pretty open with my role playing really, never really too strict, there are some things I'm not a huge fan of, but I mean if you want to throw ideas at me I'm cool with it. Seriously, don't be shy. I don't bit... hard. :3

I play all kinds of characters, OC usually though, I am willing to go cannon I suppose though. I usually play as Snipers, Spys, Engineers, or Scouts. I do smut, but I tend to lean more towards actually having a plot and then get to the smut. I enjoy seeing characters develop and interact with each other and I'm kind of a plot whore.

If you have any ideas on a plot or something just email me or add me on some of my messengers.

MSN: kiomie77@yahoo.com
Alt MSN: amber_gauge@hotmail.com
AIM: kiomie77
Skype: kiomie77
>> No. 4
File 128918412078.jpg - (141.70KB , 500x375 , 1289008632299.jpg )
Alright, Might as well get this out of the way anyways.

In regards to role-playing and whatnot, I'm rather lenient, and passive. So it almost always ends up in "I'll do whatever you want, OC? Yeah, sure."

I'm capable of doing short posts, though I prefer long drawn-out enthralling paragraphs.

I only have one OC, but I can always pull some out of my ass if you'd prefer.

She's a female Red Spy, haughty, callous, though capable of letting loose and chillaxin'.

Man, I used the word "chillaxin'" in this. I'm so hip. Regardless! I'll reiterate, I'm always up for anything. Be it regular Roleplay, or Erotica.

MSN: lolpet@hotmail.com

I don't have skype or anything like that. Sorry.
>> No. 5
File 128918501413.jpg - (32.10KB , 450x600 , 1279923835769.jpg )

SUP, I'm muu-chan and I like se- no wait. Yeah, I like smut. I am overly open to Role Plays and with just about everything else that comes along, I am up for everything.
Note: I normally play a bottom.
Notex2: I Rp a highly-detaled OC and Sniper.
Notex3: Sorry folks, but I am not on very much but DAMNIT I am worth playing with.
I love you all.
All of you.
Huge success.

Email: newspaper.taxies@live.com

>> No. 10
Contact thread you say...

So uh. Hey there I'm stubs. Writefag here, started writefagging about here a year ago. None of my stuff's up in /fanfic/ or /afanfic/ right now, obviously because the chan exploded. But I've written some stuff.
I will rp OC or canon. Gay, straight, or lesbian.
I love rping porn, but I can also do fluffy, funny, romantic, action-packed, and guro.
I can do oneshots or longer, plottier rps.
Quite honestly, if you have any specific kinks you want to rp, put it by me and I probably won't say no. I have a whole book of kinks myself, so I am pretty willing to try new stuff.

Msn: kady-sensei@hotmail.com
Skype: stubliminalmessaging

And as far as other means of rp go, I'm an easy convert. So if you don't like msn or skype, lemme know what you'd prefer and I'll do my best.
>> No. 17
I'll try to give a basic rundown of my last entry here. Shall we?

So far, I only rped canon and I really like it so if you are into canon rather than OCs too I'm your gal. I don't look for smut RP. If we click and I like rping with you, it MIGHT come up, but really, I'm not looking for it. I don't mind genderbends.

My strong characters are Soldier, Engie and Spy, but I can always take another role too. My roleplaying style is kind of between paragraph and script style, usually having between four to six sentences per post.

I'm open to next to all plots - Whatever it is, as long as it kinda reasonably fits with TF2, I'm in for it. Drama, comedy, action, a mix of all three, whatever.

My email is in the, well, email field - Feel free to shoot me a message with your preferred methods of communication and your thoughts attached. I look forward to it!
>> No. 19

Name: Slashseeker

Main Characters: BLU Scout (Named, Canon), BLU Sniper (Named, Canon), RED Engineer (Named, Canon)

Method: Script Format (I find I'm better with it), Prose (Can do it, though I tend to stumble with it sometimes)

Willing to RP: Smut (Yes, yes, a thousand times yes), Angst (Bawwww), Fluff (Dawww), Kink (Owwwww), Insert Idea Here

Not so Willing to RP: Guro (Sorry, not my thing)

Ways to Contact:
Email- Just click the name part at the top of the post.
AIM- breathlesshaya (Easiest way to get me)
MSN: Slashseeker@hotmail.com
Steam: Slashseeker (Never on, but can be if emailed.)
Skype: Contact me via email first, so I can get a new account... I lost my old one.

...Please play with me?
>> No. 21
I thought I might as well because hey, I didn't submit in the last one but I thought about it.

I rp pretty much everyone and everything. Predominantly bottom during smut but I can do top.
I have one OC at the moment but the canon characters are no problem for me
Post lengths tend to differ from person to person, if you've posted one that is easy for me to run off you might get a text wall, opposite is true as well.

Contact: VengefulHybrid@hotmail.co.uk
or on the Trillian Astra network I'm SleetFury
>> No. 38
File 12894132302.png - (69.93KB , 438x606 , 124496960920.png )
uuhfhhhhkdki like pornadfafads
sadasdf one shots only pls
kjsfhdsjkhfkjhsdi like to play spyasFSDF

chanicle = skype
>> No. 78
File 12897986173.jpg - (368.10KB , 900x900 , TF2.jpg )
okso here it goes:

I rp gay and prefer long-drawn out roleplays/plots with preferably paragraph replies. I can do any kind of reply system, though.

I can play as Sniper, Spy, Engineer, and Scout. I don't know how well I can play the other classes since I'm not the biggest fan of them besides Soldier.

I can do just about every kink besides intense bondage and guro [I do like violence in my plots though, but not stuff like fucking someone's guts/necrophelia]. I'm not a big fan of crossdressing, but after seeing a very sexy spymaid drawing, I am rethinking things.

I'm in college, but my term ends early December. I will be running off to Disney from Jan-Aug 2011 as well. Not sure how that will effect me since I'm a paranoid freak, but whatever.

If you have any questions about what I do and don't do, just run it by me. i don't judge people, so don't be afraid. Im also one of those people who say "I'll do whatever you want" basically. I'm pretty laidback.

AIM: jessicakieroski

I have MSN but I rarely log in.
>> No. 113
File 129011609231.png - (315.02KB , 800x512 , goddamnit get off the phone.png )
Welp imma post again.

I'm Cactus and I usually rp canon, but I do have a spy and medic OC to use if you prefer OCs.
I can rp fluff, erotica, or just mischief or whatever.

I'm not on all the time due to work and shit, but if you see me on, give me a ring!

I use skype, and the name is avientine.
>> No. 116
Hmm, might want. So, names AtrumLupus. Go by Atrum for short.

I've mostly done OCs but I could do canon, if you want. No big deal. As for smut and all that lovely jazz, it just depends. I'm not looking for it, so don't come to me if you want that like... instantaneously.

I usually like to give character relationships time to develop. I tend to like drawn out plots and stuff, but I could do one shot things. Yea, bit of a plot whore.

I tend to find a mix between script and paragraph... using the aterix for actions and whatnot and quotes for speech.

I can do nice long posts, or I can do short. It depends on what you give me to work with. The more you give me to work with, the easier time I have banging out a paragraph or so.

I like plots and are pretty much up for anything plot wise. As long as we stay in general TF2 universe.

Class wise, I could play anything. I got OC's to back up every class so it doesn't matter for me. Canon wise, it doesn't matter much. Though I usually play Sniper, Spy, Medic and Engineer.

Send me an email up in that email field. I'm also on Steam like... at least every day. Steam user name is: Atrum_Lupus ( Simple right? )
I look forward to it!
>> No. 123
Hi there!

Characters I have RP'd so far in this fandom: Medic, Heavy, Engineer, Spy. All named, all somewhere between OC and canon with liberties taken when I/my RP partner felt like it (and cramming every hole the canon left open with lots of good, nonsensical stuff).

I like: smut, dark romance, fluff, violence, kink, D/s, drugging, ekzperimenting on subchekts... the list is too long to put here, but I think you get the idea. I like plot, too, or at least some form of context.

I really dig communication while RPing so I usually do one-on-one on AIM, or if the tags come another way I like to communicate with you at least once in a while, I think it's a good way to avoid most RP related woes. Do tell me if you don't like where a scene is going.

I tend to play dominant characters, in all kinds of situations – gentle, abusive, dub-con, manipulative, you name it. I like writing bottoms and switches, too, and I really dig it when I can play more than one role in a given RP (except for short one-shots, of course).

Paragraph length really depends on the given RP. If a couple of sentences are enough to convey what I need, then so be it. If, on the other hand, a more complete description of the shape of the clouds is what works best at the moment, I'll crank it out, too.

I'm ESL but, if I may say so, my English is usually decent. I can goof sometimes, however. Feel free to let me know when that happens.

I work full time, I'm gone from the house more than I like, and my time zone is GMT +1, but when I'm around feel free to contact me.

AIM: Epaulardpapillon
Skype: Tardisse
e-mail: otto DOT gunther DOT octavius AT gmail.com
>> No. 220
I'll keep it short. I do paragraphs and I can go long, and I'm a big fan of not-all-fluff roleplays. Big fan of things like Spy chasing people down. I really love me some Engineer/Spy more than anything, and I play Engineer. I also play Scout and at times I'll roll with a Spy or other classes if we really need them. The first two are my mains, though, but hey, I can expand!

You can contact me over skype at lunainpurple. I do OCs or the canon boys, so whatever you're up for, I'm up for too! No real limits on gore, so go wild!
>> No. 225
AIM/ and STEAM: pr0nzombie
msn: under_alone@hotmail.com
email: still.unoriginal@gmail.com

I'm pretty chill about the quality/quantity of posts. Whatever's good with me.. I mean, unless it's absolute crap. Then I'd be a little annoyed.

Anyway, I like gay stuff. Fluff or otherwise. And I support any pairing, really. Though I'm most comfortable playing: Spy, Scout, Pyro and Medic. Oh, I prefer OCs but.. canon's okay too.
I'm more open to straighter stuff too than I used to be.. but.. yeah, I like keeping it fruity.

Modern times for me, though.

Also for the time being (until August 2011) I will be in Japan. So unless you have a crazy sleep schedule (..I know I do) or are in a timezone close to mine it might be difficult to rp through messengers. But I prefer on messengers... but whatever works best is good.
>> No. 231
Steam: Chaplain Darzie
Yahoo: Rabble_rouser23

I like to play medics, scouts and soldiers. I tend to write script style myself, shying away from paragraphs.

I like OCs but am open to cannon.

Like gore, noncon, experimenting on subjects, BDSM, all that good stuff. Can be fluffy or deathly serious. Like TF2 with 50s flavor, but am open to other time periods. I'll do one offs or have overarching plots, I'm not picky.

My sleep schedule is current pretty wonky, but I'm in the central timezone.
>> No. 250
File 129162714669.png - (396.48KB , 500x414 , dammit_scout_by_reaperfox-d340fnb.png )
This sounds interesting...

I play: Scout (Also, I can play something of a more personable scout, with a name, backstory.. etc. Sort of like my own version if you will. )

I love: Plotline and smut. Plot is more important with a delica--violent input of smut here and there. I do not mind any pairings, as long as it can work with the scenario.

I prefer: Long-term, semi to paragraph with orderly details. Don't rape the thesaurus pls. I enjoy dark-themed roleplays the most.

I'm pretty laid back and chill about most things, so ask me if you're unsure with kinks, how violent things get, etc.

alias: ari
aim: burning x skylines [most preferred]
yahoo: drink_more_bonk
msn: mazoku.ari@hotmail.com
rphaven: Red Scoot

timezone: eastern central
>> No. 251
New poster, long time lurker. I've recently developed the nerve to actually contribute to porn/slash/yaoi/whatever-related fan communities.

I'm a relatively experienced writer and rolelayer. In TF2, I prefer to play Snipers, Pyros and Engineers, although a friend told me I do a very good Medic. Probably because I'm a nerd for German history and human biology.

A bit new to porn but I'm more than willing to handle it. Something I am curious about having a go at, and will probably write in afanart soon, is guro. I've got a good knowledge of bodies, so hopefully I'll have a talent for making it realistic.

I'm also a L4D fan, and adore anything post-apoclyptic with zombies. Also, Hunter porn.

Contact me through email or MSN messenger at screivogel@live.com and on Yahoo messenger as Screivogel.
>> No. 255
Name: Four-Eyes
Steam: Manly McBeefington (I will love you forever if you get the reference)
E-Mail: four_eyes@live.com
As far as TF2RP, I've really only done it through Facebook. I'm not sure what the difference between an OC an a canon character are, but I am assuming it goes into OC when you do things like name them and develop their personalities beyond the class description? I don't know. ANYWAYS, I'm willing to play anything, but I most prefer Scout/Spy. I have 3 OC's, used to be 4, but one died. Don't think I'm gonna bring him back. they are BLU Scout (named), BLU Spy (named) and RED Medic (named), but like I said, I'll play any class.

As for content, I'm really up for anything. I'm a little iffy about sexytimes, but I'll do it. I can do both long and short replies, whatever works for you. If you ever fight one of my characters, tell me if I seem to be godmodding. I'm still learning fights. Constructive criticism, etc. on my RPing is always welcome.

That was proably a mess but whatever.
>> No. 256
File 129178139973.jpg - (132.04KB , 500x400 , 1291755311914.jpg )

SUP, I'm muu-chan and I like se- no wait. Yeah, I like smut. I am overly open to Role Plays and with just about everything else that comes along, I am up for everything.
Will RP: Smut, Gore, Petplay, Lovecraftian Horror, Pre-War, during and after, Normal life, Anything..
Won't RP: . . . That's bull shit.
I love you all.
All of you.
Huge success.

MSN: newspaper.taxies@live.com
YAHOO: momoka_ink@yahoo.com

>> No. 258
Hello. I thought I'd try and see what other new RP partners I could find.

You may call me CypherD or LostExperiment. I've got fics posted here, but I generally post as anonymous when writing. Heavy, Soldier, Engie and Demo are my main boys, though I have a Scout and a Spy that come out to play on occasion. (I also have a SniperMum and a ScoutMa for those who are interested in fleshing out the casts beyond the usual.)

I'm open to OC and Canon characters, Canon and AU plots and relationships of pretty much any kind.

AIM: Xemnash
Skype: LostExperiment

No MSN please...
>> No. 259
Probably a good idea to mention that while I guess I'll tolerate gay, I'd much prefer straight, provided we're talking about straight-up sex. If it's just fluff and things, I don't care nearly as much.
>> No. 312
My God all of this snow is driving me bonkers and I am so bored. So I'm posting some info here in hopes of relieving my boredom.

I play Spy as my main, and I can play Engineer also, or tentaspy. (I can try Sniper but he will probably end up sounding awkwardly British.) I prefer playing characters that tend towards more canon, so no Snipers who suddenly grow mustaches and come from Austria instead of Australia.

I like plotting shit out, or I can write mindless porn/fighting scenes. I love angst, drama, and porm, especially in combination of three. I also like AUs! The gang in Fallout 3/New Vegas, or in Highschool, just as an example.

Uhh favorite pairings are Engineer/Spy and Sniper/Spy, Spy/Spy. For smuttings I prefer if you don't write your character as desu uke san and can write both bottom and top. I'm okay with kinks! I have a huge suit/shoe kink myself and enemy/hate sex. But uh yeah.

AIM: blubalaclava
LJ: fyi_iamaspy
gmail: swankyschweine
If you want my skype, email me first and I'll log on. It's cheapcheapfaker.
>> No. 379
File 129517095975.jpg - (203.37KB , 1280x600 , BreakDanceSpy.jpg )
Hurrr this is my first time ever posting something on a chan.. I just hope ya'll don't mind me crawling out of my dark hole to do this.

But I see a contact thread, and as my search for anything for the last two months has failed, I've been driven to look elsewhere... mainly here.

Err... well... I like to plan things out. I also like sex. Especially sex with some teasing and dirty talk before and lots of loud noises during.

Ummm.. I like drama, and angst, and anything else thhat could make our characters miserable. Not big on writing out fighting scenes but I'll do it. I also really love putting the character somewhere snowy, just because I don't get to play on those maps much and like making them feel like popsicles >3

As for what I play. I can do a decent Sniper, people have claimed to like my Medic, and I have an OC Scout that works well with another scout or an engineer.

Nnnn... I guess that's it really.. I rp on AIM and Yahoo mostly, but I guess I could get talked into a email rp. I just got skype too, so I might as well try and do it there too.

AIM: smashthegamer
YIM: sillymoonpeople@yahoo.com
Skype: huijari.mekaanikko

Oh god, I hope I did this right *mumbles nervously to self*
>> No. 398
I might as well.

Hi, I'm Clarr, and the TF2 fandom generally dislikes me. I like to think I'm rather friendly but I have been told I am a cold bitch. I have problems with depression so don't expect me to be all sunshine and flowers to you all the time.

I like my roleplays dark, kinky, and generally quite fucked up. I don't mind canon characters or ocs. I would really like to rp with someone who enjoys doing both! And who knows, if we know each other well enough we could expand past just tf2 roleplayin. That being said I have a hard time warming up to people so.. be nice.

My availability changes a lot with school and the fact I play TF2 competitively. I am out of commission from 9:30pm onwards Sunday to Thursday due to this.

ClariWolf on AIM.
Clarrrr on Skype.
>> No. 399
I know it's not entirely related to this here contact thread, but I wanted to post here to warn all the bros I rp with that my laptop is currently in the shop and will be there for the foreseeable future. I'll get back to you guys asap.
>> No. 413
File 129745281646.png - (11.52KB , 468x425 , 1281378314305.png )
So um hi.
I'm Oliver.

Likes: Smut, Hetro-Smut, Gay-Smut, Kinks [Just about anything, just please, for the love of all that is holy and hairy suggest scat] OC's, Cannon, Soldiers.. The list goes on, boys and girls.
Dislikes: Um. . Mary Sue 'Bumping-into-eachother-when-it-is-not-necessary' shit. That's about it.

AIM: PhishingxWizard

Times: 4:30-9:30 E.S.T [or 10] Monday through Thursday
>> No. 415
File 129750537198.png - (53.23KB , 300x300 , 300px-Medictaunt3.png )
Who am I?: Valiax_Gryphon, though Valiax is fine or I go by my other nickname Ven

Who do I focus on: Medic, Sniper, maybe Scout and Spy. I can also do a little Soldier but working on that.

What I roleplay: I prefer character development before digging into relationships. Mostly open towards gay stuffs but can do straight rps. Kinks I'm open towards suggestions and themes (No super guro and scat). I rp both cannon characters and have a few OCs here and there. Not really interested in gender swapping.

Any particular pairings/themes I like?: Medic x Sniper, Medic cest, Sniper cest, Scout x Spy, uniform kinks, pet! kink, crazy mad science experimentations ( ala TNI and Harvest fanfics ), steampunk elements..

Not too crazy for helmet parties but I can give it a swing.

I can do one on one rps but I would love to hitch up with a rp group as I am available unless personally stated every night Eastern Standard Time.

(main) AIM = ValiaxGryphon
Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198021577034/
and E-mail is in the email field

Thanks for looking!
>> No. 416
Updating my contact shit because I pulled my thumbs out of my ass long enough to reinstall Skype.
Skype name is SleetFury, a friend told me she couldn't find me so if you can't, just email me and I'll tell you my real name so you can search that instead (it's no secret, really).
And a Yahoo too, because Trillian is the shit: VengefulHybrid@rocketmail.com
>> No. 420
Just going to say that AIM doesn't work very well for me and Skype is being kinda silly to me, so if you have any other means of communication I'd honestly prefer those. It would also be great to have you on Steam if you want to RP because I tend to be on it a lot. Good for setting up things and talking about the next RP times!
>> No. 422
Interests: Smut, humour, and dark (general mindfuckery plus gore). Character build up is awesome. Usually into m/m or f/f, but am open to hetero if you suggest it.

Format: Script or prose. If acceptable, I would like to utilize a mixture.

Plays as: Don't have any OCs or fancharacters, but if that's what you're into I can whip 'em up right quick. Usually I play as canons/fanons. Able to play as anyone but Scout or Pyro - just can't write as youngsters/nondescript monsters for the life of me.

When I'm available: Highly subjective to the events of the day, since my schedule is constantly mucking around. For now, let's just assume I'm interweb capable for roughly 18 hours a day. Multitasking; I do that.

I'm yours for the taking.

AIM/Skype = neuroliqueur
I don't bite. Feel free to chat with me.
>> No. 432
Am open to any situation and any setting, first time 'instant-RPer' however. Have forum played though.

Tend to play more as pyro, but am willing to try at other classes. RED is my default team, but I can do BLU too.

I do mostly OCs, but I can do original if you want.

Homo or het is fine, smut too. I do like plot however, but it's not a must.

Only iffs are pee and poop. And vomit. Just, no.

Blood, gore, non-con, the rest is all good and okay fully.

AIM: RedPyromance (can make a new name for IC purposes)
YIM: Red_Pyromance
>> No. 443
Contact thread!
I'm open to new ideas-usually-.
>> No. 449
Update for ya fine folks. My previous OCs are dead/retired from their team. My only current OC is my RED Sniper. I'll still play pretty much anything, though. Except Demo.
>> No. 466
File 13012622596.gif - (351.98KB , 200x200 , bloome1204200.gif )
I am up for smut rp or just rp of any kind, preferrably with OCs :)

Skype: turtlefence
AIM: Elisabeth.Enzi@web.de
>> No. 472
File 130156873155.png - (72.45KB , 494x436 , Pyrointherough.png )
Erm... I'm Mallo. I'm pretty open about what I do. I have a few OCs and I adore genderbends and stuff. Uhm. I can be a bit socially retarded and I like to make references to other games sometimes. I am open to what kind of relationships. Right now though, the awkward 'I'm not gay' ones really get my attention

Depending on my mood, I can do anything between two sentences and two paragraphs. I find it hard to focus on long posts.

I wanna have a try at a little crack plot in my head in which 2Fort is an apartment complex and the neighbors are constantly fighting.

AIM: Silverspoonyay
YAHOO: spirits_shadows

FYI: I'm an Australian. I also drew that Pyro.
>> No. 481
I'm Arti and I tend to roleplay OCs but can roleplay canon. Email is my AIM name, feel free to drop me a line.
>> No. 484
I've never had the blessing to actually rp TF2 but it seems the time is right. I've rp'd script, but I usually write 1 or 2 paragraphs, and idc what people write back.

I tend towards plottier ideas, but whatever is totally cool with me if you're willing to put up with a learning twat. I like canon best but OCs are fine. I figure I'd be best at Sniper, maybe good at Medic or jeez just request idc

Skype: gho2tiie
MSN: ghosti@live.com
>> No. 532

MSN is MadFishBomb@hotmail.com but I hate using msn these days because it's a massive 'tard
Skype is madfishsparky

I'm cool with smut or fluff or gore or really whatever I don't give a donkey fart

I haven't rp'd in years so I'll play just about anyone, also I have a Sniper OC now so w/e

>> No. 571
Right here, my dears!

RP'ing anything from Helmet Parties and twincests to team orgies and Tentaspy-rape. Drop me a note, and please tell me you're from here, else I'll decline.

MSN: maja@deadcode.dk
Skype: vinctia
Yahoo: vinctiagabriel@yahoo.com

I'm all ears.
>> No. 692
Fairly new RP'er, but I'm an actress and amateur writer, so it kinda comes natural, to an extent. I can think on my feet and make things work pretty good. I'm usually pretty good at staying in-character, too.
I usually RP Scouts, but I can do Spies (and I speak French, too), and once in a while I'll play Sniper. Girls are easier for me to RP (because I am one), but I can play guys alright, especially Scout. Always RED, except once in a while BLU Spy. I've also got an OC RED femScout that I like playing especially.

I'm not too schooled in sex stuff, and not comfortable writing that kind of thing in RP (just owing to lack of knowledge. I've got like, every smut fic on here saved to my harddrive). Implied is just fine by me.

I'm not an overly-serious RPer- I like laughs, and don't mind going OOC once in a while- but I am dedicated. I'm online pretty much all day, every day. And I want someone the same. I'm very impatient.

Right now I do forum-based RP, with a couple of paragraphs per post. Honestly, though, I like the one-sentence instantaneous kind of RP. More exciting.

Ultimate fantasy- RPing with someone who would eventually turn said RP into a fic. Totally cool with that, would absolutely love it.

Email: renthead630@hotmail.com
Steam: Izzy41630 (and I'm still new to it, so don't judge me).

Also, I am in Atlantic Canada, which is one hour ahead of New York, Toronto, Boston- that end of things, if there's time zone stuff to work out. I can usually be on pretty late at night, though.
I think that's it. Yeah. Wow. I wrote a lot. Heh.
>> No. 708
Uhhh. Yeah. Might as well put it up. I've been RPing for seven or so years, from short script-style to multiple paragraphs. I actually like somewhere in the middle - a comfortable one or two paragraphs most times. (Honestly it just depends on the situation.)

I like dramatic roleplay. I can do one-shots, but I also very much like developed characters and over-arching storylines.

I'm a girl, so I tend to favor playing women. I can and will play men, it's just a personal preference. In regards to romance, I only play heterosexual pairs. Again, just preference.

I play my OCs, but I can easily come up with other characters beyond who I have at the moment. Profiles would be provided.

I enjoy fights and romance (though I'm very open to suggestions) - and while I will write smut, I do require a level of class in it. There's got to be more than just sex for sex's sake. It's gotta be a little artful and romantic, yanno? ANYWAY. I'm pretty vanilla when it comes to kinks. But feel free to ask. Not just about kinks, but anything plot-wise.

Just drop me a line and let me know you're from here.

E-mail: somekindofweirdo@gmail.com
AIM: somekindofsinner
>> No. 716
I've got 50+ characters in my library, so we can RP whatever you like.

I don't mind smut, but I'd prefer to keep it implied since I save the logs.

I love fantasy and fighting RPs, but will go along with anything else.

I stick with MSN, although if need be, I will install any other messenger on here.

MSN: writers_passion90@hotmail.com
>> No. 718
New at RPing TF2, not new at RPing. I prefer third person paragraph style (with less than a paragraph if we're feeling lazy, I'm pretty chill), canon characters only please.

I don't have a lot of limits. I don't like genderbending or scat, but I'm willing to RP gay stuff. I'm willing to RP a battle plot, a torture plot or just a long term plot we determine later.

I'd like to take a shot at RPing Medic or Sniper.

Feel free to contact me if you see me on, I'm really chill. I promise I don't bite. Please bother me if you see me on. :)

AIM: imageofmadness
MSN: imageofmadness@aol.com
Steam: pixiestixgirl
>> No. 778
Hullo! I go by Gorstar, I've been writing for a long time, usually with someone, but I'm too shy to post my fics on the chan yet.
Open To: Smut, Weird Fetishes, OCs, genderbends, gaybuttsecks, cannon, not-smut adventures, romance, fluff, horror...all these things are awesome, I try to stay open minded so if i forgot anything, I'm probably okay with that too.

I play a better submissive role than anything, I have experience with mostly femscout but I want to do more. My favorite characters are Medic, Sniper, Scout, Engineer, and Soldier.

I'm not always online but I'll try to make my replies worthwhile for you, I can go 'bout 1-3 paragraphs, depending on how into it I am.
If I'm gone for a really long time I'll probably feel guilty and make you art presents.

Email ~ xeilu.chan@gmail.com
>> No. 802
>>571 Yeah, update...

I do nearly EVERYTHING, besides yuri and vomit/poo/pee/I-eat-you-kinks.

And now, I have an AIM.
It's: Vinctia
Obvious, huh?
>> No. 807
I'm pretty much open to anything. I prefer descriptive roleplays, but don't rape the thesaurus please. Porn is a-ok with me as long as it isn't mindless. Unless we're both fine with that. rofl

I am used to playing OC's, but don't fret, they are never female. I can also play the more canon-stocked characters as well.

I have an OC scout and spy. Deal. <3

AIM: burning x skylines
>> No. 850
Gonna give this a try.

I like to rp gore, kink, smut all the good stuff. Can write either top or bottom, paragraph or script.

Characterwise I like to write scouts, medics, and pyros.

I don't bite, so feel free to say hi.

AIM: huddahrawr
steam: Kazzersmek
>> No. 1067

Just an update: I now do smut. Lots.
>> No. 1086
File 130931522631.png - (30.73KB , 150x200 , 127891075252.png )
Skype is notebook99chan, hit me up for anything. Aim is hibernascriptor@rocketmail.com.

I do canon and non-canon roleplay. Pretty open about anything. I'm not picky.
>> No. 1133
File 130964792326.jpg - (27.33KB , 415x366 , 129037141190.jpg )
Haven't rp'd in over a year now so I'm pretty much up for anything at the moment. Also because of the fact i have been out of this whole business for so long I may be alittle terrible at it, so just tell me if I'm terrible and I will try to be less terrible or just shut up. Also I wouldn't mind being 'bottom' for abit because I always found that easier, but I would like to be top eventually. Limit wise, the only thing I'm really against is scat or incest, everything else is cool beans. Oh and I like smut.
Favorite pairings is Spy with either Soldier or Engie, or both. Guess that's relevant.
So anyways hit me up, even if I'm offline I'm probably online but set to invisable. Message me until I answer.
Skype- H0NHONH0N
AIM- MisterHonhonhon
MSN- HONHONHON@hotmail.ca
YIM- Misterhonhonhon@yahoo.com
aaaand that's it.
>> No. 1186
I'm got AIM now! kady-sensei@hotmail.com
>> No. 1222
File 131052713992.png - (271.41KB , 1051x714 , Untitled.png )
Hmm, let's see ~

I am more likely to chat your ear off if you don't initiate roleplay. This is kind of easy to do with me. You don't even need to ask, and you can simply lead us down the rabbit hole of IC in the midst of normal conversation or just START a conversation all in character-like, if you'd rather. Also, if I think you might mesh well with some other people I play with I might drag you into group chats, if that's all fine and good with you.

I am more for vignettes than drawn out roleplays. Short little things that may or may not continue over a few days before being placed down, but only in activity. However, all else we do with the characters after may reference these occurrences to lend some sort of continuancy too it all.

Okay, so I am more adapt to chatplays than srs bsns mutlipara roleplaying. I near-refuse to do multipara unless I LIKE you, or the pairing and subject matter, a good lot.

Anyway, to get into the more simple things, I much prefer to play BLU Medic... Almost exclusively. Yes. I want to practice my medicine skills. I prefer canon, and would like to finally get a chance to dabble in Medic/Medic, whether it be two BLU Medics or some crossfaction goodness... Or something with Tentaspy. Otherwise I will try any bloody pairing out there. Both literally and figuratively.

I will warn you that I will not be the best Medic ever. Think of this as practice, with you as the guinea pig!

There are some things that I have not written out before, smut being one of them... So you might want to approach with caution or avoid sex in a roleplay with me unless you are looking for something awkward.

In the realm of things I will not touch, ever, are bodily wastes. Any of them. Everything else will have to be discovered.

Oh, and no, nothing can ever be simple with me. As can be seen, I like to ramble.

As for contact, you can poke me on
until I warm up to you and try to get you to add my main account, instead.

also i like zombies
and i am awkward
>> No. 1233
i like oc's for the most part, but i will rp canon if it's preferred. i'm open to most things except bodily waste and anything with eating someone else, thanks. just ask before you get it with me. i love smut, but plot and character development is also a must. i play scout for the most part, but i have at times been messing around with spy. I like to switch it up, so that means, *you* get to bend over sometimes.

also, if you intend to rp with me, make sure you make this very clear and sometimes push me to do it. i like getting to know people although.

aim: burning x skylines
skype: destati.
msn: bonk.before.knocking@hotmail.com
>> No. 1329
Can play canon and non-canon, and I'm pretty much open to anything. My only preference, though, is playing with OC's.

MSN: silveren@live.com
>> No. 1362
Giving in because dammit, I need more RP buddies. Desperately.

Not a big OC person at all and I'd prefer to do canon, but if you really want I could give it a try. I'm pretty much down for anything but I'm admittedly a sucker for slashy stuff. Smutty, angsty, fluffy, kinky (as in, lemme know if you want something in particular and I'll very likely say yes), all of it. Yes please. I tend to like longer RPs rather than one-shots, and I prefer paragraph style posts but like I said, I'm pretty much down for anything.

I play Scout and Pyro mostly, but I'd definitely be willing to give other classes a try. As for pairings, seriously, if you've got some crazy cracky pairing nobody seems to like, well, I'm your man. Just try me.

Contact crap:
AIM: Arrugalator
MSN: spikeniccals@hotmail.com
Email: wontahn@gmail.com

I should get screennames that aren't from when I was a kid

Just mention you're into RP/from here! If I'm not online it's very likely that I will be fairly soon... and I get my email to my phone so if I'm not sleeping I will definitely reply.
>> No. 1366
First time posting in TF2chan. Whee~ Been looking around, would love some TF2 rp. I go by Miyakawa (My internet alias) until I get to know you well enough -- I'm cool with canons or OCs -- the only character I've ever really rped in this fandom is Medic, though -- and I'm willing to try basically any class, just be patient with me please.

Not the most experienced in TF2 Rp, but I'd love to up my skills with someone new. :)

Cool with smut, cursing, violence, etc
Not cool with weird sexual vomit/poop/extreme guro/strange things like that.

If you're interested contact me --

AIM -- jscacltrsa

I'm on most all the time and will let you know when i'm not able to be on. :)
>> No. 1370
So, first time posting on any board like this. I RP frequently, and I've recently got this nagging need to RP TF2.

Mainly because, as Scout, the muse is not taking kindly to being told to shut up and wait his turn.

So really, I'm okay with everything. Love the Scout Abuse, every pairing, I could probably try anyone else if you're looking for something specific.

If you're interested my AIM is - of221B
>> No. 1374
Sure, why not?

I'm willing to do a lot of different types of RP, so if you have an idea, run it by me.

I play Sniper and Spy (and tentaspy) as my mains, but I can also do Scout and may be able to pull off Engineer or Medic, though I don't have any experience as them.

Most of my characters start out canon and turn into OCs over time as they develop but I'm flexible and am willing to adapt to other's preferences.

I tend to imagine silly little plot ideas every now and then, and really enjoy fleshing them out with someone to bounce ideas off of.

I prefer paragraph style RP, but can do first person - though I usually keep that to silly, non serious things.

I'm on nearly all the time, so feel free to drop me a hello.

AIM: neverwasonurside
MSN and e-mail: clem.zax@gmail.com
>> No. 1383
Heya! I've been lurking the chan for a while, and I've made a FEW posts, but I'm going to butt in with my info now.

My name is Catt. I enjoy slash smut (whether it's femme or not), and I prefer highly detailed and literate role-plays. I find it very hard to top when doing male/male, but I can sometimes top with femme slash... Though I have to be in the mood. I prefer to bottom.

I only play Scout, and I do have a femme Scout OC that I created recently. I'm fine with darker, more twisted role-play themes, and I'm generally always up to trying something. I'm a bit new to the fandom as whole, so I'm still learning.

I also have a TF2 forum/MSN role-play, and we're always looking for new people!

Anyway, hit me up if you're interested.

MSN: delinquent.pixie@gmail.com
Skype: delinquent_pixie
>> No. 1392
Hey. Capable of fulfilling most needs of a partner, but I prefer straight/femmeslash pairings; either orienting towards rapid smut, or long-term development.

I'll usually play canon, genderbent characters, but I'm certainly not above enjoying an OC, and don't dislike them at all.

AIM: djtornis
Yahoo: djtornis
Skype: Guess.
>> No. 1393

Oh, and if anyone plays RPHaven, I'm Scalene there.
>> No. 1440

>> No. 1484
Updating again. I now RP pretty much everyone. Haven't done Demo or Pyro yet, but I could. And I do smut of pretty much all kinds, but I prefer to avoid things like guro, piss, etc. Bondage, spanking, and that kind of low-key kink, though, is just fine.
I also like to do fluff sometimes, too.

Oh, and I come up with prompts for RPing like, all the time, and at the moment, though some aren't solid (I like to think of them as 'open concept'), I have over sixty potential prompts, for almost every class pairing. We don't have to use mine, if you've got prompts or ideas too, but they're there if we need them.
>> No. 1491
I'm pretty open to whatever, although I do enjoy me some smut. I prefer dom with any class except Heavy and Demo, but I can be switch as well. I'm interested in playing all kinks with the exception of excrement/vore/etc.

I'm pretty heavy into femme classes (I'll melt all over a femgie in an instant) and OC's but I'll certainly go canon. I won't turn anyone away, just hit me up if you want to play.

e-mail: archimedesnein@gmail.com
skype: SchatziRatzi
steam: -RB-Schatzi
>> No. 1494
Hey y'all! I'm kind of new to participating in the TF2 fandom, but I've been lurking for quite awhile. Right now I only have one TF2 RP buddy, and I'd really like some more.

Again, I'm pretty new, so the only classes I've played (RP-wise) are Heavy and a little bit of Scout. However, I'm certainly willing to try other classes!

I don't really do OCs, but I can do AUs.

If you don't mind putting up with a nub, send me a message and we can get started.

AIM: Robin Boy Wondah
y!gallery: CousinKevin
Steam: CousinKevin
Email: Ask on one of the above

I'm down for just about any kink, except for really hardcore gore. Just ask, I guess.

>> No. 1569

oh so, HAAAAAAY *wrist flick* i really, REALLY, love to role play. especially with tf2 fags, oh my GOD. i am always up for a team fortress role play; practically anyone x anyone.

omg okay i've done a few before, one as heavy and the other as scout; but i can play ANYONE. i'm lenient as fuck and am also a dirty-mouthed scumbag. :'>

my skype is: two.in.the.bush
my gaia is: buttram manfist
my steam is: http://steamcommunity.com/id/youshatinmypurse/
>> No. 1591
I skim tf2chan so quickly I never noticed this thread was here! So here's my contact info:

AIM: metalxmanagement [I only IM rp- no emails or forums, sorry!]

Characters you RP: I only plan CANON versions of Heavy, Engineer, Soldier, Scout the Director, and Scout's Mom

Characters want to RP with: Medic, Spy, Sniper, Heavy, Engineer, Soldier, Demoman, etc [Canons please, no OCs]

Pairings: ANY- really, if you have a pairing idea, hit me with it! I'm very open-minded!

Smut?: Smut and angst and fluff are all fine with me! Please be 18+ if you plan on smutting. I do want plot, though (at first, we can always PWP after a bit of actual plotting)!

Availability: I'm pretty much ALWAYS on, so add me on AIM if you want to rp!
>> No. 1598
File 131578774787.jpg - (291.34KB , 1280x1024 , 14839-spy-team-fortress.jpg )
blu spy reporting in

mon e-mail is
>> No. 1608
Soldier here maggots!

I RP slash to straight. I prefer engineers and other soldiers. I am up for anything and if I don't like it i'll let you know.

Smut stuff is my favorite so keep that in mind.

Steam: Mister Solly Doe
AIM: MisterSollyDoe@aol.com

>> No. 1636
Um... well hi. My name's Wides, short for another name. First time posting in this thread... or any thread here for that matter.

Anyways, onto the topic at hand here. See, I'm fine with mostly anything. Of course, there are some things I'll pass up on. Feel free to ask about it if need be.

Character-wise, I do only OCs, and am not really tied down to one set class. And yes, I do smut, if you're thinking that. However, I don't mind a good plot, if you got one of course.

If you want to hit me up for an RP, just take your pick of the following messengers:

MSN: computer_peoples@hotmail.com
AIM: lostininternets
Yahoo!: computer_peoples@yahoo.com
Skype: widehasaskypethingy
Steam: Greensleeves Many-Thumbs
>> No. 1647
File 131680817587.png - (57.90KB , 300x290 , mongrelme.png )
i think it is about time i post here. can't say i am the most active RPer since i tend to go and camp and hunt a lot... but the winter it coming so i am gunna be looking for stuff to do that isn't work.

i usually RP Sniper or Spy but lately i have been craving to play my Spy... everyone seems to want Snipes to plow their character harder than February snowdrifts and i am a tad sick of it. i also have a spot in my heart for RPing Engineer.

so, if you're looking for someone to RP with that plays any of those characters, feel free to message me. i usually post about two paragraphs or more depending on the situation.

AIM: coocaberra
Skype: BLUSnip3r (i am on this the most)
Steam: coocaberra
>> No. 1649
Well, hi.
I role played furiously in my youth, took a break, and now that TF2 is my current obsession I would like to try it again. I would prefer it to be canon (with your own subtle touches to personality, etc.) and it to contain some smut of the male kind.
I try to be as descriptive as I feel necessary and hopefully you will too. As far as characters go I can play all pretty well with the exception of Heavy and Soldier. If you have any plots you would like to try out, even better! I'm more than happy to work with you on it.

email: capichequiche@rocketmail.com

Contact me saying you are from this chan, what pairing you are interested in, and we decide on instant messengers if things seem to click. :)
>> No. 1672
File 131781882674.jpg - (70.99KB , 500x632 , tumblr_ls3ln3WHOH1qe50j9o1_500.jpg )
Old Forum Rper looking for new friends/RP partners.
Willing to RP medic or Engie.
Engie harks back to my days RPing Cid Highwind or ff7.
I have TF2 OCs as of yet. Looking to explore that idea.
Email- CharlieAG007@gmail.com
Steam- CharlieAG (will show up as KingPyroJack~CharlieAG)
(posted art by NorthernBanshee)
>> No. 1673
Editing my info:

I now play anyone but Medic and Spy (because I fail at those particular accents). I'm really looking to practice more Heavy, Sniper, and Demoman, but I'm not even picky at this point!

-again, the AIM is metalxmanagement
>> No. 1681
File 131796371487.png - (181.24KB , 500x500 , scoutsalute.png )
Er hello. I am new at this dig.

Name: Noisy
Who I play: Scout. 100x the Scout. I can probably dabble in some engineer but there are way better people out there who do that way better than I could. Anyway, I can do both fem!scout and canon!scout and oc!scout so I'm pretty flexible. Actually if there is anyone out there who is up for some femslash that would be totally okay with me.

What I'm looking for: Smut! And story! And character development! But oneshots are cool too! If any of you peeps are really good at thinking up cool plots then I am so down with that. I admit, I am not the greatest at thinking up my own.

What characters I'd prefer to play with: Engineers and Spies. I can really dig anything though. Some Sniper or Heavy or even Medic is okay too.

skype: taroufish
aim: thenoisykid

Um. I am also Australian but I am on at various times of day. This is just IC other of my brethren want to hit me up. Cus that would be cool.
>> No. 1688
Uh, hi. I am super shy, so I'll just leave this here...

I haven't RPed in a long time, outside of, like, D&D. I don't reply 'in real time', though, I tend to seize up under the pressure of chat and have no idea what to do with myself... So, if anyone wants to RP-by-email or over a blog/journal site, I might be a candidate for that. (I'd be interested in a paintchat, actually, I've just never done it/don't know where/how... but it seems neat as a once-in-a-while addition)

I'd be fine with either OC or canon (though I prefer OCs who seem to fit into the canon universe, every so often I've been scared off from RP groups where things start to differ vastly from the canon I'm familiar with. But I have canon-compliant OCs...)

I'm probably most comfortable, in descending order, playing Spy, Sniper, or Medic. I don't know if I'd be good at RPing any of the other classes, but I'd certainly be willing to try, as a secondary or something, since I'm comfortable at least writing a little from any perspective. I just wouldn't be able to, say, keep up a Scout or a Soldier for a serious RP.

Email: Danakszoul@yahoo.com

On LJ I'm GlasgowSmiles (I haven't used it in a while, but I'm certainly contactable there and then I could set up an IC blog. Could set up an IC blog anywhere, honestly)

I'm AnneTheCatDetective, of course, on both Steam and the Tumblog (where I'm also atcdblu, which is where I tend to practice IC blogging for various classes, but I'd start a fresh account for RPing, I suppose...)

I'm easy, I'm just never going to approach anyone because argh, social anxiety. Open to any kind of storyline, though I tend to stick pretty closely to my OTPs regardless of the type of plot. (Prefer Sniper/Spy or Heavy/Medic, if there's a pairing involved, don't mind porn at all). Okay with violence/gore if that fits into things.

Okay, that's probably more than anyone wanted to know about me.
>> No. 1691
File 131852035474.jpg - (8.90KB , 220x199 , thm__43-.jpg )
Hello darlin's. Mods if this post is no good, jus' take it down, if you please.

I've been contacting various members of this board for general RPin' fun, but my sudden itch for monstering about has made me decide to throw up my info SPECIFICALLY for 'monster-class' roleplay and other shits.

Interested in playing a horrid, monster abomination of a Tentaspy. Reminds me of good times. Willing to try on the skin of any other 'monster' or 'animal' class. Classes preferred are Spy, Pyro, Engineer, and Medic, but I'm easy like Sunday mornin'. YOU: baby, you can play whatever you're most comfy in.

This contact is also good for heavy guro, surgery, and other hard taboos. Hit me up and we'll talk about it. I am not a necrophiliac or a scatter; what do you take me for, some kind of monster?

Anyone who's had the misfortune of RPing with me knows I'm sporadically online, but I'm usually about most days of the week and weekend, and I usually answer emails. Play by email enjoyed, play by messenger preferred.

spytipper@hotmail.com for initial contact.
>> No. 1694
bumping again with my AIM info, LadyKnivesTn
Again, just looking for someone to help me discover the awesome world of TF2 OCs.
Willing to play Medic and Engie...and maybe pyro if something cool hits me.
Gmail: CharlieAG
Steam: CharlieAG (kingpyrojack is the name that'll pop up, I'm on steam 24/7)
>> No. 1696
... Eh, why not.

I main BLU Medic. I will also play BLU Scout's Mother.

I quite like canons, but I will do OCs with OCs. No fems however, please. I have no preference in pairings.

I love guro and eroguro, but I can be swayed into more... 'Fluffy', vanilla things, or just normal bondage kinks. I much prefer plot over porn, and I'm more of a fighter than a lover. I am not confident about my porn writing abilities, but if it comes up I will try. I make no guarantees about anything.

If I don't respond quickly I am probably juggling several other IMs or over-thinking my response... Or away, paying some attention to my birds. I will not write you a novella. Also, I feel that I should point out that I am absolutely horrible at approaching people for roleplay. If you want to play, you will have to say so and likely take initiative!

We can plot and scheme or we can wing it. It matters little to me. If you have any questions, just ask.

MSN: dancingmannequin@hotmail.com
AIM: thegermanen
Yahoo: parupet@yahoo.ca
>> No. 1700
Updating my RP info since it's been a while. I RP mainly as Sniper but I also dabble in a little Medic. I adore Sniper paired with Spy and Medic paired with Heavy. I'll try out other pairings too. I prefer canon, but I'll try OCs so long as they aren't fems. Canon characters that develop into OCs are also okay.

I'm willing to RP guro and all that fun stuff. Violence and angst are good. Plot over smut. I'm on most nights, so just shoot me an IM.

AIM - imageofmadness
MSN - imageofmadness@aol.com
Steam - pixiestixgirl
>> No. 1701
File 131899890749.png - (56.76KB , 480x640 , 131527594072.png )
Back from the dead! Now with new specifics. I hardly ever use skype or YIM (Actually, I'm never on YIM. Ever) so the best way to contact me is though either AIM or MSN. I will hop onto Skype if you send me an email telling me so, the hours you will most likely be on and your time zone. This is just because my computer is shit and cannot handle having more then two programs up at one without sounding like it has AIDS. Anyways!
Spy is still my favorite class, him and anyone other then Scout is my fetish. 'specially Heavy, Solly, Engie or Pyro. Sniper, while done to death, is just fine to. Other points of interest would be like I like crossfactions best (not that it really matters) and I am ok with any fetishes except scat, furries or ponys. I am looking for something a touch more low-key and fluffy at the moment, but there WILL be some smut later on for sure. Any partner with a plot already made up is welcome- I really have nothing in mine so I would be happy to have a general direction. Still willing to do genderbends, just bring a plot with you. I also run on (UTC-08:00) and am on most nights 4:30pm-11:00pm, and depending on the situation I can stay up all night.

Feels like I rabbled alot in that but oh well. Emails and screen names are same as before. Hope to hear from some of you soon.
>> No. 1728
I been itching to role-play and haven't found anyone to do it with.

Group or not. I might be able to hang with more than one person as long as it is controlled. The worst thing to happen is for someone to get ignored or bored and then suddenly drop out because of it, seen it happen many times before and I wouldn’t want that.


Could be a one-shot, long story, or pwp!

Name: Cas or Leth

Willing to RP:

I'm pretty much open to mostly anything except Guro and OCs...I just can't understand it at all nor would it turn me on in real life and I'm sorry, most OCs I've seen are obnoxious copies.

Fluff, Smut, Drama, awesome Action of course, Angst…Not a fan of Tragedy, but I’ll play with the idea, Horror… Anything.
I do mostly slash, but I can open myself up for lesbian love even though I lack any or every content in it. I can be top for slash and bottom for les... Either way we can make it work.

I’m open to any ideas and I’ll throw in some of mine of course, don't leave me hanging.

Who I play as: [Could be Cross-faction or not] [Stars mean who I would rather be.]

Pairing can be with whoever, I’m open minded to all classes!

****RED Sniper
*** RED Engineer
**RED Medic
*RED Scout

I live in California so that’s PST. I’m usually on every day and I will let you know if I’m not able to reply, but I always will later if anything doesn't come up in the meantime.

I usually look for a casual role-player that is actually committed unless you tell me you’re unable to reply anymore for whatever reason. Please let me know before hand.

Contact Info

Hotmail: michelle_lopez92@hotmail.com
Skype: lethargicswiftblade
Steam: Amerail
Gmail: x0leth0x@gmail.com

Please contact me! *sniff* I’m so lonely and I figured I must be terrible if no one wants to do anything with me for so long…
>> No. 1736
I'm probably being way, way too specific, but might as well give it a try:

Looking for someone to RP canon with, albeit in a more serious fashion than usual(as in, maintaining plausible characters. I just don't like having played-for-laughs-cracky! characters in my plot because it disturbs the overall flow of what I have in mind.).
Focus is definitely on the plot, though that also includes romance story lines. I'm a little picky when it comes to the actual realization of such subplots and rather prefer build-up over actual porn, so that probably shouldn't be a priority for you.

Absolutely looking for someone who will communicate in large posts - I'm not terribly keen on chatting since I tend to obsess over my words (not being a native speaker of English) and, since I'm in Europe, scheduling might also further suggest the use of mails over messenger. Obviously, our writing styles should match at least to a certain degree, so just give me your elaborate dialogue, your rambling descriptions, whatever. That's just my kind of thing.

I'd rather like to focus on the characters that work well in a serious context (Spy, Sniper, Medic, Engineer,...I guess that excludes Soldier and maybe Demoman, though I totally wouldn't mind including them as minor characters if you think you can pull them off. I just know I can't.)Personally, I particularly enjoy Sniper and Spy (and also these two as a couple), but I'm really fine with most.

I have something along the lines of a post-apocalyptic story in mind (you might perhaps want to call it a TF2/The Road crossover, even though that sounds slightly awful) , so if you like that kind of thing, contact me:


It's been a while since I last RPed, so I hope this works out in one way or another.
>> No. 1748
File 13210645251.png - (49.12KB , 480x480 , 1260943317747.png )
Umm, hi!
I'm just getting back into RP again, and I figured here would be the best place to start.

My RP account is

> HauntedParka@hotmail.com

I'm starting out with an OC scout and an OC Demo. I write solid paragraph replies, but anything less or more is fine too.

I love RP's with plot! (especially horror type junk) Smut is fine too :D I have no particular preferences with smut, so the limit is what I can think up. Just send me a starter if I'm online. E-mail is fine too.

Thanks for reading :D
>> No. 1754
Howdy? I'm Bridget.

I generally like playing male characters, but females work as well. I can post from two sentences to two paragraphs, after that I'm going a bit too in depth and I sound stupid. I AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMP

I will do m// (gay?) or straight, preferably straight. But I have a feeling many of you are male so I can play a female in this situation.

I am female, and I am very weird and easily excited. You have been warned.

AIM: Lollicat95
>> No. 1757
Guten Abend !

Hi, lets try this.
people call me toast or preferable Tai.
i havent done rp for a while know but i would love to start all over again.
if you dont have probs with someone who is not native english speaking, just contact me

steam : wriggle_007
msn : akai-sora@hotmail.de
mail : crimson.belvedere@googlemail.com
>> No. 1758

It was suggested that I post here since I'm looking for an RP buddy! :o

Email: gilbertweillschmidt@gmail.com
MSN/AIM/YIM: I don't use those much, but I could make a s/n if you're interested.
Timezone: EST

Please comment here if you're interested in playing with me!

What you RP: Just Team Fortress 2 right now. (NOT Deus Ex, as my journal here may lead you to believe.)
Characters you RP: Scout mainly, Sniper occasionally.
Characters you’re looking to interact with:

For Scout, anyone, but mainly Scout (I play RED Scout, so I'm looking for a BLU Scout), Medic, Spy, or Sniper.

For Sniper, mainly Spy.

I do not want to play with TF2 genderbends. Sorry!

Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing: I'm in the mood for some angst, believe it or not. Even though Scout doesn't seem to be the type to ever angst, I would like to try it out.

As weird as it may sound, I would love to play some Scout/Scout, as mentioned above. Not necessarily smut -- just being at each others' throats works too. :) I haven't had much practice writing gory fight scenes, so I would like to do that as well.

For Sniper, well, a while ago I played Sniper one on one with someone's Spy and had a ton of fun, but they kind of disappeared. :/ I would love to do that again, though. Just some tactical fighting between the two, really.

Do you smut?: I can, and would like to, provided some prior CR is established first. I am interested in writing some smut, definitely, but that isn't all that I want.

Is there anything else you would like to add?: I will tell you my handle and journal once we get chatting a bit. :) I can tell you upfront that I am well over 18 and I ask that you are too. If you are not, I do not want to play with you, sorry.

I highly prefer RPing via LJ, not AIM. I can make a post in a locked musebox for us.

If you lose interest, please tell me! And please don't simply disappear on me. :( It makes me sad. If you're busy and cannot continue the thread, that's fine! Just let me know! I am a very patient tagger and will tag as long as both parties wish the thread to continue.

That's all!
>> No. 1759

Ignore the Deus Ex mention, I forgot to remove that when I copied the post from LJ. Whoops.
>> No. 1766
File 132173545766.jpg - (105.23KB , 500x417 , tumblr_luo0qnZUpy1r6r5lho1_500.jpg )

AIM: AMonsterSpy

Interests have expanded to femclasses! Crazy I know.

And OCs! Bring me your OCs so I may eat them!

Over and out.
>> No. 1775
File 132203913249.jpg - (77.35KB , 300x250 , solly mel.jpg )

My GayaOnline: http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/maggi-jives-mjoi/886035/
My Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/andymagnuseth/ (my DeviantFarts link is there too)
My Yahoo: aagemorlock@yahoo.com (mail only plz)

Pic very related. It's also an accurate description of moi while playing TF2.
>> No. 1787
File 132291685030.jpg - (37.65KB , 244x244 , Demopan.jpg )
Hello, all! I'm Stout Shako from TwoRefined Productions (wow, that sounded cheesy!), and I decided to go on the market to get new/additional RPing partners! You might know me for my "Breaking Point" fic on /afanfic/ or my femclass ideas right here on our very own RPG board. ( http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/7217.html and http://tf2chan.net/rpg/res/1210.html respectively. )

It's always important to know what to expect out of a potential partner, so here is some more stuff about me.

1) I'm interested in making long term friends out of this, not just an RP partner or two! So if you need someone to talk to but you don't feel like workin' your writer brain, don't be a stranger! I'm there to listen.

2) I like experimenting! Sometimes I'll want to kick off a new RP every other day, sometimes, I'll want to keep the same one going for weeks at a time. Sometimes I'll be in the mood for smut, and the next day I won't. Sometimes I'll do het, and other times gay. With writing, the sky is the limit, and I love exploring my own boundaries! It's a double-edged sword, though, because if I start to feel one RP is getting too repetitive or that it resembles another RP we've already done, I might become disinterested.

3) Communication is key! I don't expect you to share everything with me - especially if you're working towards a big reveal, but if something you planned isn't going your way, or you don't like something I'm doing, let me know! I'll try my absolute best to work with you and get everything worked out.

4) I can RP just about any class (Still working on Demoman - he's just beyond my grasp for some stupid reason!), and generally don't mind femclasses, as long as they are well thought out and fun to interact with. OCs are okay, too. Just be warned, that, as far as OCs go, I tend to only do "classes with names", personally. But, again. If they're fun, I'd be happy to have 'em.

5) I'm okay with a lot of things, I just realized! So, here's a list of things I will NOT do, or just plain don't like. Mostly, it's kink-related. No specific order.
>Scat play; Pedophilia (outside of a sad back story or two); Watersports; Vomit play (It's actually a phobia of mine); Necrophilia; Bestiality; Furries (TF2 bugs and Tentaspy are fine, though); Amputees; Whiny, chronically helpless characters; excessive melodrama (notice I said EXCESSIVE! What fun would it be if our characters didn't constantly get into things, huh?); and godmodding without permission!

6) While I love and admire dedication, too much "neediness" can be a huge bummer. Keep in mind, I have a job and friends in real life, too! Just try not to have your whole life revolve around me, is all I ask. (It's happened many times before, and was not pleasant for anyone.)

That's all I can think of right now. If you want to give this a try, hit me up at the email on my fancy lil' ol' name, and we'll work things out from there. Piece off and bless your face. And if you sneezed while reading this post, bless you! Boop!
>> No. 1792
Heck why not!

I have been craving RP but I admit I'm pretty rusty. Never RPed TF2 but I have other stuff in the past. (Though I'm workin on a few fics but too shy to post em yet, haha.)

No real prefs on characters so far, they're all good, genderbends are good, OCs I'm iffy on except as secondary stuff when needed. I prefer shorter posts and scenes that move quickly but I'm also a super patient person so :) Genre wise I like just about anything but excessive wangst, and anything beyond an R rating is a nebulous 'maybe, it depends on the circumstances'.

AIM: IvynaJSpyder
Email: ^ at gmail
>> No. 1814
Well, why not. I've been trying to find people to RP with for ages now.

Nice to meet you! I'm Dannychic, but you can call me Danny for short.

I'm pretty much open to anything and everything! Nothing really shocks or bothers me anymore, so I'll usually be good with whatever you want to RP. c:

If you have an OC you want to RP as, male or female, go right ahead!

I've never done a TF2 RP before, but I'm not inexperienced. If I had a choice on what class I would want to play, either a Scout, Medic, Spy or Sniper seems to peek my interests the most.

My OTP's include Sniper/Scout, Heavy/Medic, Spy/Scout, and Tentaspy/Scout (Bet you can't guess my favorite character [/sarcasm]). However, if you have another pairing you want to try, I'll be more than happy to give it a shot.

I would like a plot RP if at all possible, but I'm perfectly fine with smut and rather enjoy it (Male/Male; Male/Female' Female/Female). If you do add me, please know that I will probably want smut in there at some point and I like being as descriptive as possible.

My responses will vary from time to time. I enjoy paragraphs for some in-depth, but for idle banter I will go to short posts.

Also: I would love to start an RP with multiple people.

I would prefer it if you contacted me about RPing. I am -very- shy when it comes to meeting someone new and I prefer people coming to me wanting to RP.

Contact Information:
~MSN: dannychic2006@hotmail.com
~AIM: dannychic2006
~Skype: dannychic
>> No. 1844
Figured I'd update my RP contact info, since I've grown a little more into myself as an RPer. Putting myself out there again because I like having more than one active RP running at a time, and D&D disbanded.

I Play: Spy. Spy has pretty much become my comfort zone.

I'm Looking For: Mostly Sniper. I make no secret of my proclivities. But I'm open to non-romance RPing as well, and maybe Spy/Spy...

OCs: Acceptable, but I mostly like things to fit within the TF2 universe. I've felt like I wasn't a good fit for TF2 roleplays that were wildly different from the setting we know and love. Still, you know, even when you start out playing (canon class), you kind of build onto them the further you write/RP.

Willing to RP: Fight scenes, smut scenes, and most things in between, pretty much. I'm pretty laissez-faire about things. Run fetishes by me beforehand, that's all I ask. Willing to try genderflipping, willing to do tentacles, willing to do angst, fluff... flangst.

Not Willing To Do: I pretty much just need to avoid poo, vomit, and any torture that involves dental stuff. Those are my hard/fast lines.

Plot Ideas: I have none in particular, aside from being interested in doing something I haven't already done/am not already doing in another RP, I guess, so if you either have a plot in mind or enjoy RPing without a set plot in mind, it's all good.

Preferred Format And All That Jazz: I prefer play-by-email because it just makes it easier to do multiple paragraphs-- I sometimes get wordy-- and because it lets me feel like I have a little more control, edit-wise, because I'm kind of anal retentive. Also, I'm on at weird hours, so it's easier for me to get to email whenever I can (I check pretty frequently) than it is to hope we catch each other. I prefer paragraph format. However, if we do happen to be online at the same time, I mean, I'm trying to get better about being able to chat without getting really really nervous and socially awkward, so you can always friend me on Steam, which is probably the other reliable way of getting my attention.

E-Mail: DanaksZoul@Yahoo.com
Steam: AnneTheCatDetective

Time Zone: PST

Final Words: If you email me and I don't get back to you with anything within a couple days (and don't let you know I'm going to be without the 'net beforehand) then I promise I am not blowing you off, sometimes my messages get eaten!
>> No. 1846
I may drop you a line. I just started a new job, so I'm not sure how much free time I have. I'll give it a week of work, first, to figure things out, and then let you know.

I love your Sniper/Spy work. It'd be a pleasure to RP with you, I'm sure. I usually play Spy myself, because my French is usually better than my partner's, but I do enjoy being Sniper, too.

If you don't hear from me in a week, then the coupons ate me.
>> No. 1848
Hey there, new here but I'm looking for some more RP partners. Most specifically, I'm trying to find some Heavys for my Medics. I have two Spies as well, but I have plenty of partners for them. I have a Heavy currently, and I adore him to bits, but our schedules just don't always coincide. So, I'm hoping to find someone who's on more often to play with as well. I'll accept both canon and OCs, as long as the OCs aren't outlandish. I'm gonna have to stay to AIM for this one as I can get AIM while mobile and I'm often bored at work or in bed hoping to play.

If you're interested, contact me on AIM - Sorakachan!

Hope to hear from someone soon!
>> No. 1849

I am no longer looking for new rp partners.

In the meantime, it isn't okay with me to take samples of my writing without my permission and give them to other people who try to 'help' me.

Next time, tell me up front if you have an issue with my style. I'm still refining. Thanks much.

By the way, mods, feel free to take my posts down.
>> No. 1856
Hey y'all. I, eh, don't normally post here. I'm Axqu from tumblr and y!gal, and... I RP a lot more consistently and regularly than I write fanfic. I'm versatile, for the most part, and prefer doing OCs. I have two characters at least for every class, plus a TentaSpy; some of these are genderbent. I love people who n- tuple. I prefer email.

Things I won't hedge on: No furries, must be paragraph- style, I won't write out f// sex scenes, and please don't make me be the only one driving the plot. Also don't ask me before you throw in a plot twist, and I won't RP premade plots.

It'd probably be better to iron out the details for each individual RP:

AIM: turduckenfruit
MSN: UnDisastreSocial@hotmail.com
Email: lol_kittenlol@hotmail.com

Also I've been getting spambots a lot lately on my AIM, so please make it clear that you're from here. Thanks! :3
>> No. 1870
Coming out of my little hole here. I've role-played a bit in the past, but not for TF2.

Characters: Canon or OC, anything goes, as long as the OCs aren't too credulous. I'm not a big fan of genderbends, at all, but a few female team members isn't a problem. I don't have a RED/BLU preference. I do have an OC RED Engineer (poor guy didn't know what he was getting into when he signed up), an OC BLU Heavy (actually a genius hired by Blutarch to keep an eye on the Administrator) and about a dozen OC Pyros (male, female, alien, Abraham Lincoln, demonic, asexual, pyrokinetic and using the flamethrower for show, trained gorilla, Miss Pauling, etc.), for the record.

Genre: Anything goes, as long as there is a PLOT and PLOT DEVELOPMENT (preferably character development as well). I also am horrible at RPing smut, simply because I feel that smut for smut's sake detracts too much from the plot. Apart from smut: Drama, action, practically anything works, as long as it is reasonably drawn-out and allows participation from everyone involved. Also a fan of interesting plot twists, as long as they make sense (if possible) and add to the story. Also very, very fond of characters' secrets and their revealing over the course of the RP.

Style: I generally prefer paragraphs. Long paragraphs.

Don't look for me on Steam - I've been having issues with my account, namely a very annoying TF2 achievement bug that is driving me up the wall... In the meantime, I am contactable ONLY at tardistoaster@gmail.com

WARNING: I don't have good internet. In fact, my internet can be described as abysmal. This is the curse of wi-fi. You have been warned.
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