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File 131048666228.jpg - (35.51KB , 600x600 , MYAN.jpg )
1210 No. 1210
Tried to do this in /tits/, but it didn't work. So here I go again. I'd really love to hear your opinions about my characters - good or bad. If you have your own characters you want to talk about, I'd be happy to discuss them with you, but please try to keep in mind that this is my thread, please! Thanks a lot, you guys, you're awesome.

No pretty pictures (except my opening one... that I found somewhere - enjoy it), I'm afraid, since I'm not much of an artist, but I've been mulling over how to do femme characters of TF2 for a while now. I mean, as an ex-animu fan... I'd have to say it's bout near required for me to consider this in just about every fandom I'm in.

So, I see that most people tend to make gender-bended characters either the same nationality\race\(general) personality as their predecessor. So it's basically the same character, only with... ahem, an "exquisite rack". Always nice to see other people's takes on gender-bends of the classicle classes, but not quite enough for me.

Others tend to just go with whatever nationality tickles their fancy. Like the Engineer being from India or the Heavy being from... Iunno, Chile or something. Awesome, but... A little out of my range. And I don't want to have to rely on stereotypes to the point where my characters won't even be unique anymore, because, trust me, if I go that route, that's what's bound to happen.

So what I basically decided to mix up their nationalities while tampering with their personality to suit my fancy.

I just realized that probably doesn't make sense to anyone who is residing outside of my brain, so let me off an example instead. First and foremost being my FemSoldier - the first one I thought up.

So, she's a Soldier, only she's Australian. And when I say "Australian", I mean AUSTRALIUM Australian. So, yeah, huge muscles, big, booming voice, love of combat and all things bloody, and, of course, the signature SAXTON HAAALE mustache. So, she'd basically have the same model as male Soldier - only with short blonde braids under her helmet, breasts, and a comically huge mustache.

Everyone assumes she's good friends with the original Soldier, but it's hard to tell since the two get into fist-fights as often as they're seen drinking together. But she's not quite as... nutty as him - they just share a lot of common interests, and, admittedly, a very similar outlook on life. "If it bugs me, blow it up."

She is also INCREDIBLY condescending towards the Original Sniper - she picks on him constantly for being a twig, resorting to throwing pee in jars at people, and shooting people forty feet away instead of getting in their face and fighting like a REAL Australian. Sniper just endures it with quiet mutters, but he knows he can't do anything - a mustache like hers is NOT one to be messed with.

Get what I'm sayin'? I hope so - I feel like I'm babbling like an idiot here. Next I'll describe my version of GirlScout.
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>> No. 1215
Um, anyways... Oh, yeah. GirlScout. I've decided that GirlScout is French. Yes, French. She grew up pretty well off, but she's got... well... mental (coughsanitycough) issues.

For one, she thinks that she's the descendent and reincarnation of Napoleon Bonaparte, the greatest French man to ever live (and if you say that he wasn't actually French, she WILL find you in the night and beat your head to a pulpy mess with a golfclub. That's not a threat, it's a promise.)

She's a huge tomboy ("Frail maidens can't conquer nations!"), so none of this skirt-wearing sillibsns. Overall, her model would be extremely similar to BoyScout, only she'd have black hair in two ponytails, freckles, dark circles under her eyes, and a black bag over her shoulder instead of brown. Also, it'd have a kitty on it. Because I can see her being a crazy cat lady when she grows up. Also, I like the idea of her having a golf club instead of a basball bat. Or maybe a cricket stick. But I don't know anything about cricket, so eh.

Also, she's got really crooked teeth, too. Like, three times worse than BoyScout. It's bad.

Last thing is that she has a HUGE obsession with Spy. She's convinced they were made for each other and keeps insisting that they're going to get married and have tons of kids together and that he will be her queen. Of sorts.

Spy, of course, does not approve. At all. GirlScout is not very attractive, and even if she was, she's under his age limit, and even if she wasn't, SHE'S KINDA BATSHIT INSANE. So, yeah. He goes through painful attempts to avoid her, but only about half of them work.

She also sees Demoman and Sniper as inferior territories of England (much to their chagrin), and since French and English people never really get along that much... She just decides she hates them. A lot. The feeling is mutual. She also doesn't like Soldier (male or female) because they're all very patriotic, but have different countries. The Soldiers get past this because of... well, everything else they have in common, but there's no such hope for GirlScout and the Soldiers.

She turns her nose up at BoyScout because she thinks of him as an inferior American swine and much too immature for her tastes, but he doesn't care because she's ugly and has small tits anyway, so who effing cares. The two avoid each other more than anything else. She also hates Heavy because she blames Russia for bringing Napoleon down. Heavy thinks she's far too hilarious to really be much of a threat and doesn't mind her, really. He has worse to deal with.

I think that's all the interesting interactions I have to share. Later, Pyro. Then Spy.
>> No. 1216
So, Fem!Pyro has the exact same outfit as the regular Pyro. The only difference is that she simply removes her mask after-hours. She's kind of Scout's counterpart since she came from Harlem, and, surprisingly, they get along really well.

REALLY well.

She's a little older than Scout, but only by a little. But she's really laid back and friendly and is pretty chill with everyone with few exceptions. She's used to being the person to GO to when you've got troubles, because she has tons of younger siblings, and she's just used to it. She's black, has really short hair ( a lot like this: http://thestreethearts.com/wp-content/media/2009/05/img_6935-large.jpg ), and is a little chubby. Just a little. Which is fine with Scout. He likes grabbing... things.

She's chill, but she doesn't take any bullshit. Do NOT try to talk to her before she's had her morning dose of coffee. Do NOT talk to her if she is hungry. Do NOT call her Thunder-thighs. And do NOT give Demoman a hard time, because, even though she's younger than him, she kind of takes it upon herself to be his big sis or whatever, and she'll probably chop off all your fingers if she finds out he's started hitting the Scrumpy bottle hard BECAUSE OF SOMETHING YOU SAID.

Also, don't mention the Civil Rights Movement.

Just don't.

There are certain people who press her buttons just because they can, and, obviously, she does not like them very much. The first being Male Spy. Because it's... just kind of what he does. He's a real dick, is all. Second being GirlScout. Who gets on literally EVERYONE'S nerves. Third being male Sniper, who just happened to show an awe-inspiring lack of tact one day and said something she's still having trouble forgiving him for. Fourth being Fem!Engineer, who outright said she just doesn't trust people of color. (Needless to say, a lot of her sentries gets sapped, and Fem!Pyro couldn't give a single fuck.)
>> No. 1217
So, if Fem!Pyro is obviously a girl, the laws of balance or equal exchange or what-have-you states that another class has to be an enigma, right? What better class than Spy?

So I just noticed that /tits/ doesn't have an embedded tag... thing. Which is fine, because where there's a link, there's a way. Most of my fem classes will have outfits that are very similar, if not identical to their male counterparts - they even still wear pants. Fem?Spy is an exception. Its outfit is directly inspired by this little clip right here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uAHqRaZ1B0

So it would be dressed in all back, have a totally face-obscuring mask, huge sunglasses (that wouldn't be removed, kind of like if you remove Engie's goggles, on GMod, there's just an empty space where his eyes should be), a baggy coat that might even resemble Soldier's, only black, and a voice-distorter.

With the voice distorter always on, no one can quite tell if Fem?Spy is a man or a woman, and his (her?) clothing is loose enough so that it doesn't give anything away, either. You'd also be hard pressed to know what race Fem?Spy is or what country of origin they come from since its suit is careful not to show one square inch of skin. It has no real accent to speak of (meaning it's probably from the Midwestern US), but male!Spy has shown discomfort since he sometimes speaks to himself in French, and fem?Spy has seemed to understand him perfectly just fine. Or maybe he's just being paranoid.


Heavy and Medic have had similar things happen to them, but they seem to take it in much better stride, or just brush it off.

Fem?Spy is very different from its male counterpart, though. It acts INCREDIBLY goofy and seems to take everything as a joke. Well, almost anything. Sometimes it seems to be legitimately angry at things, but since sarcasm doesn't translate well on voice-distorters, you never quite know if it's joking or not until it starts laughing. And even then, it could be still legitimately angry, so you end up laughing along awkwardly, hoping you don't get your throat slit in the middle of the night.

This makes male!Spy very, very nervous. It's impossible to know what's a ruse and what's NOT with that... thing. He wants to assume by its playful behavior that it's a younger spy who thinks everything is just a really cool game, but maybe it's an old veteran Spy that knows how to mislead its enemies? Everything about Fem?Spy creeps him out and drives him nuts because HE CAN'T DETERMINE ANYTHING ABOUT IT, AND THAT'S HIS JOB, SO HE'S FAILING AT HIS JOB.

Also, male?Pyro doesn't get along with it, either, but he(?) just doesn't like Spies in general. He also feels like fem?Spy is watching him and trying to determine what and who his is, too, and that makes him feel uncomfortable. He knew what to do to make sure male!Spy stopped trying to get tabs on him, but with someone like fem?Spy, how on earth is he supposed to know what makes his doppelganger tick?

Oddly enough, female!Pyro, male!Demoman, male!Heavy, and male!Medic seem to get along with fem?Spy the most. Mostly because, though they don't know a lot about their mysterious partner, they don't feel a pressing need to, and don't really think of it as a threat.
>> No. 1218
So I was gonna do Medic or some crap, but... I really don't feel like it. So here be Lady!Sniper.

Lady!Sniper is the counterpart of Engineer, meaning she is from Texas. Only she is of Native American decent - I'd like to say Apache tribe, but that seems a little stereotypical, and Texas, being a large state, DID have quite a variety of tribes to chose from, so it's debatable.

But, yes. Fem!Snipes is Native American, doesn't speak much, and is extremely proud of her heritage. That being said, she hates Engineer with a flaming passion since she sees "his kind" as being the scum that took over the land that rightfully belonged to her people. She also dislikes all of the other American and Europeans for the most part. Exceptions being the more ethnic ones like Fem!Pyro and Male!Demo. While she is not actively NICE to these guys, she does tend to be less cold and bitter towards them.

She doesn't hate all white people, though. Just American and European ones. She really has no qualms with Heavy or even Fem!Soldier (even if she finds them kind of annoying since they're so load a lot of the time).

She is, however, completely infatuated with male!Sniper, who she sees as a kindred spirit. They're both kind of reclusive, like doing things the "old fashioned" way, and have a huge aversion to wasting anything that the planet gives them, just to name a few.

She's really attractive, and quite young (well, at least compared to Sniper. She's in her late 20s at the most), so Sniper is pretty... flattered by the attention.

So, yeah. They also get along very well. In private. At least twice a week.

Male!Sniper thinks that she's actually pretty crazy - crazy for thinking that he's anything special, at least. But he enjoys having a girl who will listen to his stories of all his crazy antics without getting green in the face and could watch him refill his jars without batting an eye. He thinks he lucked out on a pretty sweet deal.

Fem!Sniper differs from her male counterpart in that she doesn't see it as "luck", she sees it as "destiny", and she tends to get CRAZY possessive of Sniper sometimes if she thinks something (or someone) is coming between her and her DESTINY.

Male!Sniper, for one, thinks it's just a fun romp, and is a kinky bastard, to boot. So he, personally wouldn't mind if someone else made a move on his woman - as long as he could be there to watch or join in.

Fem!Sniper's opinion on guns is "Do whatever's necessary to get the job done." She doesn't particularly like them, but it's strangely satisfying to blow out the brains of that American scum with one of their own infernal weapons. However, if it came to preference, she would use a slightly modified version of her Huntsman. As for melee, she uses a tomahawk.

Engineer, one of the biggest targets for her silent rage-fits just doesn't even know how to respond to her. He was raised a southern gentleman, so it's not in his nature to get up in arms with a lady. But he's not exactly happy about having the blame lopped on him for something his forefathers did way down the line and he had no part of. So he generally just tries to ignore her.

Soldier doesn't know what to think of her. She's the most American American out there, and yet, she hates everything about what makes America America! He tries to avoid her, too, if only to save himself many needless headaches.

Spy, being the dick he is, likes to intentionally press her buttons, but it's mostly to conceal the outrage that SNIPER, of all people, could get an attractive woman like that while HE has to deal with Girl!Scout stalking him everywhere.

Boy!Scout knows better than to talk with that psycho-chick, but that doesn't stop him from ogling her from afar. Fem!Pyro doesn't mind TOO much - as long as he's not blatant with it.

Male?Pyro and her get along pretty well. They both speak the least, and Fem!Sniper likes to have mutual silence every now and again. (You'd be surprised how much male!Sniper can talk about himself once he trusts you enough to stop grunting unintelligibly like an animal.) She's not exactly mute like Chell or Gordan Freeman, but she doesn't like wasting her time with meaningless words. She tends to be pretty vocal when "agreeing" with male!Sniper, though.

So that's all I have, then. See you guys later!
>> No. 1265
File 131095838365.png - (364.06KB , 640x349 , 1283556300200.png )

>> No. 1274
Wow! Thanks for such an enthusiastic response! I was worried that people wouldn't care because, like I said, no beautimous artz, but your kind words have encouraged me to continue. Thank you so much, friend!

Moving on, next up is Medic. Her counterpart is Soldier, but she's so similar in personality to him that she's basically a copy-pasted version of him.

Basically, Fem!Medic is as proud to be a woman as Male!Soldier is proud to be an American. But in a very bizarre way; she's not quite a "feminist", I don't think, because she accepts the "woman's place" in society. She thinks women shouldn't be on the front lines and should cook dinner and clean and so on and so forth. Which is a big reason why she's a Medic.

But she also seems to think that women are the heads of society as well. So yes, she'll cook dinner for you without a complaint, but SHE'S deciding what to make and you'd BETTER like it, or else she'll feed you dog food for the rest of the week.

So I guess you could say, in the scheme of things, she sees women as the generals of the war while men are the foot soldiers - and she acts like it, too. It's unknown whether she does this just because of her philosophy or because she recognizes that being Medic gives her an INSANE amount of power over her team mates, but during battles, she'll usually be seen screaming out orders to her comrades. At first, the men (and even the more bullheaded of the women) were insulted to have to take orders from her, but they soon found out that...

1) Disobeying direct orders is basically a "get out of healz, free" card, and
2) Her strategies aren't that bad to start with.

So they began playing along and listening to her and everything, much to her approval.

I see her as being a comically short, somewhat stocky redhead with massive bangs that cover her eyes (c wot i did thar?) and a missing tooth. I probably forgot to mention it, but she actually WAS in WWII, which is where she got her tooth knocked out. It's likely where she picked up a lot of her strategies and medical skills, too.

I mentioned that she's a redhead, right? Well, everyone knows that Heavy loves the redheads thanks to Poker Night, and Fem!Medic is no exception. He is totally smitten by that woman, but doesn't know how, or if, he should say so. So he just anonymously sends her flowers and gets Male!Medic's help to write sappy poetry to her (also anonymously).

However, Heavy is very sadly out of luck. Fem!Medic thinks that any guy that would resort to sending her sappy notes to her instead of talking face-to-face with her about his feelings is a sad excuse for a man. It's not even really known if she's INTO men; her and Fem!Soldier are kind of known to get pretty "agreeable" from time to time.

She IS bisexual, but prefers women, and if there was one man out of the entire team that she'd take a liking to, it would probably be Male!Soldier. Male!Soldier is kinda interested in her, too, but he's afraid that if he got in a relationship with her, it'd distract him from his duties on the battle field. Fem!Medic can totally respect that. So they just remain good friends.

Fem!Medic gets along with a surprising amount of people, considering she's not all that good-natured, but I suppose she's not all that bad-natured, either. The only one that can come to mind is Boy!Scout, whose mouth will often get him in a lot of trouble with Fem!Medic both on the battlefield and in the kitchen.

Femgie next.
>> No. 1284
I forgot to mention this, but I actually wasn't too sure about Fem!Medic's interaction with Male!Soldier at first. Actually, I'm still not.

When I originally thought her up, she was supposed to be a first cousin of Male!Soldier's, and was supposed to give him hell and out him about all of his embarrassing secrets - most of all being that, deep down, Soldier's ULTRA-MACHO PERSONA is him overcompensating for his... gender-identity problems.

Don't get me wrong. Soldier is proud of being a man, and fucking loves it. But his mom always wanted a girl, and would always tell him that she did, and that she had been expecting a girl, and that she wanted a girl MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD GOOOD.

Soldier loves his mom like any self-respecting, red-blooded American should. But it hurt him that he couldn't give her the one thing she wanted most. Yeah, he supposed he could get a sex change, but he didn't really WANT to. He LIKED being a man, and even if he WAS willing to part with his Lil' Jane, he failed to see how that would help matters. His mom wanted a GIRL, not a man with a botched sex-change op. That'd just bring embarrassment upon the both of them, and wouldn't help things. This was something that made Soldier's childhood pretty difficult - not helped any by the fact that his brain wasn't all that mentally stable in the first place.

I won't go into detail, since this is a thread about the FEM classes, not about Soldier's childhood and what have you. But the Fem!Medic was supposed to be really condescending towards him and making fun of him, as all close family relatives do, but without knowing how much she legitimately hurt him sometimes. Especially when she outed him as never having actually fought in the war when she HAD. If she weren't family, Soldier probably would have killed her on the spot.

Needless to say, they would not have gotten along very well.

She was also supposed to be a little more bitchy and seen as more of a nuisance among the team. Maybe her and my other Fem!Medic can be, like, friends or some crap and got into the war together because they both had very similar views. IDK.

So that's that, then.
>> No. 1317
Femgineer is one of the ones I came up with last in my head, but I like her already.

For a while, all I really knew was that I wanted her to be Medic's counterpart - ie. Germanz and all that jazz. At first, she was just going to be a tiny girl who's shy and softspoken and young and not really aggressive at all. But then I was like, "Wait, NO. That's like a carbon-copy of Malegineer, only without the manly and half of the things that makes him an interesting character. Namely the fact that he's a Southern Gentleman, but he will STILL kick your ass if you cross him. What would a girl like that be DOING on the battlefield?"

And, no, I wasn't going to make her SECRETLY PSYCHO IF YOU MAEKZ HER MAD LOOOL" because, c'mon. Been done to death. And it's not even that hardcore in the first place.

So I decided to make her an older woman - maybe in her mid to late 40s. She is on the team as the "leading expert in German engineering" or something. So, yes, she is a very, very smart woman, but she is also a neurotic cesspool of paranoia and general unease.

She was born in Germany and raised during the Holocaust, only she and her family were amongst the people on the run because of her Jewish heritage. So, needless to say, she doesn't like Medic very much, even though he REALLY DOES TRY to be nice to her. Or he did at first. Now he just finds her annoying.

She's a little bit taller than Engineer (to add insult to injury), slightly lankier, has a Jewfro, and freckles. She's a very nervous, paranoid person, and is always thinking someone is out to get her and is sometimes pretty bitchy to / suspicious of her own teammates.

Not all of this was due to her experiences in the Holocaust - she probably had a bit of schizophrenia to start with, but the Holocaust certainly didn't help. When she's not being paranoid and stuff to her teammates, she's acting extremely snooty and higher-than-thou.

She actually doesn't really mean it - she's kind of afraid of being alone most of the time and just wants friends, but she is TERRIBLE with socializing with people, so she really doesn't know how to ask properly. So she just goes back to her default for interacting with other human beings - which is basically just being hypercritical of EVERYTHING EVER.

No one really knows about her troubles with socialization, and even the kinder members on her team have taken to trying to avoid her just to save their own sanity. This leads to her being a very sad and lonely person even though she only wants FRIENDZ.

I mentioned something before about her saying she doesn't trust people of color, which royally pissed Fem!Pyro off. She didn't really mean it badly - she had hardly been exposed to any other races other than her own, considering the place and era that she lived in, and she wasn't sure all the things she'd heard about this mysterious other-race was true or not. Also, she's just a naturally paranoid person, so any time she's met with ANYTHING different she doesn't trust it. So I guess you could chalk it up as being more a matter of ignorance than blatant racism, though Pyro couldn't give two shits.

I should stop writing these when high off of a lack of sleep.
>> No. 1367
Femoman is my second-to-last fem character imagined. She and FemHoovy (the last one thought up) will be in countries not exactly in the cannon, but closely related to it. Also, they will basically just be swaps of each other.

So, Femoman is Heavy's counterpart in that she's a strong communist, but instead of being Russian, she's Mongolian. Well, half-Mongolian, I guess you could say. Her mother was Russian, but her father was Mongolian.

So she's got eyes a little wider than usual, a fair amount of pudge to keep the cold at bay, and dark hair tied up in a bun so that it won't get in her face during battle.

When I say she's got pudge, I mean that she mostly looks like someone who hasn't lost all of their baby-fat yet. (Not too unusual, considering she's only in her mid-20s, is short, and eats a lot.) She's got round cheeks and curves for miles, but no huge... rolls, yanno?

Unlike Fem!Pyro, she couldn't give two shits about anyone CALLING her fat, though. She's not a very vain person, doesn't wear make-up, and puts hardly any effort, if any, into making herself look presentable. On the battle field, that's expected - who's going to bother with eye-liner or foundation if it's just going to melt into some horrible, horrible abomination, anyway? - but outside of battle, even FemSolly likes a little bit of preening. The only ones who don't wear any makeup at ALL are the typical social outcasts like GirlScout, FemmeSnipes, and Femgineer.

However, despite her nonconformist ways, she's still got a pretty vibrant social life. She has few enemies, and is thought of as "pretty chill" among the team. She's also the only femclass (other than FemSolly) that fits in as "one of the guys" due to her "I-don't-give-a-shit" attitude.

Why is she like that? Well, some people just don't give a shit. She didn't really have a tragic past-life. I mean, yeah, it wasn't ideal, and she WAS raised in a communist community, but so was Heavy, and look at him! HE doesn't seem weepy or "scarred forever" or anything. So, yeah.

Not to say her attitude doesn't cause problems or anything. Sometimes her comments can be harsh and blunt and just plain mean, which keeps her from making any CLOSE friends. The only time she really comes out of her dull, apathetic state is when she's on the battlefield.

Her weapons are a little different than Demoman's in that she acts a lot like the Demoman from TFC. She tends to throw modified Chinese Firecrackers at her opponents like he used to do with the sticks of dynamite. It's less predictable and reliable than, say, stickies, but it's all that much more rewarding, and the colors are a nice touch, too.

Drinking, however, makes her attitude a lot worse. She's kind of an angry drunk, and considering how much she likes vodka and sake, it's gotten to be a little bit of a problem. Demoman learned his lesson the FIRST time he went drinking with her.

Speaking of her and Demoman, they've agreed on the odd occasion, but her cutting, careless remarks, once again, have made it hard for Demoman to get much else going. He does, however, greatly admire her take on the sacred art of blowing shit up.

Femhoovy. Savin' the (best?) for last.
>> No. 1406
Fork over FemHoovy at this time.
>> No. 1410

Before I forget, Fem!Medic is one of the few (possibly the only!) fem class(es) that wears a skirt. BECAUSE SHE'S A WOMAN, DAMN IT. Also, Fem!Pyro might or might not have this cute little outfit I found: http://tf2chan.net/projects/src/128961531229.png It's cute and feminine, but charming and... less... slutty. (There - I said it.)

Alrighty, then. So, Fem!Heavy. Not Scottish, not Irish, not Welsh - not Gaelic at all! But she IS from a territory belonging to the UK.

Welcome to the Pitcairn Islands ( Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pitcairn_Islands ) - Fem!Heavy's hometown. She looks like your typical Pacific Islander (think someone from Hawaii) and is very tall and stout. She's pretty chunky, but a good bit of it is muscle. She's kind of an elderly woman - at least in her late 30s and has a... friendly, motherly sort of demeanor for the most part.

No one really knows much about her except...
1) She is damn good with a gun.
2) She never seems to stop smiling.
3) She had a son. Keyword being "had".

It's unknown really what happened to her son, what his name was, or even how old he was, but whatever happened seemed to really put FemHeavy off the edge. There's a rumor going around the base that she was serving a life sentence in prison for killing, like, half a dozen people before The Announcer pulled her into the war. If asked about any of this, FemHoovy will simply smile and shake her head, as if it's not the time.

She's a very confusing mixture of maternal joy, and unimaginable grief, and no one has really gotten to know what she's truly like, the main focus is to NOT know. Even on the battlefield, she's extremely polite to her enemies, saying things like "Excuse me, deary!" in a soft voice to those she guns down.

She seems really fond of Boy!Scout, seeming to take it upon herself to look after him. He finds it embarrassing, but doesn't really mind all THAT much - after all, it's the closest thing he's got to the comforts of home. He IS a little creeped out, however, that FemHeavy seems to deny the existence of his REAL mom. (i.e., "Aw, man, my ma used to LOVE those things!" "No I didn't. I've never tried them before." "......") He doesn't really say anything, partially out of fear, and partially because he doesn't want to lose his "second" ma.

The Medics love FemHeavy to death, since she is always very sweet and caring to them, and is perfectly willing to let them lead HER and not the other way around. She also is willing to give Fem!Medic a much needed break when it comes to household chores.

She gets especially pissed when a Spy from the other side harms a Medic she is protecting, and will make it a point to teach him a lesson if he crosses her. For this reason, her team's Spy does NOT fuck with her.
>> No. 1493
So I thought I'd add some minor things here and there. She doesn't drink often, but when she does, she's a sobby drunk, and often varying very wildly from being a recluse to being very clingy to the nearest person. No one likes her when she's like this. Especially Femoman. Especially when Femoman is drunk, too. (which she usually is.) Her melee weapon is a shark-toothed club. ( http://www.mythichawaii.com/weapons.htm yeah, I know it's Hawaiian - shut up. )

Femoman greatly resembles KGB's amazing Special Ops OC ( http://tf2chan.net/rpg/res/67.html and shut up - I can fangirl if I wanna ), only... yanno... Asian. I think that's actually where I got her attitude from. Which she's not as fucking ball-shrinkingly strong as Special Ops is, she could probably (I think) take her in a fight. Femoman has been fighting practically her entire life, and definitely isn't afraid to play dirty. Ger melee weapon is... Iunno - the Mongol Sabre. ( http://ryanwolfe.weebly.com/weapons.html )

Decided that Femgie has a crush on Male!Sniper for God-Knows-Why, but can't casually talk to another person to save her life. I'm thinking most conversations go like this:
"Hey, sheila. Nice weather, innit?"
"Fine, how are you?"
"... Uh--"
Needless to say, she and Femsnipes do not get along. She thinks very lowly of FemSnipes and considers her barely a step above a prostitute (even though Femsnipes basically wears the same outfit as MaleSnipes and doesn't doll herself up).
Femsnipes doesn't think much of Femgie. She just KNOWS that if that European bitch touches her man, fingers are getting loped off.
Femgie carries around a caliber wrench (think the Southern Hospitality). Since she's obviously not as strong as Engineer and a lot lankier, she's excelled at making sleeker models of sentries and dispensers. They're just as powerful and take less metal, but have less health, and take slightly longer to build. Blah blah blah, game mechanics.

There will, indeed, be two FemMedics, and Solly's cousin will have ashy grey hair just like his manly stubble of awesome.

I got nothin' for Snipes right now.

So, Fem?Spy will be kind of a magic nerd. She(?) will constantly be seen doing card tricks and simple acts of deception for anyone who cares enough to humor her. About half of the time, these tricks fail. However, most are pretty certain that it makes the tricks fail purposely (even if they never say so), because sometimes Fem?Spy can do some REALLY FUCKING CREEPY THINGS. Including, but not limited to, possible mind reading, levitation, telekinesis, and bringing inanimate objects to life with freaky fucking voodoo magic or some shit.
Of course, these rumors are mostly spread by the more "imaginative" of the members (Boy!Scout, both Demomen, and Male!Soldier), but Male!Spy figures he can't keep a close enough eye on that... THING.

Euuughhh, late. More extra info later, u gaiz. Loves.
>> No. 1533
Gonna be a douche and bump my own thread. Any opinions thus far? I really want to hear feedback on these babies. (Plus, I can't think of anything to add for any of the other fems. Dorp.)
>> No. 1544
This is amazing. I wish so fucking hard that these existed. I want so badly to draw them, and I would buy a scanner JUST so that I can post the pictures online.
>> No. 1572

Thank you so much for your comment! I'd love to see your takes on my Femcharacters! Specially since I'm not talented enough to do it on my own!

On another note, here's something on for FemScout I just thought up. I think it'd be hilarious if she constantly was trying to woo Spy. As in rose petals leading up to the bed, candles, dinner, and all woo.

She also is interested to seeing him with his mask off, always insisting, "'ow are we supposed to get married when you won't even show me your face?!"
To which the obvious response would be, "BITCH - I NEVER WANTED TO GET MARRIED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!"
To which she'd respond, "HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO RULE WITHOUT A QUEEN?!"

At the end, Spy never wins - at the very most he might just leave feeling sliiightly less dirty.
>> No. 1630
your OCs make me feel like less of nerd for creating my OCs. especially since they're so good.

i like how you also wrote how they would interact with the original TF2 team, too.
>> No. 1671

Thank you so much for liking my concepts! Don't be ashamed of your OCs if they've been lovingly created and are actually original instead of the thousands of Sparkle Sues!

Okay. One more thing on GirlScout. A little Scotty told me that Scotland and France were actually good allies for some time, joined together by their mutual hatred of Britain. So her disliking Demoman actually doesn't make much sense.

I was going to change it so that her opinion of him is more historically accurate. And then I thought, "Wait a second... This girl is already fucking nuts - why does she have to know her history for real? Even though I'm assuming this is actually general knowledge for the average baguette?"

Thus, her opinion of Demo and Scotland hasn't changed in any way, though Demo's reaction to her kind of has. He's still a little pissed, don't get me wrong, but he's convinced the girl is so far off her rocker, he can't really hold it against her for long.

Male!Sniper, however, has very little patience, and has no qualms with taking a knife to a teenaged girl, so they squabble a lot.
>> No. 1698
Man, I don't even know. Like, I've come up with female OC's and now I have to go back and re-examine them because of you. Like, I want them to be original like yours, with some realistic flaws without making them too over the top or too "Super Sue to the Rescue! Yay!" Why must people and their ability to write interesting characters make me burn my notebooks. I hate you so much, by which I mean I am super jealous and just wish I could be you. Gonna go get a voodoo priest to steal your talent so I can have it now.

Seriously, though, I wanna see your stories and the adventures of your femClasses. If nothing else, they'll probably be more readable than 98% of the other female OC stories I've seen in any fandom.
>> No. 1811
Aw, now you're just too friggen sweet. c:

So, I spent some more time thinking over my fem classes, and realized that I never finished some details on them. So, here it goes.

Fem!Pyro is BoyScout's girlfriend. FemHoovy is sort of his adoptive mom on the battlefield. So this would obviously lead to a bit of conflict concerning the two.

FemHoovy personally feels that BoyScout is too young for Fem!Pyro and thinks she should stay away from him. She never voices these thoughts to Scout, because she is really hesitant to do anything to upset him, for fear of getting on his bad side, but when Scout isn't around.... Things get "tense".

Fem!Pyro thinks Scout is old enough to decide for himself if she's too old or not (she's only, 26, but depending on your headcannon for Scout's age, that might be a pretty large gap. Even so, judging by that Christmas comic, Scout seems to have a "Thing" for older women, anyway!), and doesn't appreciate some random cow who somehow takes it upon herself to be Scout's second mom to tell her what she can and can't do with her own goddamn boyfriend.

I haven't decided what Fem!Pyro's weapon will be yet. For now, let's just default back to the Fire Axe, because balls.

GirlScout's weapon, however, has been decided. I went with a Croquet Mallet with a spike going through the head and barbed wire wrapped around it. If that sounds like a bastardization of the Axtingquisher and the Boston Basher, it's because it totally is. ORIGINAL WEPON DO NOT STEEL

And now we're back to where it all began! FemSoldier. I think everything that could be said about her already has been. So I'll get straight to her melee weapon - BEAR HANDZ

She's a fucking AUSTRAILIAN, you guys - why the hell would she have to resort to using a shovel when her own knucles of PAIN and MAN can do the job for her? Also, I was veery hesitant to give her chest hair shaped like Austrailia. The obvious solution? HER PUBIC MOUND. You're welcome for that lovely mental image.

Guys, I gotta say, this was the most fun I've had making fancharacters EVER. In fact, it was SO much fun that I'm considering making a batch of fems for the other team, too.

"Other team"?

Yes. I was trying to avoid being confined to one team on purpose so that I could have more freedom. That's why it was never mentioned. But I have decided that these Femcharacters belong to the BLU team and if I make any more, they will be on RED. I've already got a few ideas simmering, so sit tight!
>> No. 1929
Spent some more time reflecting on these old babies. Here's a small tidbit I'd like to add about Femedic (the Redhaired one). I told you that Heavy is totes crushing on her and crap because of her hair, but to make it a little more connected to Poker Night, I've decided to have it be RED Heavy who's crushing on her - not her own teammate BLU Heavy. Ah, crossfaction.

I'm not sure what BLU Heavy thinks of her. Maybe he thinks of her as credit to team like any other Medic, and is mostly uninterested. I'll think about it some more.

Some RED Fems coming up soon, hopefully. They'll be totally different from their BLU counterparts, not just palette swaps, so it'll take some time, methinks.

Also, if someone is interested in RPing with my fems, be sore to shoot me an email! Toodles
>> No. 2196
Hi, it's been forever. I can't remember half the shit I had planned for BLU's fems since this was made more than 4 years ago, BUUUUT I've decided.

Grey-haired Fem!Medic will be on the opposing (RED) team. Jane Doe is of course BLU Solly (is that still a thing? Did they ever explain the differences between the teams?)

So yeah. Both medics are very similar and even might hang out off the battlefield, but belong to different teams and keep the spirit of crossfaction strong.
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