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File 129037276020.png - (13.94KB , 100x100 , 17991894.png )
124 No. 124
- Heavy
- Medic
- Pyro
- Sniper

- Engineer
- Scout
- Sniper

- Any of the non-taken classes.
- The Administrator.
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>> No. 163
RED Pyro dropped and BLU Sniper is idling out, so. Cast is shrinking.
>> No. 260
We also still have a BLU Medic, guise. :|
>> No. 262
That isn't very active. Neither of the Medics are. They may as well not be there with how inactive they are. BLU Sniper hasn't been in for months, either.
>> No. 264
Just found out the BLU Sniper dropped without even making their first post.

- Heavy
- Medic
- Sniper

- Engineer
- Scout
- Medic

- Any of the non-taken classes.
- The Administrator.

I'm sort of toying with the idea of apping BLU Spy in January, if not in Mayfield, then certainly somewhere else...
>> No. 265
RED Medic's on hiatus.
>> No. 274
File 129236987640.jpg - (141.16KB , 800x609 , QU07rp.jpg )
How can I get in on some of this Saxton Hale action, here? I'm good for an RP.
>> No. 275


We've just switched to monthly application cycles, but I think they're still taking apps until December 20.
>> No. 387
- BLU Spy

- BLU Medic

..and that's all I'm going to say about that.
>> No. 389
I can give the BLU scout a shot if nobody else will. I'll look into it more in the morning.
>> No. 390
They've got a BLU Scout already, no RED, though.
>> No. 410
- Sniper

- Scout
- Spy

- The Administrator.
- Any of the non-taken classes.
- Oh, hell, everyone else, too (Miss Pauling, Scout's Mom, Demoman's Mom, the Sniper's parents, take your pick). Mayfield is a lot more flexible when it comes to headcanon.
>> No. 417

I have a BLU Soldier that could use a home and was considering apping for Mayfield. Gotta catch up on all the crazy happenings and whatnot going on first, though...
>> No. 429

There's an in-universe "welcome letter" that the newbies get, and Yuki's mun has collected all of the mod-run Mayfield events on her journal. That should cover the gist.

Roster update:
- RED Medic has joined the party!
>> No. 430
Er, it might help to actually dig up the links so you won't have to.

Welcome letter:

Yuki's stuff:
* http://bogusmagicker.livejournal.com/9360.html
* http://bogusmagicker.livejournal.com/11487.html

Official mod-run events:
* http://community.livejournal.com/mayfield_rpg/tag/event

Town Roster:
* http://community.livejournal.com/ourlittletown/
>> No. 889
Roster Update:
RED Medic has dropped.
>> No. 948
Roster Update (again):
- RED Spy joined
>> No. 1181
Umm, if the spot for BLU Scout is still open, would I be able to take it? *ohgoshstupidquestion*
>> No. 1197
Well, the BLU Scout is actually taken and has been for a while, but the RED Scout's spot is open. BLU Pyro has been taken recently, though.
>> No. 1199
Roster update:
BLU Pyro joined
>> No. 1286
Roster update: BLU Medic joined, but I failed to notice because of derp.
>> No. 1439
I'm slightly confused about the posting system in this RP and I can't seem to find a FAQ for it. From what I've seen, each character has to have his/her's own life journal and post in it. Is that all?

I'm really keen on joining this RP. It seems interesting enough, definitely a different sort of RP then what I'm used to.
>> No. 1454
Most of the main action takes place in the characters' individual journals, yeah, but there's also a log community for larger group interactions.

FAQs - http://mayfield-rpg.Bitchapalooza.com/1563.html
>> No. 1455
Oh, and RED Pyro joined.
>> No. 1466
After checking out a few more other journals and etc, I have to ask whether this is the correct conclusion:

The Mayfield mods will post an event. Everyone is welcome to comment on their main page. At the same time, everyone else has to post something new on their own page as well, letting others know what their character is doing. The lifejournal post for each character isn't on a daily basis, but when there is a major plot event, everyone has to post. Is this correct?

And apparently, applications are only open in early September. I'll just have to wait it out I guess. I'm thinking of going for Ms.Pauling, Makani's Meet the Director comic made her so much more than the Administrator's floor mat.
>> No. 1468

No, events are not mandatory, but obviously encouraged, as participating in events is what gets you your stuff/powers back. You are, however, required to either make a post of at least seven sentences long or be in a comment chain at least four comments long each month, or your character fails activity check and idles out.

Yeah, applications are generally open at the beginning of each month.
>> No. 1475
I've placed a reserve for Ms Pauling, can't wait for 3rd September!!

Is there anything that I should know about in the RP? I've read up on jobs, the plot so far, character plots, housing, etc.
>> No. 1478

That's already more than I knew going in! You should probably also start posting in either Dear Mun or Testrun Box so you have samples to show in your app.
>> No. 1482

I've basically never RPed in Lifejournal before, so I've got to ask:

1) I noticed that people tend to write things like multiple actions. Are these "prompts"? Are prompts events that happen to the character that whole day one after another? What happens if, let's say, I have Ms Pauling at the park as a prompt. Someone posts that they have a convo, and the both of them decide to go somewhere else to continue the convo. But then before I get to this with the first person, some other person posts a new dialogue with her. How does the timeline work then in this scenario? Do I assume that the first person's conversation and Ms Pauling's subsequent decision to follow this person somewhere else happens at the end? Or is there no continuity involved here?

2) What is CR? It seems to be something mentioned a lot that people want.

3) Do I need to change my userpic for my character with every new post?

4) What should I tag with each post? I know I should tag mayfield and Miss Pauling, but should I tag anything else?

5) I was wondering whether I could live in the same house with the RED Sniper? It'd be a real treat for me, seeing as dotchan's a really great RED Sniper. Plus, headcanon has Miss Pauling as a gun-fanatic (collector and semi-decent user), seeing as she reads gun catalogs. Seems to me she wouldn't be afraid of the mercenaries at all.

Lastly, should I keep posting my questions here? Or should I just email them directly to you dotchan? Just worried that I'm spamming the thread too much.
>> No. 1485
> 1) "Prompts" and continuity

In Mayfield, people like to give other players multiple opportunities to meet each other, so they'll set up various scenarios so that other characters would be likelier to run into them. (Some of our characters are social butterflies and will say hello to anyone they run into on the street, others tend to keep to certain areas and.)

Continuity tends to be dilated, comic-book-time style, happening in "handwavey now-ish" whenever you post unless you're specifically back-dating or forward-dating for event purposes. You totally can have multiple conversations at the same time even if you got invited to a soda with Character A while she's feeding the ducks with Character B.

> 2) What is CR? It seems to be something mentioned a lot that people want.

"Character relationships".

> 3) Do I need to change my userpic for my character with every new post?

Not at all. I started LJ-RPing all the way back when they only had three icons for free accounts, so I often forget to use the full set of 15. Then, when the need for more icon space arose, I just abused LJ's "gallery" function.

> 4) What should I tag with each post? I know I should tag mayfield and Miss Pauling, but should I tag anything else?

That's up to you. Some people like to be super organized based on characters they've interacted with while other people like adding silly tags.

> 5) Housing

That'd be awesome! The Sniper could use some non-drone housemates, and having Miss Pauling as his Mayfield wife could lead to all kinds of hilarity.

Lastly, should I keep posting my questions here? Or should I just email them directly to you dotchan? Just worried that I'm spamming the thread too much. Just shoot me a PM when you're ready to apply so I can give permission.

Feel free to ask other questions in this thread unless they pertain to your application in specific.
>> No. 1502
I've been thinking of rping a tf2 character somewhere, so this has piqued my interest.

I'm not entirely new to LJ rp, but still, Mayfield seems to be pretty massive and intimidating, haha.
>> No. 1513

Sure, Mayfield is a pretty big game, but compared to another big game I've been in (Amat/that sex island game), it moves pretty slowly. I mean, in Amat if you were gone for like a week you'd miss a lot of shit, but in Mayfield if you miss a week, good chances are not much has happened. A month might hurt, but a month might hurt in any game, really.

Besides, it's not like you have to talk to/keep up with EVERY SINGLE PLAYER or whatever.
>> No. 1542
Seeing as the date for applications draw nearer and nearer, I have a few more questions about Mayfield RPing.

How does time go like in Mayfield, as compared to the TF2 universe? I'd like to know how long the TF2 characters in Mayfield have been there, and how long that would equate to back in the TF2 universe.

Would I still get to participate in the Summer event? I read that you can get regains by participating in events.

Most of the background story for Ms Pauling that I'll be using in Mayfield is chiefly headcanon. That won't be a problem with you guys, right?

Checking down the days in my calendar!
>> No. 1545
Time in Mayfield flows differently. Either very little or no time passes in the "real world". So even though BLU Scout, our current longest stayed class, has been there for something like three years, should he ever return to TF2land it'll be like he never left.

Headcanon is fine--hell, for TF2 characters, it's practically necessary, but for the mods I suggest you state what's actual canon and what you made up for purposes of RP. (Because Miss Pauling is a very minor character, I don't know how the Mods would rule on an app, but definitely at least do the number of paragraphs they ask for.)
>> No. 1546
As far as events go, try asking the Mods? Generally, new players can participate in events as soon as they join, but IDK if there'll be any unattached people left for this particular one.
>> No. 1604
Roster Update:
- RED Scout joined
- Miss Pauling joined.

There was also a BLU Sniper in the apps, but his is still pending. Watch this thread for further news.
>> No. 1627
BLU Sniper approved, just in time for the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

>> No. 1637
I was thinking of applying for another character. Maybe an Engineer? What do you guys think?
>> No. 1677
yesssss!! engineer forever.

i wish i had more time because i'd app blu heavy :(
>> No. 1692
RED Engineer has joined the party! Woohoo!
>> No. 1720
BLU Pyro
RED Pyro
>> No. 1756
BLU Heavy got accepted.
>> No. 1815
Because Update 88 has Ruined Livejournal Forever (again), Mayfield's picking up ship and going over to Dreamwidth.

I'll fill you guys in on the roster once the dust has settled.
>> No. 1819
Mayfield's moved to Dreamwidth and gone to a community-based mod. Individual posts can be read at http://mayfield-rpg.dreamwidth.org with logs at http://mayfield-logs.dreamwidth.org

The dust has settled and the roster now looks like this...

- Engineer
- Sniper

- Scout
- Heavy
- Spy

Everybody else has dropped.
>> No. 1820

>BLU spy is open

Hnnnng, considering.....
>> No. 1845

Uh, no, that's the roster of taken characters.
>> No. 1875
BLU Medic dropped.
>> No. 1876
...and I think I made a mistake on my last list, because I've never seen BLU Heavy made a post on the new community, either.

So, anyway, the current roster of ACTIVE characters:
- RED Sniper
- RED Engineer
- BLU Scout
- BLU Spy
>> No. 1881
...and I've dropped out of Mayfield altogether, meaning that A) RED Sniper and BLU Spy are free to be apped, and B) somebody else will have to keep track of what's going on there because I don't really feel like posting about a community where I'm not participating in.
>> No. 1922

Aww, I liked following your RED Sniper... Do you think you'll be taking one or both of your characters up again in the foreseeable future, whether it's Mayfield or elsewhere?
>> No. 1924

Aww, thanks! I liked playing Sniper, too, it was fun throwing him into situations where his skillset was bloody useless.

I hope I'm not out of RP forever, but my current job is a major drain on my mental energy. I can, theoretically, take up playing again somewhere if the pace is slow enough and I can figure out how not to kill myself with pretendy fun times, but don't bet on it. The way I roleplay is rather similar to Method Acting, wherein I often end up feeling the way my characters do, and I've literally made myself ill because I was taking on too much emotional drama.
>> No. 1925
RED Scout and BLU Scout are now the only TF2 characters in Mayfield, as RED Engie has dropped.

Sorry to hear life's kicking your ass. Hang in there!

And I understand where you're coming from on how you get into character... would you mind at all if I got in touch with you on DW some time?
>> No. 1927

Sure, just let me know that you're the anon from TF2Chan so I don't think you're some weird spamming stalker.
>> No. 1932
File 133980962716.png - (258.54KB , 600x800 , vampire_medic_doodle_vol__ii_by_tupuchan-d3gk96i.png )
I'll be Blue Team Medic. :x
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