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File 131325519553.png - (488.77KB , 800x434 , TF2 intro.png )
1422 No. 1422
This is a Skype based role-play of Team Fortress 2. Using three chat groups that your characters can use interchangeably, your character can travel between their base, the current battlefield, and the enemy base. To keep things active and moving, we ask that you try to sign on at least once every other day and give your team (and us admins) an update as to what your character might be up to. For a similar reasons, posts in the chat are suggested to be around a paragraph. They are not, however, allowed to be less than a few sentences. We stand strong by the idea that quality is better than quantity.

I am sorry, but this RP is restricted to only RED and BLU versions of any TF2 class type. No original characters allowed and you are asked to stay in character when role-playing, no OOC characterization unless on the OOC chat.

This forum is used strictly for any OOC RPing such as OOC versions of characters you create.

Unique to This Role-play:
1 ) We ask that when in a RP chat, that you follow a posting order based on whomever is online, in that chat, at that time. This will allow people to post without fear that someone will interrupt them and force them to change their post.
2 ) Say Mr. BLUspy wants to visit Mr.REDsniper after meeting them in battle. Mr.BLUspy MUST post in the battlefield that they are going to the RED base. They must also sneak into said base to meet up. This means, anyone that happens to be there, can possibly see you. This does, however, also mean that you shouldn’t be a douchebag and ALWAYS hear when someone is sneaking around.

R U L E S:
1 ) No powerplaying. Your character is not capable of doing everything and no worries... if you die, you respawn.
2 ) No godmoding. You cannot take control of another person's character unless consent is clearly given.
3 ) No metagaming. Your character does not know everything. They cannot know something they weren't present to hear about.
4 ) No drama.
5 ) Be mature.
6 ) Don't take things seriously.
7 ) You cannot change teams once you have picked one.
8 ) Battles don't start unless there are two players on each team available. You can be in the battlefield though when no battle is going on.
9 ) Battlefields can only be chosen through map votes which will occur every Sunday. If you want a specific battlefield, send your vote in.
10 ) Attributes on items in the game, apply in this RP. For example, if the item takes health, then you are easier to kill.
11 ) At the beginning of any battle, post what items you are wearing. This could me just an OOC list of items.
12 ) No switching items during battle.
13 ) Use common sense.
14 ) Don't force your pairing on anyone. Every RPer can choose the preference or lack of one for their character.
15 ) You can't wear more than one hat. >: | YOU JUST CAN'T.

A P P L I C A T I O N:
1 ) Skype Name:
2 ) Character You're Applying For:
3 ) Character Description: (you can make minor physical tweeks to the character to make them unique to you.)
4 ) Character Bio: (tell us a little but about your character.)
5 ) Sample Post: (how would you post as this character?)

Adims Are red soldier and the blue sniper, therefore in blue team no one can be Sniper. For the red team no one can be Soldier

Email character sign ups at xgiles@gmail.com
>> No. 1423
So yeah, About the part this is the OOC thread I lied. We will have an OOC message group on skype.
>> No. 1441
:O joining~
>> No. 1999
ey this sounds wicked cool, is this still alive and is there anyone in it?
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