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File 131402445446.png - (473.30KB , 700x488 , carrrrrk.png )
1500 No. 1500
Fich. Must I remind you all not to TOUCH the corkboard? After we all posted baby pictures of Scout's squidbaby, the weight was simply too much for it to handle.
BLU team, can you come pick up your squished Scout, bitte? Danke.
Well, I suppose all good things must come to an end, and thereby a new beginning. Try not to overload this board with baby photos (however ADORABLE they may be), or bodily fluids (really. This should not be so hard a direction to follow). We are running out of corkboards fast, and, since HQ is no longer watching us, it is unlikely we will get new ones anytime soon.
That said, post away!

[a baby photo of RED Scout's squidbaby is attached]
Okay, one more for good measure. I cannot resist! He is just so CUTE!
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>> No. 1509
So how do I start this thing off, exactly? Fuck it.

{A picture of RED's baby is attached}

Don't yell at me, I haven't posted a picture yet!
>> No. 1514
[ A picture of RED'S squibaby peeking out of an oversized Pyro glove is attached ]

Just look at that little precious~
>> No. 1520
I gotta say, I didn't think it could be as cute as you guys were saying... I was waaaaay wrong, That thing is the cutest thing I've ever seen!
>> No. 1521
As much as I appreciate the baby pictures... We have a small situation...

Baby's gone!

He must of slipped out of mah van while I was napping. Nipper's very curious. Can someone help me find him before he gets into trouble? He might be lookin' fer "Mommy".
>> No. 1522

The tenta-spook said somethin' about a powerful sense of smell, why don't we get RED Scout's clothes and lure him in?
>> No. 1523
Or we could grab some sardines or something. The kid likes fishy stuff, right?

Im looking around as we speak, though.
>> No. 1524
You stay away from my clothes, man. I don't want nothin' to do with that fucking creepy thing, okay? Not a damn thing!
>> No. 1525

That could work as well


Dude, we're trying to lure your kid in. Plus, I know yer with SLVR Sniper and he would kill me if I did anythin' gross.

Why the fuck would I want to sniff yer clothes?
>> No. 1526

... Yanno I kinda liked it better when you were a chick. Cuz at least you gave a damn about anything.
>> No. 1527
Bitte, do not blame the Scout. He is suffering from a condition known as post-partum depression. Mothers will often feel despondent, and exhausted, and many times will feel absolutely nothing for their children. I have been treating this as best I can, but it will take time for Scout to actually care for his little one.
>> No. 1534

Hey, RED likes baseball, doesn't he? What Scout doesn't? Why don't I gather all the scouts and whoever wants to play and we have one big inter-team game? That should cheer him up.
>> No. 1535
Yeah, okay, whatever. I'll play, but no talkin' 'bout that dumb little parasite awright? I still don't like that thing.
>> No. 1536

Great! I'll go and round everyone up! Meet you in the back field by 4!
>> No. 1540

Not interested, I have a second job to work on while SLVR and GLD's bases are getting rebuilt plus... I don't want to be near Mr. "oh how wonderful havin' a kid is!" to Mr. "fuckgetitaway!" A-hole.

How can ya be just... cold man. Yer like... darn I don't even know where to start! At least my team's Snipes is going a cool job bein' Daddy and all even if we lost the kid once and found him sleeping in a nest of underwear and socks inside RED Soldier's dresser drawers.
>> No. 1543
You know what? Shut it, pal. You don't know a damn thing. That thing was squirming around inside me, making me sick every damn day it was in there, and then the fucker decides to rip its way out my gut, and practically kill me.
I mean, when it was inside me, I had all these hormoney things going on that made me feel all happy and lovey-dovey and shit, but now they're gone, and I feel way worse than I ever thought a person could feel. I'm sick all the time, I'm always tired. Some days it feels like I wanna die because of how bad I feel.
And the LAST thing I want to deal with is the thing that made me feel this way!
>> No. 1547

Look, I've been tryin' to be understandin' and everythin', but you need to toughen the fuck up. Chicks have been havin' kids for hundreds millions thousands of years and do you see them whining about feelin' like shit. I don't care whether the kid had more legs than other kids and yer a guy, it could of been worse, for fuck's sake. How would you feel if you had lost him? At least you have heaps of people that will help you. Have a cup of concrete.
Look, I have experience with kids, if you need help, you only have to ask.
>> No. 1548
Fine, then you take him for like, an hour, or whatever. Snipes fuckin' left me here with it to go and check on his bar, and it's crying, and I'm crying, and I don't know what the fuck it wants!

Just....please. I need help. I'm fucking sick, and it feels like I'm gonna die, and like I wanna die, and nobody else seems to get it, or give a shit, and I just...

Take him. Please. Before I hurt it or something.
>> No. 1549

Scout, if you vant, come see me in ze trailer zhat GLD is renting out to "stay in" until our bases are re built. I've taken up part time as a massage and mental therapist and I zhink a good full back, neck and shoulder massage vill help calm you down. It sounds like you have a great deal of stress on your shoulders and you have no idea vhat to do. So come down, I von't charge anyzhing and ve'll perform a two hour session, one hour of massages and one hour of mental therapy to help you relax and regain yourself.
>> No. 1550
Okay. But I ain't crazy. I just...been through a lotta shit. Don't make me crazy.

And don't try nothin' funny with that 'massage' thing, y'hear?
>> No. 1552

I never said you vere insane, you're just mentally overloaded after ze... pregnancy. All ve'll be doing is talking about how you feel and vhat might help ease you such as memory recollection, game stimuli for ze mind, and anyzhing else zhat vill aid in giving yourself a more relaxed, calmer look towards life and your self-esteem.

As for ze massages I'm only massaging muscles you vish for me to massage. You can count on me never 'squeezing ass' as some team members place it, zhat's private between me and SLVR Medic alone. Zhis is a professional session, not a fritzy moment!

Come by vhen you feel comfortable about it.
>> No. 1553
Okay, I talked to my doc, and he said this sounds legit, so I guess I'll be by around 8 or so. That cool?
And can someone babysit around then? Py? One of the Scouts? The father of this fucking thing, maybe, wherever the hell he may be?!
>> No. 1554
I can watch the kid for you, things have been getting way too quiet on my side and I really need something to do that isn't destructive.
>> No. 1555
Thanks, pal. Believe me, though, after five minutes with this kid, it'll become destructive.

I think he's teething. Watch out.
>> No. 1559
And there go my gloves...
And my boots...

I swear, Ive never seen anything chew through things like this kid can!
>> No. 1560
I told ya.

And doc, I gotta say, that session really helped. I mean, it's weird talking about feelings and junk, but I don't feel half as sick as I did yesterday, so I think it's helping. Same time tomorrow?
>> No. 1561

Ja, of course. You are velcomed over anytime you need some stress relief, but I vill varn you I am taking on civilian clients as vell so in case I'm booked up, I'll let you know ahead of time for a rescheduling.

Also, I recommend you get ze kinder some hard plastic teething toys to keep him occupied.
>> No. 1562
I did. He ate them like cheerios.

Engie's got him chewing on an old tire or somethin' right now. He seems to like it. Dunno how long it'll last, though.
>> No. 1564

What about an iron bar or somethin'? There should be plenty in the remains of GLD an' SLVR bases
>> No. 1566
Tried that too. 's not good chewin', really. He likes stuff that'll give eventually.

Took your advice and wandered over there with him, though. Found a couple of old singed easy chairs. Had the time of his life.
>> No. 1573
File 131554609033.jpg - (11.75KB , 200x200 , 41568_125993764104069_2896_n.jpg )
G'day mates, what's goin' on?
>> No. 1574

Uh... Um, why does the board smell like blood? And why the hell is your name Brutal Sniper?
>> No. 1575
Oh god. Oh god he's back.


...can somebody help me with this fucking diaper bag?
>> No. 1576

What the fuck? Why are we in a rush? Just because the board... Smells like... Blood. Doesn't mean that we have to run off and panic. Do you know that guy?

I'll help with the kid and the bag, if it's that bad
>> No. 1577
What? Looks like a normal old Sniper to me.
A creepy one, sure, b
[[the note cuts off abruptly]]
>> No. 1578

>> No. 1579


You touch one hair... ONE microscopic sheet of skin on RED Scout or my boy Nipper and I swear on whatever higher being works "upstairs" I will cut you up with your own damned Shiv so much and so small the morgue won't figure out what the hell ya are! You have no business bein' 'ere and causing trouble ya cannibal! If yer here on "friendly" terms then make yerself useful and kill off the bad tentaspy lurking in the sewers.

I'm the least violent of all the bases' snipers but when it's MAH family on the line.. you better not cross it.
>> No. 1580
I'm scared... Can you come get us, Snipes?
>> No. 1581

On my way, hop in mah van and we'll book it for the coast, consider it a vacation gift from me. I have people to watch over mah lounge and I have Doc to look after the rest of SLVR team.

Damn it, why can't we have nice things fer a change?
>> No. 1583

Hey, I dun wanna to spoil the mood, but can I hitch a ride? I have friends on the coast that can shelter me for a few days/weeks. I'll just need you to pick me up later.

So, this psycho is a cannibal? Doesn't that mean he {in smaller letters} eats people? You still haven't told me how the fuck you people know this guy.
>> No. 1584
Long story, man. He was RED, and then he...like...ate RED, I guess, and then they shipped him off somewhere, and, well...fuck. I guess he ate everyone there too, or something.

Okay, RED Medic's said he's comin' too. He was here last time with this dude, and he don't wanna go through it again. Plus, he's real good with the brat.
So we just gotta wait for GRN Py to respawn, and see if he's comin, I guess.

You're too good to me, Snipes.
>> No. 1585
I got curious and went to get a look at this guy, and he jumped me and he's way stronger than any sniper Ive ever seen and... well, to put it bluntly, he was EATING me ALIVE until I bled out.

>> No. 1586
My van can carry at least 20 people so I have some room to spare with two sets of bunk beds, the master suite queen size bed holds four at once and the couch tucks down into a bed plus floor space. Just don't play around with the stereo set. Taking in first come, first served, and to any one left behind, I hope ya can care for yerselves enough to get rid of this creep.
>> No. 1592
File 131575204269.jpg - (4.18KB , 204x204 , cbssad.jpg )
No worries, mates! Oi didn't mean ya any harm this toime around...GRN Pyro just startled me.

And SLVR Snoipah, oi won't hurt yer family, especially that cute little...baby? of yers.

Gahhhhh! Damn Gentlespoi tryin' to fix me up, it's fuckin' hell!

{flails in frustration and accidentally stabs the GRN Pyro again}

oh shit! {hyperventilates}
>> No. 1593
File 131575251894.gif - (49.68KB , 353x378 , stupidgentlespoi.gif )

Mon dieu, what eez going on 'ere? I zhought I'd find you skulking around ze base.

{pins Christian's arms behind his back}

Je suis désolé, mon amis...Zis eez partly my fault for letting 'im loose. I tried makeeng eet moi life mission to civilize zis murderous barbarian for ze sake of both teams.

{sighs heavily}

It seems I have my work cut out for me.
>> No. 1595


D-did they just WRITE DOWN their actions?


Hey, can you hold up a bit, I can't find BLK Scout.

Seriously, they wrote down their actions, what the fuck?
>> No. 1596
Yeah... I say it'd be smart if I took mah counterpart SLVR's lead and haul ass out as well if CBS is back... Same as SLVR, I can take on others, but you'll have to excuse the mess... I may not look much like it but I DJ on weekends as a part job and there's like a pile of drinks and things in and about. Sorry mates.

Yeah, this isn't a live rp board, it's suppose to be like leaving post-it notes. They must be new.
>> No. 1599
Ah...so zis eez how eet works.

My apologies, we 'aven't been down here on base for quite a while.

Allow me to introduce myself: I am the Gentlespy, a former RED Spy of class and culture...and caretaker of the resident murderer Christian Brutal Sniper. I just want to assure you all that under my watch, he behaves quite nicely, much like a well controlled wild tiger, and you can look upon me as some sort of animal trainer. Hon hon hon.

I come from Sept-Iles but I spent the majority of my life in Montreal.

Christian and I were on RED Team '80, the best year ever to be a member of RED...the Cold War was thawing out a bit, disco was dead, and Reagan was president...many pardons for my reminiscing, I shan't bother you with it that much.
>> No. 1600
{another note is attached}

I ran out of room on the last note, now where was I:

Christian started showing erratic behaviour early in the campaigns, but the team never thought anything of it...until the killings began.

I must stress that Christian has a disease, he is sick, and I took it upon myself to cure him to society's standards, these murders aren't methodic or serial in anyway. Part of my conditioning is have him interact with others and quell his blood lust. He doesn't trust people for he was hurt very badly during his childhood...Just try to give him a chance.

-approach him slowly and in his line of sight. DO NOT STARE HIM DOWN.

-engage in light conversation

-If he shows signs of aggression, back off slowly and run like hell when you're out of his line of sight


If you can all follow those simple rules, I'm sure Christian and all of you can live in relative harmony
>> No. 1601
Im gonna just.... hide in my room for a bit.
I like taking a few steps off base without having to respawn.
>> No. 1602
How can I convince you all that I'm not as bad as I'm made out to be?

Yes, I admit to killing anyone who happens across my path, but I've reached a point where murder is starting to get boring and I want to show you how nice I used to be.
>> No. 1603

And where did ya get the notion that I'm a cannibal?

I do did enjoy hacking my victims apart limb from limb, but I never once devoured their flesh nor had the desire to.

...unless you count draining the bodies of their blood for my type of Jarate.
>> No. 1607
Um...oi don't know how ta say this guys and please don't get mad at me, but this mornin', oi found this...

[a picture of a sleeping baby sleeping on a pillow, tentacles wrapped tight around a stuffed crocodile is taped to the note]

Oi think he...she...it? followed me home aftah huntin' so oi don't want y'all ta worry.

The lil guy's quoite safe.
>> No. 1609

>> No. 1610

Dude, that is just wrong.
>> No. 1611
... In all mein years I've never seen such raw parental force as seeing RED Scout and SLVR Sniper beat ze living shit out of CBS. No veapons vere involved, just fists and steam coming off ze pair.

If anyzhing I compare zhem like grizzly bears. And somehow I've been placed in charged vrapping ze... man back up in so much plaster, I may have to start buying some off SLVR's supply. Christian's like a harden mummy vith only his face (vhich is black and blue vith a split lip) and one foot zhat managed to escape ze brawl.

You know for someone as feared as CBS, I expected more out of his... usual demeanor. Ah vell! Zhat's vhat ze drugs are for!
>> No. 1612
You- you drugged him?!
>> No. 1613
Vith relaxants ja. Mild medication similar to tranquilizers to keep him mellow vhile he recovers in ze make-shift hospital I have vhile vaiting on zhis "GentleSpy" To come pick him up, he's eaten me of donuts, cookies, and von't share ze remote on ze tv!
>> No. 1614
I write this message in anger, for a total misunderstanding has come about, but I will keep my language civil and...gentlemanly.

Upon returning from Lady BLUScoutMother's tea party today~She makes excellent crumpets if yo are wondering~I happened upon my roommate Christian in a very...how shall I say it...poor condition. As in almost beaten within an inch of his life and drugged with some sort of sedative condition.

At first, I thought he might have engaged in a fight with some of the local wildlife...perhaps a bear or a Heavy, but then I found this:

{well-drawn picture of squidbaby}

It was sitting on the counter, eating my Lorna Doones with it's slimy little tentacles, looking up innocently at me. I slowly reached for a stick, as to fend it off and shoo it out the window, when I heard voices coming up the path.

The child creature screeched something along the lines of "Mama." And who should appear was RED Scout and that fancy gentleman from across the way. They mentioned something about 'him being at it again'...so I put two and two together.

I managed to grab them their child (I sent along the cookies as well for the box was quite slimy and he seemed to enjoy them) and give it to them, asking them to not attack Christian again and to keep that...thing on a leash.

Their reply: the little punk punches me in the stomach, calling me a faggot and Christian a pedophile.

I assure you, as deranged and bloodthirsty Christian is wont to be, he would never, EVER EVER touch that child in anyway that in inappropriate or harmful. Through his sedative laced ramblings, Christian told me the child followed him home after he made a fresh kill of a Demoman. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PEOPLE, HE KILLED HIS STEPFATHER, WHO STRANGLED HIS SISTER...

...Ahem. My apologies, mon amis. I rarely get this enraged, but what has happened is unacceptable.

I bid you all a good day.

-Arsene d'Valence, RED Spy
>> No. 1615

Look, considering the guy's history, you can't blame them for going ape-shit.

Anyway, you think HE has got it hard? My whole fucking team was murdered by our Spy, only me our Engie and Sniper got out. Engie died and turned into a fucking zombie and Sniper... I... He... Died.

Don't even fucking try to play the guilt card on me, Spook.
>> No. 1616

I offer you my deepest sympathies, dear Scout, but it still doesn't fix what damage has been done.

I have to administer a cocktail of painkillers and sedatives for Christian while he heals, the night terrors are going to be the hardest.

Look what war has done to us, we've become the very monsters we were trying to fight.

Have we lost our humanity?

And don't be so quick to judge us Spies, too. Sure, I was and am still a sneaky, underhanded, devious, but I cared about my team mates and loved them like brothers...especially Christian.

I hope he pulls through.
>> No. 1618
any of you have msn?
>> No. 1619
(( dont ask that in the ic part, do it in the rp misc topic thing :< ))
>> No. 1620
then cum to rp misc topic thing
>> No. 1623



What the fuck? Are you guys high or somethin'?
>> No. 1624
shhh...just cum
>> No. 1625

Looks like someone doesn't know how to use a flippin' clipboard.

Okay, lame-man's (and yeah I spelled it that way) terms: Clipboard is used by us teams to leave notes to each other cuz we all have a life on and off battle. Occasionally we will post pictures and hang things to get points across and stuff. Anything not related to our clipboard (which I check the stock room at RED base, we have maybe six at the most left when this one overfills) needs to go elsewhere.

Yanno, one day, phones will be wireless and have screens on them with some ability to leave messages to people. It'll be epic when that happens! Oh, and TVs won't be this giant box things with only a few channels in EPIC color! They'll be flat! Like a pancake! Can't you imagine that guys!?
>> No. 1626
I stopped at pancakes and remembered that Im kinda hungry. Engie's not been around, and he did a lot of the cooking out here.
>> No. 1628
You can come over to our place, man. Snipes makes a mean plate of flapjacks.
>> No. 1629
I'm still in a lot of pain...well, everything is pretty much pain, but I forgive you RED Scout and SLVR Sniper, and I'm not saying it because of the loopy pills Spy's got me on.

Just the next time, understand that I think the little guy is becoming attached to me. It's probably because of the blood...does he like blood? But he always seems to find his way to our place, and it's scaring me a little.

Granted I love my animals, squidpeople, but I'd like to heal without the fear of you two storming in and breaking me apart again...and again...
>> No. 1631
Yeah, he does like blood. No idea why.

But if he sneaks over to you again, so long as you ain't got one of those big-ass knives on you, I won't kick your ass again, alright?

And I think it goes without saying, but if you ever EVER hurt my baby, you will regret it.
>> No. 1632

I'm writing this out for Chris, for he's having a bad day and is currently passed out. He wants me to tell you that he always makes me lock up his weapons whenever the little guy is around since he can't move much with the casts.

I can't say myself I enjoy the child's company, he's quite a messy little thing to be honest and I like keeping a clean home.
>> No. 1633
Well that's good, then, cause he thinks you're a smelly mean Frenchman anyway.

He only likes visting you cause of those faggy French snacks you always got sitting around.
>> No. 1634


I never liked children anyway.
>> No. 1635

I think Nipper's ready to be weaned off the bottle now. He ate my whole can of kippers and cheese while I was going to warm up his supper...

Fair warnin': keep an eye on yer food, he's sneaky.
>> No. 1639
Now, when you say 'the whole can', do you mean just the food in the can, or the can too? Because I've had that happen.

Either way, yeah, kid's ready for something more than milk, I guess.

Um...what do baby Tenta-things eat, anyway? Besides kippers (whatever the fuck those are) and faggy French snacks, and tires, I mean.
>> No. 1640
Well, he ate my pancakes before I could even get my mask up. Maybe the kid likes breakfast things?
>> No. 1641
He likes sweet things trust me...once when he came over, he drank a 24 pack of Cherry Dr. Pepper I had

...ow, my pancreas...
>> No. 1642
Just like his mama, then, I guess.

Be glad he left you the cans, at least. Kid eats like a billy goat now. But at least now I've got a starter diet.
Pancakes, cherry pop, and whatever the hell a kipper is.
>> No. 1644

Kippers are canned smoked herring. Very popular as a pub snack in places like England and Australia I believe among ozher zhings.

But honestly starting ze kinder on junk food is no good. He needs a balanced diet and seeing he's semi aquatic, he may need more seafood in his diet.
>> No. 1645
So...like, tuna and stuff?

Honestly doc, I got no idea what's 'sposed to be a 'balanced diet' for a baby. Little help?
>> No. 1646

[paper covered in myriad of scribbles and doodles, a small corner is readable]

He ate all of it, soda, cans, box and all.
my hand is fluffy...
>> No. 1648
>> No. 1650


Ze child is not a pet! Ugh... anyvays RED Scout trying taking a blender and mixing up sardines, anchovies, canned tuna, maybe add a tad of shrimp and some veggies just to get some fiber in.

I vould also encourage you to keep him from eatting cans, tires, socks, and GRN Pyro's gloves. I know it vill be hard but disciplining him vill make Nipper (I zhink zhat's vhat SLVR Sniper calls him.. must be a nickname..) a better TentaScoper (Scout and Sniper classes respectfully)
>> No. 1651
Thanks, doc! The kid fucking loves this stuff. Except we didn't have any shrimp or veggies, so I just threw in some beef jerky. Thinks it's delicious, just like his daddy.
But nah, Nipper's just what we call him, now. Never bothered to come up with a real name, so I just call him what Snipes calls him.
>> No. 1652

Nipper's his nickname. His real name is Thomas *Last name marked over with black marker* But we started callin' Nipper after he tried going back to trying to feed off his 'momma'.

He also loves eating hard candy, ginger flavor.
>> No. 1653
>>1652 His name's Thomas? Since when?

And I told you not to tell anybody about that shit, man! Now RED Heavy's making fun of my chest in the shower again. Fucking scars.
>> No. 1654
-crudely drawn smiley face-
Yes! Ees funny to me!

Why do not seemply eat leetul baby squid? Engineer say squid good raw or fried or steamed or pan-seared or

-runs out of room on stickynote-
>> No. 1655
Cause it's half-human and has this adorable baby face? Humans stink when you burn em, anyway.

Im pretty sure he counts more as a human than a squid, though.
>> No. 1656
>> No. 1657
Da! Baked is good also! And stewed and sauteed and stuffed and in leetle fancy salads and

-this sticky note has also run out of room-
>> No. 1658

Well... technically Thomas, Jr. but I'll let ya work that one out. And I named him when you decided to let me have him during that stress moment you had... How's the sessions with GLD doc goin? Surprised he hasn't charged ya yet.


You touch one sucker on mah son I'll turn you both into colored rain! And it won't be chocolate! No one is eatin' MAH boy. If you gotta have something... "Squidy" go after TentaSpy in the sewers.. the bad one. He's got tentacles on him to last ya months worth of seafood sandwiches.
>> No. 1659
It's going pretty good, actually. The massages were kind freaky at first (scented candles, and classical music and all that shit, plus, you know, another guy touchin me), but the therapy stuff's been helping a lot.

He uh, he actually suggested that...well, it might be good for me and the kid if we like...moved in with you. Like, officially. Not like 'I crash here when I'm too tired to go back, and stay in the morning because your pancakes are bitching' kind of move in.
So...what do you think?
>> No. 1660

... Lemme think on it fer a few days, alright? Means gettin' rid of stuff in mah van, I'm gonna have to think hard on this for a few days. I'll let ya know when I feel things are solid with mahself.
>> No. 1661
[the note is covered in baby tentacle slime and tears]
If you wanna fucking say no, then just say it! I don't care! I don't give a fuck! Who needs you anyway?!
You don't gotta pretend like you wanna see me or anything. I get it. I'm not stupid. Whenever I drop the kid off anymore, I won't stick around, since it INCONVENIENCES you so fucking much.
>> No. 1662

Whoa, Whoa kiddo! I didn't mean it like that! Sheesh, don't jump the deep end mate! What I mean is that it's unexpected to have someone living with me that's not staying the night and such. I'm ill-prepared is what I meant earlier and I want to make sure what I get rid of won't be detrimental to me later.

Besides, I thought you didn't want much part in 'family rearing' after all that bloat and mess, ya didn't want any part of the aftermath so in turn I was gonna be happy raising alone.

But if ya really want to give this a try and not back out... then yes, mate. You can live with me.

No,... I'd love for ya to live with me.
>> No. 1664
....Ya mean it?

I mean, if...if you don't want me around, and you just want the kid to yourself, I'd...be cool with that too.

Cause, ya know, it's not like I WANNA live with ya, or anythin gay like that, it's just easier, ya know, with dragging the kid back and forth.

But like...where do I...do we gotta...sleep together?
>> No. 1665

Oh come on! Just admit it man, yer blindly gay! It's okay to come out of the closet, everyone's not gonna care.
>> No. 1666
>> No. 1667
Aw, leave the guy alone. He's been throught a lot and junk.

Though I'm still sticking with my "technical gay" comment from a while back.
>> No. 1668




>> No. 1669
I only took one to prove a point, lardass. How you feel about your sandwiches? That's how I feel about my baby. Now stay the fuck away from him.

Got it?
>> No. 1674
Very touching, boys. But let's have some more EMOTION.

Try it from the top, Scout. Only this time take me there with you. Unleash your inner sorrow and frustration! This isn't going to win the hearts of viewers without some tears!
>> No. 1675
Who the fuck is this clown?
>> No. 1676

I thought Ms. Pauling took "care" of ya like... long time ago... Dis ain't a movie set, we're not actors (although currently I'm working part-time as a life guard to help scrap cash for the new GLD/SLVR bases... don't ask)
>> No. 1678
Where'd ya' go? We were only halfway through the tour of my corner of the base before you ran off! I never got an through my entire interview!
>> No. 1679
Hmph! You do not have to tell me that you are not actors! Unfortunately it is blindingly obvious...

But, we do with what we can. NOW THEN! Start from the monologue about how you're going to rip into the enemies of your little baby mutant! Action!
>> No. 1680
What's a monolog? Some type of beaver?
>> No. 1682

How one speaks is what he meant. And that "baby mutant" is currently with me being "daddy's littl' bartender" shaking martinis and margaritas for me. The kid loves shaking things like mad! Haha, he'll grow up to be just like his old man, and take over the lounge makin' it the family business! So... no cameras and creepy men in black for Nipper! (no offense BLK team)
>> No. 1683
He'd better not be drinking any of that shit, man. Don't you give my baby booze.

Also, fuck my life, I burned the casserole. Can you pick up pizza on the way home? I'm kinda shitty at this whole domestic thing.
>> No. 1684
[there's a small note done in crayon of a child's drawing showing SLVR Sniper, tentababy, and RED Scout with fire for hair... cuz he's mad and strangling a black stick figure with a box that sorta looks like a camera]
>> No. 1685
Hey, has anyone seen BLK Scout? I haven't seen 'im since that whole Spy mess.
>> No. 1686
[The note is blank and seemingly untoughed other than slightly burnt edges, a few small blood splatters and a slight scent of cigarette smoke coming the paper]
>> No. 1690
Nein, I've been too busy vith mein own vorks to keep up vith ze Scouts.

D'aw, did ze baby tenta drew a picture? So cute.

Was? Stop vasting paper even if it has body fluids and burnt edges on it! Everyone is on a budget on supplies!
>> No. 1693
I know, right? Little guy's got some serious art skills, just like his daddy...mommy...whatever the fuck I am.

(A drawing of Sniper and tentababy asleep on the couch, with copious amounts of drool dripping from the former's mouth, is attached.)
>> No. 1711
Aye, I keep seeing this chucklehead standing in the halls. No fuckin idea who he is, but he's got this weird shiny-blue-glow-thing goin on and an umbrella. Just stands and moans at me, man, then he runs off or something and I can never fine 'em.
Anyone know who this fag is?
>> No. 1713

No idea man, haven't seen anyone like that. You sure it's not yer imagination or drinking down too much Bonk? Yanno Halloween's around the corner, but ya don't have to act like a five year old kid whenever there's a "spooky".
>> No. 1796
Awright guys, so the kid's first Christmas is comin' up. Whatcha gettin' him?

And for the love of god, no more inflatable pools. We get it. He's half-squid. The other half is still human. Get him a fuckin' truck or a coloring book or something. Jeez.
>> No. 1797
I dunno, it's pretty hard picking thing's he'll like.
Maybe a pair of boots, he still chews mine like they're candy.
>> No. 1799
Yeah. Yeah he does.

So...you want new boots for Christmas?
>> No. 1883
[the writing is messy and rushed, as if written with a trembling hand. There are blood stains scattered about the paper, as well as on the carpet around the board.]
Fuck fuck fuck. Does anyone even still check this thing? God I don't care, I'm desperate. Alright, anyone who might be reading this, remember WHT spy? Remember how we thought he was dead? Well, he's not. In fact, he apparently feels fucking fantastic considering he's back and he tried to kill me. I was able to hold him off, I guess I still have my firework powers from the fourth, or they're not completely gone. But he's alive he's back, and he's completely insane. If anyone's still here, please help. Shit I gotta find WHT scout and warn him.
>> No. 1885
[The note is covered in splotches of dirt and soot]
I FINALLY get to sunlight, and find I'm NOT back at my base. FOUR WEEKS I've been stuck in some mine shaft, and now I have no idea where the hell I am!
Anyway, any of you guys mind me asking for directions?
>> No. 1886
You... Nevermind. You can stay with me, I'll tell you where you are. You just... can't be out here alone like this. I also need help finding WHT scout.
>> No. 1890
Why? Has something bad been happening here? And who is the WHT Spy?
>> No. 1891
My baby's fine, thanks for asking, douchenozzle. By the way, you missed Easter. And Nipper's first steps. I think. It's hard to tell with the tentacles.
Why you worried about WHT Spy? Man, I dealt with a fucking tentaspy. I ain't scared of no puny knife. Come hang out with me 'n Snipes. We'll keep ya safe, ya big cry baby.
>> No. 1892
Jeeze, I take one little unexpected... 'roadtrip' and stuff starts happening?

And, if anyone was wondering where I might've got to... uh...
...you guys hear about that big gas station explosion a couple months back, at that one civilian town not far from the main bases?

Yeeeaaah. Kinda had to... skip town for a while.
>> No. 1893
Has anyone seen a purple-tinted, rusty shovel around here? I'm probably gonna need that back, what with the WHT Spy wandering around.
>> No. 1894
Wait, that was you?! That was the coolest fireball I've ever seen!
>> No. 1895
I know, right!?!
Its amazing what a little boredom'll make you do!

On a somewhat related note, has anyone seen any of GRN hanging around..? Sorta came back from my "roadtrip" and there wasn't a soul in our base. Still aint. It's kinda creepy.
>> No. 1896
Nope; haven't seen anybody else from GRN.
Now that I think about it...Wouldn't the rest of my team have come looking for me by now? If they have, let me know if you see any other guys from PRPL.

On an unrelated note, I finally found my shovel. Well, the metal has a large chunk taken out of it, but it's still mostly intact, at least.
>> No. 1897
Haven't seen none of PRPL, either.
It's kinda... kind of upsetting that my team would just up and leave like this.

Oh, if you need yourself a place to stay that ain't crowded, I guess the GRN base is open for you. Not like anyone else is using it, and I sleep in a shack out back anyway.
>> No. 1898
I dunno, man. Just came back from touring the GRN base; I probably won't go back in there again. Something's just really wrong about that complex!
Lemme' explain: while I was exploring the base, weird things kept happening. I'd keep hearing footsteps following me while I walked down the hallway; no one would be behind me if I turned around. First time in the Mess Hall, it looked as if a freaking EARTHQUAKE destroyed a dinner party, with chairs, tables, and shit-loads of food thrown everywhere. Second time I was in there, the tables and chairs were fixed, and every single scrap of food was gone. The Mess Hall was completely clean, like nothing had happened. The scary part?
I had only been gone for three minutes.
I'm camping with you in the shack whether you like it or not, 'cause that is something I don't want to encounter ever again!
>> No. 1899
For real? You're not shitting me?
I knew this place was creepy when there's nobody around, so I've just been in my shack, but that is just scary. Really hope everyone's alright...

Sofa pulls out into a bed, so help yourself to that and dont mind the mess. Havent been around for a while, so the place is pretty freakin dusty.
>> No. 1900
No, there is no possible way I'd be joking about something as unnerving as this. I didn't see any blood stains on the ground or walls or anything, but I forgot to check the Medical area.
And do you really think I'd care about dust if I was stuck in what was essentially large amounts of dirt and coal?
>> No. 1901
Eh, no, guess you wouldnt mind it. I honestly cant stand dust, myself, but Im weirdly fine with soot.

Last I checked the medbay, place was empty. Even our doc's candies were gone, and he never leaves without that stuff. Id call headquarters, but I kinda sorta dont know what they'd do if they found out I was back after the whole gas station thing. That, and the phoneline's busted.
>> No. 1902
Damn, will any of us ever get answers?
>> No. 1905
[The handwriting is slightly shaky; as if the writer was terrified. A few drops of blood dotted the note, along with some odd, glowing green substance.]
You guys remember how I went on that exploration through the GRN base? I swore to never go back in there again, right?
Well...I did. And barely made it out with my head attached to my neck.
Also, er, GRN Pyro, and anyone else still checking this board...I think I found out where the rest of the team went.
>> No. 1911
[The handwriting is sloppy, and there is a tiny blue hat pinned to the picture as well.]

I accidentially killed a little BLU Spycrab today.

I am so sorry, BLU Team.
>> No. 1912
Whatever you do, DO NOT go into the GRN base. I found a GRN uniform (probably from a sniper or medic--it was too badly shredded to tell) covered in blood on the outside walkway this morning.
If you need me, I'll be in GRN Pyro's shack, practically glued to my shovel.
>> No. 1917
Li'l Octavio's hooked t'respawn, no worries!
Scared th' dickins outta the little guy, though.

Yikes. Wish ya'll luck with that.
My machines ain't gonna do no good against ghoulies and the like.
>> No. 1919
[A brown paper bag is taped to the note, with the word 'CAUTION' scrawled on it.]
Can you still take a look at these for me, Engie? It's a bunch of stuff I found lying around the GRN base. What's Freaky is that nothing was damaged. At all. And it has this strange green glowing slime covering some of them. Don't worry, I was wearing gloves; though I still wouldn't touch it, man.
>> No. 1920
{the bag is missing from the other note, this one hastily scrawled messily on a piece of paper as if it were ripped from something and written in a hurry}

Py, you best get yourself and your friend outta there.
This stuff's highly radioactive. I ain't got a clue as t'what coulda happened to the GRN team, but whatever it was probably had something to do with it.

..... you might wanna get your buddy to a Medic, actually. If he's been there longer than you, than I'm willing t'bet he got too much exposure t'this. He could be in danger.
>> No. 1921
No, really?! I thought it was harmless glowing powder! Alright, I'll go see the RED Medic or something.
Also, a word of advice: don't let the glowing slime sit on ANYTHING that is easily corrosive for too long, or it will eat right through it!
>> No. 1933
Okay, I've got good news and bad news.
Good news is a few days ago, I FINALLY found my team's Medic. He nearly hugged me to death, and started rambling about how he thought I was abducted by aliens or mole people, then asked if they probed me or rewired my brain so I could smell his thoughts with my ears... He's fucking strange--okay, REALLY fucking strange--but he's a Medic for a reason.
Bad news is the rest of the team is gone. And by gone, I mean 'abandoned GRN base' gone. Worst part is even Doc has no idea what happened, and he was there!
You guys don't mind my Doc here, do ya?
>> No. 1934
[The note is written in dark purple ink.]
Hello, fellow earthlings! I am the one known as PRPL Medic!
I'm sad to say (or write down) that Pyro is telling the truth: PRPL team has disappeared. I was in town picking up more tinfoil and bandages and glue, but when I returned, everyone was gone! All of the team's personal stuff vanished, too, even all of my equipment! The only thing I've got left is my anti-mind control hat...
>> No. 1939
That THING you call a hat looks like a fucking goat chewed on it. Just get rid of it!
And NO, that doesn't mean give it to the other team members-- need I remind you of what happened with our Soldier last year?
>> No. 1940
[A cartoonish drawing of a frowning Medic with goggles is scribbled on the note.]
>> No. 1947
i peed in ur suit prpl pyro
>> No. 1957
So. Iv'e seen that all of you went back to fighting like real men, instead of bickering like little girls. Anyway, what's this about peeing in an employees suit? When i catch you i'm gonna beat you with my BARE HANDS! 10 Bars of Australiam says it was a spy
>> No. 1958
If you do that, Mr. Hale, you BETTER let me join you. Suit might be ruined, but I still got my mask n' shovel!
You got anything I could wear in the meantime? If ya do, just-- I dunno-- use your sheer mangrit to stick it to the corkboard or whatever.
>> No. 1959
[An old looking RED pyro suit is attached]
Alright then Pyro, bring an axe to cut his legs off or whatever suits you mate. Sorry about the suit, couldn't find anything else.
>> No. 1960
Eh, it's alright. Smells kinda musty, but at least it's better than my suit. Alright, let's go try to find this fucker...
P.S.: Whatever you do, Mr. Hale, do NOT go into GRN Base. Place has bad juju written all over it.
>> No. 1961
Greetings meat bags! I am RBT Sniper of the gray army, our forces have moved into this Green base you speak of Pyro. I can explain these "spooky" happenings, firstly we emit a green highly radioactive substance when we uh shit anyway our medic is a super "neat freak" as you humans say it, that is why the kitchen arena was cleaned up so quickly that you wouldnt notice.
*The note has ran out of room at this point*
>> No. 1962
What the FUCK are you doin' in GRN Base? Furthermore, WHERE the fuck is the GRN Tea--wait.
That glowing stuff was--
[The rest of the note is completely illegible, except for the words 'WHAT THE FUCK' written in bold print.]
>> No. 1963
Asfkj sdf sdkjfsdkjhf sdfknj-
>> No. 1964
I dunno mate, some spy came in here and slaughtered them, didnt leave a scratch on us though. And if you got some of that on you..... Well try burn your hands, it's hard to wash off skin.
(At this point the RBT scout filled up the rest of the note with a drawing of GRN Pyro covered in the "shit")
>> No. 1965
GRN Pyro? What--
[A little drawing of a laughing Pyro is scribbled on the note] Dude, that's nasty! Don't worry, y' can borrow my old suit. Just don't mind the slight smell. [A purple suit is stuck to the board]
Also, try to avoid a weird-ass Medic who blabs about lizardmen and Bigfoot and other strange shit. That'd be my Doc. Goes for you too, Robo-Sniper.
>> No. 1967
Sorry about sll of the hastle gents, these are my 'failed experements' to create a human A.I. Anyway my crawler broke down so we stopped in green base. Also we need some uranium, do you have some spare?
>> No. 1969
Sorry, we don't have any uranium or whatever here. That I know of, anyway.
Also, have you seen my Doc anywhere? Told me he was gonna go 'visit the Moon Men in GRN Base,' yesterday and haven't seen him. I thought I smelled something burning earlier, but then again this suit reeks of burning wood. Just lemme know if you see the nutcase.
>> No. 1970
We found the guy talking to our heavy about us being from a UFO, hee's safe with us, unless thay spy comes back. And the burning.... we may or may not have burnt his 'Moon cap' The on with the tinfoil covering it
>> No. 1971
[The note is hastily scribbled, as if the writer was freaking out.]
>> No. 1972
Thanks, man.
I really don't know what it was that I fell in, but it ruined my suit. Got in my gloves, too.
Really thought that I did a good job at writing with my hands shaking like that... That stuff burns when it gets on your skin, fyi.
>> No. 1973
Herr pyro you're handwriting is terrible, i would recommend going back to school. Anyway, this board is so filthy. I mean it has ink and blood spatters all over it! And i also smell piss Furthermore i think that the green base conditions are terrible, some half wit scout with a gibus is stuck in the
[The rant was cut short due to note limitations]
>> No. 1974
Wait, wait, wait, wait. What's this about a Scout? And GRN Pyro, I'd stay away from the base if I were you. A certain WHT Spy might be the reason your team is gone.
>> No. 1975
Well a scout got stuck in soldiers washing machine, all he does is laugh and shout profanity.
Anyway, yes it was a white spy that killed green team, he ripped out demomans liver and stuck it in his eye socket. Still you should stay away from the base, sentry buster has been having outbursts recently.


Also, captcha: jam-nuts, sBulsa
>> No. 1976
What color shirt's he wearing? You can always tell what team they're from by that alone. And how the fuck did he get in there, anyway?
Also, uh, lemme know if Doc starts giving you guys trouble. He decked himself out in armor made from various kitchen utensils, and has been 'preparing for the Sasquatch Invasion.' I swear, whatever he's huffing from that Medigun is causing brain damage.
>> No. 1977
That's the problem though herr pyro, he ran inside here naked, started humping our demoman and started cursing. Soldier chased the rascal into his war room and he is now stuck in the washer. He is a fascinating little gremlin, I think a vivisection is in order!
>> No. 1978
...Yeah. You do that, Robo-Doc.

GRN Pyro, you got anything to do with this? Haven't seen you much, lately.
>> No. 1980
Nope. Been keeping to myself since the rest of GRN vanished, really. Haven't seen any other familiar faces in forever, too.

It's... kinda depressing.
>> No. 1982
{the paper is torn and the hand writing is scribbled}

Guys, sorry I've been gone I've-

{writing is abruptly cut off}

But I'm kinda feelin' like crap 'nd I've been sick as shit and I don't know what the fuck happened and-

{the message trails off the page onto the board itself}

Imma be around, can someone send a Medic down 'cause I'll be around and-

{writing once again trails off}
>> No. 1983
WHT Scout? Wasn't BLK Scout looking for you? Please don't tell me YOU'RE the one in the fucking washing machine!
Fine, I'll send my Doc down there; just look for a Medic with one of those pasta-strainer bowls on his head.

Also, sorry that you've been feeling down, GRN. Hell, it's way too damn quiet. Except that I keep hearing weird shit at night, but whatever.
>> No. 1984
Don't be such a baby scout, oh and also i had to replace one of your kidneys with a robotic one so don't panic too much. Anyway, has anyone seen sniper? He went to the black base last night to salvage supplies and i have not seen him in days.Oh and before i forget, i found an engineer dressed in green inside my closet yesterday, pyro can you come and pick him up?
>> No. 1985
Oooh, you mean the Aussie moon man?? I found him this morning but he was bleeding and his leg looked like one of my brainwave-blocking hats, and I don't really know how to fix an organism not of this planet but I patched him up the best I could but his leg I had to remove because it was essentially pulp! I had to use a ton of superglue and aluminum foil, but he's doing fine now! And he hasn't probed me yet, YAY!
[A childish doodle of a Medic smiling is drawn on the bottom of the note.]
>> No. 1986
Thanks doc, still a little wonky. My heavy or my doc can patch me up in a bit.
Anyway some REALLY needs to take this engineer outta here,i don't think he can live on metal and oil much longer. Oh and finally stay away from Sentry Buster, he is getting angry a lot lately.
>> No. 1987
Thanks for the fix up doc, my doc can get a replacement leg for me.
Also we have an engineer in green stuck in base, he tried to whack spy's head off.
>> No. 1988
Sorry for the double post everyone
>> No. 1989
File 134916191019.jpg - (166.45KB , 1280x800 , ctf_turbine0000.jpg )
HOLY SHIT GUYS! I found 2 purple's dead in our vents today, it was a soldier and a heavy. I got a picture of the heavy but the soldier got carried away by the killer, when i went to check the body was gone.
>> No. 1990
Wait, hold on--how is that possible? Doc an' I saw them both back at base before the entire team disappeared. How'd they get th...
Oh God. WHT Spy. He's still here!
>> No. 1991

First of all, why is there a goddamn robo-doc? Second,The fuck is going on here?


Wait, what?
>> No. 1992
Long story, we had to stop at green base when our crawler was destroyed and we saw green team killed by white spy. We are now based here and you may or may not have a robotic kidney.
Anyway, sniper said he might do a little spy hunting, anyone else up for it?
>> No. 1997
[The writing is scrawled and mostly illegible]
>> No. 2001
The board appear to be cleared of previous notes, with a single neatly written card tacked in one of the corners. The baby pictures have been left behind.

Zere seemed to be a gas leak through all bases in zhe immediate area. We do not know how long it has been going on, though it appears to have happened some months ago.

Common hallucinations seemed to have involved, but vere not limited to, robots und fictional 'white' und 'purple' teams.

Zhose affected haff been dealt vith according, through cures und... other means.

Have a nice day~

((Retconning because so much faggotry happened after all that cool shit with the RED Scout and those other guys was over and really I miss the fun that was had before these weaboos invaded.))

((I'd start a new thread, but this one is still on the front page. If you new guys keep up the stupid crap, you're dumb and I hate you.))

>> No. 2002
Dude, why'd you have to shut the gas off? That shit was fucking awwwwesome.

Pretty colours everywhere you went.

Anyways, Nips says thanks for the birthday present. Socks are cool, I guess.
By any chance did you overlook the fact that my kid has no feet? Seriously, dude. Could've gone with literally any other gift, and...well, okay, maybe not pants, 'cause of the whole eight legs thing, but still. I mean, freakin' Heavy got him a bucket. He loves it.

Anyways, see you Monday, with my bat in your skull, as usual.
>> No. 2033
Woah, just got back from that team transfer (long story short, didnt work out and I'm now wanted in most of Hawaii)

Jesus, I didnt know paper could collect so much dust.
>> No. 2254
[A single post-it in the middle of the board]

Miss you guys.

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