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File 132087309040.png - (218.19KB , 515x719 , SALUTE.png )
1737 No. 1737
Hey there, guys 'n dolls!

Your friendly neighborhood Knubs here, making a thread since Google+ and Facebook have their own (I'm considering Hybrid's Google+ group-- once I figure out how it works, since I'm social media-tarded). This also isn't really appropriate for the Contacts thread, since those are geared toward one-on-one roleplays.

SO! I was talking with Noisy one day and realized while one-on-one roleplay is all well and good (and what I spend most of my time doing), sometimes it's just fun to derp around in a group setting. Therefore I'm extending an invitation to any TF2-rpers who have AIM to join a casual roleplaying group for when they feel a similar urge.

You can play canons or genderbends or OCS (just don't go ridiculous on us), whatever you like! I personally play canons and would prefer that be the norm for the chatroom, but again it doesn't really matter. Also, feel like playing Engineer one day and Pyro another? That's fine too! You don't have to be a set character for this.

We can get together some days with a serious plot, or just keep it casual with slice-o-life-around-the-base things or even have holiday-themed parties when the time is right. Even though Halloween is passed, I'd love to get a bunch of characters together and have a costume party or something similar.

Script style, novel style, you just do what feels comfortable. If we all feel up to upping the quality to certain standards (when plots are going), we'll discuss all of that in the room while brainstorming.

Also, the rules are generally obvious. Expect their to be foul language and violence and racial stereotypes! Please be +18 if you care to have any part in pairings play (m/f, m/m, f/f, whatevs). If you want to get jiggy with someone else's character, take it to a one-on-one window! If you want to kill somebody like an annoying Scout? Kindly ask the nice fella or lil' lady who plays said character first.

Since this is just casual and for fun, I don't foresee there being any problems.


Now, for how to do this!

Just leave your AIM here and I'll add you. I'll take care of setting the room up when enough people are online (if I'm not online, anyone else is free to take over that job) and showing interest, and you can either meet new roleplayers through the room or just add them as they appear in this thread.

I'll also have on my status that there is a room going on, in case you miss the initial invites and want to come horse around with us!

I hope this interests some people, and I look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to message me on AIM with any questions or just do so here!

This has been Knubs; over and out!

My AIM: metalxmanagement
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>> No. 1738
OH OH OH OH. This is the best. So glad you did this. UM. Don't have anything else to contribute. But love. I have love. AND. HALLOWEEN. COSTUME. PARTY. Come on. Seriously. COSTUME. PARTY. How is that not the best idea ever?

Don't kill Scout!
>> No. 1740
Ooooh I want. I run Trillian so sometimes my AIM disconnects itself but either way it's vengefulhybrid.
>> No. 1744
Mine does the saaame thing from time to time, so don't worry! I'll add your sn to my list when I get back from errand-running today!

>> No. 1751
File 132121014589.jpg - (485.98KB , 729x742 , tumblr_lsfmh11NSG1r099vio1_r5_1280.jpg )
I'd love to join! <3
I've been looking for something like this for so long.

My aim name thing is Lollicat95
>> No. 1752
You got it! I'll add you to the list! So far we're only up to about four (though a few more people who are already on my friends list may want to join, I need to ask them all directly), but we can start the rooms up any time!

I'll see who's online next time Noisy appears from Aussieland and start wrangling!
>> No. 1806
>> No. 1809
Oop! Just now saw this. Added you! Though we haven't had a chat in a while- it's hard to get a good group of folks on at the same time. But if there isn't a room going on whenever anyone WANTS one, just let me know and I'll whip one up!

Also merry Christmas, guys!
>> No. 1854
This sounds pretty awesome!
My AIM: Meddycakes
>> No. 1855
.... ok, this looks fun... and will help me with characterization too... so yeah.

AIM: Jejunenightshade
>> No. 1903
Suppose I'll join in. Added you, Knubs, but I'll leave my AIM here. Silly how it's my email, but what can you do when the site hates you?

>> No. 1904
I'm glad a few folks are still using this! I haven't been to the chan in a while here, OR been on AIM, but I'm trying to get more regular with it all again now. Chat groups hadn't been working out too well in the past (those who joined suddenly decided they were uncomfortable with group settings), but 1 on 1 is always accepted too! And I can try to put you in with more roleplayers on AIM if I can.
>> No. 1928
Is it too late for me to join?
AIM name is my email. :)

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