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File 134773442870.jpg - (7.95KB , 259x194 , d.jpg )
1966 No. 1966
Hi everyone, know my name is hard to say, but Tene is okay. Anyway, I'm looking for someone who is willing to do a roleplay with me, mainly with my otp Spy and Sniper (Possibly Tentaspy which leads to MPreg) I am looking to play Spy though I don't mind if it's REDXBLU, BLUXBLUE or REDXRED.I am hoping for a long term casual roleplay with a good plot and smut. I don't mind adding conspiracies and plots that follow Mannco or what the administrator has planned or anything, but I would like more plot than mindless smut.

I'm okay with adding other pairings into the universe like:
Robot Pyro/Robot
Robot/Robot(How does this even work?)
Spy/Blu scout's mom

As far as smut goes, though not all the time, spice it up when it happens, I got no limits though maybe I'll go as far as a piss fetish. Gagging, tying up and spanking are all in my top ten, (there's only three...shut up) Also nothing too out of character, (feel free to stretch the limits)

If anyone is interested, drop me an email. I'm willing to roleplay on facebook and skype too if needed, I also know a roleplaying site. kingcobra16@gmail.com or daydreamerwind@gmail.com

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