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File 140063837763.jpg - (23.16KB , 370x388 , 370px-Sniper_vs_spy.jpg )
2032 No. 2032
I've just recently dived back into the TF2 fandom and I'm desperately craving some roleplay.

I main RED Fem!Spy and am actually really particular towards pitching her against snipers, BLU in particular because I love power struggles, though same team can work as well if the dynamic is still kept interesting. Also interested in playing her against enemy engineers because again, power dynamics are my thing.

Not ashamed to say that I enjoy smut with minimal plot, but I also love a good torture/interrogation scene, erotic or not. Totally willing to do mini-plots though I tire easily of very long winded plot devices.

If it sounds like you might be interested, don't be afraid to drop me a contact request on Skype, just let me know you're replying to this ad and I'll very eagerly return the contact request!

skype: mirroredeyes

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