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File 13256103304.jpg - (342.40KB , 1000x500 , Banner1.jpg )
233 No. 233
Before all of the holiday meals are eaten and brothers and sisters are clawing each other for a singular stuffed animal, the United Gaming Clans are proud to introduce the beginning of UGC Highlander Season 6. This will be our largest, and best season yet, but it can only happen with your help! So maggots! Get off the couch (or equivalent seat), get 8 or more of your buddies together, and start your rise to the top of the Highlander ranks!

Our prize pool has been growing and growing: Crate keys for winners, and GENUINE in-game medals just for participating (with better medals for finishing well in the playoffs too)! We plan on going even larger this season. In addition to prizes, any person registered with an active team can enter in a Highlander-themed Unusual Hat raffle! One unusual hat for each class will be given out as a way of saying thanks for helping the community thrive. More information on this as the season progresses.

Preseason begins on January 23rd. Teams will have until January 30th to sign up and register for this current season. The season will conclude with the finals taking place on April 30th.

At the end of the 10 week regular season, teams will be split into divisions based upon final ranks and compete in a single-elimination playoff to separate the best from the rest, and crown our season 6 champions. Every team will be placed into a playoff division and have a chance to become a champion.

Find out what it is like to play TF2 the way it was meant to be played!
Check here for select videos from season 5’s playoffs here (http://ugcleague.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9909)

Are you ready?
Current team leaders have until JANUARY 3rd to submit their votes for season 6's map rotation. The final rotation and schedule will be released shortly after, along with this season's weapon restrictions.

So get cracking ladies and mentelgen! Make some new friends, frag some new models, and enjoy the medals (and hats of course)! We hope to see you in UGC Highlander Season 6!

Signup at: www.ugcleague.com/TF2
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>> No. 234
File 132561045564.jpg - (364.25KB , 1000x500 , Banner2.jpg )
>> No. 235
File 132561053199.jpg - (183.43KB , 1000x300 , Banner3large.jpg )
>> No. 240
How does one enter the unusual hat raffle? I can not seem to find how to do so on the website.
>> No. 327
stout shako for 2 refined

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