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No. 314
Hello folks!

The team I was once a part of, HeA, fell apart this season. The few that stuck with me have joined up to form a new team for this upcoming season. We've got every class pretty much ironed out with a few outliers, but we desperately need a heavy. They're notoriously hard to find for comp play.

Here's what we require from you:

- Have a mic
- Have Mumble
- Be available after 9 PM EST as much as possible
- Be lighthearted

Even if you're completely new to the competitive scene, we'll still try you out in a lobby. Possibly the most important thing for a heavy in highlander is to really click with the medic on the team, so if you're not quite skilled but work excellently with our medic, then you'll most likely be on the team.

Any interested parties should add me:
>> No. 315
Ugh, dammit. I wanted to post this in the team recruitment thread. Apologies.
>> No. 316
Wow, that was QUICK. Spot filled!

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