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File 13487849337.png - (124.96KB , 500x498 , tumblr_luikrjZGfe1qmp4f4o1_500.png )
320 No. 320
So, me and two friends recently put together a highlander team of us and friends. We are actually needing a couple more people, but that's not what this thread is about. We have a bit of crap to get organized before we start looking to add new people.

My question here is, how does a very, very new team start getting into competitive? Should we look for other teams to go against? If so, how? Should we do pugs together first? Some of us have some experience with pugs, but others do not.

We're all decent pub players of varying skills, (some pretty good, some very good) but we know that doesn't translate entirely well into competitive, so we want to know where our starting ground should be. We've got a mumble, and will have a server fairly soon.

Thanks for any advice!
>> No. 356
low level highlander is fairly disorganized, TBH.
you should be alright as long as you are aware of and follow the rules of the league (recording demos, etc)

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