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File 145879266981.jpg - (15.24KB , 480x360 , balloon2.jpg )
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Would Competitve Balloon Race Be A Good Idea?

I always wondered how competitive tf2 would be like in a balloon race map (v2 or v1 or v2b). Most of the time, the balloon race maps are filled with afk players and everyone being a sniper. Being born and raised in pubs, I always wondered what competitive balloon race would be like, I couldn't make a lobby because the map type is not allowed.

When people do play the objective in balloon_race and there are a variety of classes with a decent amount of players, gameplay could be very intense and enjoyable. Perhaps someone could edit the balloon_race_v2b map to suit competitive requirements.

Basic Overview

In case you didn't know, let me describe balloon_race to you. It is a TF2 map were RED and BLU race in balloon ships to capture a central point in various locations, think of it like a extended KOTH map. There are four capture points and the map goes in a loop. In order to win, a team must capture three points, or tie and make it to the end first. To capture a point, you must have your team's airship there. To make the ship move, players must stand in front of the balloon ship near the steering wheel to make the craft move (Scouts makes the craft move faster). The longer people are on the steering wheel, the faster the ship will go. The speed of both teams are listed on the screen out of five. Every time you capture a point you will receive a speed boost. Don't fret when the enemy are ahead, though, there are shortcuts in balloon_race_v2b to drastically remove time needed to catch up. In order to board your ship, go into the portals in your spawn room, or manually 'climb' up the ladder on the side of your ship. Your enemies can aboard your craft as well, however, In balloon_race_v2b, you will be damaged a little at a time when on an enemy craft to discourage spawn camping.

The airship has a few features: breakable glass windows to shoot through, an indestructible lvl3 dispenser, and a lower layer with said dispenser and breakable glass.

To clarify, there is land below the aircraft in certain parts of the maps, perfect for advancing ahead as engineer/demo to build defense, for a pyro/scout to flank enemy aircraft enemies, for soldier/sniper to harass enemies that are aboard the ship, and for strategically placed sentries to halt enemy aircraft movement. Gameplay varies from close quarters, (Capture point locations), to long ranged sniping (When enemy is ahead or you are on ground sniping), and to medium ranged combat, (When the aircrafts are near each other).

Here is a list of pros and cons I have gathered up.

Unique map layout and gameplay
Many opportunities for flanking and defending
Shortcuts and balancing are added in the v2b version make sure race is fair
Is technically an extended KOTH map
New gameplay concepts, strategies, and ideas to be made
Gameplay varies from close quarters, to long ranged sniping, and to medium ranged combat.
All classes are important in this map
A more unique way to play TF2
Could be a very nice addition to TF2center if unbanned

May not fit competitive scope
No shortcuts in the original balloon_race map
Not many people might play
Spawn camping may be inevitable in beginning without version v2b or a competitive or 'pro' version of the map

I would like to hear your guy's opinions.

Is Competitive TF2 in any balloon race map a good idea? How would it turn out? Would it fit the competitive scope? Do you think TF2Center should alllow a balloon race map? Should someone make a competitive or pro version of balloon race?

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