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File 134610558683.jpg - (81.89KB , 800x640 , goodscreen.jpg )
363 No. 363
The TF2 Spreadsheet Admin got caught scamming recently.

>He's been buying items at a very low price, then jacking them up on the spreadsheet to resell.

He had between 50 and 100 buds when the price on those suddenly skyrocketed.

>Someone noticed and put it all over reddit,
and here's where it got good.

>The Spreadsheet Admin then tries to defend himself on reddit with a bunch of excuses about who actually sold the items he had and claiming he makes no profit, because he gave the Botkiller and all other items to his "friends."

He gets caught in his lies when all his alternative accounts (his "friends") that he used for scamming are linked with proof they are him.
>Then he got real mad and said "you all just don't understand, I have to do this."



>I never trusted spreadsheet owners, too much REAL money is being made off of TF2 hats that someone would run one of these honestly and fairly.

Why the fuck did anyone ever trust some anonymous TF2 trader, because the spreadsheet was easy to use? You're a dumb fuck if you fell for it.
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>> No. 364
File 13462326658.png - (10.09KB , 1330x141 , drunkresponse.png )

Drunken_F00l himself responded to the reddit page with this.

pic related.
>> No. 381
Not to be a noob, but who the hell is the admin? What's his backpack look like?
>> No. 437
die in a fire

Anyway who cares anyone who's smart uses backpack.tf anyway, why trust a shitty spreadsheet run by one guy?

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