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File 143687718427.png - (223.26KB , 900x872 , tf2wankabytaklayyankovi.png )
451 No. 451
Hello. I am new here and have only recently found this website and by the looks of it it is dead... So by any chances it is not i would like to show what i'm selling.

There are so many items I am selling that it is easier to put a link which has prices and all to Outpost.

Link is: http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/913692

Thank you and please respond if this board/website isn't dead.(I really hope its not)
>> No. 452
There's still some life here, but it's mostly fanfic and fanart. Never really had much about the metagame and trading here, even in the old days.
>> No. 453
Thanks for the link! Don't do much trading but I'll look at your things. I agree though, most of the activity is fanfic and fanart.

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