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File 129021595064.jpg - (51.10KB , 800x600 , 128892158930.jpg )
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Anyone here interested in playing EVE Online but don't know how to get started? Think the game is too complicated or you had a bad newbie experience? Maybe you're a bitter vet and don't think the game is fun anymore.

Autistic Sharks is the only video-game related image board corporation in EVE Online and is always looking for newbros to come join the brofist. Give the 14 day trial a shot, and when you're ingame join the /v/bros chat channel and we can get you started with cash, ships, and answer your terribly obvious questions in a snide manner.


For those who are already into EVE, we offer:

- Membership in TEST Alliance with a strong foothold in Deklein, blue to the NC, access to Goonwaffe and NC services (audio comms, jump bridge network)
- Access to alliance TS3 voice comms, wiki, forums, jabber chat.
- Community of ship spinners and griefers that have been playing together for two years.
- Alliance and corp ship reimbursement.
- 5% tax rate.

File 128940898042.png - (622.52KB , 852x480 , javaw 2010-11-10 16-40-23-42.png )
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Since the chan blew up I've no idea who started the thread (to credit them) or who's turn it is now but I do know that Sevvie, Samm, Starch, Rev, and I have had our turns now.

So whoever's turn it is, the most recent World3 file is here:
Some screenshots from my turn are here:

Post here to let us know who has it.
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>> No. 66
I would, but my brother would strangle me with my own scarf :T Maybe I would even then. Making him mad is kind of a hobby of mine.
>> No. 73
I can't on the internet I've got atm sadly :(

>> No. 81
When I do start streaming, it will be at http://www.livestream.com/michstreaman

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