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File 130240300680.jpg - (291.42KB , 800x1236 , p00.jpg )
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How has this not been posted?

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>> No. 1659
You could try increasing the field of view, IIRC that helped when HL2 was making people upchuck. Enable the console and type in the following:
sv_cheats 1
fov 90

Then set sv_cheats to 0 so it lets you unlock achievements.
>> No. 1671
200-300 years in the future is actually a good time frame, what I believe is that it is a future where Gordon Freeman succeeded in defeating the Combine and humanity has recovered. The pastoral state of the field can be explained in that when the Combine invaded, they only destroyed established population centers, and since the Aperture Science facility was located in an old salt mine in the middle of the upper Michigan countryside, it escaped their notice.

That does not work at all. The original Portal and Half Life both take place in 1998; as shown in the "Lab Rat" comic, Chell was already a test subject in cryo sleep. Rat Man altering the testing roster to put her first means the first Portal starts weeks after the neurotoxin incident. Coincidentally, this time frame also explains why no outside help was sent to examine the loss of communications with the facility and disappearance of hundreds of Enrichment Center personnel.
>> No. 1703
The first Portal starts at least a decade after the neurotoxin incedent, which happened on 'Bring Your Daughter to Work Day.'

In Portal 2, in the level where you see the abandoned science fair experiments the scientists' daughters made, there is one with a giant, overgrown potato.
Zooming in on a note on the right side of that potato's poster board will show that it was Chell's science fair experiment for Bring Your Daughter to Work Day.

So, GLaDOS killed all the scientists on Bring Your Daughter to Work Day and, assuming that since the room the experiments is in is closed off in glass it blocks any neurotoxin, she kept all the children in cryo-sleep as test subjects and made files for all of them.

So, Chell has been in the facility since she was probably somewhere around age 7 - 14.

....really makes you think what her mental capabilities really are.

File 131316930693.jpg - (23.12KB , 320x300 , n103632155147_3086590_187035.jpg )
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Yes, after so many years the sequel to Valve's most popular game is finally here. Well technically in a few months it will be here, but it has been announced.
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>> No. 1593
And according to this, Console players won't get auto-aim or aim-assist.
>> No. 1594
>And according to this, Console players won't get auto-aim or aim-assist.
People who play on consoles should probably acquire some industrial strength anal lube pronto.
>> No. 1695
I got into the PC Beta not to long ago.

Coming form casual play of 1.6, I really am liking Global Offensive.

My only gripe is the buy menu is a clear design choice for console players in mind, being un-intuitive for PC. Also, it plays a LOT like Left 4 Dead 2 did. Sometimes I just call it Counter 4 Dead.

But besides that, I really do like this version of CS!

File 131628553119.png - (487.81KB , 722x428 , Nether-LOHAC.png )
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The old thread was moved to /meta/. That one is for stuff you've built on Mancraft,for whitelist requests, and updates on the server. This thread is for minecraft general(Talking about updates Mojang is adding, stuff you've built on single-player, etc.)
Have a Beat Mesa I made up in my Nether to start the thread off. Gonna try and build the rest of what we've seen of LOHAC.
(those that don't get it,it's a Homestuck thing.)
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>> No. 1679
>> No. 1685
>> No. 1686
This week on the Wonderful World of Minecraft: Maps will probably get fucked up again and it will be months before it's properly fixed!

File 132883008165.png - (464.13KB , 554x411 , DoubleFineAdventure.png )
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Love what Double Fine (Psychonauts, Grim Fandango, Brütal Legend) do? Can't stand what their publishers do with them to push for early releases (e.g. Brütal Legend)? Want to give money to the developers directly without going through a publisher you don't trust?

Fear not, for the thing just for you is here:


Double Fine want to make a classic Point and Click adventure game. Funded by everyone who chips in. The more, the better game gets, the more voice acting, the more plattforms, etc.

Be part of something pretty rad - Donate!
>> No. 1682
File 132883590220.jpg - (130.27KB , 640x480 , SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY Redux.jpg )
Tim said on Twitter that they will make Psychonauts 2 if they hit 20 million.

>> No. 1683
i would actually love a psychonauts 2

let's just hope they won't ruin it

File 132587488660.png - (42.48KB , 364x106 , Terraria.png )
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So I heard y'all like Terraria.Who else plays?
>> No. 1667
I do, after a massive hiatus from it when I had Shadow Armour during 1.0 and got bored. Managed to take the same character up to cobalt, got an adamantite drill and some fun bits of hardmode gear, and am slowly working my way towards a full adamantite loadout. On another character, I play with a friend and we have just started, barely made it to some iron and silver gear because we spent most of our time making an excellent home within the terrain itself.

File 132189477163.jpg - (28.40KB , 453x345 , 1258053340635.jpg )
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This sorta shit usually doesn't interest me, but my god the general reaction is worth a goosey gander.


One particular comment had me choking on air for a few seconds as well.
>They get away with it because Youtube doesnt have proof. But now we have cold tangible proof that this cheater stole youtube prooperty. we can tattle him to the police and he can get either arrested, fined 1000 dollars for copyright, or banned permanently from youtube and possibly america.

Pic related, its the fan base.
>> No. 1652
I had to look at that for a while.
>Banned from America.
I... I have no words.

File 13235011157.jpg - (41.89KB , 600x347 , vga2011_spike_blog_vgalogo.jpg )
1648 No. 1648 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Thought this should go here. What are you hoping wins tomorrow in the VGAs?
Personally I voted Portal 2 on most things because that's my cup of tea, but what about all of you?

File 129747887177.jpg - (115.92KB , 800x640 , m_l_w - ow - gingerbread man.jpg )
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link 'em here
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>> No. 788
I find that the medium levels are challenging enough. Though there are a few times it appears to be impassable if you've not managed to gather enough troops from the previous levels.

Also ignore that theme hospital link if you have win7, and maybe vista.
>> No. 1614
Wow, over a year since the last post in this thread. I was not sure whether to post in this old one or make a new one, but this game is pretty fun. http://www.ace-spades.com/ It's kind of buggy and there aren't that many servers, but it is free and worth checking out. It's kind of like Minecraft, but with 2 teams shooting at eachother.
>> No. 1646

This. It's really hard to set up a working strategy when the outcome of most fights are pretty much decided by a coin-toss. Don't get me wrong, some randomness is often good in games like this (see the Fire Emblem games for an example of it done in a somewhat reasonable way), but combat outcomes in Wesnoth is so over the top unpredictable that it's almost unplayable.

File 132128452076.jpg - (66.62KB , 750x562 , 3086.jpg )
1633 No. 1633 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
League of Legends. Do you play it? Who's your favorite champ? Is Akali OP? Why is Fiddlesticks a tomato? These are questions that I need you to answer, in TF2chan's very own League of Legends general thread.
>> No. 1635
Yes, Kog'maw and Caitlyn for Summoner's Rift with Alistar for Dominion, Yes, and Because he's not a potato.
>> No. 1637
I play solo tops like Yorick, Galio or Cho'Gath. Fidllesticks has the most annoying cc of the entire game. FEAR => LULULULUCAWCAWCAW

File 13198527808.jpg - (174.78KB , 1024x768 , No More Heros Wallpaper.jpg )
1604 No. 1604 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I thought I'd make a thread for these games because I found them fun(ny) to play through and I was wondering if I'm the only one here looking forward to the third. Though the fact that travis wont be the protagonist for the third game is a little... eh, iffy to me. He's about half the reason I don't take the games so seriously.

I'm hoping that it's okay to delete/repost threads? I deleted and remade this thread because I misspelled "heroes" in the title of the last one. Uh, thanks to an Anonymous poster for pointing that out; I feel embarrassed about that goof as well as the fact that I probably would not have caught that if no one said anything.
>> No. 1609
I originally bought the first game so I could have one game on my brother's Wii to myself, and because I wanted to hear more Robin Atkin Downes after loving him as Medic. It's a lot better than I expected, and a great use of the Wii controller, although the jobs get really tedious after awhile. I feel like I barely get to fight anyone.

I also kinda wish it wasn't too much to ask to have added at least Travis into "Forbidden" mode in the PS3 port.

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