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File 131351305919.png - (72.46KB , 246x350 , 583Vanillish.png )
1492 No. 1492 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Pokemon's changed a lot over the years. When do you think Nintendo's gonna call it quits?
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>> No. 1499
I just want my massive Pokemon game with every single Gym Leader and 'mon in it.

And Pokemon Snap 3DS.
>> No. 1509
File 131434322869.png - (81.65KB , 425x670 , I am confuse.png )
Figure since we're on the subject of pokemon...
>> No. 1595
File 131966186185.gif - (12.26KB , 400x400 , Sunshine Cherrim.gif )
I will buy them until Nintendo truly calls it quits. I will always get around to buying them. Picture relevant both to the last generation of games I bought and my favorite pokemon.

File 131362687653.png - (84.43KB , 288x321 , Screen shot 2011-02-12 at 4_09_00 PM.png )
1494 No. 1494 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
My mom thought The Sims: Medieval was an addon for The Sims 3 that let your Sims stage a Ren Faire. Despite how fun that would be, I don't know if I'm ready for a level of geekery where my Sims are going to comic book conventions and Ren Faires...
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>> No. 1580
Sounds like she's a GAMES WERE BETTER IN MY DAY kind of person. Shame.

Also, my parents occasionally watch every now and then but they don't particularly care one way or the other what I'm doing.
>> No. 1588
My dad has played the Civilization games for the past 20 years or so, only switching games whenever a new sequel or expansion comes out. Apart from solitaire and the odd Facebook "game", it's the ONLY games he ever plays. That's dedication.
>> No. 1589
And on the topic of parents and videogames, I have a little nephew who literary became a geek in the womb. You know how they say babies can recognize music that their mothers played when they were pregnant? My sister used to have her laptop on her belly, so the sound of the computer fan was incredible calming to him. So when he was really small and cried, they would sit him right next to his father as he was playing WoW, and my nephew shut up almost instantly and stare at the screen. He would later become very fond of Dragon Age. Or rather the dog, since he wasn't allowed to watch the gory parts. But as far as he was concerned, just having a big digital doggy that barks and rolls around made it the best game ever.

My other nephew like to watch me play Civilization 5 ("Civ!"). He likes the little animations of sheep and foxes jumping around.

File 131790447844.png - (553.25KB , 400x1200 , Soul Sphere.png )
1581 No. 1581 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

>> No. 1582
File 131798186230.png - (383.28KB , 1280x720 , Screenshot_Doom_20110909_014141.png )
...Why would a site that sells lifeboat rations and first aid kits have a article about video game stuff?
>> No. 1587
It makes perfect sense. An article about things that help characters survive on a site all about emergency survival sounds right to me.

File 131301589542.jpg - (18.65KB , 441x298 , 1.jpg )
1475 No. 1475 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Here are all N64 roms released in English and Spanish of this great game system. You can download the emulators too in the next link.


Enjoy anons!
>> No. 1573

File 131551738773.jpg - (35.72KB , 360x270 , PuzzlePirates.jpg )
1532 No. 1532 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm lookin' fer a right proper crew ta' sail the seven seas with me, pillaging and puzzling as we go! I've looted the carcass of the years-old ship owned by TF2chan's previous crew, The Salty Seamen, and have a decent startup fund ready to go on the Sage server, about 20k PoE and 4 dubloons. If you've been interested in Puzzle Pirates, now is pretty much the best possible time to be joining up and trying it out, as it's free to play on Steam! If you're interested, drop a line here or hit me up on steam and I'll see about getting you into the game and having some fun!

Currently, there is no official crew yet because I need to practice with my brand new Steam account pirate, so the first goal is to practice our puzzling skills and earn ourselves some money and dubloons. If everyone wishes, we can play on a different server than Sage, but I won't be able to contribute my past pirate's funds to our cause if we do. Either way, let's have some fun!
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>> No. 1569
I'm still here. I play about an hour or so a day.

Question: Is there any way to get around the doubloon pickup fee when buy a ship?
>> No. 1570
Only by buying a pre-made ship from someone. Generally then it costs far more in PoE, but unlike the way I saw it happening about two years ago, people seem to still be asking for the same amount of dubloons in exchange for maybe one or two grand off the PoE price.
>> No. 1572
i'm done playing by myself. got better games to play now. but you can count me as active when you need a crew

File 129735956671.png - (180.03KB , 522x600 , Fire Emblem 41.png )
772 No. 772 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Awww yeah guys, gonna get my Fire Emblem on.
I recently made a new file on Shadow Dragon, and it's reminded me how much I adore this series.

So hop to it guys! Discuss!
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>> No. 1548
Oh my god, FE13~

>> No. 1551
Not sure if I like the new character designs. I prefer Senri Kita's work and the one who did 6+7+8.
>> No. 1558
Oh man oh man I love Fire Emblem. I haven't played any in a long time... though I guess part of that is due to my DS going missing somewhere. Well, I guess when the huge housecleaning project is finished and everything is back in place, it'll turn up...

Anyway, YES. Fire Emblem. I get way too attached to all my units. Whenever I 'ship something I keep them practically glued together during battles... it got so ingrained that I did that in a different strategy game where that kind of thing didn't matter...

File 131532632848.jpg - (43.34KB , 500x319 , teamwork2.jpg )
1530 No. 1530 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
got one for tf2 and one for l4d, why not one for games in general.

Had a ridiculous game last night. I was playing as Heimerdinger, my buddy as fiddle and another person as Ash, we had two more players, the monkey guy and garon i think. Anyway. we had destroyed their middle inhibitor, had their bottom lane down to their inner turret and their top lane to their inhibitor turret. We were pushed back to our inhibitor turrets except the top one, we were not in too bad of shape, we could probably win this. then they pushed hard, killing 2 of our guys, which caused one to vote to surrender, when it failed, monkey and garon left, leaving us 3v5.

we were pretty much like shit, this will not end well. But we went screw it.

the three us us stuck together and using ash as bait, as she was the weakest of us, but had the most armor. she had lured 5 of the enemies down to where me and fid were hiding in the bushes, we managed to take out 4 and send the 5th running. We took out 2 towers and two inhibitors by the time they re-spawned as this was late in the game. by this time, my ap was at 465, fid's at 3oo something. they ganked us as we were regrouping to the middle lane, we slew 4 again. At this time, they surrendered. I could not stop laughing.

Goes to show good teamwork will will always give you a great edge.

File 131481193911.jpg - (56.89KB , 543x400 , 1314798494302.jpg )
1525 No. 1525 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Minitroopers thread.
Post your links! Share some love!

File 131456264367.jpg - (77.95KB , 600x270 , GTA4-Modded-v2.jpg )
1516 No. 1516 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Images and video at http://www.pagesportal.net/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=423

It looks like real life i bet you will be amazed.

File 13144987477.jpg - (42.43KB , 610x207 , Space-pirates-and-zombies-logo.jpg )
1515 No. 1515 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Holy crap this game is awesome. It's like a roguelike combined with Star Control II or Gratuitous Space Battles and a bit of Escape Velocity thrown in.

A gameplay trailer:

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