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File 130371427658.jpg - (197.09KB , 590x320 , Battlefield-3.jpg )
1152 No. 1152 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
It looks like Battlefield 3 is certainly shaping up well.

File 130318575235.jpg - (212.39KB , 850x623 , sample-3fa2914184a6c89f4ca8340d298e1ac1.jpg )
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Lets get the video game board moving with some new content!

Any Touhou fans in here?
>> No. 1127
File 130320892150.png - (60.95KB , 400x300 , 1207341790858.png )
Played them all over the years up to Double Spoiler. I'm a bit burnt out now.

File 129239548414.jpg - (18.68KB , 530x192 , gamthehumblebundle2530.jpg )
428 No. 428 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
That's right, the wildly successful Humble Indie Bundle is back with 5 new indie games and the same 'pay what you want' price.


I for one already had 2 of the games but grabbed it anyway. Cause it's always good to give a bit of money to charity and I got some games for it!
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>> No. 462
Just so people know, not only does this come with a key to redeem the games on Steam it now also has a key available for the original Humble Indie Bundle!
>> No. 472
I can't seem to stop calling this the hundle bumble.
>> No. 1114
Humble Indie Bundle 3 is running, 12 days left.
The games are all by Frozenbyte:
Shadowgrounds Survivor
Splot (Pre-order bonus)
Jack Claw (A unfinished alpha you get as a "bonus")

Guess they're running out of money for Trine 2. Trine is a great Lost Vikings style platformer, I highly recommend it. Shadowgrounds isn't as good but if you like Alien Shooter style arena games you'll probably enjoy it.

File 129375206710.png - (137.28KB , 394x500 , Prosectuting_for_dummies_by_timtam19923.png )
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Why don't have this yet? Well, about damn time!

Discuss the Ace Attorney series here, may it be Phoenix, Polly or Edgeworth's fabulous spin off. MAKE SURE YOU USE SPOILER TAGS WHEN APPLICABLE - Better safe than sorry!

I personally just finished Ace Attorney Investigations 1. The series had a great start and I'm hungering for more! I got treated to great twists, enjoyable new characters and LOTS of fanservice of the nonsexual kind (seriously people, play this AFTER the Phoenix Wright games or you'll miss a lot of fun). Now I need the sequel like burning!

Official site for everyone who's interested: http://capcom.co.jp/gyakutenkenji/2/
(And it'd better have more Shi-Long Lang, damnit!)
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>> No. 795
Is there any info on a release date for the US (AAI-2)? I want this game so badly.
>> No. 1111
File 130271172587.jpg - (5.47KB , 225x225 , Fuck you shirt.jpg )

>> No. 1112
File 130272168570.jpg - (12.97KB , 428x320 , 1302025218002.jpg )

File 130084004137.png - (879.11KB , 1280x688 , Male Hawke.png )
992 No. 992 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I can't be the only one here playing this.

The combat and landscapes in the demo really threw me off, but I haven't been able to put this game down since it was released. The character development is actually fairly deep and well-paced, even if their reasons for joining you seem somewhat arbitrary and their reasons for staying seem irrelevant at first.

And, surprisingly, I'm not too annoyed with combat. The selection of talent trees can make for some pretty potent combinations - although Mages are horribly OP, as usual.
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>> No. 1005
File 130099677022.jpg - (668.32KB , 1680x1050 , 1299661670225.jpg )
>some darkspawn, your typical mercs running around, mage abominations
>> No. 1103
I'm slowpoking the fuck out and just realized Fenris is Balthier from Final Fantasy XII. I fucking loved Balthier there. And Sten was Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing. Holy shit.
>> No. 1104
File 130259892079.jpg - (208.93KB , 1600x1200 , wallpaper_rule_of_rose_01_1600.jpg )
I was pretty surprised when I realized where I recognized femHawke's voice from.

File 130195443130.jpg - (953.41KB , 1280x720 , deadisland-all-all-screenshot-002.jpg )
1058 No. 1058 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
who's excited about this game and possible beta testing?
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>> No. 1076
I'm interested in how the "no guns in the game at all" thing will work.
>> No. 1087
After confirmation that the game is still in production after a few good years of total silence, I can't not be excited.
Granted, the shifted focus from single player to 'up to' four player co-op and the whole special zombies thing has alarm bells blaring in my head.
>> No. 1100
Resident Evil Outbreak (every char have his own ability) + L4D (special infected) + Dead Rising (melee paradise) = Dead Island

File 128918030240.jpg - (213.97KB , 650x646 , b78cd14a23af9b918335e7b1bb8a5bd6.jpg )
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Let's try again.

Pic related.
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>> No. 1080
File 13021352913.png - (695.05KB , 1280x767 , 1300073528223.png )
Actually, I'm going with Rock Polish, Rock Blast, Gunk Shot, and Body Slam with Stench and King's Rock. Should be a pretty flinchtastic set.
>> No. 1082
That is a pretty awesome move set. I'm just one for stall tactics, I like to do dual battles with Garbby and Drifblim for laughs.
>> No. 1084
File 130225515917.jpg - (276.86KB , 800x588 , pokemontrainers copy.jpg )
Hey. I have a question for all ya'll who play competitive pokemon. I'm making a pokemon character (rough design on the right) who is in part a parody of competitive cliches. However, I know almost nothing about competitive pokemon. So -

What's the most cliche'd competitive team you can think of? I'm talking like, strategy, pokemon types, natures, builds, you name it. Just stuff where you walk into a battle and you're like "goddamn, this shit again?" Legendaries are out of bounds, but puesdo-legendaries are fine. I got a basic team up there, but any information/changes would be great. I could probably also read up on what kind of lingo is used. Since you guys seem to be fairly knowledgeable, anyone willing to help a bro out?

File 130208669211.png - (12.91KB , 800x232 , gang garrison.png )
1070 No. 1070 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
A new game by faucet.
Think the look of monecraft, and the play style of tf2.
We need a server.
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>> No. 1072
This game is fun. I play this game since 1.0
>> No. 1073
File 130210921117.gif - (193.64KB , 500x500 , 130180371615.gif )
But yeah, a TF2chan server for Gang Garrison would be pretty neat.
>> No. 1077
Edit post how do you work.

File 130182899660.jpg - (53.45KB , 453x604 , 1260239374980.jpg )
1049 No. 1049 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I stumbled across this video today on youtube, it seems I'm a little late in finding it but really as an avid fan of TF2 this shit is ridiculous.


Watch it for yourself and be amazed at how moronic the person reviewing it is.

Oh and pic unrelated.
>> No. 1094
Idiot or satire?
You decide.

File 130043829118.png - (113.24KB , 392x693 , scary-ass mother fucker.png )
968 No. 968 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
i am disappoint.

okay guys my favorite zelda game is majora's mask and i was just playing it and talking to perryj and she was talking about how she said she made a ghost trick thread and so i was all "oh okay well what if there was a majora's mask thread on the chan that site would be so poppin'," and then she told me to make one

so, like. discuss your favorite zelda games, ask questions about the series, and list your theories surrounding big mysteries in the game.

i have a pretty big question, myself, and it concerns the OP image. WHY THE FUCK DOES LINK LOOK LIKE THIS WHEN HE USES ELEGY OF EMPTINESS.
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>> No. 1012

a 3Ds is a completely different system with brand-new technology to give off a 3D effect without the glasses. any games made for the 3Ds won't work for the regular DS, i don't think, since it's a completely different system.
>> No. 1025
I understand they won't, and that it is a completely different system now, but I just don't think I actually need another DS until mine falls apart and/or ceases to function. Might be cause I can't afford it lol.

My sister may need a new one before I do, She accidentally broke a hinge on her's but both screens and everything works fine.

It's just not a necessity right now. Sage for not contributing to the Zelda convo.
>> No. 1027

oh i thought you meant that you thought it was just an upgrade to the ds like the dsi or something

i sold my ds a while ago because i needed money for a convention and i never played it anyway, i only played like three games on there, one of which being a zelda game

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