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File 129185822047.jpg - (76.81KB , 303x450 , 33huhradio_anonib.jpg )
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I never said The Room was a bad game, I just think it would have been better if Konami had just stayed the course with it instead of trying to jam it into the SH franchise, where it looks like the uncomfortable odd one out at the family get-together. The vague tie-ins with the rest of the series just so it would be a Silent Hill game cheapened it a bit, in my humble opinion.
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>> No. 806
File 129766291823.jpg - (9.07KB , 259x195 , 1296509190152.jpg )
oh i guess since this isn't here i might as well leave it (and revive the thread)

EGM digital magazine got to sit down with the producer of Silent Hill: Downpour, Devin Shatsky. He lets loose some information about their new horror game.

There will be multiple endings in the game

Won’t be able to play all of the side-quests in one playthrough

Devin Shatsky prefers to call Downpour a Psychological Thriller rather than a Survival Horror game

Use a subway system to get around town

The team has made several walk cycles based on whether Murphy (main character) has been attacked, near something scary, or just in the dark

The biggest goal for the team is to create a feeling of unreliability in the game (never-ending hallways, disappearing rooms)
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>> No. 811
>Pyramid Head will not be in this game
I have never been happier. Thank fucking god.
I was almost certain he would be with all that Murphy=James speculation.
>> No. 819
>no pyramid head
Thank whatever runs this crazy house that they have some sense.

File 129486251165.jpg - (718.21KB , 1280x720 , BC2 Engie2.jpg )
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Let us discuss the underdog of the 2010 big-name shooters, Bad Company 2.

I love Battlefield BC2 for many of the same reasons I play TF2 endlessly- cooperation and team-play are integral to actually winning rounds in this game.

The parallels between the two are plentiful- they're both class-based shooters after all. You've got Medic class (love-child of The Medic and The Heavy), Assault class (product of savage man-sex between The Soldier and The Demo), Engineer class (he can put things together, and take them apart with even greater ease), and Recon class(just like in TF2, he's not simply *just* a Sniper)

The Engineer, just like in TF2, is the most fun class for me to play- and Rush mode is the ONLY mode for me. Rush mode is pretty much TF2's CP Attack/Defend: BLU team destroys two points of interest in RED team's base, and RED team has to retreat to another base further back.

So, who else around here plays Battleteam Fieldfortress 2?
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>> No. 626
File 129522593443.jpg - (573.34KB , 910x1318 , f22488fafa9da4b36e012da9dbb88cd5.jpg )
And I guess you missed the drawing at the top of the page of the medic dressed like a playboy girl.

Anyways, I mainly play on the PS3 and I've found that shotgun sniping of chopper pilots isn't that common on it, probably 'cause the sticks aren't as accurate as a mouse.

Might as well post a link to this, Stats for all the guns:
>> No. 630
File 129524029511.png - (329.10KB , 800x800 , 74ce02dd49a2488f9f9106c5e8164302.png )

A friend of mine very recently got the game, and while showing him all the things you could do, I told him about shotgun slugs, and then I spent this weekend countersniping with the shotgun. I will begrudgingly admit that it was impractically *hilarious* to do to people.

I feel unclean for enjoying it- though my favorite kind of trolling is sneaking up to entire squadrons and backstabbing them... so delicious.

I also forgot to post this before, but for anyone unfamiliar with the gameplay, this video was released last year when the game came out, and has a nice break-down of each class.

>> No. 761
So have they fixed the stats issue yet?

File 129409251227.jpg - (36.11KB , 600x300 , killingfloor.jpg )
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So yeah, General discussion of this awesome zombie game.

I'm still fairly green at it myself, so any tips would be appreciated.
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>> No. 737
File 129679771397.gif - (456.85KB , 390x293 , 12836364192.gif )
Nice. Just nice.

I miss KF pretty bad, I'm not sure my computer can handle it with its 'built into the motherboard' video card since my old one burned out
>> No. 740
Get a one year old medium classed one for like thirty bucks and ROCK.
>> No. 741
File 129683642462.jpg - (91.84KB , 1024x800 , fuck you computer.jpg )
> join kf_filthscross [5/6]
>2 guys are still standing, only 4 zombies left and one of them dies.
>the other dude welds a door shut, with all the remaining zeds
>he welds
>and welds
>and welds
>someone finally asks him what the flying fuck he's doing, he could take the remaining zeds easily
>"need to get my weld points up lol"
>"but we want to get back to playing
>"theres plenty of other servers, go join one of them"

this went on for 15 minutes before he went afk and the door fell.
im not proud of the things i did out of spite on the next map

File 129642345054.jpg - (12.33KB , 293x289 , sliem.jpg )
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Dragon Quest, anyone?

I've only played IV(Chapters of the Chosen) on the DS though, a remake of the one on the NES, and dang, it's one amazing game.

File 129528493147.jpg - (75.55KB , 500x500 , 1290735216248.jpg )
633 No. 633 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Microsoft said so.
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>> No. 672
File 129574124672.jpg - (303.95KB , 692x657 , 129153404734.jpg )
I am genuinely upset with this.
I probably shouldn't be, and admitting so probably makes me look silly, but I am.
>> No. 680
I found this.
Hitting download will just make it try to size it up to best fit your monitor.
>> No. 682
File 129577310532.jpg - (459.60KB , 720x750 , 7e7b8b1dad569300b5eb3dc0b1ffd78b.jpg )
Artist is inuue_kiyu on danbooru.

File 129495727653.jpg - (59.12KB , 500x400 , 1275100285534.jpg )
611 No. 611 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Let's start up a Bioshock thread shall we?

Who're your favorite characters? What's your favorite Rapture location? What's your favorite plasmid? What's your "one-two punch" strategy? And what're your thoughts on Bioshock Infinite?
>> No. 617
Andrew ryan has a very, Mr.house personality.
>> No. 619
File 129506051497.jpg - (598.31KB , 822x886 , Elizabeth_and_Him.jpg )
>>617 If you're referring to Mr. House of New Vegas, it'd probably be fairer to say that the other way around. But they do share some resemblances.

How to kill splicers or daddies? Bees bees, more bees. Occasionally a pistol if the bees don't kill them outright. I'm also very fond of Incinerate.

First game, I really enjoyed Atlas's skewered guidance, and in the second, similarly, I had a real soft spot for Sinclair.
Though the whole cast of the first game were all spot on for what Irrational was trying to accomplish, you could kinda tell they weren't the producers of the /second/ game. That being said, they are totally the producers of Infinite.. and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. I'm glad Booker is a voiced character, with a background. I don't mind "blank" characters once in a while, like Jack, but they're harder to connect to.

< Also, I'm pretty sure we have to fight Him.

File 128918421739.png - (196.92KB , 1280x1002 , 2010-11-07_22_40_38.png )
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Once more with feeling, guys- Mancraft and TF2chan rise from the ashes, ever glorious- ever DICKS EVERYWHERE.
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>> No. 586
>> No. 595
File 129485620155.jpg - (73.26KB , 545x725 , 127574492924.jpg )
Oh man, I need to come back and build Echo Base Aerodrome again- I'm glad there's lots of flat ice surface to do it on in the new map :D

I missed you guys! When the old map exploded, I shifted my gaming energy to BFBC2 Vietnam with a few IRL friends of mine... It's become an addiction, just like TF2 and Minecraft... *Eyes the untold amount of games on his Steam list that go unplayed because of these three games)
>> No. 596
Yes, come back to us! Also, I completely know what you mean.. I have so many games now on Steam and I only really play a couple of them. I'll get to the rest... eventually.

Whoops, looks like we're auto-saging.

File 129364634689.png - (267.00KB , 480x640 , 1293559799008.png )
488 No. 488 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Time for a Yume Nikki thread.
Anyone play it? Thoughts? Theories? Favorite character? Thing that scared you the most?

Uboa makes me jump every time.
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>> No. 499
File 129375003485.jpg - (529.88KB , 1000x846 , 128061135092.jpg )
I do believe there are no theories behind this, its just some guy making a game about a little girl who kept a diary and each room represented a page/section of that diary of her misfortunate life.
Or I'm wrong of course haha. I dunno where I read it, it was a long time ago.
Even though I love the game its one I can only watch people playing, I find it tedious to play myself haha.
The Aztec Monkey Rave is fantastic. Its probably the only light-hearted part of the game. Wall makes me shit a goddamn brick!
>> No. 505
it DOES translate out to "Dream Diary" Yume = Dream, Nikki = Diary. Not far-fetched at all my friend.
>> No. 517
File 129395055470.png - (13.79KB , 638x480 , AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png )
These guys kinda... surprised me.

File 128951923561.jpg - (248.89KB , 360x441 , psychonauts-game.jpg )
65 No. 65 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]


Valve needs to publish this. Give the people TF2 items when they preorder and it's going to sell like mad. I just hope a second game would be a full thing and not just a small game.

Also, Psychonauts general thread. DISCUSS.
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>> No. 465
It was originally going to be an Xbox exclusive before Microsoft decided that they didn't want to publish it.
>> No. 466
Fun factoid - I have played both, and I prefer the PS2 version. Yes, it's not as pretty, and the controls didn't map well due to the loss of two essential buttons. But the final level was far less of freaking headache to complete, and the story and the characters were ported over perfectly. I can forgive lesser graphics since the controls worked, if not gracefully.
>> No. 467

i like sasha.

File 128918014198.jpg - (573.75KB , 727x827 , punchout-wii.jpg )
1 No. 1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I know you're out there. There's more than just me and that one guy on /coq/ who likes this game. Stop hiding.
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>> No. 90
I've draw some but the anatomy isn't that great. However, it has improved thanks to drawing the characters from the series, Team Fortress 2 and Monkey Island. No more animu-style for me! (hopefully)
>> No. 402
File 129207051790.jpg - (77.08KB , 424x415 , little_mac.jpg )
Bumping PUNCH-OUT GET to post a link to all the hours of my life that I can never get back.


When You Don't See It Coming is rapefic. If you don't like rapefic, don't read it. Also it's unfinished. Sticks and Stones is also unfinished and has turned into some kind of ridiculous epic.
>> No. 440
File 129256678822.png - (366.82KB , 431x591 , hijo del santo vs blue demon jr.png )
I tried doing a unserious oneshot of Glass Joe/Von Kaiser once because I thought the ones I saw weren't "manry" enough as the two characters should've been. Didn't really get past two paragraphs, but I felt a little bit more better about it though.

Yeah, the fandom's pretty small, so it's always neat to see someone write a new fic, draw a new picture, or dare I say update a story? Sometimes I feel it's me and four other guys who want to write/draw stuff about this game.

I bump this story a lot, but check out http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5333921/10/Mac_Versus_the_Boxing_Demon. The plot starts with a concept so random and unexplained, yet runs with it like a champ. Everybody is loving character, and it's surprisingly one of the better PO fics out there.

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