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File 129250088541.png - (362.15KB , 640x480 , Bible_Black_-_The_Game.png )
432 No. 432 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Yes maggots, i have payed (yes, payed this shit)Bible Black because i want to play games with strange gameplay.

So someone can help me what i do in this game (like decisions)?
And I laughed when the girls talked about the power of dark magic

Pic releted of course
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>> No. 434

i have finished this game (what the...)with one bad ending(of 12) and i don't play this fucking game anymore. Never. Worst money ever.

I go back to True Love
>> No. 435
you get one bad ending and stop playing? I thought you have to go through bad endings to get good endings with the visual novels.
>> No. 436
i hate this game from now

raep,incest or/and something like with music "horror" and high content of "juice"(juice, juice everywhere.

these things make me slightly sick (especially with the soundtrack with dark themes)

File 129152302451.jpg - (38.04KB , 657x494 , CAPITAL_by_Keddu.jpg )
341 No. 341 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone else play these? I've only played the fourth one, Oblivion, and I can't stay away from the game. Talk about the series in general here.
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>> No. 387
I only ever played a little bit of Morrowind, and seeing as how it was my first Elder Scrolls game I lost interest quickly when I was very bad at it. I liked the argonians though.
Then I played Oblivion, and since it was a litle clearer on where I was supposed to go and what I had to do, I managed to catch on and my interest was revived.

I just wish we hadn't lost Morrowind, I'd like to give it a second try.
>> No. 401
Something from Eurogamers about the fifth Elder Scroll game.

>> No. 408
Trailer for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


File 128941670070.jpg - (77.89KB , 609x1515 , 1289411634484.jpg )
33 No. 33 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Holy shit this game is good.
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>> No. 391
File 129189794338.jpg - (334.77KB , 779x570 , ncrdouche.jpg )
I was so angry that I couldn't play as a ghoul that I rolled a dude who glowed in the dark in protest.
>> No. 392
File 129189803278.jpg - (192.50KB , 459x548 , indepedent.jpg )
And this was the dude from the playthrough I just finished. Mai husbando is in the back, and I have no idea how he can see without those dorky glasses of his.
>> No. 393
Well shit, the NCR assassination squad will fuck your shit up if you aren't armed to the teeth and expecting them. There's two normal rangers, one elite ranger, and one heavy trooper.

File 129045302364.jpg - (416.09KB , 1197x856 , Sollywuvsunicorns.jpg )
217 No. 217 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
We all know there's a fuckton of games avaible on Steam, especially noname ones - But which are worth your money and time?

Here's the topic for recommending and discussing all those little and/or unnoticed games on Steam that don't get much media attention but are still enjoyable and worth checking out. Tell us what you enjoy aside from the big names!

Picture related, it's from Peggle Extreme, a demo for Peggle Deluxe. It features levels not featured in the other Peggle games. The levels are Valve game themed and worth checking out. Peggle is a enjoyable little game, pretty much a bit like the Puzzle genre meets Breakout meets Bust a Mobve. Try it!


(Also what's with Soldier and unicorns?)
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>> No. 260
Correction: They are on sale on the PopCap website. Just to make clear.
>> No. 261

Best Music Game Evah.

and with Orange Box Soundtrack (not updated with new songs of TF2)
>> No. 334
File 129135979059.jpg - (137.43KB , 636x545 , three-raspberries-636.jpg )
Defense Grid.
Not overly complex, and not for those who don't like starcraft-like tower defense games...
But it's worth the small price tag, and proves to be challenging but not to the point you rip out hair.

Also...I am in love with Entity, even if he's nothing but a disembodied British voice....


File 129036949871.gif - (4.62KB , 130x141 , 1278229268296.gif )
209 No. 209 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hello TF2chan,

I was wondering... do you get those days in which you just don't want to play video games at all? It came to my understanding is that the older I get, the less time I contribute to any of it. The world goes around a lot faster and it seems like it just gets closer and closer to not playing at all.

I've bought AC: Brotherhood just yesterday and I only played around 20 minutes of it. I try but it seems like it seems to be uninteresting to play even if it's a outstanding game.

I've played TF2 for like, what, 400 hours? I didn't even do the Halloween event.

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>> No. 277
I have three new games and I haven't been able to play them at all. I have time I just have no desire to. Really weird for me.
>> No. 283
If I want to get into a game it's pretty simple. Lurk around in the fandom for the game of choice. They'll continuously point out the things about the game that make you want to play and pretty soon you'll feel like playing it. Or at least I do...
>> No. 285

See, that doesn't really work for me anymore. If I lurk in a fandom for long enough it just makes me want to draw/write gay porn of the male characters, which eventually turns into some massive, plot-driven story arc with fic and/or illustrations.

It's kind of counterproductive.

File 128972152524.jpg - (69.57KB , 451x566 , 1215230684135.jpg )
122 No. 122 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I know I'm not the only WoWfag here.

I'm generally on Echo Isles (shit server is shit and has it's own Chrischan).

My chracters are an 80 ork warlock, 80 undead priest, 80 tauren warrior, 80 dwarf rogue.

The biggest thing I'm looking forward to in Cata is people bitching and rage quitting when their t10 gets replaced with greens.

P.S. Let's try to keep this civil, if you think WoW sucks cause you're a "hardcore" gamer then please don't bother stirring up shit about it.
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>> No. 301
I called eight different times all within their posted hours.
>> No. 309
Might as well post..
I play on Stormreaver with a bunch of college friends. I've also got a few low lvl Horde on Vashj.
I've got an 80 human pally and a few low lvl's (currently working on a druid). I've only been playing for about a year but its been fun.I'm definitely looking forward to Cata since it's the first major thing I'll be around for with this game.
>> No. 312
I finally got through to them and they fixed my problem in, like, 2 minutes... Sure I was on hold for 30, but they must have dealt with my problem before.

I had to remake my Mage again, but this took even less time. I am now on Cenarius and transferred 300 gold and items to my new Mage from my older character. Hurray!

File 129079928840.jpg - (13.92KB , 284x177 , images.jpg )
272 No. 272 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
It's this time of season again! Post what games you plan on buying and for what systems!

Golden Sun DS (ordered!)
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>> No. 308
Hell yes for region-free DS. How much is it costin you to import it?
>> No. 310
File 129119871649.png - (374.40KB , 700x494 , 34244_star_wars_the_force_unleashed_ii.png )
I thought ALL DS were region free. I have games from America, Europe and Japan and they all work on my DSlite.

As to the OP, UH. Quite a few. Biggest on my list was The Force Unleashed II and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. I've been avoiding reiews and forums about both of 'em cuz I dont want it spoiled.

Also fuuughhhhhh. Deus Ex: HUman Revolution. WANT BADLY. So badly.
>> No. 311
I'm getting it for around $50 with free shipping. Not bad I'd say, assuming the game blows my mind like the first one. Plus it has dozens more fanservice with Kyle.

You're right, all DS are region free

File 129012835713.png - (172.55KB , 500x521 , uragaan_by_frillylace-d30kbvw.png )
178 No. 178 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Any Monster Hunters here?
If you are a fan I'm sure you've seen the new MH3P trailer by now and if you haven't... make sure your body is ready for this...

p.s Uragaan is the cutest monster of them all! (pic related)
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>> No. 198
I remember a time when I was a young hunter and would shit my pants when he crashed our hunting parties but after watching this:
he isn't that scary any more :/
>> No. 275
File 129083535170.jpg - (230.73KB , 1024x777 , 3639586904_2b9234bd33_b.jpg )
Anyone have Freedom Unite for PSP?
It's ridiculously fun to play with friends.
And I love the felynes... they're so cute.
>> No. 295
Have you guys seen this!?
The end boss in MHP3
(dear Lord I hope this will be like an air born Jhen battle!)

File 129073300599.jpg - (200.80KB , 925x303 , give and get.jpg )
264 No. 264 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
For anyone living under a rock, there is currently a pre-holiday sale happening on Steam from 24-29th of November. Along with this there is a daily draw where Steam hands out the top 5 games on their wishlists to 30 people.

And this is apparently what we have to look forward to.
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>> No. 1374
>> No. 1375
>> No. 1376

File 12903547445.jpg - (118.32KB , 900x506 , Shank_and_Falcone_by_jeffagala.jpg )
208 No. 208 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
tell yer troughts in this awesome 2D side-scroller graphic novel-like videogame

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