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File 128918014198.jpg - (573.75KB , 727x827 , punchout-wii.jpg )
1 No. 1
I know you're out there. There's more than just me and that one guy on /coq/ who likes this game. Stop hiding.
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>> No. 3
I played a bit of this ages ago and never got around to finishing it. I should fix that, shouldn't I?
>> No. 9
More people need to play this game, it's just so much fun. I'm not even a fan of the sports genre but Punch-Out definitely makes an exception.
>> No. 18
I loved the old Punch-Out. Since I don't own a Wii I have never played this one though.
>> No. 19
I got love for ya yo
>> No. 29
I have the Wii and the Virtual Console version of the NES game. They are both fun and challenging. I still need to finish "Mac's Last Stand" on the Wii version.
>> No. 79
I bet none of you write or draw for this game.

Or if you do, that you'd never own up to it.

>> No. 80
I would if I could, but you've seen the quality of my writing so it's safe to say that it's a good thing that I'm not writing.
I'm going to try playing this again though, from the beginning. Even if it means I have to steal back my damn wii!
>> No. 90
I've draw some but the anatomy isn't that great. However, it has improved thanks to drawing the characters from the series, Team Fortress 2 and Monkey Island. No more animu-style for me! (hopefully)
>> No. 402
File 129207051790.jpg - (77.08KB , 424x415 , little_mac.jpg )
Bumping PUNCH-OUT GET to post a link to all the hours of my life that I can never get back.


When You Don't See It Coming is rapefic. If you don't like rapefic, don't read it. Also it's unfinished. Sticks and Stones is also unfinished and has turned into some kind of ridiculous epic.
>> No. 440
File 129256678822.png - (366.82KB , 431x591 , hijo del santo vs blue demon jr.png )
I tried doing a unserious oneshot of Glass Joe/Von Kaiser once because I thought the ones I saw weren't "manry" enough as the two characters should've been. Didn't really get past two paragraphs, but I felt a little bit more better about it though.

Yeah, the fandom's pretty small, so it's always neat to see someone write a new fic, draw a new picture, or dare I say update a story? Sometimes I feel it's me and four other guys who want to write/draw stuff about this game.

I bump this story a lot, but check out http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5333921/10/Mac_Versus_the_Boxing_Demon. The plot starts with a concept so random and unexplained, yet runs with it like a champ. Everybody is loving character, and it's surprisingly one of the better PO fics out there.
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