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File 137390988955.jpg - (149.99KB , 1280x800 , tf2vaycay.jpg )
1769 No. 1769
Totally called Killing Floor getting Steam Trading Cards. Told my best friend just the other day that that'd be exactly what the game needs to get people to play it more.

Kinda wish there was a mod/mutator/whatever to keep the Summer, Halloween, or Winter Zed models all year round, though. I hate the default ones. Although that damn cymbal monkey Scrake haunts my fucking nightmares forever. The sight of it jamming its chainsaw in slow motion into my character's gut was enough to make me hate the damn things.
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>> No. 1788
File 139978427496.jpg - (14.29KB , 320x240 , tumblr_m2bm6w3MmI1r3ltww.jpg )
>>Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire remakes
>>Don't Starve multiplayer
>>Killing Floor 2

Though TBH, I don't think Tripwire are answering my initial requests, which were:

1. Unique voices for each character
2. Carry over all old DLC
3. More female characters
4. More plot
>> No. 1789
Don't forget >Civilization: Beyond Earth in Q3
I am so hype for Alpha Centauri remake you have no idea.
>> No. 1790
File 139981048953.gif - (602.45KB , 200x189 , oh colon.gif )
>Don't Starve multiplayer
>> No. 1791
I'd like to play more strategy games (I do own Civ V, but that's it), and I'd like to check that game out, but I've run into a couple problems:

* That guy I added on Steam who only likes strategy games, and ignores me unless I boot up Civ V, and then keeps begging to join my game

* The people I do talk to often who have the game, but are never interested in playing

It's just one of those things I'm apprehensive to play by myself, as a newbie.

I will totally play the fuck out of it with you.
>> No. 1792
File 140132034790.png - (15.65KB , 398x439 , swordbullets_medicwat.png )
>>should have known better: gaming edition
>>1. do not play assassin's creed ii on shitty computer that cannot run the game + steam well, let alone uplay
>>(uplay is awful and ubisoft needs to realize nobody cares for it, at all)
>>2. do not play assassin's creed ii without controller, it is not really made for mouse and keyboard
>>3. do not believe friends who lie and tell you you can skip the first game without any knowledge of the plot
>>(I have no idea who these characters are or what is going on or what the fuck an abstergo is)
>>(also how the hell does one play a stealth game)
>> No. 1793
File 140136808839.jpg - (55.68KB , 427x231 , how do staleth.jpg )
>> No. 1800
File 142264666575.png - (440.60KB , 963x585 , rubacava.png )
I have wanted to play Grim Fandango since I was seven years old. I am finally doing the thing.

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