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File 14215982687.jpg - (14.43KB , 403x395 , 1419712249451.jpg )
1795 No. 1795
opinion on gamergate
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>> No. 1796
File 142162903541.jpg - (297.35KB , 900x805 , dat gamergate tho.jpg )
This pic and the next one pretty much sum it up for me. rip plebcomics

If I had any spare fucks, I would give more than a handful to the drama caused by a cheating, lying, manipulative woman who has pretty much reversed what little progress women had made in the industry. Now we're back to being nothing but camwhores who will bat our eyelashes at any man to get perks, and who can't game for shit or be taken seriously.
>> No. 1797
File 142162909023.jpg - (335.18KB , 900x843 , so attacked right now.jpg )
And "big name" video games journalism is a piece of shit anyway. I always preferred independent reviews, I just wish I could support more of them.
>> No. 1799
I haven't seen any reason to dislike Zoe Quinn, or Anita Sarkeesian. They seem to be doing a lot of good work, and I applaud them for that.
>> No. 1802
I find it disgusting and a thinly veiled attempt at an excuse to just attack people, the vast majority being women. The only "ethics" in video game journalism that gamergate supporters seem to care about is the kind where you violently punish the journalists (and developers, apparently, because why the fuck not?) who say anything you don't like.
>> No. 1803
Agreed. Yet they have no issue with things like Nintendo Power, where Nintendo was basically reviewing their own games. People of other genders, sexualities, and sexualities not agreeing with you on what is and isn't offensive isn't a lack of ethics. It's the exact opposite.
>> No. 1804
Gamergate is a lynch mob. It began as lynch mob, it has consistently behaved as a lynch mob, and will forever be remembered as a lynch mob--and by forever I mean for about two more years before even the sweatiest gamer has forgotten.
I think it's ironic that Gamergate claims to be about "ethics in gaming journalism" even as it displays terrible ethics in gaming journalism. It's bad if a developer lays down copyright claims on a negative youtube review, but if Gamergate goes around violently harassing anyone that disagrees with it, it's fighting the good fight. Fuck that shit.
>> No. 1807
Both sides are dumb.

Just shut up and play video games.
>> No. 1808
its shit that none cares about you know?
who gives a fuck? people should stop freaking out over video games imo.
>> No. 1810


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