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File 14705969689.png - (758.37KB , 907x532 , ghnizbx4b1qdugdsjgxn.png )
1826 No. 1826
I hate to be that trendy asshole, but I have to ask. What are your opinions on this cute little mobile game? What team did you join? Do you own any gyms? What's your strongest Pokemon? What do you think of the leader designs / Professor Willow? Any ships?

I just thought I'd ask. I'm a huge newb at the game despite making my profile opening weekend. Data restrictions are a bitch, and I don't really have the freedom to go wandering all over creation to fulfill the game's various tasks. I have yet to get a Mon over 300cp. Sad, I know.

I joined Team Instinct because, although I love the main Pokemon games to an almost OBSESSIVE degree (I'm legit semi-pro 1v1 me n00b lol *MGL*), I doubt seriously that I'll ever see GO as more than a fun little pass time and a way to trick myself into exercising. Also, electric used to be my favorite type! But now, sadly, my heart belongs to Fairy.

Also, Willow and the team leaders are bae. All of them. 10/10 would bang 100% all systems GO.

How about yall?
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>> No. 1827
I find it pretty fun, but it's clearly still a work-in-progress and not something for me to sink a ton of time and effort into yet. Got to level 10 yesterday, have been refusing to join a team because I saw gym battles from both the internet and my little brother's side (He also joined Instinct), and they're kind of unfortunately designed such that there's a clear "meta" of which pokemon to take and use. I'd rather wait until they make the teams more than just "You can do battles" before I actually pick one. Or if they make Team Rocket an option down the line you better believe I'm joining them :V

I've also gotten over the 300CP mark with two pokes, one of which is a Kadabra I've nicknamed to be the same as my Pokemon Red main, so that's nice. The leaders are silly and Tumblr characterizations of them have made them even sillier, and I love it.
>> No. 1831
File 147148728584.jpg - (49.52KB , 640x1136 , d24.jpg )
A week later, I've hit level 14 and finally got a poke in the 900cp range, though I still have yet to break 1000.

I'm taking a break from the game tho because 1) data, and 2) I got sick of it after an unfortunate situation that made me have to trek like 2 miles through Kansas City carrying a bag full of clothes in under 45 minutes. I used it to hatchsome eggs but by the end I was just sick of walking and that fucking game. Might pick it up again in a week or so.

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