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File 128918030240.jpg - (213.97KB , 650x646 , b78cd14a23af9b918335e7b1bb8a5bd6.jpg )
2 No. 2
Let's try again.

Pic related.
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>> No. 10
Of the first gen starters and their second evolutions, I always like Wartortle best.
I like its little wing ears.
>> No. 11
My favorites are Typhlosion and Rhydon.

No one else loves Rhydon.
>> No. 12
File 128919983871.png - (141.21KB , 548x418 , Butterfree_by_AnnaJ.png )
I love Rhydon. I used him in a Nuzlocke of Blue once, and he was one of three surviving guys by the end of the Champ battle.

Fun fact: Sugimori stated that he's the first Pokemon design to be completed, which is supported by the fact that he's #001 in the index of R/B/Y.

And I really wish they tweaked the breeding system in B/W. It still takes FOREVER to get the shit you need.
>> No. 13
In terms of true blue favorites, Typhlosion is my ultimate favorite.
I also love Murkrow/Honchkrow and Sneasel.
>> No. 14
The badass list:
Defense Deoxys
Nuzleaf (because of his prodigious teabag)
Kangaskan (not Kanga-skan. It's Kenghis- Khan. That's BAMF.)

But in the end, the winner's definitely Shiny Metagross, so beast. And Groudon too.
>> No. 16
Rhydon is king of everything. Rhyperior is just a fat ugly dump-truck.
My R/B/Y team is usually:
>> No. 22
File 128927265436.jpg - (11.16KB , 300x276 , FearThisBird.jpg )
I love that bad ass mofo too, bro. Tru fact is, no one loves Fearow..
>> No. 23
I like Fearow...I always pick spearow over pidgey in blue...
funfact:I always name them "Warbeak" off of a character from Redwall...
>> No. 24
I'm a fan of Spearow/Fearow too. Mine's named Agnew because I'm dumb and the name Spearow Agnew cracks me up every time.
>> No. 25
Fearow is awesome, I use it very often.
>> No. 26
My Yellow Team that I took to the Elite Four was:

In hindsight it probably wasn't wise to bring the legendary birds, Moltres was the only one that could hold its ground, but Blastoise is my favorite in the group primarily because it managed to win me the game with only 12HP

As for favorite pokemon overall it might be dragonair, I'm not absolutely sure.
>> No. 41
File 12894389663.png - (161.86KB , 430x430 , 1289267542997.png )
It's getting harder and harder to stick by my decision to not spoil 5th gen for myself.

>> No. 42
File 128944351165.jpg - (72.27KB , 1066x783 , 1287737909150.jpg )
>> No. 54
You guys are killing me. Please god either stop or... Don't stop. Yeah. Don't stop. MORE!
>> No. 57
File 128950417834.png - (123.78KB , 430x430 , bachuru widow.png )
I think this is an adorable take on it, but do you think Bachuru is a jumping spider? I do.
>> No. 61
File 12895104532.png - (635.72KB , 500x1800 , 1285785031261.png )
Bachuru is a jumping spider while Denchura is (duh) a tarantula.
>> No. 64
Ahhh! Good to know. I don't usually go looking up things I'm petrified of haha. Ironic seeing as I love bug pokémon - specially the spider types.
>> No. 70

Spiders are not allowed to be so cute, goddammit.
>> No. 75
File 128957668479.jpg - (26.98KB , 634x673 , bachuru.jpg )
(inb4 entire thread is bachuru)
>> No. 76
File 128958546243.png - (797.94KB , 1000x625 , badassmon.png )

Anybody know where I can find the original artist of these bits of beauty?
>> No. 87
is it just me or is darumakka a fucking beast? look at this derpy-ass motherfucker. a thing that looks that stupid has no business punching flaming holes in shit at the rate this guy does

i'm nearing the flying gym. this fan translation is starting to peter out a bit; more and more stuff is in japanese :X
>> No. 88
File 128961514292.png - (52.17KB , 200x185 , 554Darumakka.png )
sage, forgot picture
>> No. 98
Thats gotta be the cutest fucking pokemon in the world!
>> No. 100
That's probably why all those generic in-world sprites of Pokémon looked like Rhydons too.
>> No. 113
File 128970137153.jpg - (14.71KB , 250x188 , bamf.jpg )
forgot pic

just look at how fucked james is
>> No. 129
File 12897730836.jpg - (406.17KB , 600x800 , 89125ae958e67d3dcd7cfc1197568172.jpg )
Bitches don't know bout my Kurumiru.
>> No. 130

It's going to fucking suffocate in there.

You monster.
>> No. 222
bumping cause we got localized starter names and they are Hecka Bad imo


>Snivy, Tepig, Oshwott, region name is Unova

the german names are better, i think. Serpifü, Floink, Ottaro.
>> No. 223
File 129048951440.png - (63.00KB , 293x400 , SnivyWhiplash.png )
My first thought
>> No. 225
lol oh those starter names.

Though I am surprised they're actually changing the region name, since they've never done that before. Did they think Isshu would be too hard to pronounce or something?
>> No. 226
Wow. Just... wow. It will always be Smugleaf, Firepig and Wotter to me then.
>> No. 227
File 129050508557.jpg - (896.50KB , 1200x857 , 1290491643801.jpg )
I like all the names exact Oshawott. That one is just bad. I like Tepig, but not a lot of people get the pun on tepid, so it falls short for most people.

Just gimme my english name for pantslizard and I'll be a happy man.
>> No. 228
I get the pun on tepid and I think that the pun is at best lukewarm


Snide + Ivy's just as good as Smugleaf imo
>> No. 230
Pignite > Emboar > Blazerback will forever be my mental names of choice for the firepig damm
>> No. 231
If Wargle doesn't get an awesome name I'm gonna slap their shit.
>> No. 232
........I feel slow, I don't understand why it's called Oshwott.
>> No. 233
>> No. 235
After several hours' deliberation I came up with the possibility of it being Ocean Water Otter
>> No. 236
Zis. I hate the new names and I don't understand why they're changing the name of the region. Surely 'Johto' is harder to pronounce than 'Isshu'.
>> No. 237
I thought of the same thing and the name "Oshawott" makes me think of Canada.

And now I can't find my copies of Pearl and Platinum, just my HeartGold game in my DS Lite...
>> No. 258
File 129067797358.png - (57.19KB , 2000x800 , 1290480364151.png )
I see Solid Snivy, Tepig Boss and Revolver Oshawott haven't made it over here yet.
>> No. 262

Me neither.

Did they not want anything to be good about the new pokes? Really?
>> No. 292
File 129112186746.png - (44.62KB , 96x96 , chillarmy.png )
>>my favorite pokemon

I don't know why this little guy hasn't been posted yet.
>> No. 335
File 129136037487.gif - (11.03KB , 400x187 , 143snorlax.gif )
Snorlax fukkin owns guise.
>> No. 337
File 129140266280.jpg - (19.90KB , 278x307 , 1286942105395.jpg )
Meowth is my favorite pokemon. I also like Mudkip.

Actually, most of my favorite pokemon are ones that are cute over being useful in battle. Except maybe Arcanine. Because he's badass.
>> No. 338
File 129141833825.png - (15.14KB , 105x138 , Hitmonchan02.png )

I'm so glad it's possible to make him good now.
>> No. 340
File 129151987894.png - (53.85KB , 260x240 , 136Flareon.png )
My favourite has always been Flareon. I also like Articuno.
>> No. 355
Am I the only one who thought of "Theme of Love" from Mother 3 after hearing N's Farewell?

>> No. 420
File 129235159991.jpg - (6.92KB , 194x259 , Dragonite.jpg )


You're supposed to be the toughest and best trainer in Johto. Why the dick do you have three of the same pokémon in your fucking team? Why is literally half of your team comprised of a pokémon with a crippling weakness? Why was I able to 1HKO everything but your poxy fucking Gyarados?

I don't even feel like I earned this victory. It'd be like being proud of myself for winning the Special Olympics.
>> No. 422


Thank fuck I don't have to deal with you anymore, Professor Elm. If I could have slapped you before I left your lab for the last time, you can bet I would have done. Fuck you. Worst professor ever.

Oh, Professor Oak. You can take a look at my PokéDex anytime.
>> No. 502
File 129375295631.png - (631.01KB , 600x557 , __Mewtwo___by_Mewsagi.png )
I can't decide between Croagunk, Dunsparce and Gyarados what my favorite Pokemon in general is.

But this motherfucker is always going to be my favorite legendary. <3
>> No. 507
I can't one-hit KO his Gyarados with my Raichu anymore?
>> No. 511

You could, I guarantee it.

I didn't have any Electric on me, unfortunately.
>> No. 512
Tanner, why does earthquake kill everything in the new pokemon games? That damn move is what stopped me from stomping that bitch Cynthia in Platinum on the first try. :/
>> No. 515

Because that's what they did instead of actually improving the AI like they said they did. I've also noticed that it cheats more than it used to, but I suppose The Computer Is A Cheating Bastard has been a staple for Pokémon since the beginning of time.

>> No. 523
File 129400491228.png - (317.22KB , 495x600 , 14771862_m.png )
I have no idea how to navigate Pixiv but I found this.
>> No. 524
Hey guys, this Month at Gamestop there's going to be a Pokemon event for all three shiny Legendary beasts, starting with Raikou tomorrow. Next month we finally get Celebi!
>> No. 525

When does this event happen in the UK?

Inb4 never.
>> No. 593
You guessed it!
>> No. 607
File 129494384062.png - (9.78KB , 344x341 , 1285562143133.png )
Why does nobody but Dawn care that I completed my Pokedex? Professor Rowan seriously couldn't give two shits and Oak won't stop talking about the three legendary birds.
>> No. 640
Holy shit the new names are fucking terrible. Darmanitan? Braviary? Cofagrigus?
>> No. 644
Some of them are terrible, but naming the three-stage dragon Haxorus? That's so brilliant.
>> No. 645

Mostly I want to know who thought it was a good idea to name it Cofagrigus in the Age of the Internet.
>> No. 646
I don't even understand how Cofagrigus, even in a completely innocent context, describes a mummy ghost at all. At least Deathkhan had anything to do with the Pokemon it was naming.
>> No. 649
Coffin, sarcophagus, and egregious.
>> No. 658
File 129564461025.jpg - (99.35KB , 752x404 , option1.jpg )
Man, those new pokes are getting more like digimon with every fucking update. This is dumb.

Also I just made this. He's the first really good one out of a really good batch of eggs. I have chosen to keep him after a brief toss-up between he and his brother.
>> No. 659
File 129564468160.jpg - (100.52KB , 752x409 , option2.jpg )

This is his brother. Since I obviously won't be needing him, I'll trade him to anyone for a Power Band. Not fussed about what poke you trade me for him, as long as it's holding that Power Band item.
>> No. 716
File 129659538612.jpg - (21.99KB , 355x450 , 1274667675579.jpg )
I will never not love Cyndaquil. NEVER.
>> No. 729
File 129669771184.png - (358.75KB , 450x1850 , 8249411.png )
My favorite Pokemon is definitely Slowpoke.

So damn cute. ;-;
>> No. 742
For those in the U.S., there's another Pokemon event at Toys 'R' Us: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Nintendo_event_Pok%C3%A9mon_in_2011#Ash.27s_Pikachu
>> No. 810
Did anyone miss the Raikou event? I have an extra if anyone needs a lv 30 Raikou and a micle berry~
>> No. 821

Damn, I want to go to this but I've been busy last weekend and next weekend with my graduation ceremony. I also doubt that my parents will let me go, even if it is only an hour away from my house.

I can probably wait on Celebi until the following week.
>> No. 861
File 129860479817.jpg - (107.01KB , 503x507 , eevee.jpg )
after flipping my shit over yu-gi-oh for a while with my friends they've gotten back into pokemon. Trouble is I don't own any pokemon cards. Here's where the troule starts.
Since it is my opinion that Eevee is the best pokemon in the world I'm going to make a deck of nothing but Eevee and Eeveeloutions. Which cards would be best for this sort of thing?
>> No. 863
Looks like I'm headed to the London event for Celebi on Sunday since I had literally no fucking idea this was happening and it's the last weekend the event is running.

>> No. 871
Not a very practical deck. It'll be very difficult for you to work anything with that many energies. It'll be funny but don't count on winning... ever.

Best decks are single or dual energy decks, my deck right now is a water/psychic. Psychic has good effects, water tanks. Just start out with a starter deck of some elements you like that you can get in the store, and buy a few booster packs. Experiment with some builds, make sure you have a good mix of cards. I almost always end up with too many pokes in my deck, but I knew a guy who had too few in his lightning/psychic, where he used a quick switch strategy.
>> No. 880
Pokemon turns 15 today! Happy anniversary to one of my favorite video game series!
>> No. 901
I heard Pokemon Burakku Howaito will be released today.
>> No. 903
File 129945297724.png - (123.05KB , 600x420 , Haters_Gonna_Hate_by_KillBillVol2.png )
>>The Scout Pokemon
>>Catch Male with Sassy nature

I am amused.

(Captha: vajomg. Yeah, I'd be surprised if Scout got a girl in canon, too.)
>> No. 904
Shiney Tympole. My day is complete.
>> No. 910
My list of Nicknames so far:
Snivy:Aloette(Female!Aloe is a plant,and Aloette sounds french)
Pidove:Lakeview(a neighborhood in Chicago I lived in for a couple months)
Munna:Rini(from Sailor Moon.It's PINK!)
Herdier: Cupcake
My code is 2322 5500 4012 btw. White.
>> No. 913
Renamed my Snivy Smugleaf.
For some reason, the fanon names sound way better then the canon ones.
>> No. 915
I really hope one of the new pokeymans can learn something similar to payday, I miss my moneycat already. :c
>> No. 916
File 129978620471.jpg - (56.32KB , 600x600 , Pokemon 162.jpg )
Karrablast is totally one of my new favorites.
It's so cute, I don't even.
>> No. 917
I just recently got Heartgold and it's fun so far. I like how close it is to the original, I was definitely surprised there.

Gonna kick some bug dude asses!
>> No. 918
File 12998534394.png - (327.83KB , 1000x937 , they see me rolling.png )
Enjoying B/W a great deal so far. Has a sense of wonder to it which gives it quite a fresh feel. As fresh as a game copy-pasted 67 times over two decades, I mean.

It's incredibly easy though. Love how the game basically gives you a pogeyman which levels each gym right before they occur. There's even an NPC in every area who'll heal your team for free now.

The picture is my eight foot poison spined solution to everything.
>> No. 919
File 129986915939.jpg - (66.62KB , 500x281 , venipedes everywhere.jpg )
lucky, my venipede appears to kind of suck. Everyone says that this poke' is a "destroyer of worlds" but when I went to go destroy worlds it backfired. Now I'm running around outside pinwheel forest leveling it because that seems to be the only place it stands a chance.

Anybody have any advice?
>> No. 920

That's because it's still a Venipede, not a Scolipede. Like all bugs it sucks before it evolves, it's just this time when it does reach it's final form (level 30) it becomes very threatening indeed.

Once it reaches level 20 I think it learns Poison Tail and then at 22 it evolves into baleful tire of sulkiness, after which it can handle itself reasonably well. Make sure it knows Poison Point rather than Swarm, otherwise you won't get anything out of the awesome move Venoshock.


Man don't even get me started on that little bastard. Hustle is SUCH a frustrating ability. 4 Fire Punches missed in a row? If it had a neck I would have strangled it a long time ago.
>> No. 921
Good point. It's a whirlipede now and does indeed know poison point, so I guess that's a plus. Thanks for the advice.
>> No. 922
My friend convinced me to buy White. Man, after so many years it's gonna be weird to play again.
>> No. 923
File 129990235521.png - (86.53KB , 300x488 , 1646490-524dangoro_large.png )
My boyfriend asked why I hated this pokemon. My only reason is that it looks like an asshole.

Also read the pokedex entry on joltik, 4 inches tall. I awwwed for 5 minutes.

Also shiny tympole finally turned into tittytoad. And dispite it's looks is pretty OP.
>> No. 924
>My only reason is that it looks like an asshole.
I thought I was the only one that thought that.
>> No. 925
File 129990977233.png - (317.60KB , 952x1782 , 1299901343158.png )
It's a very simple geode with a hexagonal crystal.

Found this just now. Puts my feelings about this recent gen's designs pretty quaintly.
>> No. 926
File 12999172737.png - (192.60KB , 500x365 , tumblr_lelp8dSgeR1qc0zfk.png )
Man, can't people just agree to disagree?
I like some of the new Pokemon designs. I dislike most of them. I simply do not like them. Why does anyone even give a fuck?

Pokemon - It's serious business.
>> No. 927
Same here.
I quite enjoy this generation of pokes.
Granted there are some I find outright stupid, but hey, I can say that about every generation.
>> No. 928
As much as I agree, the people who hate and complain about the new designs all over are what makes it frustrating.

I might disagree with you on the designs. My trashbag is an op son of a bitch and that's good enough for me.
>> No. 929
I know, but I also own cats who don't seem to understand I don't want them standing on my desk and facing away from me and it's poisoned my mind.

Sorry about the double post.
>> No. 930
It's not about liking or disliking; it's about the fact that most people that DO dislike blindly think GEN 1 IS THE BEST GEN AND HAD THE BEST DESIGNS EVER THE NEW STUFF IS SHIT BY DEFAULT

Hence the "nostalgiafags" in the title :V

Every gen has a good number of shit and awesome in about the same proportions; it just takes a while for a new gen to sink in. Also, once you start actually playing the game, a lot of the designs you once dislike start growing on you. That happened to me with a number of them, especially Scraggy/Scrafty.
>> No. 932
File 129999925882.png - (382.21KB , 1024x1000 , 12889467196.png )

That I understand. I'm not going around bitching and moaning about how Pokemon is RUINED FOREVERZ. I have my opinion about the designs and a majority of the new ones just don't appeal to me at all, but at the same time I love the shit out of some. I fully admit that. I personally DO think that the first two gens had the best overall design. I don't go around rubbing that into the face of everyone who plays gen 5 though.

Now excuse me while I heart Wargle because it's among my very favorites now why can't you be in every Pokemon game ever lhasdlsjalsk
>> No. 937
I'm probably going to get ragged on for saying this but there IS a distinctly higher proportion of just flat-out bad designs in Gen 5 than in previous gens. There were lots of bad ones in Gen 4 as well, I said that in the first place. A lot of them toed the line. But the ones in Gen 5 pretty much take a running fucking leap over the line and land six miles beyond it.

It's like the proportion of shit new designs in comparison to good new designs rises every fucking time.

In my opinion.
>> No. 938
File 130007926573.png - (86.89KB , 300x262 , GARBODOR WANT FOOD.png )
Not gonna fight you on this one, but like >>930
said, once you start playing the game, some kind of grow on you.

As an example, I wasn't fond of this pokemon until I learned its english name. Now I laugh every time I see it or Trubbish. Also I wasn't into (S)woobat until I got one.

Then again that doesn't exactly change that some of them suck.
>> No. 941
I'd be surprised if there was a game where I didn't dislike something, though.
>> No. 947
Garbodor is seriously one of my all time favorites now and my love is only increased by putting the sunglasses on it in the theatre.
>> No. 979
File 130049241914.jpg - (462.03KB , 1280x814 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Just finished the main plotline of White with four pokemon in my team. Emboar (Thomas), Sawsbuck (Bambi), Sigilyph (Sentry), Haxorus (Bob). Great ending.
>> No. 980
It took me maybe 20 pokeballs of various sorts to catch Cobalion. I imagine I would punch it in the face if I could. To be honest they seem to be the only difficult aspect of this game for me.
>> No. 983
File 13005604891.png - (12.09KB , 446x412 , 1299980690068.png )
>4 hours straight hatching/breeding pokemon
>not a single shiny
>using masuda method
>this was yesterday
>on hour 4 today
>no shiny
>mi cada cuando

Goddamn, I've never gotten one before. I just want one shiny. Jesus fuck. I'm actually getting mad about it.
>> No. 985
File 130056754712.png - (319.74KB , 402x1470 , 1300428976749.png )
You have to breed around 1419 eggs to have a 50% chance of getting a shiny with the Masuda method. That's just under an entire 24 hour period of pure breeding and hatcing at a rate of about 1 egg/minute, which obviously doesn't happen.
>> No. 986
File 130056994799.png - (8.17KB , 493x402 , 1299981037120.png )

Ooohhh. I remember reading that in increased your chances by a good 75% for 5th Gen, and figured a few hours of work would make it happen pretty easy.

>mfw your picture
>> No. 987
File 130057570888.jpg - (652.79KB , 1458x819 , IMAG0104.jpg )
remember when i caught that shiny roggenrola in a rom back in october or so? i transferred it to my legit white and now it's a boldore

i wish i had someone to trade with aaaaaaahhh shiny gigalith is so badass

also i think it's pretty cool how if the first pokemon of a species you encounter is shiny, the shiny version will be recorded in the pokedex rather than the regular one.
>> No. 988
File 13006871716.jpg - (47.91KB , 289x182 , scydurr.jpg )
>Favourite Pokémon

I remember when Scizor came out I was sad because those awesome blades had been taken. I also love Mewtwo and Bulbasaur. And Zapdos. And I'll just return to my Pokemon Yellow now....
>> No. 999
File 130090311346.jpg - (221.38KB , 949x574 , snoipahfangies.jpg )
>"There's a camper van parked on Route 4! I wonder why?"

I also ran into a Doctor who enjoyed fighting more than work. Who then healed me. HMMM.
>> No. 1000
File 130091862155.png - (16.68KB , 144x173 , Deino.png )
I am new to stats, but during this past generation I've been doing my best to learn about them. I figure one step in the right direction is to ask someone here.

I caught a Deino not too long ago, but am not sure if it's any good or not- I'd provide a picture but my camera is a PoS. I can provide the stats though:

Deino, level 38
Atk- 57
Def- 45
Sp.Atk- 53
Sp.Def- 54
Spd- 39

Judging by the stats of my other pokemon, I'm pretty sure these aren't good ones. should I put in the time and effort to make Deino better or go catch a new one?
>> No. 1003
Deino has a three-stage evolution, and it's pretty much pure shit until the third stage. If you're willing to train it all the way up to level 65, it'll suddenly become awesome, the pillar of your team. If not, then you can probably tell it to go fuck itself.

Be wary of stat comparisons, though. That's a dark road, and if you choose to go down it, it may end up consuming you.
>> No. 1004
I'll be sure to remain wary of that road, then. Thanks for the advice (as well as the head's up)
>> No. 1007
File 130100525061.jpg - (24.31KB , 300x205 , emolga.jpg )
So I'm working on my Pokemon White team right now, and I realised I need a decent fire-type pokemon (I chose Snivy as a starter), but I really hate the look of Darumaka. It's face just bugs me. I've just arrived at Mistralton City, does anyone know where I can find any nearby wild fire-types?

Also, side note: Current team is Servine, Drilbur, Scolipede, Swoobat, Herdier (Gonna replace him with the fire type) and Panpour.
What 'mon do you all have?

Pic is THE most annoying pokemon of Gen V.
>> No. 1008
Look in Celestial Tower for Litwick (you can't fight the Mistralton gym leader until you go there anyways) and in shaking grass in Pinwheel Forest for Pansear.
>> No. 1016
File 130106115295.png - (54.82KB , 309x334 , somebody called for the rape ape.png )

You're going to badly miss out, man. This thing cannot be stopped.
>> No. 1018
File 130111257712.png - (628B , 96x96 , larvesta.png )
A third, if not time-consuming but totally-worth-it option: Get this guy.

It may seem to be weak/a slow learner at first, but if you're looking for long-term results, definitely go with larvesta (you need surf to get to it though)

However, if you're looking for quicker results/faster leveling, I would follow everyone else's advice.
>> No. 1019
I got Black and I'm in Driftveil at the moment. My team is currently Servine, Tirtouga, Sigilyph, Darumaka, Sandile and Yamask. I keep swapping it around to try to find the best combination, though, and I don't really like the Darumaka either. The only ones I'm married to are Servine (I always keep my starter on me at all times, it's like a loyalty thing) and Sandile (Krookodile: best name? Best name), and I'm open to suggestions.

Also agreed on that STUPID EMOLGA

And I caught a shiny Trubbish, who is now SITTING IN THE BOX FOREVER
>> No. 1021
I will seriously give you a Zekrom for that Trubbish. Or a Tynamo. Or anything ;_;
>> No. 1022
So Tynamo's supposed to be rare or something, is it?
>> No. 1023
>>1007 here

I caught a Litwick, which has proceeded to kill everything and become the strongest on my team, but I am so getting a Larvesta once I get the Surf HM.

>>1022 I have like 5 tynamo for some reason. Me and my friends refer to them as "Electric Magikarp"

Also, I now have a SHINY ARCHEN. My first shiny, I'm so haaaaaaaappy!
>> No. 1024
Lucky. People make it sound sometimes like shinies are as easy to get as legendaries.

I just beat White last night. I didn't think a pokemon game could be that srs bsns.
>> No. 1034
I agree, not sure who thought a main villain that's an autistic guy who ends up starting pseudo philosophical conversations about using animals would be awesome for a kids game, but at the same time I kind of enjoyed it.

Bred an Alakazam with 200 S.atk at level 50.
Now working on member 2 of my super team.
>> No. 1063
File 130198657830.jpg - (303.53KB , 1000x1224 , tumblr_li6g76sOYG1qfyz1jo1_1280.jpg )
So I'm trying to make a team with the derpiest of derps. So far, I have Garbordor with an awesome Rock Polish set, RestTalking Stunfisk, Curse Bibarel, and Autonomize Vanilluxe. I need more derps; who should I use?
>> No. 1065
I always found Quagsire to be pretty derpy.
I mean, look at its derpy face. Heh.
>> No. 1066
File 130202601830.png - (2.32KB , 80x80 , Spr_4h_202_f.png )

A female Wobuffet, of course.
>> No. 1067
File 130203080810.png - (42.07KB , 224x224 , Bibarel.png )
I propose Bibarel. I mean if folks spent most of the 4th gen hype making fun of this poke'mon, it's at least worth a mention.
>> No. 1068
File 130203539926.jpg - (180.46KB , 570x670 , 1299500786660.jpg )
Quagsire is too cute to be considered "derpy", at least in my eyes.

Unfortunately, Wobby is banned from most tournies, so I can't use it :(

Read the post again :V

I think I'll fill the last two slots with Carnivine and Probopass, that latter of which is nearly a perfect counter for Ferrothorn, which is common as fuck these days. Unfortunately, it'd give me a HUGE fighting weakness, so I'm trying to find a way maybe replacing Carnivine and ---- EXEGGCUTOR
>> No. 1074
Some ideas: Dunsparce, Shuckle, luvdisc (though I think you're covered on water types), plusile/minun, swalot, volbeat/illumnise, maybe heatmore (it looks like a derp to me).
>> No. 1075
Bibarel's a good HM slave, though.

I only have a Vanillice right now, but if its evos retain its "heal every time it's around hail" ability, it's actually pretty good.
>> No. 1078
File 13021204169.jpg - (123.08KB , 800x923 , 1301956799443.jpg )
I was considering Swalot, but Garbodor that much derpier and causes much more rage in people.

And a lot of people still use Serene Grace Dunsparce and Prankster/Tail Glow/Baton Pass Volbeat. I WANT to use Moody Bibarel, but apparently, Moody is banned because it MIGHT raise evasion.

They have decent bulk, but the ice typing makes it horrible on the defenses. They're much better as outright special attackers and have the stats for it, similar to many other ice types.
>> No. 1079
Hypno might be a choice. I'm glad you got Garbodor, I'd suggest using my lame as hell move set of Fling (hold black sludge), stockpile, swallow and toxic.

Pretty much just toxic, pile x3, if shit's looking tight then fling or swallow as needed.
>> No. 1080
File 13021352913.png - (695.05KB , 1280x767 , 1300073528223.png )
Actually, I'm going with Rock Polish, Rock Blast, Gunk Shot, and Body Slam with Stench and King's Rock. Should be a pretty flinchtastic set.
>> No. 1082
That is a pretty awesome move set. I'm just one for stall tactics, I like to do dual battles with Garbby and Drifblim for laughs.
>> No. 1084
File 130225515917.jpg - (276.86KB , 800x588 , pokemontrainers copy.jpg )
Hey. I have a question for all ya'll who play competitive pokemon. I'm making a pokemon character (rough design on the right) who is in part a parody of competitive cliches. However, I know almost nothing about competitive pokemon. So -

What's the most cliche'd competitive team you can think of? I'm talking like, strategy, pokemon types, natures, builds, you name it. Just stuff where you walk into a battle and you're like "goddamn, this shit again?" Legendaries are out of bounds, but puesdo-legendaries are fine. I got a basic team up there, but any information/changes would be great. I could probably also read up on what kind of lingo is used. Since you guys seem to be fairly knowledgeable, anyone willing to help a bro out?
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