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File 128941670070.jpg - (77.89KB , 609x1515 , 1289411634484.jpg )
33 No. 33
Holy shit this game is good.
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>> No. 34
bitch, everyone is carry my shit/be a human/robotic/supermutant shield tier

Veronica with a ballistic fist and me with the anti-materiel rifle were just to OP so i switched to cass a few days ago
>> No. 52
File 12894888546.jpg - (126.57KB , 620x349 , boooooooone.jpg )
fuuuuuuuuck. Gave Boone a Chinese Stealth Suit and a sniper rifle modded with a suppressor. So much WIN.

Also, I love the western tunes that ED-E plays whenever we encounter anything.
>> No. 58
Hey guys, know where I can go get some better armor and weapons? I'm level 6 and it's a bitch fighting anything because armor's hard to come by and I can never repair the shit I already have
>> No. 109
File 128969893939.jpg - (129.33KB , 1690x1058 , Aure.jpg )
Oh god, I wasn't looking for companions at all and accidentally stumbled across Boone. WHY THE HELL DO I EVEN OPEN VATS, YOU COULD JUST SNAP YOUR FINGERS AND THEY'D ALL FALL OVER IN SUCCESSION.
In other words Boone you are my favorite. Except when you run straight at a Deathclaw because WHO DOES THAT.
I only wish Victor could be my companion. I sure as hell invited him. Victor - the cutest stalker.
Who is that Nightkin on the bottom, btw?

Here, have a vaguely arty shot of my character early on.
>> No. 111
File 128970123242.png - (98.53KB , 576x772 , GODDAMNTHINGS.png )
pretty much sums up my thoughts.
headed west instead of following the road. lol beef gate.
>> No. 112
i can't figure out why those fucking things are so lethal. early in the game they would oneshot my companion :|
>> No. 114
beef gate.
they're all around goodsprings to make sure you go /the right way/. then i think they just sprinkled them around the wasteland to be /mean/.
>> No. 115
cripple the wings. they're extremely vulnerable to smg fire.

or, y'know, anti-materiel rifle from a mile away
>> No. 118
Cazadores are a bitch alright, even with Veronica they're hard to deal with, but yeah, the wings are the easiest to attack and then all they can do is crawl on the ground and bite you

Veronica + Love and Hate fists = death
>> No. 119
just cleared out both deathclaw nests. shit was so caps
>> No. 123

Thanks mang

Also I have That Gun, but it doesn't seem to do much damage when I use it. It seems effective at headshots on humans though
>> No. 124

Levels 6-8 are probably the hardest, after that it starts raining ammo and caps. Get one of the scavenger perks if you're having a serious problem with either.

Try bumming around the area around New Vegas if you don't want to "cheat". Fiends use energy weapons and they're easy as fuck to kill. In the south the Raiders use guns and are similarly eager to die.

Also, any idea why I can't upload pictures at the moment? They can't be bigger than the ones already posted, surely.
>> No. 133

Oh man I've gotten really far in the game now, thanks for the advice. I use an xbox 360, so on-the-spot checking would be hard to do, but if I do remember correctly my highest skills are medicine, guns, barter, speech, lockpick, and repair. They're all I think either in the 50-60 range or some such. Now I'm just contemplating whether to give the chip to Mr.House or take or Las Vegas, or whether or not I have to join up with the NCR or the Legion or Mr.House and what'll happen to me and my companions if I do.


PNG's for some reason don't really work on here. I tried. If it was a png, just change it to a jpg and it should be fine. If it's not that, then resize it a little.
>> No. 141

Thank you for that info. Does taking over Las Vegas lower your karma?
>> No. 152

really? I got a quest after Barry where I have the option to take over New Vegas by using the platinum chip to override the securitrons. Maybe it doesn't work?
>> No. 153

excuse me, Benny.*
>> No. 154
File 128992274618.jpg - (28.80KB , 257x230 , no_gods_no_masters.jpg )

Depends heavily on your interpretation of that ending. Which is the best ending.
>> No. 161

Oh damn, I didn't expect the ending to happen that quickly. Thank you so much for the information, good sir.
>> No. 164

Oh you still have plenty of things to do, that quest just leads to a serie of quests that leads to the end of the game.

It's like, House is going to ask you to do something for him, and every time you can choose to disobey, and be with NCR or the Legion.
>> No. 168
Ohhhhhh, I get it. Thank you!

Also Yes Man is the best robot ever
>> No. 367
File 129175688065.gif - (33.52KB , 650x450 , ps291.gif )
bumoing the bigger thread.

im starting to fail missions because im starting new missons for other factions. i guess that battle is getting real close.

pose as a team, companions, cause shit just got real
>> No. 368
I kept promising myself that I would take a break from this game after I maxed my good/NCR playthrough.

And then I told myself the same thing when I started my good/Yes Man dude. He's 28.

But now I really want to be a Legion asshole.

This fucking game.
>> No. 373
after spending a few days with rex, thinkming that his find shit perk would be helpeful, i've gon back to ED-E. i kept running into baddies since i'd become so used to being able to spot them on the radar.

oh and fuck Raul. i was going to recruit him for his quest but i found out it was pointless to do so because once upon a time, way back at the begining i had talked to a ranger. talking to said ranger removes EVERY possibilty of doing his quest. fuck it, time to roll with Boone for a while.

oh and i took Lily for a test run. yeah, no. fuck you, go back to the casino
>> No. 382
File 129186453267.jpg - (30.10KB , 400x304 , hats.jpg )
Some stuff from an artist too shy to put her work on the internet.
>> No. 383
File 129186459598.jpg - (78.81KB , 720x370 , vatsrex.jpg )
Three more on the way.
>> No. 384
File 129186465491.jpg - (74.48KB , 720x365 , teddyslaves.jpg )
Oops, I meant two more.
>> No. 385
File 129186469771.jpg - (39.96KB , 550x413 , whatisloveinnewvegas.jpg )
Last one. Sorry Gilly, but I knew you'd never do it yourself.
>> No. 388
File 129187473262.jpg - (848.23KB , 1280x800 , ScreenShot5.jpg )
lets see how you roll

+guns, +critchanc, +per and mai waifu
>> No. 391
File 129189794338.jpg - (334.77KB , 779x570 , ncrdouche.jpg )
I was so angry that I couldn't play as a ghoul that I rolled a dude who glowed in the dark in protest.
>> No. 392
File 129189803278.jpg - (192.50KB , 459x548 , indepedent.jpg )
And this was the dude from the playthrough I just finished. Mai husbando is in the back, and I have no idea how he can see without those dorky glasses of his.
>> No. 393
Well shit, the NCR assassination squad will fuck your shit up if you aren't armed to the teeth and expecting them. There's two normal rangers, one elite ranger, and one heavy trooper.
>> No. 1844

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