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File 12918117753.jpg - (61.39KB , 400x300 , fatalframe2_16_resize.jpg )
372 No. 372
It's that time again. So, what's some of your favourite horror games /vg/?

I'm tempted to get Amnesia: The Dark Descent because its only a mere £12 at the moment. Anyone played it?
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>> No. 375

Admit it, this was your childhood, too.
>> No. 376
Bioshock is scary the very first time you play it. After that, the game is so short and the combat techniques and maps memorable enough that once you're keen on the story it just isn't gonna thrill your poor heart-muscle in quite the same way.

System Shock 2 also scared me genuinely. That being said, I still have to finish the damn game.

Beyond that, I've played a little Alan Wake. Which is excellent, so far, I just really don't like playing games on the console.

Everything I've heard about Amnesia suggests that it is honestly frightening. I haven't played any true horror games, so I'm a little hesitant to step up to the plate and play that.

I'm also curious about Fatal Frame. Anyone taken that for a spin?
>> No. 377
man, amnesia was a fucking trip. i grew up playing horror games -- alone in the dark, silent hill, resident evil, etc -- all that shit, but amnesia was the first game that ever really disturbed me on a profound level.

& as for favorites, i love the silent hill series. well, up until 3. after that shit went downhill fast.
>> No. 378
My childhood was full of 'SCARY SLOWLY OPENING DOORS' it's true. But I still love RE. Even though 5 was...I dunno.

Fatal Frame/Project Zero is one of my favourite series! The first one looks rather dated these days, but it's still rather good IMO. The 3rd one is so far my favourite.

Heh. System Shock 2 and Bioshock are almost the same game at times. You need Red Key/Plasmid to get through this locked/obstructed door. But I enjoyed Bioshock and am looking forward to Infinite.

HRM. From what people tell me Amnesia really is terrifying but not in a 'BOO!' sort of way. More in a suspense building way. Which I prefer. Shock-horror is alright, but gets old when you start to expect the same shocks over and over. (I'm looking at you Dead Space and Doom3)
>> No. 379
File 129185113529.jpg - (17.78KB , 700x525 , Moxy.jpg )

>can't see shit, Captain

See, I don't get scared by psychological horror but I spook really fucking easily. Although Doom 3 stopped being scary even in that sense after the first half hour.

PROTIP: So-called "horror" games stop being scary really quickly when you start giving the monsters nicknames. Pic very related.
>> No. 389
File 129188803389.jpg - (31.23KB , 500x400 , flashlight.jpg )
Man, I was on that Hello Kitty duct tape torch mod for Doom3 like nuns to a bakesale. Pic very much related.

I am the opposite, oddly. FlashBOO! scares will only get me a few times before I go 'HRM...Dark room with a bunch of DOLLS in it? NOPE. I see you predictible scare. I see you and I am not impressed.'

We should totally play horror games together, Doc. With your unwavering resolve in the face of certain psychological horror and mine against 'BOO!' type scares, we shall trample through scary games like they were ants. Or discs...Whatevahs.
>> No. 409
File 129221128931.jpg - (23.64KB , 282x400 , Calling-Wii-0.jpg )
Calling made me jump a few times, but thats more of a game for plot then scares I think.
Siren scared the piss outta me, though. Fuggin zombie dead things..
>> No. 410
I used to be scared shitless of nearly any horror game, just watching my cousins play, hell, I was scared of those ReDeads from Legend of Zelda. Once I actually picked up a horror/survival game, though, I find nothing scary now.
>> No. 411
I have been considering purchasing Amnesia but knowing me, being a complete pussy when it comes to experiencing horror games first-hand, I will probably stick to a Let's Play series of it. 8I
>> No. 415
I haven't heard of this Calling game. Looking it up, it's got some pretty bad reviews, but I watched a gameplay video of it and it looks kinda of interesting. The main character seems a bit dim, though. 'Mysterious hand from underneath the bed?! HRM. LET ME PUT MY HAND UNDERNEATH THERE! HERPDERP'.

I caved and I bought it because it finally went under a tenner on Steam. I will be playng this tonight. In the dark. I will report back if makes me shit brix.
>> No. 416

>implying that anyone can claim not to have been scared of ReDeads at some point in their lives

>fucking ReDeads
>> No. 463
So I looked up the walkthrough and stuff, it's a bit slow but over all I liked it. The story's pretty good and the fals ending really adds to the story.
>> No. 468
File 129312679394.jpg - (22.01KB , 400x300 , 5 days a stranger.jpg )
Goddamn you, E. Getting me hooked on this game series. Damn you Yahtzee!

Play the Chzo Mythos series you guys! Do IT!
>> No. 471
Amnesia Dark Ascent is the closest I've ever been to shitting myself while playing a horror game, just saying.
>> No. 486
It's pretty good at building an atmosphere. I love games that have sanity meters. Another good game along that same lines is Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. The game is not totally amazing and a bit frustrating, but it's worth a play.

I played those ages ago. I should replay them now that I've forgotten most of the puzzles. I enjoyed the continuation of the story into the future and sometimes the past. Sort of like a lower budget verison of the Dark Seed.

Annnnd I got Condemnded II for Christmas. Have no idea if it's good or not. Apparently, it's a bit of a horror game? I can't remember if I played the first one to be honest.
>> No. 487
File 129364601493.png - (120.52KB , 480x640 , 1293559822640.png )
No mention of Yume Nikki yet?
Play it, guys. Do it. It's free, it takes a while without a walkthrough, but it's so worth it.
>> No. 500
File 129375036852.jpg - (32.07KB , 362x476 , tumblr_ldt83sp06G1qbzucko1_400.jpg )
The video this is from sums Amnesia up fairly nicely.
>> No. 504
File 129377279746.jpg - (143.41KB , 900x2397 , zmbWa.jpg )
This sums it up pretty nicely too.
>> No. 562
So the sales guys at the Game Stop nearest me were making a lot of noise over this Dementium 2 game for the DS. I'm weird when it comes to sequels, I always want to go for the original first, but couldn't find it anywhere. Finally was able to pick up a used copy.

Not really sure if I'd recommend Dementium or not. Haven't gotten very far, but I do like the premise; you being some random guy that wakes up in the psyche ward of a hospital while all kinds of freaky-ass paranormal shit is going on. I've seen four different enemies so far. First kind is basically mostly human, aside from the open rib cage. I laughed when I first fought with them, because when you hit them with a night stick, their hearts jiggle. Then there was the bugs. Those fucking bugs that you can't kill, just shine your flashlight at them to make them back off. Then there's these things I like to call Screaming Slug Babies. Predictable shock scare, you see 'em sitting in incubators in the children's ward. I took one look, and thought, "Yep, that's gonna break out and attack me when I come back this way." The fourth monster was actually the first one I saw, but it was from the back, and you don't fight it. It kinda looked like a L4D tank, and it was dragging some lady away.

Will report more on this when I play more, let you guys know if it gets better or worse or what. I don't expect all that much, because DS game, but still.

Also awkward first person shooting with a stylus is awkward.
>> No. 1208
File 130532550366.gif - (934.07KB , 160x120 , 1268955497158.gif )

Resident Evil and Zombie movies growing up?
>>No reaction

Silent Hill 2?
>>Meh, I like the plot though.

Portal 1 & 2 which are apparently supposed to be scary somehow?
>>I love these games and find them to be outright hilarious

Five minutes of playing amnesia?

>> No. 1224
I must admit, even though I'm a horror fan and am completely desensitized to all things scary, Amnesia got to me pretty good, too. I had to play happy music, like the Nyan Cat song during parts of the game that had high enemy appearance rates, so I didn't end up just hiding behind a door the entire game. The part where the three grunts come after you to take you to the dungeons startled me a bit, even though I knew it was coming from watching a few playthroughs. The brutes were the worst, because they don't go away. You have to distract them and make a run for it, otherwise they either stand in your way and roar, or they wander around until they eventually see you. The only way they go away is if you die or manage to get to the next room. Before I realized they don't just go away like the grunts, I hid in a corner for about 30 minutes or so.
>> No. 1258
I don't play horror much, but the Orphanage/Mental Hospital (forget the name of it) in Thief: Deadly Shadows was pretty freaking creepy.
>> No. 1273
The Cradle?
>> No. 1281
File 13074220192.png - (407.08KB , 500x1549 , 2011-05-09-descension.png )
I figured I'd post this and my 1 cent:

Amnesia is scary, immersive, and it made me piss myself. And I watch horror things to laugh.
>> No. 1305
Should I be worried if I was more concerned about getting a closer look at the monsters in Amnesia then getting away from them...?
In any case, Amnesia put my heart rate up more then most games now-a-days so I strongly suggest playing it if you're into shitting bricks constantly.
>> No. 1308
File 130809335190.jpg - (193.27KB , 963x560 , tunoko2006.jpg )
Fucking Controllers man.

Bloodsuckers too, but only if they're outside since you can't back into a corner.
>> No. 1428
File 131044396975.jpg - (158.43KB , 800x1130 , 16447565.jpg )
Dead Space is my favorite, I've played it so many times because I love the characters and plot.
It was pretty scary with good headphones, then you can hear all the whispers, Isaac's heart pounding, and necromorphs banging in the walls.
>> No. 1812
File 145648913437.png - (78.32KB , 1024x768 , circus2.png )
Doom can still be pretty scary if modded right:


>> No. 1813
File 145665666010.jpg - (27.45KB , 600x450 , rqwYEsb.jpg )
if it weren't for the stupid ass vanilla-gunsounds
this mod would be perfect!
>> No. 1814
Why did you bump a thread from 2011?
>> No. 1815
File 145675262056.jpg - (55.72KB , 480x480 , 1575_b810.jpg )
I didn't even know its from 2011!

I was just happy finding a Horror-game-thread!
>> No. 1816
It's just not gonna be possible to get responses from any of the previous posters. I think they've been gone since then.
>> No. 1817
But what if new people show up?
>> No. 1833
File 147764627418.png - (1.04MB , 1920x1080 , ahf.png )
And Hell Followed!
Enjoy Helloween, guys!
>> No. 1837
File 150121842099.jpg - (361.39KB , 1000x1000 , pjimage(4).jpg )
where did they go
and why did they leave?
>> No. 1838
File 150306412271.jpg - (98.77KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
Not exactly Horror,
but epicness starts at 2:31


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