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File 128918421739.png - (196.92KB , 1280x1002 , 2010-11-07_22_40_38.png )
4 No. 4
Once more with feeling, guys- Mancraft and TF2chan rise from the ashes, ever glorious- ever DICKS EVERYWHERE.
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>> No. 445
File 129264798796.png - (128.07KB , 1366x768 , Untitled picture.png )
I would like to know how the chicken got in there to begin with.
>> No. 452
Minecraft has the /best/ modding community. I kind of want some of these on the mancraft server. Just to add a whole new level to exploring.

>> No. 470
I'm so bored without mancraft lately... I haven't been able to connect to the server in forever. First, it was just outdated, now it wont get past "logging in..."

I know you guys have no control over updates being applied to the server, so I'm not bitching at you guys, I just needed to vent a bit. I miss my treehouse!

Hope the server is back up soon!
>> No. 473
File 129349943618.png - (446.82KB , 640x480 , 1287991323522.png )
yes this is getting just a tad annoying
>> No. 474
I've never heard of this.
>> No. 477
Yeah, you're telling me. I've finally submitted a ticket because everything SHOULD be fixed now and its not. These guys really took their sweet-ass time getting the servers updated and now it looks as if the update isn't working, at least for our server. I'll let you guys know what they have to say in response to the ticket.
>> No. 478
Okay guys, here's the deal. Apparently the world corrupted and their only option is to either use a backup or start a new map. Considering the massive size of our current map, I told them to create a new world for us. I am currently downloading the last backup that WORKED, and at this point I'm not even sure its good. The world was so massive I had to fight to get the damn thing to back up. If this download is good, I'll upload it so you guys can continue to build things and explore if you want on your own. Sorry about this, but a fresh new world means fresh new things to build!
>> No. 479
File 129358353135.jpg - (22.48KB , 286x289 , 1287615260752.jpg )

Well, GawkerMedia got compromised by some script kiddies a couple of weeks ago, and so any registered member of their sites (Kotaku, Jalopnik, Fleshbot, etc.) got their emails and account passwords released in a tidy little torrent for the whole world.

Not one of Gawker's finest moments.
>> No. 480
File 129358410762.jpg - (199.45KB , 1000x707 , 7b726912834a9343b59c343c610f932c.jpg )

But.... Our beautiful utopia! Nooooo....
>> No. 481
File 129358490748.png - (651.13KB , 1200x829 , 1191903307923.png )

I say start anew.

oh i got spurs that jingle jangle jingle...
>> No. 482
Yeah I know. I do have the latest backup and it WORKS. I've uploaded it to my ftp and you guys are welcome to download it and continue working on things. The Caddyshack is even there with many of the supplies so you won't be starting blind.

Warning: This file is 179mb

I'm still working with our server provider to find out what the issue is, but either way it looks like we'll be starting fresh.
>> No. 484
So, any ideas for Mancraft World 3 (3,4 whatever)? I'm assuming were keeping it on peaceful. The spawn was a little crowded, should we build the area into a supply village (like we had before only more extensive and with particular items in each "shop," like a wide spread community chest) so we can avoid that? Should we have a theme so we don't have air-craft carriers next to medieval castles (I personally didn't mind that)?
>> No. 485
Also, we must build a Spleef stadium near spawn.
>> No. 490
Well I'm sad that all my awesome shit is gone, but I'm also super happy that I get to build tons of new shit now...

I'm going to lay claim to some prime real estate near spawn this time!
>> No. 492
i joined my first true SMP server. its a fucking war zone. the spawn is a massive fucking hole in the ground. the buildings built nearby are blown to hell and back. until you get a decent distance from the spawn the ground is littered with craters. why?

supersonic lag-creepers. if you're luck you will see them coming at a billion miles an hour. other times they just teleport next to you and explode.

horay for smp
>> No. 494
D: got any pictures?
>> No. 495
File 129372057185.jpg - (387.04KB , 874x498 , THE WHITEHOUSE.jpg )
i will never have a house this good again
>> No. 496
File 129372958829.gif - (358.39KB , 300x169 , 1283336872611.gif )
Oh my that is gorgeous.
You guys make me want this game pretty bad
>> No. 497
Are we online or have I stumbled into another server by accident?
>> No. 498
File 129374976541.png - (420.63KB , 960x509 , javaw 2010-12-30 22-49-04-702.png )
Have Miner and I just been crafting on somebody else's map? The server (used the IP) looks completely fresh and clean :S
Holy christ nice!
>> No. 503
How did you get the mini-map in the corner of your screen?
>> No. 506
Its a mod, let me find it...
Its got better lighting and things too.
>> No. 508
We are DEFINITELY up and running now. I just confirmed today that we're on a new map and everything works. I'm currently housesitting right now so I'm not on my computer and this one is incredibly slow, so I'll try to get up a supply house but i can't make any promises. BUT... we have a server that works again!
>> No. 518
the server works, but.. i can't play with the amount of lag it has. warped to caddy, picked up the glass i was making, warped back home.

the chunks didn't load in time and i fell into oblivion and lost everything. :|
>> No. 522
File 12940015031.png - (611.53KB , 1374x810 , fire.png )
I was working on my house when I spotted this forest fire. I ran over as fast as I could and chopped down some trees to prevent it from getting to the spawn. Whoever built this, be more careful about how close you let lave get to trees. Fire CAN spread through walls. The lava in this structure had a tree right behind it. Be careful people =P
>> No. 526
I'm actually surprised that it hadn't caught fire before this. But yes, lava can set things on fire one or two more blocks away.
>> No. 530
File 129413786116.jpg - (249.54KB , 868x498 , HYDRA ISLAND.jpg )
behold, my new island
>> No. 531
Is it always this laggy on the new server? I get booted constantly when i'm the only person D:
>> No. 539
File 129443899759.jpg - (54.26KB , 1000x581 , SCARY.jpg )
Whoever made these... are you trying to give us nightmares? :C

I've noticed some weird lag glitches, but haven't actually had any issues with disconnecting.
>> No. 541
And here's the first rendition of our new world.

File is almost 14mb.

There's a handy dandy compass in the ice by the Caddyshack. Not nearly as nice as the compass rose on the last one though. :C
>> No. 542
So far, I'm liking the new map, lotta cool formations to make a building out of. I little too much snow for my tastes though.
>> No. 543
That is definitely why I built them. I don't know how to build the spider and Ghast though.
>> No. 544
stone and cloth for the ghast, not sure about the spider.
>> No. 546
I was talking more about how to get those angles without looking awkward.
>> No. 552
if you make it big enough, the angle shouldn't be a problem.
>> No. 555
All right. Who's the dickwad that keeps taking down the trees around the Caddyshack and then putting down OBSIDIAN? Seriously not amused.
>> No. 556
okay so
since i obviously can't build my fucking house because the fucking chunks don't load in time and i keep dying
somewhere there's a cave with a deck overlooking the sea, and it's got ladders and fences in it
that's mine, have fun with it
>> No. 557
If I catch 'em in the act, I'll let you know.

I've got a bit of a weird request, could my hubby be added to the whitelist? He's a giant dork but a nice guy. His Minecraft ID is Bobcoon.
>> No. 558
Sorry you're having lag issues Kiyi. Unfortunately there's not much I can do about it. :C

He's been added!
>> No. 559
disconnect and reconnect. presto chunko
>> No. 563
oh jegus fuck
thank you

now i can finish my house
>> No. 568
I don't understand why people join, then run away for half an hour to find a location miles away to build something nobody else is going to see. They're just making the map unnecessarily big :/
>> No. 575
This. Seriously, whoever is building shit way out the fuck in the middle of nowhere, cut that shit out. It's bad for the server and makes the files and shit bigger. If you want to build shit that only you will see, do that in single player.
>> No. 577
Hmm yeah. Nyx could I suggest maybe on the next map (or whatever) you explore a certain radius then put up adminblock walls around to stop it from getting so big? Of course ingame that'd be rediculously tedious, I mean open the world's folder with MCedit. Much easier. Thats assuming the world is run from your pc though, my bad if its not, and my apologies if you're not really arsed hahaha.
>> No. 578
Yeah, I don't actually run the server from my computer. Mog got us Mancraft through a gaming server provider and I don't believe that's even an option we can try.

I tend to wander on the maps, so I know I add to the size, but I have to agree to an extent. The last two maps have gotten so large that I was unable to back them up through the game server console and were close to 200mb in size just for a cartograph map. I dunno, I understand wanting to explore and finding the perfect spot, and I hate it when spawn gets crowded, but I'm thinking the massive size of the last maps were what killed them ultimately. At this point I'd say its not really an issue... we aren't seeing the same traffic on here at all like the last two. Which I'm understanding is partly due to people suffering lag. Unfortunate, but there's nothing we can do about it. The server provider even moved all their Minecraft servers to machines better able to handle Beta, so its a bit puzzling that people are experiencing lag.
>> No. 579
Looking for some advice on the subject of Minecraft servers.

A friend of mine is looking to set up an Australian-based server (as the US one we were playing on went survival and with the delay it's just too hard for us to be there anymore) and she's been looking around for a decent host.

The problem is that we don't really have any idea of what we're looking for or even what we need. In regards to slots and space we don't need an incredible amount, even if we each bought in two friends we barely make twenty people. User-managed is preferred, as we do have a friend in tech support that can help us out.

The main issue is price, becuase there's so few of us the bill won't be split far, so cheap is preferred.

Any suggestions are welcome really.
>> No. 584
My minecraft handle is BunniPlz. Can I be added to the whitelist? I understand though if you say no because I'm such a lurker type.
>> No. 586
>> No. 595
File 129485620155.jpg - (73.26KB , 545x725 , 127574492924.jpg )
Oh man, I need to come back and build Echo Base Aerodrome again- I'm glad there's lots of flat ice surface to do it on in the new map :D

I missed you guys! When the old map exploded, I shifted my gaming energy to BFBC2 Vietnam with a few IRL friends of mine... It's become an addiction, just like TF2 and Minecraft... *Eyes the untold amount of games on his Steam list that go unplayed because of these three games)
>> No. 596
Yes, come back to us! Also, I completely know what you mean.. I have so many games now on Steam and I only really play a couple of them. I'll get to the rest... eventually.

Whoops, looks like we're auto-saging.
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