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File 128918421739.png - (196.92KB , 1280x1002 , 2010-11-07_22_40_38.png )
4 No. 4
Once more with feeling, guys- Mancraft and TF2chan rise from the ashes, ever glorious- ever DICKS EVERYWHERE.
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>> No. 5
Lawl, obsidian everywhere. Also, have no idea if I'm ont he whitelist, but I would love to be added please. :3

Username in Minecraft is RizuChan.
>> No. 7
K guys, for those who don't have it the IP is (if this isn't right, I'll correct it when I get home)

I need to be readded to the whitelist for some reason, I'm Avnas.
>> No. 8
Disregard this, I typed in the thing wrong when I went to join it, I'm fine for the whitelist.
>> No. 15
File 128920642050.jpg - (795.61KB , 1366x768 , THREEDICKS.jpg )
>> No. 17
File 128922822998.png - (561.40KB , 852x480 , javaw 2010-11-06 23-06-15-73.png )

Those are some mighty fine dicks. I haven't been on the Mancraft server in the while, how's it holding up? Also, General Minecraft thread?

Enjoy this screenshot I took of the area near the spawn of my personal SMP server. The custom water is very pleasant, and animated properly too!
>> No. 20
File 128926783118.png - (322.22KB , 1366x768 , Minecraft.png )
GToMG (Giant Tower of Moon Grabbing)
>> No. 21
File 128927039237.png - (554.97KB , 1680x1010 , dongsbourough.png )

>> No. 27
File 128934416988.png - (431.33KB , 852x480 , javaw 2010-11-09 22-48-56-90.png )
Found my first ever field of pumpkins :D
>> No. 28
File 128936604890.jpg - (167.54KB , 1212x689 , minecraftan12.jpg )
>> No. 31
Somethings wrong with my game. I can't see the sky anymore and there seems to be fog all around.
>> No. 32
change the fog distance in the options.
>> No. 36
But I liked your bed. :C

Also, we're just waiting on the server host to update, so be patient guys.
>> No. 38
Is there a special way to get the texture packs to work besides just dumping them into the texturepack folder? Doesn't seem to want to work for me.
>> No. 39
>To make a texture pack, make a zip file that contains the files you wish to replace, then place that zip file in the texture pack folder. There’s a handy button ingame to open that folder immediately.

>If you place a “pack.png” file in the root of the zip file, it’ll show up as a preview icon. Please make sure it’s square, and of an even 2^x size. For example, 128x128 pixels.
If you place a “pack.txt” file in the root of the zip file, the first two lines will show up as a description for the texture pack.

I've just installed BlackAndWhiteCraft, but I plan to do my favourite texpack (3D Dot Game Heroes) next. The problem is that it doesn't work with 32x32 textures right now, so we're waiting on that.
>> No. 40
oh boy B&WCraft hasn't been updated

looks like I'll be running this instead
>> No. 44
I keep getting kicked out because of 'outdated client.' I even tried deleting every bit of minecraft stuff and reinstalling. what's the deal?
>> No. 45
see >>36
>> No. 46
serves me right for looking through the thread at 3 in the morning.
>> No. 48
Are we using hey0? There's a confirmed problem with hey0 and the update.
>> No. 49
Yes we are and that's exactly the problem. We're waiting on our hosts to roll out updated hey0, but they're in the UK so their office hours are a bit of a bitch.
>> No. 50
File 12894773606.png - (169.48KB , 854x481 , few words for ya.png )
Server is working again.
>> No. 51
>> No. 53
Shit goddamn I didn't even think of reversing the skin to get screenshots like that. THANKS FOR REMINDING ME!
>> No. 60
it may be working again but there is a block glitch going around
when you destroy blocks, they will respawn, sometimes it'l take 3-4 tries just to get rid of a block
it's not lag btw, tons of servers are having this problem
>> No. 67
Ugh seriously guys? We can't even have a minecraft server without /someone/ being a dipshit? Whoever is fucking with people's stuff, knock it off. Stop stealing shit from people's chests, stop breaking shit around spawn, stop being a douchebag. If this keeps up we'll wipe the whitelist and start over and be a hell of a lot more fussy about who we let on.
>> No. 68
and whoever placed the sign in my lawn and stole all my flowers: I didn't build a lake next to your shit.

Unless you're sage, but sage says you're not.
>> No. 69
forgot to namefag.
>> No. 72
File 128954773270.jpg - (43.71KB , 446x400 , laughing girls.jpg )
and this is exactly why i stand by my:
>they still build directly around the spawn
>> No. 74
File 128957135821.jpg - (323.31KB , 854x480 , salty seamen sunrise.jpg )
abandoned in thier home universe, the intreped crew of the S.S Fagboat moved to a new game, to a new start
>> No. 95
File 128965651328.jpg - (15.69KB , 251x250 , 1288243494967.jpg )
If you're talking about the portal in the middle of the spawn, the person who keeps breaking that is me. Reason being is that 1. The damn thing doesn't work so stop activating it until it does, right now it's just unneeded noise. 2. I don't need to clean up bricks shat every time I decide to walk from spawn to my house back to spawn again because someone decided to activate it again. Also there is a phantom one underground somewhere. I can hear it god damn I swear I'm not going crazy please turn that shit off.

But seriously dudes, we have community chest for all your needs and you can just ASK for items. Someone might have a spare they can dupe for you or the admin/mod will be happy to spawn you one on the spot. Uncool. :|

This is why we can't have nice things.
>> No. 104
that's fine. she's not talking about that as much as the OH GOD WHY DID YOU COVER MY HOUSE IN SAND, WHERE DID THIS LAKE COME FROM AND WHY IS THE FOREST ON FIRE
>> No. 105
I know this is random but...is it possible to get this server cartographed or whatever it's called?
>> No. 106
one of the theories going around is that the fuckhueg 25mb .png map we had might have fucked up the chan's load and cause us to be suspended. but that's just theory. until we know either way, IMHO it's probably not a good idea to host the image on the chan...
>> No. 107
Maybe the map can be uploaded to megaupload or something in a zip? I wanna try finding my house this time...
>> No. 108
I'll do it when I run the backup tonight. And then host the file on megaupload or somesuch. Though now that everything seems to be resolved with the chan server, I don't think that's what caused the issue. But I'd rather not risk it all the same.
>> No. 110
I've ripped the gate down completely and built a nice fountain in its place. I think I saw the other gate you're talking about when I was glitching and could see the entire world, but I have no idea how to get to it.

For anyone who hasn't been on in a bit, the spawn community supplies have also been consolidated into one building for easier access. The building also contains items that weren't in the other ones, so check it out.
>> No. 116
First generated cartography map for the new world on Mancraft. Enjoy guys.

>> No. 117
>41MB png

but this fascinating, yes, thank you for the map. My house/resort isn't as far as I thought it'd be.
>> No. 121
>my face when fuckhuge everywhere

also FUCK that is a huge snow biome
>> No. 125
Is that a giant forest fire near the bottom?
That's going to eat the entire continent!
>> No. 131

Thanks for the Cartogaph :D I can see my house from here (and my aerodrome)!

But, if you feel a 40-meg PNG is too... inadequate and impotent, you could try the Minecraft-Overviewer... It can generate a Googlemaps-style massive image of the map, zoomable and everything.

Quite nifty, here's an example
>> No. 134
File 128980212528.png - (147.26KB , 442x271 , temple2.png )
minecraft crashed and took my main world with it. god fucking dammit ;____;
>> No. 137

You can rebuild it. Longer. Harder. Erect the tits out of that temple, until it is turgid and tumescent.
>> No. 138

it wasn't me i promise
it appears to be near the tiki bar, so i will take care of it if someone hasnt already
>> No. 139
File 12898702292.png - (0.95MB , 854x683 , This Sex is on Fire.png )

I went to check it out, the forest fire is massive enough to lag the tits off of my game (to the point of crashing).
I didn't see any lava, it was probably a griefer. The fire is directly Northeast of the Spawn, 2-3 game days away.

The Cartograph map, by the way, is completely upside down. It's oriented towards the direction you spawn in, which is Southwest... So don't try to use it as a map unless you rotate it like 225 degrees first to make it face North.
>> No. 140
confirming crashing
don't go near it or you'll lag yourself to death
>> No. 142
File 12898721893.jpg - (739.43KB , 1366x768 , nuohmygod.jpg )
actually nvm just don't go running straight into it
chop along the edges

>> No. 143
Jesus christ, who started that thing? D:

Also, my bad on the cartography map. Apparently I flipped it when I created it. Next one will be correct. I hope.
>> No. 144
File 128988220315.jpg - (354.88KB , 1401x711 , minecraftan14.jpg )
aw yeah we showed that laggy crashing forest fire who's boss

in before rebb charged in there and promptly disconnected
>> No. 150
File 128990565599.jpg - (167.12KB , 1296x757 , TF2chan.jpg )
We've turned off mobs to keep those pesky animals from setting the forests on fire. The forest behind the Tiki Bar was burned down because of a flaming pig. Oops.

Newest cartography map. Its a little less detailed, but had to be done to get the correct angles of everything. This is how our world really looks, with true North and South.
>> No. 151
oblique-angled, rotate works best i think

oh god i wish we could get this thing sorted out. i would love to stake a claim in the middle of that hugeass desert
>> No. 155
Can I be added to the whitelist?
Name's MadamMaria, just the same.
>> No. 156

Hate to be the bearer of bad news (again!), but the map is sideways, with North and South pointing Left and Right o.o

Hint: Use the aerodrome to help you find North. Runway 36 points North, Runway 18 points South.

... Also, the big-ass snow biome is south of spawn D:
>> No. 157
I did that and it put North as South! Ugh, this stupid thing is annoying. The only way to truly get North and South set up correctly is to put it into Photoshop and rotate it there. But then it loses so much detail the second it saves. The Cartograph program doesn't allow for me to rotate except in ninety-degree increments or flipping it vertically. Frustrating. Sorry guys D:

Hydra, did you ever get re-added to the whitelist?
>> No. 159
Okay, here's the best I can do for you guys. Imagine the map tilted forty-five degrees to the right and you'll have true North and South. This gives the best grapical view, and for whatever reason it tilts the map at an angle. So North is actually pointed North-West which means that huge ass snow biome is really South-East of spawn.

>> No. 163
no. we never did work out if i'd stopped killing the server
>> No. 165
File 128999484229.gif - (786.40KB , 200x169 , charizards.gif )
okay god damnit i have helped put out 3 massive tree fires in the past 2 days, can we please stop setting the map on fire

if you're doing it to clear out some trees i can understand, but god fucking damn do a check to make sure it won't set fire to any OTHER trees

and whoever set the tree farm near spawn on fire is a dick, i don't even see how that could have been accidental

we know it had to have been lit by someone because we turned off the mobs and there wasn't any lava around
>> No. 166
i dont kill the server anymore :D

the Mojydra Outpost can begin construction
>> No. 167
Yay, thanks Nyx!

My sandcastle is underway.
>> No. 169
I just got mine craft, was wondering if i could be added it the whitelist?
my username is jeffian
>> No. 171
File 129005768319.png - (770.10KB , 1283x734 , CompassRose.png )
So because someone was a dickbutt and burned down the tree farm, we now have a beautiful compass rose in its place, complete with true North. Thanks to Gravekeeper, Kiyi and everyone else who helped build it!

>> No. 173
My tree is almost complete (good luck putting out that fire should it ever get lit up) and after a bit of furnishing, will probably be moving onto my next project. I had been thinking "castle" but that is kind of old and common...
Then I remembered playing the old Mario games and how there was one of Bowser's castles in the underground level, so I think I'm gonna clear out a massive underground hall and build my castle there.
>> No. 174
File 12900985284.png - (810.44KB , 1366x746 , 2010-11-18_12_34_38.png )
And here's how it looks with the default Minecraft textures. I think the Painterly pack makes the mineral blocks look kinda same-y (look at the Iron and Diamond blocks), so the colors don't contrast as well.

But it's a step up from what Nyx was using before, where every block was Obsidian with a symbol inside(probably including air blocks and the sun and moon)...

Nyx's view of the world is emo and hipster :D
>> No. 175

Wow, it looks really good.

I've been wondering if I could be added to the Whitelist. My user name is Silentsteel
>> No. 177
Your face is emo and hipster.

You are added!
>> No. 179
File 129012892851.jpg - (82.77KB , 1280x768 , OHMANOHWOW.jpg )
And HERES what it looks like with Okami textures!
>> No. 180
>okami textures
what, I was not informed of this mod
>> No. 181
File 129012981875.jpg - (32.47KB , 859x489 , whataFABULOUSnight.jpg )
that moon is just FABULOUS... and so is that elecman
>> No. 182

thats it if you want it, as a side note the x64 version works better. so for the tile size in the minecraft patcher it says to use in the instructions make it 64x64 instead of 128x128
>> No. 187
Thank you!

May the chaos reign long and with great fun!
>> No. 189
File 129018773076.jpg - (62.13KB , 1397x785 , CSIwtf.jpg )
One glitched boat ride and a fast relogging later means I get to find my own corpse, complete with boat. Wat.
>> No. 190
I just got the game, so NOOB HURR.

Can I be added to the whitelist? My username is Aliento
>> No. 191
File 129019775362.png - (422.80KB , 934x554 , SANDVICHBRINE.png )
Maybe this explains Sammwich-brine.
one time Sammwich's clone thing was floating at spawn. few minutes later it was WALKING AROUND. I blocked his thing with blocks.when I undid it,it dissappeared. creepy.D:.
>> No. 192
You're added.
>> No. 196
File 129024244344.png - (240.11KB , 851x473 , burning penis.png )
I'm pretty sure the fire bandit is someone who was butthurt about being banned from the chan/Mantrain at one point.

There's no other reasonable explaination I can come up with for attacking my penis.
>> No. 197
oh man :C i'm sorry about your penis
i think it's time we wipe the whitelist :l
>> No. 199
As much as I want to blame this on someone, I'm starting to suspect that it might be a glitch. I've been reading up on this phenomenon and was surprised to find that random fires happen. For whatever reason. I'm not going to rule out that someone is being a douche, but that night with the treefarm it was all people I know and trust that were on. I'll look into some mods for the server, to maybe log when shit happens and who's on.
>> No. 200
i think its about time for a new cart
>> No. 201
Why the fuck do you people keep building shit out of wood?
>> No. 203
File 129028368094.png - (753.51KB , 1193x515 , hardwork.png )
I spent several hours on them, but I made Mega Man and Splash Woman!

Air Man and Elecman arn't mine, but they're awesome too.

They're next the the pyramid if you'd like to check them out.
>> No. 204
Because I wanted to build a flaccid penis out of wood.
I'm not going to be rebuilding the penis since it was a PAIN IN THE ASS getting everything right the first time, and since I'm no artist, I don't think I'll be able to do the same a second time. Even if I make it with stone, it's just too much of a pain to rebuild. I'll find something else to build in the mean time (probably just a water slide or a roller coaster if the carts aren't broken).
>> No. 205
why the fuck does anyone build things out of anything? because it looks good
>> No. 206
File 129032844845.png - (443.84KB , 856x476 , silly spider.png )
Get down from there Bachuru.

That is lava.

You know you're weak to fire.

You silly spider.
>> No. 214
cartograph fucking where?
>> No. 216
Cartograph not fucking here. Deal with it. The server is unable to make a backup for us to use right now.
>> No. 219
File 129047784072.jpg - (23.78KB , 439x300 , 1274035307135.jpg )


>> No. 220
And now the server is behaving. Here's the newest cartograph.

>> No. 221
81mb! I've downloaded programs less than you!
>> No. 224
81 fucking megabytes, jesus

I love how people spend 20 minutes just walking in one direction and expanding the map, and then build like one tiny thing there and forget about it. CAUSE BUILDING SHIT OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF BUM-FUCK NOWHERE IS COOL GUISE.
>> No. 234
i didn't see anything built in that ridicuhuge part
>> No. 240

So Excite! Now for the server to update and for me to start punching creepers!
>> No. 241
File 129061679136.png - (492.36KB , 689x424 , Fail Hangar.png )
Whoo! I love me sum cartographs! I like how our Star Destroyer is shaping up.

Man, I wasn't around this weekend, and suddenly an asston of new builds! Also, seems *someone* decided to make a hangar on my airport. I have no idea who it was, but the tard who built it made with the the opening to the side...

I don't think I've ever seen a hangar open on the broad side.

It also seems to contain an ugly-as-sin plane made out of dirt blocks, and there's only one 100% organic airline in Mancraft, so... :D
>> No. 242
File 129061736547.png - (112.63KB , 286x155 , Dawwww.png )
Also, lol, someone is building a second baby airport... Now all Notch needs to do is give us some flying vehicles and we'll be in business. (That runway should be 27)
>> No. 243
So now that mobs are attacking in updated servers, should we implement functioning fortresses and mob harvesters?
>> No. 244
I'm out of town at my parents for now, so I won't be Mancrafting or messing about with the server. I'd kind of like to keep the server free of mobs... but what are the rest of you thinking?
>> No. 245
I should namefag, derp.
>> No. 246
Ok, as far as I can see it we've basically got two options.

The first is to continue as we were, with no mobs, teleporting everywhere, spawning items and all that on our current world.

The second is to enable the mobs and do things properly. Which would mean no more admins spawning items for everyone, no teleporting and a new world. After all, what's the point of doing SMP with what basically is cheats?
>> No. 247
File 129065447294.png - (3.23KB , 188x128 , 1286616814695.png )
b-but my mountain resort
and my snowman
>> No. 248
File 129065547678.gif - (374.76KB , 800x600 , 1279410625520.gif )
part of me is YAY MOBS
the other part is FFFFFFFF MY HOUSES NOOO
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