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File 129616981571.jpg - (10.73KB , 266x350 , the-elder-scrolls-v-5-skyrim.jpg )
689 No. 689

Why did I have to find out about this?! I have to suffer through 10 months of waiting now!

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>> No. 702
I just keep watching the trailer to soften the pain....
>> No. 711
File 129655417498.png - (258.55KB , 560x448 , scarymedic.png )
Oooh, just read my friends magazine that had info about it. The new features sound amazing. I can't wait!
>> No. 715
I excited much.
>> No. 719
>dual wielding
oh my god
I can run around as six-foot-six Redguard Jamal O'Niel, high on skooma, completely naked and shank everyone with dual daggers.
>> No. 723
File 129666860872.jpg - (255.66KB , 619x413 , 9994201_1294461356.jpg )
Damn yes, more TESfags! What an excellent place to dump some links to soothe or worsen your pain!

http://badasspanda.com/first-skyrim-screenshots-and-info-from-game-informer/2566 (details the gist of the content of the Game Informer magazine, for those not living in the US. Also some tiny screenshots.)

http://www.gameinformer.com/p/esv.aspx Game informer's online hub for Skyrim. I can especially recommend the interviews with sound designer Mark Lampert, as well as the article detailing the new combat system.

Pic related, it made the lorefag in me giggle.
>> No. 726
File 129668774664.jpg - (188.04KB , 600x398 , skoomamf3.jpg )

I hope this game is not as disappointing and dumbed down as Oblivion was.
>> No. 728
Oohhhkay, fine.
This is starting to look pretty bloody good.

What an odd captcha: Vequan. Maybe I should name my character that..
>> No. 730
I'm definitely interested. If it's not "Morrowind light" like Oblivion felt to me I'm so in.

>> No. 732
File 129675418818.jpg - (171.91KB , 1024x768 , Oblivions ultra realistic faces.jpg )
Hey, what's with all the Oblivion hate? That game had an amazing, well thought out story, wonderful and varied voice acting, meticulously detailed personalities in even the most minor of NPCs, a unique world with alien architecture and climate, and most of all stunning graphics, especially when it comes to faces, as you can see in the picture. Sorry, but Oblivion is one of the best games of all time.

Really guys, I'm disappointed in you.
>> No. 733
It wasn't a bad game at all, don't get me wrong. But compared to Morrowind, it just felt like it had less substance and less actually intriguing features. See, I don't play TES for the story, I play it for the world and the free roaming. And that came in short to me in Oblivion.
>> No. 734
File 129676423126.jpg - (84.30KB , 800x600 , 1195341650631.jpg )

I think Commie was being sarcastic, Perry.

This new one better be more like Morrowind.
>> No. 735
Well I suck at detecting sarcasm. Nevermind the Perry!
>> No. 739
I took a look at all the new features/videos they have released and it looks like it will be one AMAZING game.

One thing, though. Hopefully they put more into character interaction, something akin to maybe Dragon Age and/or Mass Effect 1.
>> No. 745
File 129688522319.jpg - (149.75KB , 954x709 , skyrim roaring dragon.jpg )

Some of the more interesting stuff if you don't feel like listening through it all.
* There will be three combat skills; Onehanded, Twohanded, and Archery.
* Perks, each skill will have its own "perk tree", which allows you to specialize in e.g. maces, which gives you advantages when fighting with a mace. Currently there's about 280 perks, ranks included.
* They're messing about with letting your character shapechange, but it's not clear if it will make it to the final game.
* Same with mounts.
* There's some crafting skills, like smithing, that's going into the stealth category. Curiously, alchemy will end up in that set as well.
* You will be able to hire companions, and become their friends. Their depth of personality will be sacrificed in favor of a large number of different companions though, sadly.
* There will be factions, some of them are returning.
* Five or six regions that they're trying to make unique so the landscape isn't all gritty, snowy mountain regions.
* They're probably not gonna enable Kinect or PS Move.
* You will also level much faster than in the previous games.
>> No. 746

They better include unarmoured this time, although it sounds as though they're going to add skills instead of retarding the game by taking more out.

Seriously man there is so much pressure on for them not to fuck this game up.
>> No. 755
My reaction to the trailer? This.

>> No. 756
I'm not sure how I feel about this game. Oblivion was pretty, when it first came out, but ultimately shallow and unrewarding. If nothing else, I just hope to god they either don't use level scaling, or implement it in a way that doesn't entirely suck. Some of the things it did improve over Morrowind, yes, but at the end of it it did feel like a much shallower game - smaller, less original world, less dialogue, FUCKING MUDCRAB CONVERSATIONS OVER AND OVER AGAIN, the ability to join and rise to the top of -every- faction extremely easily.

And, to be honest... even though FO3 was a small improvement, I'm not feeling very optimistic yet about TESV.

Although the crafting sounds like it might actually interesting. But then we were promised crafting in FO3 and that barely came to anything.
>> No. 812
>no spears&polearms, as said by todd in podcast. the concept art was just for looks
>magic staves removed to match the setting
>no return of crossbows (todd thinks they're stupid. Oblivion NPC m'aiq confirms this)
>no return of throwing weapons (they won't do crossbows or spears, so why this?)
>spellmaking removed because of balance issues (i'm gonna miss this. it was fun seeing all the things you could do)
>level scaled gear&dungeons. dungeons lock on the level you had when first entering them (not the point of an rpg)
>attributes were removed (todd said "they're just numbers that increase", no joke)
>UI will have no mouse support as said by todd (also shown in the scans). it's pretty much just scroll&select since todd likes consoles (see below)
>PC is a port from consoles (in the podcast, todd says he prefers consoles as a platform)
>regenerating health, instant-heal potions, and instant-heal waiting remain (bethesda feels they have no reason to remove this)
>fast travel, and quest compass of course remain. whole game was made with fast travel in mind again. copypasta landscape returns

Copypasta from /v/. If this is true, I'm going to throw a fit.
>> No. 976
Gladly ignoring the previous fuel for nerdrage, quite justified if true, in order to post the extended trailer. Good to see your AFGNCAAP character is represented by a white human male here.
HD and fullscreen is a must, really. Plus, more of that awesome theme.
>> No. 978
File 13004876952.jpg - (27.01KB , 391x506 , 128113183516.jpg )
Considering how much effort it looks like they put into this, and how much fun I had with their previous games, I just cannot imagine having any less with this one. I am so excite.

Pic sorta related.
>> No. 1626
File 132103396433.jpg - (37.75KB , 512x384 , 130317668270.jpg )
>fuck yeah buy skyrim at midnight
>fuck yeah install that shit
>fuck yeah pissing my pants over this game
>fuck no 5~ FPS constantly on low settings
>> No. 1629
I was wondering if anyone could help me. I had to get a new graphics card and more ram today, because Skyrim was running like a slide show and not a video game. It ran smoothly after that, except for laggy, jerky mouse movements that make me somewhat motion sick. I also get this persistent problem where some of the textures turn yellow, including the entire fucking menu, and then the game crashes. The crashes have been taking less and less time to occur to the point where I can't even open the fucking game anymore. Please, if you have a solution to this problem, help me. I've tried searching for a solution to this problem, but all of them seem to be for Windows 7, and I use XP. If you have a solution that will work for Windows XP, please let me know. I've been waiting for a long time for this game to come out, and not being able to play sucks.
>> No. 1630
It started when the character I followed out of the cave in the beginning turned all yellow and glowy, and then the game crashed.
>> No. 1634
Well, thanks to a wierd sort of luck, I just got the collectors edition of Skyrim for the 360. Originally, I was seriously set to lose it saturday (pre-orders are only really held for 48 hours at the stores here), but since they ran out of stock the relese date, they had to reorder for Monday. I just got the issues with my paychecks/family/bank that had prevented me from getting the copy Friday cleared up yesterday, so I managed to get my copy in time. Now to not play it for another three months or so.

The art book is awesome. I wish there was more commentary overall in-book, but maybe they'll talk more about the designs in the DVD idk.
>> No. 1643
Follow these steps if your crashing to desktop and/or textures go missing (turning purple/yellow). This requires having a good rig and 4 gigs of ram AT MINIMUM.

1) If you're using Steam, go to skyrim's properties > updates > Set to "Do not automatically update"
2) Download the tesv.exe file here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17590549/TESV.exe
3) Go to steam > steamapps > common > skyrim and delete the tesv file there and replace it with the new tesv file you downloaded
4) Download the Large Address Aware file here: http://www.skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=202
And follow the steps in the images on the same page.
5) Enjoy

What this does is allows Skyrim to use more memory than the miniscule amount set by Beth. Reasons why I had you disable steam update? Because their new update doesn't allow Skyrim to launch if there has been any changes to the tesv file (Error 51). Don't worry about missing any updates, Beth announced there won't be any updates for "at least a week after Turkeyday."

If you're still crashing, then your rig is no longer built for high-end games. If you're getting Error 51 still, then you probably didn't disable steam updates so start over.
>> No. 1644
Boys and girls your saviour is here. Those of you with a shit FPS at least. (I copied this info off the forum I got it from.) I've got this thing and as long as I've got my HDD plugged in, I have next to no lag whatsoever. And I'm playing on a laptop.

All it is, is a small .dll folder which goes into your /Skyrim Folder, (Same area with the launcher) and will help increase FPS and graphics, without lowering graphics and resolution settings.

Download for NViDia users: http://adf.ly/3mEbG

Download for ATI users: http://adf.ly/3mEdQ

In other news, Sheogorath has no fashion sense.
>> No. 1650
Hm. Is this better than the ENBseries patch? You can specify your card in that too.

Also you can run skyrim with better memory allocation without modifying it. Just use this launcher: http://www.skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1013

Also for anyone wanting to play windowed no border, use this: http://www.skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=24

I just wish there was a mod that let you wear a ring on both hands.
>> No. 1651
http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/miracle-of-sound/5117-Sovngarde-Song-Skyrim relevant.
>> No. 1657
Just got this game for Christmas and I can't believe how much this helped. The game was laggy and irritating before, I didn't know if I'd be able to stand it. But thanks for posting this, it was an enormous help!
A question, though, does anyone know how I can smooth out the mouse movement? I set the sensitivity as high as it could go and it's not enough. Not only that but they're very jagged mouse movements.
>> No. 1714
File 133826465027.jpg - (493.08KB , 519x993 , valkyrjaohgodmyeyes.jpg )
The result of a couple days of me learning how to make a summon and replace textures on armor. Kinda fucked up the latter.
Also stole the helmet from open faced helmets, I know I know.
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