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File 143534639173.png - (1.77MB , 1068x668 , 006smaller.png )
5893 No. 5893
Making a thread to put the assorted TF2 porn I've drawn in, maybe get some CnC, but mostly to contribute.

First up is this thing I drew really late one night that I ended up going all the way with. Those monsters broke Sniper's hand! Cause I sure didn't do that I mean come on haha, why would I do that, hahaha haAlso Tentaspies aren't monsters they're actually really hot
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>> No. 5895
You need drawing lessons.
>> No. 5898
I will try to be a little more helpful.
First off I like how the tentacles came out and the background is quite lovely.
I would suggest sitting down and just drawing hands for practice. Heaven knows I need to as well. Also look at some pictures of faces in profile. There needs to be more of a curve between the forehead and nose on the fellow red spy is restraining. Keep at it and don't get disheartened. Personally I am studying an anatomy book I have recently purchased. I'm sure some of the wonderful artist around here will have some more useful advice.
>> No. 5899

I promise this isn't me at full capability ehe (I will forever need drawing lessons though it is a true)
>> No. 5901
Goshdarnit it's so tempting to post all of the stuff I do on here, regardless of effort level. Hnghf.
>> No. 5905
You and Hosscat sure seem close, huh.
>> No. 5907
Just how I try to be with most people. The few post you've seen on here has been the extent of our interaction.
>> No. 5909

Hehe, Hosscatt speaks the truth! We probably just look close cause it comes with the territory of being the only two active artists here right now. But yeah! Pleasant is as pleasant does and all that. For all I know Hosscatt could be some 40 year old Tibetan monk who makes bookmarks for a living.

On that note Bountry, I think I've seen your name here and there around TF2chan, are you an artist also?
>> No. 5910

Thanks Hosscatt! Hehe yeah, this is one of those pictures where I just sat down and started drawing with a pen, so when the hand started going bad I just went "forget it" and went full scribble. Thank you for your feedback! These are all things I need to do.
>> No. 5912

Yes. And I write.

Y'all need to take some life drawing classes and draw some nude models.
>> No. 5916
Yeah, I would like to, perhaps at some point when I have some extra money. (Paying for college now, gstretched kinda thin.)
>> No. 5918
>>only two active artists

>> No. 5920

Well hey make that three! Sorry meda, it had just been some months and I didn't know what to think. Howya doin?
>> No. 5922

Well cool. Hehe, yeah, I bet they'd help. Does drawing oneself from a mirror also work?
>> No. 5923

Yeah, it does. But having an instructor there to point things out you might not have noticed is ideal.
>> No. 5927
File 143626869431.png - (1.73MB , 1000x1525 , EnSpy 2.png )
Presenting: The completely finished version of my Request Thread Response! Finally finished coloring this! It's been a really long time since I've just gotten lost in a project, and I think it turned out pretty radsomely as a result. Feels good, man, feels good. Thanks TF2 Chan for giving me the idea in the first place! Should I put the words on it? Ach.
>> No. 5928
File 143630287775.png - (1.93MB , 1836x643 , buttsexsm.png )
Popping up my first TF2 porn from a while back as well! Silly how it wasn't on here before. Was playing with shading from below. Pen, gel pen, expo marker.
>> No. 5929

oh man it looks so much better in color. the stuff around his nuts makes a lot more sense. crossposting to /r/tflewd
>> No. 5931
While on vacation I finished the thumbnails for the comic, it's wacky as all heck but it's looking like a solid 8 more pages. Stay tuned!


>looks better
Hnng ikr. I'm glad you got to see it! Thanks for the crosspost.
>> No. 5959
File 143906556355.png - (1.81MB , 989x1000 , darncommies.png )
Wheezes time for more art :D The Anonydragon over in the requests thread inspired me, and Solly was originally gonna be a human pincushion. But because I'm a serious glutton for punishment the original picture was found, I decided to change it to Solly at a naked beach and practicing backgrounds.

>> No. 5976
RMD, I don't know if you saw my Tumblr reply, but yes, I'd still love that drawing! I have a list of ships on my "About Me", if you want to work from that. I can also send you my f-list, if you want to do a NSFW drawing.
>> No. 5979


I missed the post initially, but went back and found it. I'll definitely see what I can do! Is your F-list different from your ship list?
>> No. 5982
File 144146960139.jpg - (1.28MB , 1254x2320 , sbibeburns.jpg )
Uploading a different version of this because I got a new scanner and it makes things look SO much better! Original commentary had to do with Demo's wonky hand. Pose from a webcomic I read called Teahouse!
>> No. 5983
F-List is a site where you can list and compare your fetishes. It's supposed to be for roleplay purposes, but I just made one for my personal use.
>> No. 5984
Well hook me up! I'm interested :7
I need to draw less more porn ahaha
>> No. 5987

Here you go! Thanks so much, bud. I can't wait to see it!
>> No. 6032
Meda I promise I haven't forgotten don't worry (you were probably not worried)
>> No. 6202
I was a little worried, but I know life's gotten in the way of everyone lately (including me), so take your time!
>> No. 6206
File 146874207466.png - (1.89MB , 2078x1403 , GardenBondageSmol.png )
OOPS IT'S BEEN A WHILE gosh I have been sitting on this forever and I am finally ready to call it done! Woohoo!

Meda your doodle is next fo SHO
>> No. 6209
Pose is very nice, and I like that you can see where the ropes are compressing the skin.

Just a nitpick, but I think you need to add a little more contrast, a little more shadow on the underside of him and areas like where his arm is tucking behind him. The coloring in those spots makes the rest of him look flat and the only way I could tell there were curves and limbs there was because of the ropes.
>> No. 6210
Not a critique on the character but damn, that background work looks to have taken a lot of effort. It's possible to see where some of the fronds have been copied but enough of them look different that you had to have at least spent a decent amount of work on that alone, not to mention blending them together nicely.

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