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Adult Request Thread Pre-emptive Strike (700)

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Okay, the newer one has already started to auto-sage. It's currently still on the front page but it has fallen past the line where we'll have to start clicking All Threads in order to see it.

Here is the link to it and the ones before it. Lots of great requests still in these!

I'm going to repost the two most recent ones from the most recent thread.

I know this is mostly requests for new stuff, but I haven't been here in a while and I'm having trouble finding an old fanfic. It was Engie x You, started with ambiguous-gender-ness and then had two endings, one for M and one for F.


'Jawohl' is German for 'yes,' but it's used in a military situation when responding to a superior officer.

It's hard for even me to imagine these two having 100% happy consensual sex, but if someone con pull off something non-noncon, I'd be very happy.

Of course, any other pairing with Medic would be nice too. I just want him saying 'jawohl' in a sexual situation, really.

I second this one, btw. Also approve general consensual even if it's possibly angry or bitter or just disturbing.

One of mine that I liked
Oh, earlier today I thought of THE best AU EVER! Soldier is a dedicated postal worker delivering the mail (maybe Mann Co. packages) to all the TF2 guys in their ordinary daily lives. They might still be mercenaries but this probably doesn't directly involve RED or BLU bases. Soldier is naturally very determined too. Nothing will stand in his way! Not even Saxton Hale! Should end with weary Soldier either happily going home to snuggle and fuck class of choice or perhaps class of choice takes an interest after talking to him during previous deliveries and invites him in after a lot of debate with self. You know you want this. Yes, you do.

And a new one from me. A friend recently introduced me to this song. I think this would make an amazing Jane/Tavish fanfic.

Normally I want them back together and preferably with sex but it would be amazing if they were basically so angry and bitter that their enthusiasm turned dark but obsessively vicious towards all and sundry. Would also work fine for any other pairings but that's what I thought of at first. Link contains song and lyrics.


2 .

Soldier/Spy. I desperately want to see some Soldier/Spy.

Inter-team or cross-faction, con or dub-con or non-con, one-shot or multi-chapter... At this point I'd read anything. I want to see that pairing so badly but I've never seen even a single fic with it!

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There are a few Soldier/Spy fics. Someone is working on one idea from the request thread, though I don't think it has been posted yet, but there are already two on the chan here.

Butterfly Knife, which has a female Spy/Soldier

Our Duty as Men, which has male Spy/Soldier, cross-faction

There might be more but those are the ones I remember. If you want to help give constructive criticism on a story involving a genderbent RED Soldier and male RED Spy, it's over in workshop.

Note, I approve the notion of more Spy/Soldier and Medic/Soldier in general. Actually, I just love anyone and everyone with Soldier. I'm a slut for Solly.

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Anon 2 here.

I've read Butterfly Knife, and I do like it, but personally I don't consider it Soldier/Spy, I think of it as Soldier/OC.

Genderbent characters, even when they are genuinely well-developed and interesting, just don't count as the "real" characters to me. And the female Spy in Butterfly Knife in particular is not even simply a 63 version of Spy (like the female Spy in Entire Team Is Ladies), but rather a wholly different character with her own backstory that is heavily built upon her gender (she murdered her lovers because they wanted her to be a good little wifey, was never treated with any respect despite her efforts in the war, was forced to join the team against her will as a result of that).

As for Our Duty As Men, that one if unfinished, and it doesn't seem like it will be continued. I'd read anything with the pairing, but it should at least be something whole.

In any case, if possible, I'd much prefer the fic to be Soldier/Spy, not Spy/Soldier.

The difference may seem ridiculously trivial, but the thing is, I've read COUNTLESS fics where Spy is the pursuer, the initiatior, the one who is openly gay/bi and actively trying to get into the other person's pants... I'd find it much more interesting if SOLDIER was the one who, for whatever reason, wants to fuck Spy.

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Dove, I am so agreed with you in that we need more medic/solly. Most under appreciated pairing ever, imo.
So let it commence hencefourth!

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Can we see some Medic/Scout? Preferably not guro, and with elements of seduction? I've seen Medic/Scout rapefic and it can get a little too violent for me.

I'm a slut for Medic/anyone, really, though I am getting a little tired of the reams (hee!) of Medic/Heavy.

I love the Doktor so much.

7 .

Kind of inspired by something else I came across. I can't believe I'm suggesting this, I hadn't realized I would like this sort of thing.

Medic is a transman. Thanks to his bizarre surgical skills and access to drugs, he's been able to make improvements on his body but he is far from satisfied. He wishes to make love to Heavy, but is frustrated that he cannot do it properly. So! He conspires with someone, probably Engi or maybe Spy, or maybe in desperation he just does it on his own, to hack into the respawn system. The goal? Give Medic's DNA a tweak so he'll respawn as a fully biological male.

Basically I want Medic exploring his new penis and testicles, surprising Heavy, and of course getting to properly test drive his body in bed.

8 .

I'd like some Medic/Soldier too. Preferably something related to Medic having Spy's head in his fridge and Soldiers crazy head collection.

And Heavy/anyone that isn't Medic. The big guy simply isn't getting enough love from the rest of the team!

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>>6 Go check out Caddy's Reposts (it should be somewhere on the second or third page of afanfic by now). It features three excellent stories, the third of which is a completely consensual, non-guro Scout/Medic titled "Go Avay."

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>>9 Oo, I like that one! "Not now, Scout. You are on fire."

I guess I just hope for more. I like seeing Medic with the upper hand.

Wonderful characterisation.

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Captcha = ever, smoredu - Yes, do some more forever!

What I want is firey-hot, dizzying romantic foreplay. Romantic and raw at the same time, with atypical pairings.

Not that I have anything against the perennial favorites of Heavy/Medic, Sniper/Spy, et al. I'd just like some love for the others.

Why not Demo and Pyro bonding over the smell of cordite and hot metal? Maybe some tender Engie/Medic topping with bonus fucking machines?

(I'm not jaded, I swear!)

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I've read Butterfly Knife, and I do like it, but personally I don't consider it Soldier/Spy, I think of it as Soldier/OC.

I can see what you mean. She is different enough that she can be counted as an OC. (To be honest, Soldier is fairly different as well but I'm too enamored with the plot and the different personality to care at this point. It might make me a horrible person but at least I'm enjoying it.)

Genderbent characters, even when they are genuinely well-developed and interesting, just don't count as the "real" characters to me.

Are you sure? I'm doing my best to make my genderbend the RED Soldier that we see in Meet the Soldier and the comics, a woman not to change her but to show how the team's reactions to her change when she tries to engage in the same annoying trends of yelling at people and attempting to force them into meetings or drills. She's not particularly feminine either (exact same outfit, crew cut, features almost exactly the same), and in her forties besides, so most of the team doesn't view her as sexy. She's simply an annoying "old" woman.

But if you're not interested, that's fine. If you would still be willing to give any constructive criticism though, I'm desperately whoring myself out for it. Most of the people who respond go "I liked it" and I'm all "Okay, suggestions for improvement please?" D:

As for Our Duty As Men, that one if unfinished, and it doesn't seem like it will be continued. I'd read anything with the pairing, but it should at least be something whole.

I read it myself and enjoyed it for the most part. To each their own, though. The person who said they were writing the Solly/Spy prompt seems to be keeping it to themselves until they finish it, so it'll probably arrive whole and complete when they do post it.

The difference may seem ridiculously trivial, but the thing is, I've read COUNTLESS fics where Spy is the pursuer, the initiatior, the one who is openly gay/bi and actively trying to get into the other person's pants... I'd find it much more interesting if SOLDIER was the one who, for whatever reason, wants to fuck Spy.

I'm all for that. However, my personal POV of Soldier is that he's too socially awkward to successfully woo someone so he tends to wait until someone makes the first move. That's how I usually view him though, no matter what kind of details I've elaborated into his personality. So, I have no problem with Soldier being dominant, submissive, or anything else in bed but I have a hard time seeing him as directly initiating without fucking it up royally or at least not going about it very sensibly. Which could be hilarious and I do love humor in my porn, admittedly.

I've also rarely seen an openly gay/bi Soldier myself. I suspect it's because his character is potentially very religious or patriotic or otherwise culturally inundated with "American" values, so most people assume he's either repressed or had no idea before. (The reason people make Spy openly gay/bi is because, while still partially discriminated against, it was more openly recognized and somewhat legal in France as well as a few other European countries.) I have no problem with it but Soldier would have to recognize his desires, get over or completely avoid any possible inhibitions, and manage to discuss something that doesn't involve guns, haircuts, or pushups.

Not impossible but a lot harder given that he's very stubborn and he's officially middle-aged, so potentially less flexible (and yes, he'd probably have to be middle-aged to fight in WW2. Even if he wasn't precisely eighteen at the time he tried to join the military, he'd still be early forties at the most logical. Anything much younger and he's going to Europe on the verge of puberty, which is a lot harder to accept without some really good writing. Might get away with it by suggesting he didn't enter Poland until the War had already ended. Personally, I prefer to think he at least made it there during some of the actual War and was a teenager who had already gone through most of puberty at the time.)

Err, but I went off on a tangent. So, uh, it just takes a little more effort making Soldier forward. Unless, of course, it's pure PWP or the writer has a fantastic and reasonable way around it. I'd be happy to read it, don't get me wrong. I'm simply turning it over in my head and not figuring out quite how I'd end up writing it, if I tried. I suppose there's always KGBigelow's approach but, even in Fun Time with Helmuts, Soldier didn't become open about it until after it happened and technically never initiated anything.

Frankly, I remember seeing those hilarious pictures, where someone photoshops a disapproving Soldier into an ordinary TF2 porn pic. I'd wondered recently if maybe it was possible he was disapproving because he was jealous (which struck me as being even funnier at the time.)

... I keep trying to figure something out. I have too many stories as is. I'm hoping I don't figure something out. D:

If you have any thoughts on what would make a forward Soldier happen or how it might work out in his favor (maybe Spy finds it cute that he's awkward or weird or too direct?) or any specific plot ideas then I might be bitten by inspiration. And that would force me to add it into my collection of Works in Progress that might be finished some day. I have a sense of something stirring in the back of my mind but it's nothing as yet. I'm still grasping at straws for something tangible.

I'd like some Medic/Soldier too. Preferably something related to Medic having Spy's head in his fridge and Soldiers crazy head collection.

I agree with both of your sentiments. This idea especially! I am so trying not to write anything else though! Not to mention, the only thing that comes to mind is this conversation.

"So, have you ever fucked those heads you collect?"

"EW! I would never touch my troops that way!"

"Is it because of the decomposition? Because I have a solution for that."

"I know I'm going to regret this but... proceed!"



Seconded so hard! I LOVE all pairings and I'm eager to see any of them with obscenely passionate love. That said, what are the "standard" pairings beyond the two you mentioned? I'm not sure what the utter go-to pairings for anyone else are.

Why not Demo and Pyro bonding over the smell of cordite and hot metal?

I'm not sure what cordite is, too lazy to look it up, but I would totally love to see that. It sounds fun.

Maybe some tender Engie/Medic topping with bonus fucking machines?

I suggested back in the most recent pairing the idea of coming my idea for Engie inventing a fucking machine with some of the other ideas others suggested: Engie and Medic engaging in the use of SCIENCE! for seductive measures and something else I don't recall (might have been the Engie invention rivalry.)

Incidentally, for >>6 and >>8 there's one on the next to last page that I think might already fit your criteria, to some extent. Crappy name and semi-crappy formatting but fantastic writing with a bittersweet ending (also longer than the initial three chapters the story thought it was going to be.) I really enjoyed it at least.


13 .

Guh, I swear I know words! That sentence was supposed to go more like this.

I suggested back in the most recent request thread the idea of combining my idea, Engie inventing a fucking machine, with a few other ideas that had been suggested: namely Engie and Medic engaging in the use of Science for seductive measures (such as dirty talk and maybe foreplay) and I think the (potentially) friendly Engie vs. Engie invention rivalry.

14 .

>>12 Hello there Dove

(Self confessed voracious-reader newbie who doesn't really know how chans work but is willing to learn and is encouraged by getting an actual reply - Hi there!)

I've seen quite a bit of the Soldier/Engie "helmetparty" stuff, and some Engie/Sniper. I'm amused by that last. Two laid-back guys for whom precision in the workplace is the norm (wrench swinging aside) do seem to fit together, don't they?

I don't know why more Demo or Pyro pairing fics aren't out there. Perhaps the complexity of writing the various speech patterns scares off potential writers?

I mean, it's canon that Demo is terribly hard-working (cf. the comic where his mum calls him lazy for working a mere three jobs). He can't be the boozed incompetent he is often depicted as; wouldn't he pursue a romantic affair with the same dogged energy?

Oh yes. Cordite (according to Wikipedia) was invented in 1899 to replace black powder for a smokeless substitute propellant.

I just lovelovelove obscenely passionate (as well as obscene passion) fic. It's probably the one place where my intellectual and hormonal erogenous zones overlap. Pretty please..?

Thanks for that Engie/Medic recommendation. It was sweet and I liked it.

PS. How does one get access to the rest of Tf2chan anyway? I find myself able to read but that's it. Should I email a mod?

15 .

Re-re-requesting my request of a fic based off of this picture right here: http://tf2chan.net/dumps/src/131498316297.jpg I have desired this particular request ever since I came to the Chan almost two years ago.

I'm also re-requesting my request of a Tentaspy/Heavy porno fic. With Heavy bottoming.

Don't leave me hanging, guys!

16 .

Scout and dom Medic - Scout's been "trained" before, signed up with TF as a brash, mouthy brat to get away from the past - but something about Medic pushes all his old buttons and he's desperate NOT to be found out.

17 .

Bonus points for sexy, silky menace Medic as opposed to just barked commands and whip trauma.

18 .

Too embarassed to namefag while posting this request. I would like to see sounding. It would have to be Medic/any-fucking-body as long as it's not sissy!Scout

19 .

Scout/Pyro, sensory deprivation.

(Captcha says scalawag - not bad, captcha.)

20 .

First request here, I hope I'm doing this right. If someone can do this I will be eternally grateful.

Spy/Sniper/ScootMa - I like threesomes, what can I say?

Spy and ScoutMa are together. ScoutMa is intrigued by tales of Spy's adventurous sexual past and bisexuality and decides she'd like to see what it's like having two men in her bed at once. Spy is all too happy to oblige; anything for his petit-chou-fleur.

Sniper has caught himself having decidedly impure thoughts about other guys and decided that that + his history of striking out spectacularly with women must just mean that he's a big ol' fag (not just an awkward, loner bisexual bushman) and doomed to be outcast and alone because it's 1968. Because I assume if trying to figure out your sexuality today is still complicated, it must have been hell during TF2's era. I also like the idea of Sniper that is totally laid back and confident about all things outdoors, fighting, and shooting shit, but absolute rubbish at intimate social interaction. I'm lame like that.

Everyone has tons of hot sexy fun with everyone. How Spy and ScoutMa lure Sniper into bed is up to you.

21 .

This post has been deleted.

22 .

Going to go ahead and repost my Demoman/Scout with plot request.

Don't know why I want to see that so much...

23 .

We all know the Kritzkrieg makes you do super damage when Ubercharged in-game, right?

What if it makes you have super sex performance too?
It can be any pairing, with Medic either a voyeur or in the pair. Preferably if he was a voyeur though, don't know why I prefer that.

And before you ask, yes, it was inspired by http://tf2chan.net/workshop/src/131969305927.jpg

24 .


I stumbled on the answer to a more foreward, relatively realistic Soldier. I guess it's just hilarity to no end. I approve but I fear I could never do it justice. The below is Soldier/Scout instead of Soldier/Spy but it is fucking hilarious and I so want to see that kind of Soldier initiating and trying to get Spy to fuck him.


Also, this could be a great prompt for the Soldier initiating idea that I found in one of the older request threads.

Dr. Scuffles

So, weird request ahead. A soldier/spy- could be a one shot, could be a longer piece, whatever you happen to choose. The stipulation is that at some point, Soldier macks on Spy, narrating each step of the process as if he's slowly taking towns in the Dday invasion, ending (of course) with the 'liberation of Paris'. I prefer team RED but it doesn't really matter.


Hi! You're welcome, far as the recommendation goes.

I guess the big three pairings overall are Heavy/Medic, Spy/Sniper, and Soldier/Engineer. Everything else is either secondary or tertiary (the tertiary being the ones almost never seen or never really done before.) Truth be told, I like them all, but I get tired of the first two major pairings a little more easily than I do the last major pairing.

I don't know why more Demo or Pyro pairing fics aren't out there. Perhaps the complexity of writing the various speech patterns scares off potential writers?

I mean, it's canon that Demo is terribly hard-working (cf. the comic where his mum calls him lazy for working a mere three jobs). He can't be the boozed incompetent he is often depicted as; wouldn't he pursue a romantic affair with the same dogged energy?

I think the problem is less the accents, though that is always an awkward issue to get a handle on. For Demo, it's that he has some very different canon representations. There's the drunk off his ass in the game and then there's the partially drunk, angry man in Meet the Demo. Then there's the WAR! comic which presents him as a very loyal, sweet, sober person. It's nowhere near impossible but it is awkward trying to roll all of that into one very complex person. For that reason, unless the story focuses on him at some point, I think that's why he tends to take a back seat.

Not to mention, the whole thing about racism in 1968, which is generally awkward. Most people understandably don't want to touch it with a ten-foot pole as it could quickly derail a plot if introduced. So people either tow the line at realism or ignore it. Some of them may decide to just avoid the whole issue altogether by ignoring Demo. That's my hypothesis anyway.

As for Pyro, that's more of a lack of knowledge issue. Because we know very little about Pyro, unless the story discloses very little about what Pyro is like, Pyro is essentially an OC. Also because we know so little, some people have a very precise way they view Pyro and may or may not enjoy their head canon being disrupted. So, again, I think most people avoid the issue by letting Pyro fade into the background or ignoring him/her outright.

PS. How does one get access to the rest of Tf2chan anyway? I find myself able to read but that's it. Should I email a mod?

What do you mean? Response boxes on all other threads are at the top. And at the very top of TF2 chan are links to the main channels but if you just type in tf2chan.net it'll take you to the main page with every link available.


I intended to have something similar happen in Hunting the Hunter. Might write it as a separate story sometime. Don't know. Either way, I heartily approve and recommend others go for it as well. My idea was a camping trip up north, complete with cabins, and Spy invited Sniper to show up, which he does, and Spy booked a cabin with Scout Ma.


I gave a suggestion for what the plot should be in the last thread. I didn't feel like writing it though.


OMFG! Someone write the story behind that picture. RIGHT NOW. I demand it! Please give me that... Dr. Strangelove joke is applicable and desired.

Holy fuck, I shouldn't have started digging through one of the older request threads. This one I'm reposting because for some reason it really appeals to me. Great idea for really random pairings?


Everyone on the team needs release because of how long they've been out there. So solider puts everyone's name in a hat and they all draw names. Between who ever you want.

I have some more ideas as well, partially inspired by one of my prior requests and partially inspired by the other request thread. I'll always have some dumb shit to ask for.

I really want awkward, friendly Engineer who is having a bad day and has been pushed to his limits so he is beyond cranky but not quite evil. He blows up at the people on his team who have been annoying him to no end and he's just had all that he can take.

So he goes to stew in his workshop or his room. Enter Engie's lover, class of choice, who offers foot rubs, back rubs, and kisses as well as anything else to relieve stress. Break him down and build him back up. Also fine if Engie feels better but still isn't entirely happy afterwards and can't fully get over it until he's fallen asleep. Now at least he can fall asleep.

Also, idea. Evil!Engie kidnaps opposite team Sweet!Engie and rapes him or gets another team member (or machines or toys) to rape him. Poor Sweet!Engie needs cuddles and non-sex comfort from someone he loves and trusts after that.

Also also, idea. Spy sapping sentry is treated as if Spy is raping the sentry and Engie acts as if it is his child or other family member (or wife, if you want him to have been fucking it) and tries to rescue the poor thing. Then he tries comforting sentry after dispatching Spy. Like, he takes it back to base real gentle and sets it up just right in workshop and doesn't hit it with wrench, no no. Shhh. Is a good sentry. It's not your fault nasty Spy sapped you, no no. D:

25 .

Anyone read the new halloween comic?
What about vegan!soldier, bonus points if he's still a badass and looks after archimedes or something.

26 .

kind of weird, but a sort-of tavish/jane request:

after the WAR! mess, tavish misses jane terribly and starts pursuing his own team's soldier to fill the void. sexy times ensue, but afterward tavish feels hollow because it's just not the same. whether or not tavish and jane had a relationship beyond friendship before is up to the author, i don't mind either way. could also work in reverse with jane pursuing blu's demoman.

27 .


I have now! And while it was hilarious, I can't imagine Soldier being a vegan. Vegatable-loving Soldier of any sort I can handle (Jane probably loves tomatoes, given the BBQ and soup, and might love other veggies; my own head canon is he's a farmer's son so he eats tomatoes raw and out of simple anger and sympathy tries to take care of BLU Medic's poor, dying, neglected house plants in Medic's office) but I wouldn't go so far as vegan. I mean, Soldier is extreme, granted. He could go that way but I'd prefer just vegetarian at best. Besides, the fact that Merasmus had to ask who brought the veggie platter, when he knew his roomie was there (and probably knows his eating habits, even if they both try to avoid the dishes), would suggest Soldier didn't bring it (but might have approved of it.) Unless he was just trying to be a dick, which is also possible.

I'm kinda confused though. I thought the official Demo page says he lost his eye (or at least the use of his eye) trying to destroy the Loch Ness monster? So was his story simply exaggerated or was it all true? Also, I don't think I've ever seen Heavy speak in third person before.

(I'm also kind of disappointed they didn't get Makani to draw the newest comic. Not that little Demo wasn't cute as all get-out but this artist isn't as awesome, IMHO.)

I am amused that every time they explain something supernatural it's because Soldier angered a wizard (which I never knew before but it's the best answer ever!) That part of this comic I am totally down with. I love the idea that Soldier is basically a weirdness magnet so that everything bizarre, supernatural, or otherwise alien is drawn to him at all times, no matter his location.

I do wonder where he got the kids from. They seemed okay with it so I don't think he kidnapped them. I think someone was desperate and suckered him into a babysitting job or paid him to take their kids trick or treating.

I now request porn where RED Soldier brings someone home to his apartment, preferably class but anyone really, and tries to get Merasmus to temporarily leave (out to a movie, whatever excuses) so he can have sex with his date. Naturally, Merasmus is hard-headed and possibly angry.

28 .


I suggested something like this in the prior thread. I heartily approve.

I'm most interested in Tavish pursuing the RED Soldier because I think it's fascinating to try and figure out how Jane and the RED Soldier differ. I like the opposite too but since the Soldiers are more openly insane and we know more about RED Solly than we do BLU Demo, I'm more interested in that. I would still be eager to see Jane trying to pursue BLU Demo, as coming up with differences between the two Demos would still be a lot of fun. I'd actually love if they both do that and then realize what their former friend is doing, making both of them horribly jealous. Then they recognize how much they want each other and make up. Or it furthers their anger into a mutually obsessive rage.


29 .

Re-requesting this:

I believe someone mentioned gay chicken in another thread and how there should be some in afanfic.

So, I request gay chicken with two Scouts. Maybe the RED and BLU Scout often meet up at ceasefire to play games and contests to see who's better, and then one day they decide to play gay chicken. When neither of them back out, they start to go further than just kissing.

30 .

I love the Sniper's voice. Especially when he talks really quiet. I can't be the only one who thinks this?

Voice kink! GO!

31 .


Someone please write this. I would read the shit out of it.

32 .


This, right?

Demo and Scout go out drinking all the time because they're good buddies. Demo keeps bringing Scout home with him when he thinks Scout is too drunk to go back to the base alone. Demo's mother starts thinking Scout is a girlfriend (and naturally starts griping about her, how manly she sounds, and when Demo plans to marry her.) Scout is horrified but Demo thinks this is hilarious and plays the idea up.
Scout becomes annoyed and eventually reveals he has no problem being Demo's lover, he just doesn't want Demo's mom to think he's a girl. Demo resists the idea because he doesn't want his mother to be upset. Scout finally just tells her and then Demo has to deal with it. Could be a happy or sad ending. May or may not end in Demo and Scout love forever. Also might involve Scout Ma meeting Demo Mum.

How is that for a plot? Could be cross-faction. Could include obligatory jokes involving BLU Soldier.

Captcha: SrkAir birth. The birth of Srk Air.

33 .

Re-requesting Sniper/Miss Pauling because reading Dove's fic left me hungry for more.

34 .

Anyhing Scout's legs centric.

Like the request with the leg fetish and the one where Scout's legs are lost in battle resulting in hurt/comfort.


35 .


I've kiiind of been kicking around an idea for a Sniper/Pauling piece, but it involves femdom and I'm really not too sure about it. Btw, where is this other Sniper/Pauling fic you speak of?

36 .

So, I usually don't like requesting because I feel bad for being a shitty writer and not being able to contribute as much as I'd like, but I've got this one idea I would NOT be able to do justice to, and I know there are some people out there in this fandom twisted enough to execute it. Anyways. (Also, if you squick easily, you might not want to read my idea.)

The idea:

Degloving. It doesn't necessarily have to be of the hand, though I do have a thing for hands. (tried to write a pyro/soldier one about a hand obsession that got creepy. finished product ended badly) I don't care which classes are involved, though I tend to like more unusual pairings (again, not nessecary). Also, I don't care if the degloving happens because the person has died and several days of humid exposure has cause the skin to slough off of the flesh, if someone is really skilled with a knife and skinning, or by some other means. So long as skin is removed, resembles what it was removed from, and something is done with it. No guro restrictions; feel free to go all out. Adding elements is more than welcome. If I can't tell if I should be horrified or aroused at the end there is no better result.

Thank you for reading.

37 .

So.... turns out Soldier has some new (robot-themed) lines now - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8H1RjjoGKs&feature=player_embedded.

"Come with me if you want to live! With me! In my apartment! I need a roommate!"

I just... See, that line has potential but I can't help but see... /various scenarios/, shall we say, ruined by Soldier insisting on acting like a robot.

38 .


Yup! That's the one. Nice captcha. I wonder how badass Srk Air is to have a name like that?


Please do write it! I feel kind of bad for leaving the only other Miss Pauling/Sniper fic hanging but I can't help it. I have a bunch of other crap calling to me and I'm trying to finish those first.

Here is mine. I should've edited it more before posting.

Also, if you need a sounding board for ideas, I'd be happy to help. Just email me. Can't swear I'll be useful but I am like a freaking plot bunny farm over here.

So, I usually don't like requesting because I feel bad for being a shitty writer and not being able to contribute as much as I'd like,

I personally don't feel bad requesting because I look at it as contributing an idea that might inspire someone else. I have LOVED so many of the ideas in these multiple request threads and I've been inspired by a few of them. Others I've loved but know I can't do justice to. I think of it as doing the idea a favor by releasing it into the wild and waiting to see if some other writer snatches it up. Wait, that metaphor... Er, I'm just feeding their imagina—DOH! NOOOO, I'm not trying to slaughter the little plot bunnies! I want them to liiiiive! So that I may read them and enjoy them greatly! D:


Ahahahaha! Oh, those are good. The tone is hilarious but not exactly sexy. Still... I think Soldier pretending to be a robot could have hilarious implications, even in bed. I mean, from a Soldier/Engineer perspective anyway. Soldier/Medic as well possibly. Actually, it could be very cute with anyone but those two have some very specific applications roleplay-wise.

Also perfect:
"I am a ro-bot! Boop! What is love?" (We can teach you. In bed.)
"I am pro-grammed to be scary." (Let ol' Engineer fix that.)
"My foot will transform into a foot - with your ass wrapped around it!" (You meant to say your dick instead of your foot, right?)
"Scientists in the future have studied your ass for centuries - and sent me back in time to kick it!" (You meant you were sent back to fuck it, right?)
"I will find you. That's what I do. That's all I do. There you are! Shutting down." (Then he hops out of that costume and into bed!)
"I cannot be bargained with! I cannot be reasoned with! I do not know where I am! I am a robot, I don't understand anything!" (Poor thing, your programming is incomplete. Just relax and let Engie take care of everything.)
"I will never feel pity, or remorse, or fear, or comfortable - in this costume." (Then lets get it off you and have some fun.)

Also, as horrible a roommate as Soldier would be, my immediate thought to that line was "YES I'LL GLADLY BE YOUR ROOMIE. I'm currently a dead beat but I'll be happy to do the dishes. When I feel like it. I swear I'm not a hippie..."

(Also, for some reason "I am going to slap the magic out of your mouth!" followed by "I'm calling the police!" turns me on. That's from the last page of the comic. It makes me wonder how many restraining orders the RED Soldier has on him.)

39 .

I would like to see HeavyxHeavy or SpyxSpy... Just something I thought of...

40 .

Poker Night at the Inventory. Heavy mentions he has nightmares that involve "dead Doktors everywhere". This sounds like a prompt for a great hurt/comfort, or perhaps Heavy freaking out over it and having sex with Medic just to prove to himself he's still alive. Sweet drama.

41 .

A female gets a job with the team, sneaking in disguised as a male class of choice, for unnamed political reasons. Bound breasts, etc. Engie finds out from respawn records, and Medic finds out from medical examination. Both now have to be bribed with sexual favours to keep her secret.

Bonus points for a threesome with all of them, especially if there's a fucking machine.

42 .


I find that very adorable. It reminds me of one of the stories in Anne's request thread (I think) following the incident in Mercy where Medic was killed by an explosion hurling a can of green beans through his skull. In other words, yes, we need more of this.


... Is it wrong of me to approve of this entirely (including the fucking machine threesome) but with the added notion that the woman was REALLY hoping those two would find out because she wanted to screw them all along? So the bribe actually gives her an excuse not to feel slutty (vaguely) and they can't tell anyone else or what's the point of getting more bribes from her? I would also prefer this as a You and etc. with no explicit class or anything else.

Yeah, I'm all kinds of stupidly fucked up.

I swear I'll shut up for a day, one of these days.

43 .

Quite honestly, I get the feeling that there isn't enough Same-Class-cest out there. Perhaps a fic where each class is secretly screwing their counterpart?

And... Sniper. Drugged, trussed up like a present and left upon various class's metaphorical front doorsteps. (Extra happiness if this is spy's revenge.)

Last but not least....
One of the classes managed to steal a magical book off of the Wizard (the one that sent them back in time for that one map) And, surprise, surprise, it turns out to be a spell book completely devoted to Erotica. Peeping-tom spells, libido spells, love spells, fuck-each-other senseless spells, summoning of fetish gear, summoning horny tentaspies, magical bondage, and everything else. It's all in the book. The class starts off with a few simple spells and rapidly builds up confidence. Then, they unleash an orgy. Possibly including both teams.

44 .

> 43
I am seconding this SO GODDAMN HARD I believe I ruptured something.

Captcha: Liqure Saline.

Medic? I believe the captcha is calling you.

45 .

Based on the newest TF2 comic, I'd like to see RED Soldier x his Wizard roommate. Preferably consensual, but with bickering.

46 .

In the normal game, when a team wins, most of the time they can charge in and kill any member of the losing team they find. Well, I want to see a fic where, instead of that, when the winners catch a losing team member, they can pretty much do whatever sexy thing they want to them as a reward.

A big plus for me would be if the losing team member that was caught was Engineer.

47 .


Oh baby.

48 .

Amazing how fast Rule 34 kicks in huh? I'm kinda impressed.

So instead of raping them metaphorically, they'd be raping them literally!

49 .


Seconding this.
Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only person to have a leg fetish.
I really wouldn't like Scout as much as I do if it weren't for DEM CALVES.

On a side note, I'm very tempted to give this a whirl. I'll have to entertain the idea some more and see if I feel compelled to write.

50 .

I usually don't bother making requests in these threads, but you know what? Fuck it.

I'd like if somebody wrote some straight Engineer porn. The lady is up to the author. I just like to picture him as a very romantic guy in the sack and I'd like to see him treating a lady right.

No I'm not feeling lonely shut up.

51 .

ScoutMa in the middle of an epic group thing. NOT with the classes, with her boys. Preferably Scout's entry-into-manhood via learning just how messed up his family is.

I can't believe I'm even bringing this up, I'll just go asdfghjkl;...

52 .


okay with this.

53 .

i'd love to read a fic inspired by those ridiculous military experiments conducted in the 50s/60s - especially if it involves LSD (like in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A86D0BFq1hI )
first, our favorite mercs are reduced to a giggling uncoordinated mess and then they inevitably discover that touching stuff suddenly feels, like, seriously nice man. which could lead to a full-out orgy or just two classes of your choice hooking up, or maybe it'd just be a new experience for an established couple.

as for the setting, it could be an official experiment performed on both teams simultaneously or it could be one of the Medics' private project - either drugging his own team or having a Spy contaminate the enemy's drinking water. Or it's all Administrator's doing and the Medics have no idea what's going on (and are tripping balls themselves).

54 .


THIS. Seconded so very, very hard.

55 .

>>54 THIRDED. Most definitely ! Sounds very intersting !

56 .

I made the request for that old engie x you fic, and I've kept looking but haven't seen hide nor hair of it -- it's really superb, and while it wasn't exceptionally romantic, engie was definitely being a good Southern gentleman. I will redouble my efforts to find it. We needs it!

57 .

>>43 >>44

I love you for suggesting this. Especially the magic sex book. I'm a geeky IRL RPGer and though I never RPed anything like that, there were a couple of RP books out there for it. They always amused me.

I suggest for the trussed up Sniper, as Spy's revenge, that he be left on Heavy's or Demo's metaphorical doorstep.

I approve! But I want to add, maybe they break up since Solly's asking for a roomie? Or maybe they need more rent money and when the other class moves in is when the reader discovers their relationship.

Dude, we need a threesome of RED Soldier, Merasmus, and an alien related to that one update where he got sci-fi gear!


You have given me a great idea. Thank you! I am intending to write three short vignettes based on one of my own prompts as an exercise in writing something short but evocative. This will help me with the idea for one of them. It's gonna be Engie btw.


I've been wanting a lot of this lately! So much. I second it and I may even write it properly someday. For right now, would you accept a short reversal? Engie's had a super bad week/month, comes home wound up, and his wife helps him unwind? I wasn't planning actual sex but maybe I shall include that. It's going to be very short, as the nicest story in a three part vignette circling around the theme of Engie hurt/comfort.

I think it's funny but Engie really is the guy I most easily see as being gay, bi, or straight with nothing to constrain him to any specific one outside the story itself. (I automatically write everybody as bisexual, unless I'm aiming intentionally for straight or gay and even then I tend to lapse into bi. I can't help it.)


I could write that. I already had a Scout family made at one point, for HtH, and I thought about Scout Ma being kind of fucked up (having kids young and bad decisions from there) and also a bit "gonna change the world" villainous out to break-up the RED/BLU monopoly on government yeah. My Scout's already kind of fucked up from his oldest biological brother being how he is. Not sure I should inflict incest on him... but what are writers for? Hah hah. No, seriously, not any time soon. I am working on way too much shit and if I start writing another semi-AU of HtH I might as well slog away at HtH instead.

If anyone wants to write that before me, dive in. I'd suggest, unless you have awesome ideas for brothers, to focus on Scout.

>>53 >>54

Fourthed! I like the idea of the Medics not knowing what's going on and tripping balls too!


I wish I could help. I don't know it. I would love to read it when you find it, though. |:

Hey, if anyone knows where most of Lolo's stuff is, perhaps she wrote it? She seems to have written a lot of class x you stuff. I'm guessing based on skimming the class x you thread here and an older request thread.

58 .

Engineer convincing Sniper to go to Texas and vice-versa, showing each other their homes and cultures. Sex is very much wanted.

59 .


I recommend this be combined with the idea of a ranch and horse riding be involved, from the previous thread. I don't know enough about horses and riding to get it right but I'd love to see this. Engie owning a ranch and horses would be awesome. Plus, I love cowboy Engie!

Also like the idea of Sniper taking Engie to Australia. Especially given australium and the hilarious stereotyped nature of most Australians, with Sniper being kind of the exception. Also, for some reason I want to see Engie lassoing a kangaroo. And getting a medal or something for it. Australians boxed kangaroos to become king (currently or prior) so what does one get for lassoing a kangaroo in public?

60 .

Simple, slutty, unbelievable hot and messy Engie/ Pyro PWP to the tune of Electric Six's "Danger! High Voltage." (For the love of god go watch the video, and get that glowing genitalia in there! Heck, keep the moose and the saxophone as well.)

It doesn't have to be a songfic ('cause those are often weird and amateurish) just so long as you're inspired.

61 .

Kinda reluctant to post this, since probably no one else wants it...but I kinda have an armpit fetish. Don't know where it came from either. Soldier/Anyone with this and I will love you forever.

62 .

Someone has a harem of Scouts, preferably Spy. It could just be a dream sequence, too. I got the idea from this picture: http://i40.tinypic.com/ekl21c.png

63 .


... I would read armpit porn.

I was actually coming over to request scent-centric smut, which is not totally unrelated, but every time I've wanted to ask for it, I've stopped myself with a 'No one else wants that'.

So, I will take some courage from you, Anon 61. I want some seriously-getting-off-on-the-smell-of-their-partner porn times. My preference is for Sniper/Spy (since of all the guys I 'ship in TF2, Sniper's the one I can most easily see being into that...)

64 .

Oh yeah, I kind of forgot to link to this last night after posting. My new thread has some requests in it. Cat Bountry, it sort of relates to yours. Also, the anon who asked for Engineer being raped during humiliation.


It sounds delightfully bizarre (haven't looked at video, sorry) but I'm never comfortable writing for Pyro, generally, so I defer in favor of hoping that someone else will write it.

>>61 >>63
I would be all over that shit, arm pits or not (but I like arm pits.) Smell is not necessarily easy to write about IMHO. I salute anyone who goes for it, especially with either suggested pairing. I... I might try it out as an experiment, just to see if I can write such a thing, but not right now.

HAHAHAHA! I like how they're just all around him, admiring him. Holy crap, is he sitting on a teleporter?! I don't know what to think. I approve, though. I approve so hard. Especially if it's a sexual fantasy that Spy has.

May I also suggest a Heavy having a sexual fantasy about a bunch of Medics? Or an Engineer with a bunch of Soldiers? It could turn humorous too. (I feel horrible, for just choosing the most obvious ideas but I just keep seeing how HILARIOUS it would get if the Medics or Soldiers got out of control and started bickering over the one Heavy or Engineer.) Or, hell! Spice it up with Heavy imagining a bunch of Soldiers and Engineer imagining a bunch of Medics!

Bwahahaha. Let's take this places with every class fantasizing about a bunch of one class in their harem, imagining how great it is, and then realizing how it could go so horribly wrong. Not all of them have to be sex, either. But most of them do.

Heavy/Soldiers, Engineer/Medics, Spy/Scouts, Scout/Heavies, Pyro/Spies, Medic/Pyros, Sniper/Demos, Demo/Engineers, Soldier/Snipers

I like this. Let's do it, people! At least one of them?

Also, I'm going to try and shut the fuck up for a few days in this thread. I swear. I'm sorry I keep making so many fucking posts. I get enthusiastic about this. ):

65 .


Yep, thirding (is that even a word?!) this. I was the person who request scout-amputee-stuff in the last request thread so I'm just gonna be a lazy shit and copypaste my own message:

"Something deep about Scout. So he wouldn't always just be the cocky, obnoxious brat without any character depth. The way I see it is that he acts that way just to hide his imperfections and fears.

Also, scout is 20, so he is an young adult, not an teenager.

I've been thinking a plot where Scout would lose his leg, possibly due a respawn malfunction. The story would examine his coping with grief for losing the "only" thing he is good at, running. Romances and sex are a nice bonus. The fic can be very dark, I'm such a sucker for angst and tradegy. I also have a huge kink for amputees. This could also include robot limbs, now that I think about Engineers robot hand.

I would also love to see something male Pyro and Scout related. I've always imagined Pyro to be the second youngest on the team, 25 or so. Due to this Pyro and Scout would come along well, they share same intrests and stuff. I like the idea that Pyro wears the suit and mask because he is badly burn. Thats arousing in a dark way.

YES I would definetly want to see some amputee porn, especially Scout/male Pyro. As I mentioned earlier I have a huge fetish for amputees. I'm not into amputee raping thought, it would destroy the tenderness, even I like some rape stories.

Also the idea of Pyro helping Scout to get trough the loss of his legs is very adorable. If the Pyro is badly burn, he kinda knows what it feels like to lose something and to be "marked" for the rest of your life.

And I still had something to say but I forgot what it was as I got so carried away with this amputee thing...Dangit.

Oh now I remember! The "scout loses his ability to run" -story would also work with paralysis as the reason, but IMO it is more interesting with amputation. Somehow that way it would be so much more...final and shoking."

66 .


Hells yes, Dove. Please would you write the Engie/Medic/x threesome? No writing so lubricious as that by someone who shares the kink, you know.

I admit to loving Engie's teddybear physique. And Medic's fierce intellect and accent simply... reach the parts others can't. I like the idea. A lot.

67 .


I know but please, someone write this!

68 .

I didn't know whether to come here or in the gen fic request thread. I guess I'd like porn if someone could figure a way to lead into that, but pretty much I desire Soldier and Sniper in an Odd Couple trope. Maybe along the lines of something happening to Sniper's van and Soldier wanting a roommate. Might be even more hilarious if Soldier caused the van incident inadvertently. Their personalities are bound to clash, but something about it works.

Bonus points if Engineer is a regular visitor, being friends to them both. Double plus bonus if there's a threesome.

69 .


I still approve all of this but I'm trying not to comment on things that have been mentioned before, especially if they've already got backing in this thread. Also, it seems that Banimal might be working on it. Check out the Muscle Management thread for a link. I haven't read it yet, because I was trying to stay focused, but I never seem to learn that I need to avoid afanfic if I wanna be truly productive.


You tempt me, Mus. I also like these things (ENGIE IS MADE FOR SNUGGLES) but I don't know that I write Medic that well. I'm definitely going to give it a whirl sometime in the future but since I haven't been grabbed by any specific ideas regarding it (no thoughts for how it begins or how it should develop) I am letting it sit on the back burner. That doesn't mean I need ideas but it hasn't grabbed me so, if you want to be evil as hell, suggesting more specific things that you'd like to see might stab me in the creative bits quicker. Still, I can't promise anything regarding speed on my end.


I don't know who Slenderman is. Is that a superhero? BTW, guys? I've wanted a Hellboy/TF2 crossover forever. I just never said anything before because I didn't realize until Halloweens how that could have been very fitting for this month. TOO LATE NOW MAYBE THANKSGIVING

Also, I have a weird thing about Delirium from the Sandman running into a Soldier, who is of course one of her peoples (YOU KNOW IT IS TRUE, THAT MAN IS DELIRIOUS.) Of course, there's that scene where she tries to get into Hell, right? Yeah. Soldier would totally piss off anyone, including Delirium (though I don't imagine he'd do it by punching what appears to be a little girl), so uh... if that's what she would (supposedly) do to the demon lady, what would she threaten Soldier with? It could be sexual dude (though not with her, that might break rules even though she's actually older than time.) Let's get creative! THOSE RASPBERRY-FILLED CHOCOLATE PEOPLE WERE FRANTICALLY COPULATING.


I am seething with rage (I don't need more stories) and happiness right now. I call DIBS on this one! I mean, don't let me stop anyone else from writing it but holy fuck, Kilo. That is UP MY ALLEY SO HARD YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. I'm going to try and keep it short, I have so many stories eating my life away. Also, I'm going to add in >>45 because I think that is fucking perfect. And YES I will have threesome with friendly Engineer, you bet his sweet ass I will!

Thanks to this idea, I have also made a change to my BUDDY COP request. It needs to be Soldier, having accidentally gotten his old partner killed, paired with Sniper as his partner. The other Soldier should be the Defense Attorney. Demo needs to be the one in the Witness protection program. Also, the other Demo could be Soldier's previous partner or else he's Chief of Police!

Administrator should be Mayor. Saxton Hale can be the Mob Boss that is connected to her and who they are trying to take down. Spy should play the Prosecution Attorney. Heavy is still the Judge. One Medic is a witness or a professional consultant witness and the other is forensics for the police. Choose whatever pairings you want but Cop Soldier and/or Attorney Soldier should totally have had something in the past with one of the Demos. It'd be funny if it was Cop Soldier/Mob Witness Demo and Chief of Police(or partner) Demo/Defense Attorney Soldier.

... Engineer is the only one I can't figure out. I keep thinking about it and all I'm getting is two Engineers sitting on a couch, totally no where near anything related, playing video games like Street Fighter or something. Or in an arcade maybe. They seem to be refusing to cooperate. Maybe they're the friendly eccentric geniuses that the Buddy Cop duo go to when they can't puzzle out the clues. Like Sherlock Holmes' older brother. Imagine two Engie's giving them the "I was having fun and now you're bothering me with THIS?" look, before tossing something out, totally solving the shit out of it, and then going back to their game as the Cops look at one another before running like hell to get to their car and REACH THE TRIAL IN TIME! Or something.

Somebody please, I'm serious. Go wild with this one. It will be more beautiful and hilarious than it has any right to be. I don't know if I can write justice drama parody or I'd try it myself.

70 .


...And I love the idea of a Slenderman crossover (I wonder if he would get along with Odd Scout :P), but actual porn is a bit not sure if want.

Sorry if noncon is too overdone, but I'd be interested in a story where someone is raped, and since the classes are so similar, this affects their feelings towards their rapist's counterpart. For extra angst they could have been a couple or good friends before, but that's not necessary.

Also, is there a sameclass pairing that hasn't been done yet? If so, it should be.

71 .


I imagine there would be a lot of stalking/ paranoia build up and then rape later. Actual porn for me is a do want, very violent actual porn. I'm glad someone else likes the idea though.

lol I think Slender Man would just eat Odd Scout. I AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMP

72 .

Hey, please I could have some links to long Adult Fanfics? Preferably with Spy/Sniper.

I'm not entirely sure where else I could ask, but thanks in advanced.

73 .

>>70 >>71

Slender Man vs. Spycho

Before or after rape of Sniper. If Eximplode doesn't mind other people writing the TNI characters. (I still haven't really read TNI, haven't taken the time as I know it's long, but I know about it and I've seen some fan arts.) Good idea or bad idea?


Holy crap. Look for anything with Anne the Cat Detective as the author in here, most notably Mercy, Mercy Redux, the Shuffle, and Howl, Dog (what-if sequel to 'The Sun Is Burning'). Also The Defiant Ones series (she wrote it but someone else posted it here.) She writes lots of long, absolutely lovely Spy/Sniper stuff. This is just the longest completed stuff, I think.

There are also lots more long ones written by other people in here too, I just don't recall them all off the top of my head. Crossdressing Fortress is another great one that only recently had some Spy/Sniper but it's so good. "SNUFF" - [Sniper/Spy; KOTH Viaduct] is mostly Spy/Sniper and it is amazing. The Reed Fields, Dances with Tigers (short but related to the Reed Fields), and Moi Petit Bécassine are also amazing.

And that's just Spy/Sniper stuff. Some of those are complete, some of them aren't.

I would give you links but shit, just click "all threads" and these will be unveiled. The names are exactly the names of the threads, I believe. Pro-tip, anything else with a large number of posts is going to be long or extremely well-loved. Seriously, just dig through Afanfic and you'll find what you're looking for. You'll be reading for days. There's also the archives, if you go to tf2chan.net and scroll down a bit.

74 .

Dances with Tigers (short but related to the Reed Fields)

Both fics are Spy/Sniper and by the same author, but they aren't related at all. The characters and the events are completely different, the Spy and Sniper in Dances with Tigers --- SPOILERS.SPOILERS.SPOILERS --- eventually leave BLU and RED, go live in Australia, make peace with Sniper's parents, get married and grow old together.

Mercy, Mercy Redux (the events of Mercy from Sniper's pov) and the Shuffle take place in the same Universe, they are all part of the same long story. There is also Shuffle Rashomon Addition (the events of Shuffle from other people's povs) and Cease Fire (distant epilogues).

75 .

What I'd really like to see is Creepy!Pyro/Engineer.

Basically Pryo is a little to obsessed with his teams Engineer. To the point of stalking, possessiveness, and anything else you can think of. It'd also be interesting if Pryo gets angry and lashes out when he finds out that Engie is already in some sort of relationship (either with a wife or another team member)

76 .

>>64 It would be funny to see heavy imagining about having a huge harem of medics.

77 .


Kilo and Anon may now hate me forever regarding my rushed attempt at RED Soldier's room mate adventures! It's not complete but I wanted to be able to post some of it while it was still Halloween here. I am frivolous like that, yes. D:

Sorry, it's been a long time since I read Dances with Tigers. I knew something was the same.

The opposite is also true. Now imagine every single Heavy in some kind of skimpy garment and looking coy.

78 .

I still approve all of this but I'm trying not to comment on things that have been mentioned before, especially if they've already got backing in this thread. Also, it seems that Banimal might be working on it. Check out the Muscle Management thread for a link. I haven't read it yet, because I was trying to stay focused, but I never seem to learn that I need to avoid afanfic if I wanna be truly productive.
I too usually try to avoid mentioning things that has been said before but I just thought that request was on the very end on the last thread and... so yeah, sorry.

And thanks for the info, I'm gonna go check that out!

(sage because this isn't really related...BTW captcha was "cumference", I sense something good...)

79 .

Ok, I do believe I got a very sexy idea.

Sniper and Spy, Spy lied about his sexual escapades and is still a virgin, Sniper not being very skilled either, so when they first have sex its really bad. So, they need practice.


Captcha: facts -agreed.

80 .

Harem full of Heavies sounds like best idea ever!

I'm dying. Virgin!Spy does delicious things to me...

81 .

We need Medic imagining about a harem of Heavies and Heavy imagining a harem of Medics.

Don't forget sniper/spy and vice versa.

82 .

>>69 Haha! Dove, ask and I shall continue to tempt you, and simply point upthread..

Anon from 41:
"A female gets a job with the team, sneaking in disguised as a male class of choice, for unnamed political reasons. Bound breasts, etc. Engie finds out from respawn records, and Medic finds out from medical examination. Both now have to be bribed with sexual favours to keep her secret. Bonus points for a threesome with all of them, especially if there's a fucking machine."
Add to that your suggestion:
"... Is it wrong of me to approve of this entirely (including the fucking machine threesome) but with the added notion that the woman was REALLY hoping those two would find out because she wanted to screw them all along? So the bribe actually gives her an excuse not to feel slutty (vaguely) and they can't tell anyone else or what's the point of getting more bribes from her? "

Let me also add to the mix the thought that Medic might be playing with the concept of Orgone (universal life force, from sex, according to Wilhelm Reich in 1930) as a modification of the Medigun. Maybe that's where he and Engineer can be working together?

Perhaps also with the idea of Status Orgasmus, a state that can last minutes to hours. It differs from multiple orgasm in that the person never actually gets to come down between them. (Never mind it was a term coined in 1995.)

I am grinning now as I scatter the plotbunny lures about.

83 .

...which isn't to say I won't be (ahem) squeefully grateful if anybody else wants to have a go at this one.


84 .

Well I'm not really used to requesting so here it goes. I'd like to see some Scout/Spy works. It seems that most of the stuff that this chan involving this ship is usually focused on non-con dark stuff as opposed to anything romantic like other ships around here. So I guess I'd like to see that.

I guess class wise I would like to see RED Scout/BLU Spy with a look at how they got into their relationship (so character development is a must I tend to prefer it in my fictional romances, fanfic or otherwise).

I suppose this could also be put in the general thread too but it seems like most people tend to look at this thread for ideas. Anyway hope this is enough to make a request out of.

85 .

Spy getting some absolutely devastating news from back home. Of course being Spy he decides to remain professional, but the emotional shock eventually takes his toll on him and he cracks. Cue someone finding out what's up and being a shoulder to learn on in a totally awesome bromantic way. Or sexy way. Or both.

86 .

Either Scout/Spy or Sniper/Scout with Scout getting really flustered/embarrassed?

87 .


Seconded LIKE WHOA

88 .

>>86 Unf, yes please.

89 .

Heyso. Finally managed to seize on a searchable phrase and found two-thirds of the engiexyou fic I was looking for.. no male end unfortunately, but some is better than none.

Of course, it was still here on this board.

90 .

I feel weird for suggesting this, but as I can't get it out of my head.

Medic/The Doctor (Doctor Who)

General idea: The engineer finds a strange blue box sitting out in the desert. So he brings it in to run tests on. A man pops out, and is quickly subdued by the team. It is soon discovered that he has two hearts, and is left to the medic's "tender mercies."
Bondage, non/dub-con, puns and possibly drugging ensue.

91 .

YES. Especially if it's the 10th.
he didn't get tied up enough.

My idea:
Just not explored enough.
Sniper and Spy, in their vests, and just their vests.
Because Pyro burned everything else.
And then baked a huge dish of chocolate pudding.

92 .

Spy spanking Engineer. I can't begin to tell you how much I want this.

Can be either a sexual or punishment spanking. Or maybe it started off as punishment and turned into sexual (that would be just great right there).

93 .



And Soldier or Engineer spanking anyone.

Like Soldier getting fed up and decides to whip his men into shape sort of thing. Or Engineer giving a good lickin'.

Yeah... that sound nice.

94 .


I've actually been working on (almost) exactly that, for the last several months, on and off. Seeing you request a story that I've already got in the works has motivated me to pull it together and crank it out. It's actually BLU Spy x BLU Scout; hope that's not a major disappointment for you. Since (as you said) there is character development, it's no one-shot, but I'll try to get as much done as quickly as I can.

95 .


Seconded harder than anything I've seconded in a long, long time.

Bonus points if the Doctor first pops out in the middle of a battle, when the Heavy is hurt and begins to yell 'Doktor!'. This may be followed by 'Little man is not Doktor!' and 'Yes I am. I'm the Doctor.' awesomeness. And then some vivisection fun (two words that really, really shouldn't go together...)

96 .

Okay--bare with me here. First time suggesting a story. Multiple pairings and plot.

Alright. So the two teams have been cut off from their respective organizations. No rations. No power. No bullets. No re-spawn. To make matters worse-- they're in one of the colder climate maps, like Viaduct. The trains carrying the supplies can't come in, as an avalanche has covered the tracks. The 'war game' has been brought to a temporary stand still, until the engineers can get the needed supplies from the trains to fix the shorted out fuses that power their respective bases, so they can power up the re-spawn machine once more, and get back to killing each other.

Some of the team mates from either side have died in their last fight (before they figured out that each base was powered down), and won't be around again until re-spawn is fixed; because of this, the teams decide they need to work together, and hold out through the storms and declining rations, till the trains come through.

I was thinking, maybe BLU could have lost their Sniper and Medic, and that RED could have lost their Engineer and Heavy.

The BLU Engineer will have to work between the two bases, trying to figure out how to fix problems and hopefully restore power. Maybe he discovers that he can power up the enemy base again, but hides this information, as then only they'd have the re-spawn.

The RED Medic must work between the two has well. Tending to wounds that were inflicted in the last fight, but were unable to heal, as his medi-gun relies on being charged from the main power supply in his base. He'll have to fix the wounds in the old fashioned way. Time and a good doctor.

The RED Sniper-- being the only bush man left, and the only man between the two bases that has the knowledge to stalk and hunt prey, now has to go out and hunt for wild game. Bringing back the meat for sustenance, and the furs for warmth in this harsh climate. (Concrete bases get cold when there's no power)

I was thinking the pairings could be RED Sniper/BLU Spy (the spy accompanies him on hunts, as his team suggested it was the only way the spook would be useful-- Sniper disagrees. The two enemies are spiteful and bitter, but things change after something dramatic happens on a hunt. Maybe Sniper saves Spy from a bear, but gets hurt, and the Spy drags him back to the bases.)

BLU Engie/RED Pyro (The ever curious fire bug wants to learn all it can from the Texan. A helpful assistant turns into more?)

RED Medic/ BLU Heavy. (The Large Russian helps the doctor move medical equipment from base to base, and helps him in the infirmary. Medic misses his own friend, but finds a common interest with this one.)

Other pairings are fine too-- main thing is cross-base romance!

97 .


... I want this more than anything now.
You know, this could also translate pretty well into a possible roleplay plot, too. That just sounds hell as fun to write about. If I were confident in my abilities as a writer I'd definitely try this.

98 .


I do have quite a thing for waistcoats/vests of all varieties... I second this.



This hits so many of my kinks.

Stop giving me plotbunnies, chan...

If no one else claims this by the time I finish one of the things I'm already committed to, I might have to write it, but I am really hoping someone else does...

99 .

To 94 (Sorry still unsure how to select people on this chan)

Oringinal requester here. I'm looking forward to your story now and I'm happy, if a bit humble, to think my request is helping you finish it. Don't worry about the pairing being exact that doesn't bother me, besides the request was very general anyway.

Anyway best of luck on the rest of your story and I hope to read it soon.

100 .

"I was thinking the pairings could be RED Sniper/BLU Spy (the spy accompanies him on hunts, as his team suggested it was the only way the spook would be useful-- Sniper disagrees. The two enemies are spiteful and bitter, but things change after something dramatic happens on a hunt. Maybe Sniper saves Spy from a bear, but gets hurt, and the Spy drags him back to the bases.)"

...please someone write this.

101 .

Um, first time requesting,

Tie him down and make that bitch whimper.

... Please?

102 .


103 .




... Do you remember the lung-sexing fic that Marty wrote...?

104 .


Original prompter here,

If you write this, I will draw you SO MUCH FAN ART!

I will also love you forever-- I love your preexisting stories, and your characterization is to die for!

105 .


Thank you for that image that I will NEVER be able to remove from my head.
Partially because that might actually be hot.

There are so many possibilities with sniper.
Does the Engineer tie him down and use devices to make sniper break?
Does the Medic drug the sniper up and have his way with him?
Does the Spy get kinky with disguises and surprise him?
Does Demoman get him drunk? (or slip him a roofie?)
Does the Pyro use fire innovatively?
Does Scout decide he's tired of being the bitch and take it out on Sniper?
Does the Soldier deciding to teach Sniper patriotism?
Does the Heavy make Sniper try and hold Sasha?

and so on.
And so much more.

106 .

My favorite trope ever:
The whole team is exposed to a virus: The Dreaded Gay Virus! Everybody panics and angsts at their new sexuality...and then succumbs to their urges.

Then it is revealed that "oh wait, we made a mistake," it was a completely harmless virus, not The Dreaded Gay Virus.

Awkwardness ensues.

(This isn't as far-fetched as it might sound: for a while there the US military was trying to develop a kind of chemical warfare that would do exactly this. I'm not kidding. Search Gay Bomb on Google.)

107 .

I feel the lack of tickling as a kink in the TF2 fandom. So here's my usual request:
Spy/Sniper, non-con bondage and tickle torture.

108 .

Heavy and two Medics. Bringing this back up.

Also bonus points if it involves the two doctors blowjob-ing him, like in that wonderful drawing that Wat did.

109 .


Seconding that !


I support that idea fully !

(And >>108 did you get that idea from the askredandblumedic on Hipstr ? )

110 .


Re 108, if he uses that particular Hipstr pair, he's going to have some trouble getting RED to cooperate, methinks...

111 .


I didn't think of that actually, I just wondered if he had gotten the idea from that Hipstr pair. I don't think RED would do that is his life depended on it.

112 .


Nawww, I wasn't thinking of them, although back when I was planning to write this very prompt myself I did have a slightly reluctant other teams Medic in mind.

113 .


It should be written. It really should. If I weren't so horrible at writing smut I'd try it, but my unfinished fanfics still beg for my attention...

114 .

Spy seems like the type of guy who would like to go on lavish and expensive dates.

Lets have Engineer make him a nice quiet dinner at home so they can chat and flirt openly, until the biggest cock-block decides to crash the party (Soldier) until Spy gets fed up with him and either throws him out or they have a threesome.

115 .


I'm seconding this too. I'd write it, but I'm terrible at writing.

116 .


This sounds excellent, ahhhh. Seconded. And I can see it being a sort of humorous fic too.

117 .



118 .


I want to see this happen so badly!

119 .


I'm going to start this, but I warn you all, I am a slow writer, if anyone else wants to take this then feel free.

120 .

I have a stupid idea.


The other day I saw an adorable picture of a scruffily bearded Engineer, and most of these manly men have some kind of stubble suggesting facial hair potential.

Maybe the team decides to do No-Shave November (even though they probably didn't have that shit in the 60's)?

Even Scout. He is also a post-pubescent man, after all, and deserves at least a little scruff.

121 .

>>82 >83

Hrmmm, definitely interesting but it hasn't grabbed me with an inspiring opening yet. I'm still writing the massive horror that What is Love has turned into anyway. Maybe after that is finished, something will get me going in this direction? I think maybe I have too many ideas. Too many stories trying to hold onto me and tugging me all over the place. I will try to do it eventually though, I swear. D:

>>84 >>94 Oooh, excellent. We need more consensual and possibly sweet Spy pairings, especially with Scout.

>>90 >>95 I am very amused. Someone, proceed with this.

>>91 Mmmm... vests! Yes!

>>92 >>93
Fuck yes! YES! OMG, I need that! Now planning to add a tiny bit into what I'm writing now but shit, I may need to write that idea again with more sexiness. Especially focusing on a Spy/Engineer romance of some sort. Or someone else needs to. Or both! Or something. I'm confused but all I know is Engie giving or taking a paddling is amazing. Soldier too!

>>96 Love this idea and so glad someone's writing it.

>>101 >>105
YES. Just, yes! Would love if it's consensual breaking of Sniper. For some reason I really want it to be Heavy, who has decided to test if Sniper's a true Australian (meaning how much can he handle before being torn down.) Or maybe Soldier (patriotism; America is where you get real men!) or else Saxton Hale (are you from New Zealand? Where is your moustache?!)

>>106 Yes. The Dreaded Gay Virus! An excuse for an orgy!

I want this. I'm voting for threesome ending of Spy/Engie/Soldier. Also, I need food porn and spanking to go with this, y'all.

Also voting for the Soldier having brought wine and, in place of Sacramental bread, strawberries because that's what he has fucking decided is truth and God told him so! And he makes them have some because he thinks Holy Communion will save them. But it's not necessary, just general food porn and spanking is required. And a reference to Disapproving Soldier fanarts would be a major win here.

>>120 I approve, with the allowance of trimming. Overall scruffy Engineer with his hair grown in a bit, as well as the beard. Mmmm! Oh man. So fucking hot. Not sure if anyone else growing a beard is necessary but I would be intrigued if everyone else did it too. Maybe they just ran out of razors? And no one wants the Sniper or Spy to use their knives on them? Hrmmm... Medic with a goatee, good or bad?

I have returned with two new weird ideas!

1) Engineer leaves a sentry outside to protect somewhere around the base. Then he gets up the next day to find like about ten female OCs (either Mary Sue parodies or honestly decent OCs) all huddled around his sentry gun, playing with its inner workings and examining it. Maybe only half of them are truly mechanically inclined but the others like guns or simply wanted to follow their friends to see what they were so excited about or they liked breaking shit. The Engineer then awkwardly has to deal with getting them off his sentry and insisting that they shouldn't be on base. Bonus if you manage to work in another team mate mocking "Your guns bring all the girls to the yard" or some other reference to Engie and Milkshake. Anachronistic but I don't give a fuck. This is about Engie being so goddamn sexy that his sentry guns make women hot.

Incidentally, this also works with ten different Spies (male and/or female) or other Engineers. Or maybe a shit ton of random Australians! Or maybe all four? Or if you want, just the entire other team after their Spy has sapped the sentry into being inoperable but their Engineer kept it from being destroyed. That's right. A whole team being hot for Engie. This entire idea should be played for laughs but I do want some sexual overtones, damn it!

2) I desperately need Dell Conagher inventing a time machine and going back to 1890 or sometime shortly after and meeting Radigan Conagher (before or after Australium changes.) Then Radigan Conagher seduces him at some point, whether he's smart enough to realize something is up or not, and Dell ends up having the best sex ever from his own grandfather (whom he didn't know that well when he was very young, before his grandfather died.) Might work best if it's before Radigan changes, so he seems even less like what Dell remembers vaguely. Yes, it's wonky but that's mostly because it's kind of weird gauging Radigan's age from 1890 and Dell could be in his 30s or 40s by 1968, we really don't know for sure. Either way, Dell/Radigan GRANDPA SEX THAT CAN'T RUIN THE TIME STREAM WITH BABIES GO! Yes, I am that weird. I don't know where this came from exactly, I just know I want it.

122 .


Just dropping by to second this, especially if the two classes were good friends rather than a couple (I've already seen a somewhat similar concept played out with the latter).

123 .


A single prompt can be taken by more than one writer. Even if somebody else does step in to write the fic, there is no reason why you can't post your own too :)

124 .

Could someone write something, anything, based on this TF2 slash picture? I will love you forever.

125 .

Well, a couple of personal fetishes...

Sideburns. They're like handles... on the guys face.
... I want someone to grab the Sniper's sideburns before/during/after sex.

Half-dressed. A class is in the middle of getting undressed, when they are jumped by another class. A half-taken off shirt is used as bondage, Pants hardly touched.

Clothes. Textures, warmth, everything. I imagine the spy having this.
He convinces the base to have a fashion show. And he designs the outfits. (just, imagine him a diva-like director. With sunglasses.) He works his models mercilessly, and gets off during the fashion show.

I once misread a fic, and I imagined Spy having sex with sniper's hair. I can't get it out of my head.

Oh yes. Just... goggles and restraints and strange guns...

126 .


New here, still working throught the past stuff, and I JUST read a fic with that particular trio and for the life of me I cannot remember the name. Ended up with some pretty harsh (hot) action, too, although I don't want to spoil anything. (And I don't know how to invoke the black, anti-spoiler block.) Anybody remember the fic?

127 .

It's "Strange to Say" and its sequels. Starts Spy/Sniper, then goes Engineer/Sniper, then ends Engineer/Sniper/Spy. You can read it here:


It's a great series, very well-written and with excellent characterization. I really like it and wholeheartedly recommend it.

My only complaint is that the last fic of the series (I have no idea how to make the spoiler block, if my clumsy attempt fails just skip the rest of the paragraph) is a role-play session where Spy has consensual sex with Sniper and Engineer but presents it as rape. Fans of consensual sex may be turned off by the presentation, whereas fan of fictional non-con may see the ending as a cop-out.

128 .

Oh, hey, it worked! Yay me!

Ok, 126, if you are interested, the code is [ s p o i l e r ]text[ / s p o i l e r ], only without the extra spaces.

129 .

Sniper/Fem!Spy, with Spy having voyeuristic tendencies. The writer can decide if she gets caught or not.

130 .

Millia, that's the one, thanks! Also gratitude for the mechanics of the anti-spoiler block. Yay you seconded!

131 .

I think what I'd love is to see Soldier being a dominating, loud, rough MANRY MAN in bed.

With anyone (except Scout).

132 .

This is a bit of a long one.
I have a thing for twins/clones/classcest, and a thing for shared feelings.

Possible plot:
A class, writer's choice, and his opposite suddenly find themselves feeling emotions and pains (and pleasures) ((and maybe even having thoughts)) that aren't theirs, and are thusly confused/aggravated.

Maybe it's a respawn glitch. Both were killed at the exact same time (shooting/stabbing each other?), and since their genetic makeup is so similar, things get a smidge scrambled when the machines pick them up.

The two eventually decide to seek each other out to find out what the fuck is going on and how to fix it, if it's even fixable. This leads to sex.

Of course, this is just an idea, and the writer is free to do with it whatever they want.

133 .


Oh god yes.

134 .


Maybe ... things get a smidge scrambled when the machines pick them up.
things get a smidge scrambled
A class ends up switching penises.
Cue, a "HEY THAT'S MINE!" moment.

And then the sex makes sense.
Especially if when they touch their penis on the other class, they feel it as if it was their own.

captcha: parts unused

135 .


Last post here. Good or bad, you can't say I never gave you anything. Have a fabulous rest of your palindrome Veterans day.


>>134 If I had done that it might've made more sense than what I ultimately produced.

136 .

Requested this some time ago and I'm still hoping for a response for this

So Spy and Engineer have an established relationship and everything is all well and good (well, about as well and good as those two can be). But then, poor Engie gets captured, raped and tormented mentally by the enemy Spy. He's eventually rescued but, due to trauma, can barely look his Spy in the eye. Now, since I'm a sucker for happy endings, I would prefer if it ended with Spy helping Engie get through, but if the author wants the ending to be darker, then so be it.

Basically, I want Spy/Engie good times, then Spy/Engie dark times, and maybe some Spy/Engie hurt/comfort times.

Small note here: an anon suggested that it might be more interesting if you swapped Spys. Basically Engie was in a relationship with the enemy Spy and was raped by his teammate. So that's always an option.

137 .

Hey, so it turns out a long time ago, someone actually did request something with a Law & Order flavor.

What we're writing doesn't exactly match up to the original request, but hopefully the original requester will like it anyway... I just realized looking at old prompts that we had something that was similar.

138 .

I have always been on the look out for a fanfic about the BLU Spy head in the fridge being used as a 'stress relief' for some of the team members. I never found one, so I am requesting it here. It could be any teammember, or just all of em I dunno.

139 .

I need something sweet, so I'd like to see Engineer making and proposing to someone with these.


Can be with anyone: girlfriend back home, one of his teammates, or even the Engineer on the other team.

140 .

I might do that eventually. I've wanted to write Engineer/Spy for a little while but nothing has grabbed me precisely, beyond someone else's suggestion for spanking. Though even that I'm feeling a little tentative because I have an idea for where I can use it in a story already but I sort of want to do a sweeter version too. Eh. No clear thoughts anyway so nothing written yet. I like the idea though I'm not sure if I'd swap Spies or not.

Honestly? One of these days I'm going to have written Solly with each class and Engie with each class. And then maybe a You. I'm well on my way to most of those, if I finish more of them. D:

>>137 That was me. What you two have written has been better.

>>138 Dunno. I think someone was writing a RED Medic/BLU Spy/BLU Spy's head but it was never finished. Wish you luck on that. I admire the idea but for some reason it does little for me. I suppose that might change if someone wrote it.


Oh, shit. Thank you. I was thinking titanium but I had no design for a ring precisely. I may have to use this for the story of Engie/wife once I get around to writing more.

141 .


Sex with jarate (aka watersports) involved. It would be awesome if the first time happened due to an accident (like not feeling the bladder was full) and Medic likes it...

Just make it happen and you'll make my day~

142 .

Spy attempting to court Engineer, while Engie pretends not to notice but is still flirty as hell.
(Spanking optional.)

143 .

A slutty little Engineer who wants nothing more than to be filled with his teammates semen.

144 .


i enjoy cumsluts very much.

145 .

>>141 I am... intrigued. Not what I expected to feel. Seconded.

>>142 >>143
Combine this if possible. If not, still good options. I especially like the idea of spanking. I hearken back to >>92 and >>93 or maybe >>106 >>114 and >>120 all combined as well? Maybe >>114 comes after Spy manages some success with >>142 I guess? Okay, maybe not >>106 with >>114 but maybe use >>106 as an excuse for Engineer to start an orgy with >>143 P:

... Let me also try and combine a lot of that with one weird AU idea I just had (which is why I dropped back into this thread.) I typically prefer same faction but sometimes cross-faction appeals to me.

BLU is a restaurant of middle or upper standing. The entire team works there as waiters, cooks, or maître d'/host and the RED Spy is either an annoyingly finicky customer or a restaurant critic (or both.) Can be BLU Spy instead but I was sort of inspired by the way Meet the Spy went (and probably Law & Order: BLU) so it'd be funnier if it was the RED one. I realize this may or may not make naming them their classes really awkward. I don't even give a shit about the dissonance; as long as it's consistently all class names (or if you really want to give it a shot, all "real" names) then it should be fine.

Incidentally, doesn't matter if it is combined with all of the above but the reason I'm suggesting it here is because RED Spy might be trying to get a date with someone and/or suggesting a quick, impromptu rendezvous in the bathroom. Biggest preference would be BLU Engineer. I'd also prefer BLU Spy, BLU Heavy, BLU Medic, or BLU Soldier but anyone works, really.

I would also find it hilarious if either Soldier were intentionally or unintentionally cock-blocking RED Spy, probably BLU Soldier unless RED Soldier is another customer (possibly another food critic but that might be pushing it) with BLU Soldier as his waiter and suggesting that RED Soldier's choices aren't manly enough. (MORE RIBS! NO, MORE VEGGIES! WAIT BOTH! YES, WE AGREE ON SOMETHING! Shut up! Both of you! You're ruining my sultry vibe over here.) B1

Note: probably best if RED Spy and any other notables show up during a slow hour and/or slow day. Incidentally, dress code.

Black slacks, white shirts, and black vests + white chef outfits = smoking hot men

Black slacks + white shirt + black vest + black or blue tie/bow-tie + lovably and inexplicably scruffy Engie (facial hair and/or head hair; not too scruffy but just scruffy enough to be manly as all hell) + flirting with Spy + feigning complete innocence + being a well-known little slut = joy boner 'gasm like WHOA

Up to author if it ends up being a quickie, with Engie ducking out with more than one guy because it's slow and he's horny, or if it's already some sort of (possibly open) relationship between Engie and Spy.

"Howdy. What'll it be, sir? Want me to start ya off with a tall drink o' water?"

"Mmmm. Non, not my type at all. What do you have in the strong, heady, shot glass variety?"

"Heh heh. Sorry, sir. We only serve the hard stuff past five."

"Oh, is that when your shift is over?"

"Now I said what I said, sir. So, you want me to give you some time to think about it?"

"Mmmm, no, no. I will have this... iced tea. Very American, isn't it?"

"Ya know, us Southerners are partial to it sweetened... if ya want a real American experience. Ya want that nice and sweet?"

"Oh, yes. Yes, indeed! Though I think it's already quite sweet."

"All right. You need a minute to think about your... order?"

"Hrmmm. How is the beef cake?"

"Oh, we don't have any of that. Cheesecake, if you like desserts. Very moist and creamy."

"No, no. I am not fond of desserts. I will have to... take it all in and consider my options."

"No hurry. You le' me know when you're ready. Just call me over and I'll get ya whatever your li'l heart desires. The special is a nice piece o' meat, just however ya like it, and your choice o' what comes... on the side."

"Oh my. This will take a lot of thought. I had no idea there would be so many... options."


146 .

Forgot to add to the above that another option would be if it was purely a role-played sexual fantasy between Engie and Spy; either team, also possibly still cross-faction weirdly enough though in this instance it'd make more sense as same team. Maybe Engie dressed up just for Spy and did indeed take him home/into his workshop/what have you.

Would still be hilarious if both Soldiers showed the fuck up, out of nowhere, and joined in as if it really was a restaurant. Cue sputtering and confusion before Engie tries sending them off. And/or may end up as four-way or the Soldiers end up fucking each other. Or one Soldier tries removing the other and coming back for sex reward for removing cock-block. Or they just both end up killing each other/running off each other/Engie and Spy manage to convince the remaining Soldier to go away. Or maybe it was something Spy and Engie planned, which could explain four-way. Also could be Soldier and another class but Soldier and Soldier arguing is funny to me.

147 .

I would like to request scout on scout rape.

The scouts would be on the same team. It would make sense, considering during a TF2 match, there are sometimes multiple scouts. So, I was thinking that there are multiple scouts, but in the night one rapes another while everyone else is a sleep. The 'rapee' doesn't say no or yes. He just sits there silently until the other scout is finished.

Dunno, it sounded better in my head.

148 .


Yes please.

149 .


All my unf. The scout being assaulted every night has no idea which scout it is that keeps visiting him. It wouldn't be violent though.

150 .

>>108 here again.

So while I was supposed to be planning my portfolio, the idea of a desperate Miss Pauling out-sneaking and kidnapping one of our favourite mercs and forcing them into sex just came popping into my mental image. Bonus points if she's possibly still a virgin and doesn't really have a clue what she's doing, so her kidnappee starts feeling kinda bad for her [plus slightly turned on by the situation] and slyly guides her through it.

Also considering that kidnapping any of them might make her out to be too much for her canon self, she could end up capturing them with pure dumb-luck...?

It sounds maybe more hilarious than the usual seriousness you see in the boards, so maybe consider it a chance to practise your funny-bone whilst writing porn?

151 .

I would like to request a twist on the old chestnut of Whore Medic, because Medic sexings are always nice...

Sure enough, Heavy and Medic are an item, but it's a firey, unstable, shouty sort of relationship. And it clearly doesn't help that they both know that everyone else on the team has a crush on Medic, Heavy or both.

So there's yet another yelling match, and another breakup. And Medic is feeling pretty bad about it all, so he goes off to fuck the pain away. Cue the other teammates trying various things to seduce him. Porn shenanigans ensue.

Your choice as to whether he and Heavy get back together at the end.

152 .

Seconding >>150 here. I don't care about her virginity status; just try to keep her as canon as possible. Additionally, I would like to see the Administrator's reaction (or commands?) for the situation.

153 .

You'll get all my love if you do.

Hard Mode: The voyeur isn't a sniper.
God mode: it's neither the sniper nor the spy.

154 .


Seconding that !

155 .

Soldier getting jealous over The Stitched Saboteur and immediately thinking Engie carries it around because he likes Spy better than him.

156 .

This is way too demanding to get filled, but I might as well throw it out there.

We all know how BLU team has a bunch of Soldiers instead of just one, so what if this applies to the other classes too? More than one Spy, more than one Demo, etc? I'm pretty sure I saw two BLU Medics in "Meet the Soldier" (assuming that the second one wasn't a disguised Spy).

Anyway, here's the request: A same-faction BLU Sniper and Spy are in a relationship, then one fine day the Sniper mistakes a different BLU Spy for his one and flirts with him. The second Spy is new and has no idea what's going on but goes along with it. Later on the original Spy walks in on (or purposely interrupts) them during sex, much to Sniper's bemusement.

Whether drama and/or a threesome ensues is up to the writer.

157 .

>>156 I'm seconding this. I like the idea. But if they are in a relationship, it'd be really weird for sniper to 1) not recognize that this is not HIS spy, and 2) be bemused at the idea... Unless a 'realtionship' means 'fuckbuddies'.

158 .

I have made files of all the prompts I intend to write at some point; from this thread and the one prior to it (including some of my own.) Most of them will be vignettes around certain themes. (I haven't forgotten your original request that I said I'd do Mus; it's in there too. These are all my future plans.) I'm not struggling with writer's block so much as it is... eh. I don't even know. But I intend to write up the vignettes here and there, as they come to me, and eventually post them when a theme's full set is done. I'm hoping bite-sized things will get me going, help me improve, make me consider other options. Something like that.

>>150 >>152

It will be Soldier because when I want humor, that is my go to guy. Not only will she have an easy time kidnapping him, but they're going to force him to wear a princess ballgown while he fucks because damn it, he gave her tips on how to tie the knots (even though Ms. Pauling did appreciate that.) It'll be hotter than it sounds, I hope. I'm actually combining this with another prompt, that's why it's a tad weird.

Cataloged. It will be combined with a few other prompts. I'm thinking it breaks off into Heavy/Engie and Soldier/Medic, Soldier/Demo, and/or possibly Soldier/Medic/Demo. Not entirely sure. Medic is weird in that I've seen so much of "Medic abusing another class" that it's kind of turned me off him with anyone, even though I still think he's hot (and have no problems with him doing weird, sexual experiments on his team mates, as long as it's consensual.)


Challenge accepted. When I finally write it, I plan on making it a Pyro watching an enemy Heavy who's watching Pyro's team's Engie. Not sure if it'll be Pyro's POV or Heavy's POV. Sneaking around Heavy, peering in windows, for the win!


It's a voodoo doll... yet that logic makes perfect sense coming from a Soldier. Seconded.

159 .

Um, I'm not sure what you mean by the second point. "Bemused" means confused, wouldn't it make sense for Sniper to be confused if the person in bed with him suddenly walked into the room?

As for the first point, when I say the second Spy is "new" I mean he just arrived, so most of the team still thinks they only have one Spy (assuming that getting new recruits is something that happens often enough to not draw much attention). And since all Spies are identical, it'd be difficult to tell for Sniper to tell them apart, especially if his relationship witht he first one only began recently.

Captcha: ngtoar Francis
Captcha, stop trying to guess Spy's name. You're doing a terrible and stereotypical job of it.

160 .

>>159 anon 157 here.

I hate my translator right now. It translated to ' synonym for detachedly amused'.

Oh that makes a lot more sense indeed. Thanks.

161 .

You know, why not just sticky this thread like from the imageboards so we won't have to make new ones over and over again?

Also, I'd like some standard crossfaction classcest sexytimes with a small plot behind it, if possible. I am a horrible storyteller so I can't think up one. If you want this to be even further a challenge, then don't use Sniper or Spy.

162 .

Alright, the manry members of the team go and have their usual Poker Night, except this time the Demoman brings extra alcohol for the rest of the team. A lot of extra alcohol. Cue drunken shenanigans and sex etc.

163 .


All my this, though I do like the idea of sniper or spy watching because it practically writes itself.

Spy: invisi-fapping Sniper: getting off by himself in his bird's nest. This could lead to further smut if said sniper gets caught.
Yesss, I third this

Sounds interesting. Would anyone mind if I took a crack at writing this one myself?

164 .


I'm sorry, for the last one, I meant >>147. I have a soft spot for scouts.

165 .


Ask, and ye shall receive. This thread is now stickied with a unmentionable substance.

It's semen.

166 .

stickied you say? Oh my~

re-requesting some lovely exhibitionism and voyeurism.

Scout likes to tan in the nude -cause his body is just that awesome- and Sniper or Spy or Engie (writer's choice)watching him. Maybe pleasuring themselves to the sight, maybe some middle of the day sexing outside and all around Scout strutting about.

167 .


I remember the last time you requested this. As I did then, I am giving this a hearty "oh my god yes please."

168 .


Seconding this hard.

You know, I've always had this idea of Soldier and Spy fighting over Engie. Been meaning to ask for that for a while.

169 .

Alright, this next request requires explaining. About a year or so ago, a game called Vindictus/Mabinogi Heroes (hosted/run partially by valve) had an april fools quest line where the red Heavy ended up in the games inn (the quest involved you helping him make bullets). So, that being said, I have three personal preferences for a fic/oneshot to be made from this.

HeavyxTieve, HeavyxLann or HeavyxKarok. So really the choices are straight gay or muscle on muscle gay. Pick your poison.

170 .

I saw this one in a comedy improv skit. Hey, it could be fun!

A memetic virus. It's like the Dreaded Gay Virus, only the teams can't be warned about it because that makes them more susceptible.

It's this totally innocuous thing, see, that when encountered, acts as a sure-fire aphrodisiac. Whoever runs into it finds themselves thinking about sex more often than usual. If already thinking about sex, the fantasies are more vivid. And if engaging in sexual activity proper, the sensations/orgasms are off the planet.

(It could be a spoken phrase, it could be a song on the radio, it could be the smell of the new laundry detergent. Anything.)

Throughout the porny shenanigans, someone has to figure out what's wrong and how to stop it.

171 .

Spy getting someone to drink his fatherly milk and him getting off on it. They make fun of him for having such a weird fetish.

172 .


Always second aphrodisiacs.
Plus the rest of it sounds hilarious too.

173 .


Shit yes.

Also, re-reposting a request for Demoman x Scout with a plot. Dove came up with an idea for the plot, and it's in one of the older threads if you want to look for that.

174 .


I don't get what you mean by "milk."

175 .


It's just another silly way to say 'jizz', 'ejaculate', 'seed', ect.

ps. Not knowing that sort of reeks of underage.

176 .

I thought it was a reference to http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1425 that would explain the weird fetish part of the prompt.

177 .


LMFAO, this has to be used on a fic.

178 .


Oh my God, I forgot about that. That definitely may be it. Though now it seems more hilarious to me than kinky. But I'm sure it'll excite somebody SOMEWHERE.

179 .


I've seen that one... funny and creepy. But I also vote for actual "male lactation"/male galactorrhea simply because there is Medic and there is respawn; both juicy sources of applied phlebotinum. I dunno.

180 .

Y'know what? I might steal one of these if it hasn't been done (or if it has, you are totally going to be reading my tripey version of it)

Engineer spanking. Idea is there, maybe Ill make him the spanker rather than the spankee. Could do some tie up fun. Hmmm...

I think this is a bad thread for me to look in. I have enough problems with my current ones... and to get more... yay!

Heh Affairs in Capcha

However, must ask, these guys are short ones... no novellas?

181 .


Underage or native language not being english or possibly even just never having heard that term used before. Just saying.

and >>156 definitely YES! There exist so many delicious possibilities for threesomes in TF2 and I haven't seen enough use of them in neither fanart nor fanfiction.

182 .


This. I so loathe the "you don't know every single slang of every single country for anything sex-related ever? You must be a child/virgin!" attitude.

Anyway, I have a prompt, it's RED Spy/BLU Scout's mum with non-slash RED Spy + BLU Scout shenanigans.

RED Spy is carrying out a job in Boston, an assassination of a mafia boss, but something goes wrong and he is injured. Meanwhile, BLU Scout is spending a much-deserved vacation at his mother's place.

That night, Scout and Ma are woken up by the noises of somebody breaking in, and they go to beat the shit out what they assume to be the dumbest thief in Boston. The figure in the dark goes down after a single hit, and when the light is turned on, it reveals an extremely not-amused and semi-dead Spy, who has come looking for help from his petite chou-fleur. Despite Scout's incredulous protests, Ma immediately agrees to harbour Spy and take care of him until he is fully healed.

From there, go crazy with any idea you can come up with!

Maybe a funny fic where Spy and Ma want to have some private times together but Scout keeps desperately trying to cockblock, or maybe the resentment and culture clash escalate to a small-scale-yet-parodically-OTT version of the war.
Maybe a more serious fic where Scout and Spy grudgingly learn to get along for Ma's sake.
Maybe an angsty fic about Scout's daddy issues because his father was a total asshole, and either Scouts resents any guy who gets close to his Ma, or despite the assholery he still wants his father back and hates Spy for "stealing" his father's spot, or he just can't stand the thought of having freaking RED Spy as a father figure.
Maybe the mafia tracks down Spy and kidnaps Ma, and Spy and Scout have to work together to save her. Or maybe, while Ma is out, Scouts notices the mafia guys approaching but chooses to close and eye and let them capture Spy to get rid of him, but then Ma massively guilt-trips him into going together to rescue Spy.

There are so many possibilities! Two or more different fics could have that very same prologue and then go in completely different ways with completely different mood and characterizations. Let me see how you choose to write the prompt :)

183 .


I'm still going to write for that prompt at some point. Plausibly more than once. People requesting spankings may be very happy with eventual flood of it, if I ever get around to it. Thankfully you have come through so they won't have to wait forever for some good ol' spankings!


Damn it, Millia. Now I need to write that sometime. You're right, the possibilities are massive and very entertaining; for that matter you can probably include damn near everything suggested into one story. And I approve of all the options except for BLU Scout Ma being kidnapped but only because it's the more cliche idea compared to everything else.

184 .


Oh boy that was a hard one to do though, and I don't think I got it off all too convincingly. But its there now, and short of some heavy re-edits *shrugs*


Millia, Im going to say that I find this premise intriguing. Hmmmm maybe I should take a pot shot at it. Though, it does look long. And I mean *loooong*

I would say though, the whole idea that Scout thinks Spy is taking his fathers place but the Spy doesn't want it would be good too. Or abusive father would work - he gets beaten up by the Spy all day and doesn't want to have to come home to it. Oooh dramatic cut scene...

Or that Spy is really his father and left his mother to work, only being back at night to pleasure her. So Scout thinks that he is a fatherless child. OK, yeah, I will be taking this as well to have some fun with it. Might not end up like that though. FOr some reason, however, I want to make it Red Scout Ma - it tickles the funny bone a little bit.

Otherwise, I shall find an obscure kink and put them into it. For the hell of it.

185 .

I'd love to see as many different takes on the prompt as possible from different authors. The very same premise (injured RED Spy stuck at BLU Scout's Ma's place while he recovers, cohabiting with BLU Scout) can be taken in many completely different directions and with completely different results. It could be a humorous light-hearted short parody, or a serius angsty long darkfic, or anything in-between.

So, Maelgwyn, if your personal take is a short one-shot, go for it! No need to make it long if that's not how you interpret the prompt. Same for you, Dove, please write the prompt however you see fit, I'd love to see your take on it. I'd love to see anybody's take on it :)

186 .

Two characters who can't stand each other end up cursed and in each-other's bodies.

187 .


I second that harder than anything ever before! I'd love to see the over-used pairing SpyxSniper on this one! And... Maybe Spy and Pyro, but that'd be a challenge.

188 .

TL;DR Horse-phobia-induced Engineer/anyone. No sex with actual horses. Jacking off while riding a horse is acceptable, just no sexual attraction to the horse. The horse is a vehicle. Just wanna make that clear. Also no rape please.

I've seen pics and fics where Engineer has had horses and rides horses because he's Texan and duh.

But it's been MY experience that book types aren't always the greatest at physical activities.

So I'd like to see an Engineer that has no horse-riding experience, or maybe has a fear of horses (mild wariness to phobia status? childhood accident?). Somehow this comes up in convo (situation is up to author. dinner chatter, one-on-one talk, ranch vacation, ranch AU, anything), which leads someone to say the typical expected "I can teach teach you how to ride wink wink sexual connotations lol" line.


Engineer has unexpected horse phobia, but the team's next location is accessible only via horse (which is a totally bs reason, so if you can think of a better one, please do, but if you don't that's alright too). Engineer panics, and is adamantly "no way, no how, mister" about it. Someone is sympathetic and gently coaxes Engie onto the back of their horse. (Though, if it's Soldier, I would imagine it would be more like, "Stop your sniveling and get on my horse, or so help me I will knock you out and tie you to the back, and maybe if we're lucky, all the candy will get scraped off of your sorry ass.")
Anyway, Engie ends up on someone's horse. But since he's still afraid, he clings tightly, breathes heavily, buries his face in he person's back, anything to help pretend he's not being jostled around on a godforsaken hellbeast. The other rider, who feels and hears all of this, starts getting uncomfortable for an entirely different reason. What happens then is up to the author.

Pairing is up to the author. All of it is up to the author, of course. Like I said, just throwing out ideas, take them or leave them.

189 .


I suggest Spy and Soldier. And then, because Spy's body isn't stocky enough to swing around a rocket launcher let alone pull a rocket jump, and the disguise kit won't work on Soldier's body, they have to go to work switching jobs as well.

Because the mental image of Soldier-in-Spy's-body attempting to be stealthy and failing spectacularly, trying to act like what he imagines to be a spy (with all the stereotypes, generalizations, misconceptions and personal bias turned up to eleven), and yelling "MAGGOT!" at the enemy Sniper, is too hilarious to remain unwritten.

190 .

Little addition: the happily inevitable scene where the guy-in-other-guy's-body wants to have a jerk off session, and has to learn to handle his new body.

191 .


All my love. The second suggestion, particularly with an unsympathetic Soldier, makes me happy. Even if that's not the pairing, that random comment if his was fantastic. I'm gonna be addin' mo' shit to my "to do" pile...

>>189 >>190

Hrmm... I love the choice of Spy and Soldier a lot better. However, I almost want it to be a dare rather than a body-swap (even though Solly being cursed by Merasmus is absolutely plausible.) The idea of Soldier in his own body, trying to be a Spy, reminds me of this picture.


Admittedly, it'd be funnier if they had to use each other's weapons instead, regardless of which body they're in. Mostly it was just the idea of Solly in a suit, running around and fucking up his stealth by yelling at people or thinking he's hidden when he really isn't, and Spy putting on a French uniform and yelling en garde as he engages in sword play. Plus, the idea of Solly wearing a derby on top of his helmet just flat out kills me. That's his modest pile of hat, good sir.

Might have to add this too. Dagnabbit.

192 .

I have another Engineer request. More long-winded idea vomit.

So people usually portray Engie as a great guy, the "mother" of the team, if you will. Personable and calming, always willing to lend an ear and give advice. Which is great. I love nice Engies.
But I think it takes a certain kind of person to willingly sign up to kill and get killed repeatedly, you know what I mean?

I think it'd be fun to play with the idea that Engineer is... less than stable. Playing into the stereotype where geniuses have something else "wrong" with them. Like a complete disregard for human life, only interested in solving challenging problems presented to them. Bored with life, because they are so smart.

Or maybe it's just a lack of social skills. He has no idea how to talk to, let alone connect with, someone without being condescending (not vicious or on purpose, he just doesn't see anything wrong with what he's saying, since he knows it's true, which it probably is) or some other kind of awkwardness.

I also saw a short little comic where Engie is talking to his teddy bear. The transcription: "Oh hey there Teddy. What would you like to do today? Build a sentry? Well you know we're going to do that! In our own base you say...? ...And switch on the friendly fire? Oh Teddy. We can't go down that road again..."
Which I think is an interesting prompt by itself.

I also like the idea that maybe he's killed one or a few people before joining RED/BLU. In that Loose Cannon comic, when Engie tells Blu Mann "If you don't take your goddamn hands off me, I will break you in half." Suggests to me a temper.

TL;DR I want crazy-genius/socially-retarded/generally-not-so-nice Engineer.
Of course, if there are already any fics in this vein, could someone point me toward them?

193 .


Yes, a darker Engie is actually quite fun to visualise. Maybe I should do a weirdo one, just for the kicks. Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

194 .

Oooh. Jekyll and Hyde Engineer. There we go, knew I could remember it!

195 .

192 Are you implying that Engineer is the Riddler?
And yes, I need this.

196 .


In that Loose Cannon comic, when Engie tells Blu Mann "If you don't take your goddamn hands off me, I will break you in half." Suggests to me a temper.
To be fair, Blutarch was unintentionally electrocuting him at the time. Not enough to severely hurt him but it probably felt weird if not painful since it destroyed part of his collar where Blutarch grabbed him and steam came up after Blutarch let go. Also, Blutarch had already revealed that he desecrated his grandfather's corpse. I agree that it still indicates a good chance at a temper but it wasn't an uncalled for reaction.

But overall? Yes. Very much yes. Especially this.

Or maybe it's just a lack of social skills. He has no idea how to talk to, let alone connect with, someone without being condescending (not vicious or on purpose, he just doesn't see anything wrong with what he's saying, since he knows it's true, which it probably is) or some other kind of awkwardness.
Because we've seen him be polite but 1) that's Dell specifically and 2) that was merely politeness. We haven't officially seen him with any friends either.

I also saw a short little comic where Engie is talking to his teddy bear.
Hah hah! I've seen that one! It was adorable and hilarious. I'm all for the idea of Engie being unstable but I think the teddy bear would end up kind of like shovel. (Not that shovel is official or anything.) It'd still be interesting to see.

As for fanfiction that is already in that vein... I did see one on FF.net awhile ago that was pretty horrifying. I didn't think it was fitting for Dell necessarily but as far as a dark Engie goes... maybe not unstable but certainly cruel. Pretty much dub-con/rape.


Sorry I don't know of more along the lines of what you're asking. I think it's out there, on this chan in the archives even (so I'd give that a whirl; there's one where Engie eventually goes bat-shit because of Spy and there's a couple scattered throughout archives and chan where he captures and sexually experiments on people), but I don't recall specific names or anything. I did write an Engie on Engie rape vignette but I don't know if that counts.

197 .

I remember an engi fic that wasn't finished where he made a deal with the devil after he snapped. It was pretty freaky.

198 .

Something I though of earlier today in my Story Telling Arts class, but what if someone made a Choose your own adventure TF2 porn? Nothing long, just something short, any pairing. I would be ecstatic if someone could make it happen.

199 .

Maybe like this one, but porny?

200 .


Do you know if it still exists? or maybe the name? because that sounds great.

201 .

>>197 & 200

There's a story on FF.net called 'The Demon Within' by G.I.U.L.I.O.
Not sure if its the same one 197 was thinking about but its still a pretty decent read, despite being unfinished.

202 .

yes, something like that, but with porn.

203 .

So, like, I've seen lots and lots of vigorous anal sex on this site, which is probably the most obvious statement that could be made ever.

But, I don't really see them experience the after-sex soreness in a particularly hindering way, you know? Spit-for-lube sex the night before, battle the next day easy cake.
I guess it'd probably only be a problem until you get sent through respawn/hit with medigun, but still.

I guess what I'm saying is, I'd like to see someone embarrassingly bed-ridden after a particularly rough night on the bottom.
I could see until-recently-ass-virgin Scout easiest, but any person/pairing is okay.

204 .

There aren't enough threesome fics around, so I'd like to request Spy/Sniper/Spy. It could be cross-faction, same-faction or both (a RED Spy and a BLU Spy).

205 .

Ok, because of the Dashin' Hashshashin update, I now want a TF2/Assassin's Creed crossover now more than ever.

Perhaps Spy is actually a modern day Assassin who has to infiltrate RED and BLU because either there's some sort of link between the companies and the piece of Eden or the Templars. Or perhaps the entire team are modern day Assassins and the enemy team are Templars.

206 .

Get your butts in the Secret Santa, that's my request. The more the merrier!

207 .


In the process of doing so.

208 .

> 206
Already done.

209 .

(captcha: career issbene... no my job sucks...)

Class x You, with a submissive Spy or Medic. Make my fucking year. Bonus internets for forced crossdressing, somhow. I would worship the ground you walked on for the rest of my life.

210 .

You know what a chan founded around a group of mercenaries needs?

Some weapons and gun kink!

I mean, Heavy loves Sasha plenty, but the other guys could show their appreciation for the tools of the trade a little more.

Just a little "nudge" not really a request.

211 .


It would be awesome to see a You x Class especially with Medic, and a male and female version like the Spy x You fic I saw on here once.

212 .



Some time ago, in another fandom, I read a story where one guy fucked the other with his gun's silencer (with loaded gun still attached, of course), and it was one of the hotter things I've ever read.

So even though no one on the team uses a silencer, there are many other wonderful ways to play with weapons.

213 .

We still need nipple play. This is the only fandom I've seen not explore that yet. Sniper/Spy or Heavy/Medic

214 .

Hmm... I had this idea, but I can't do it the most justice or at least with this workload

Medic x Soldier - Soldier goes in for his annual medical, and the Doctor makes sure everything is working properly. Name your kink, so can be in here. Meanwhile, I haven't read too much on this in recent memory, so if it exists, ignore me... You can put in either in the top or bottom, but you would ideally be giving the Medic the dominance, though you could also be putting Soldier there if the Medic is being all admiring or something.

215 .

We still need nipple play. This is the only fandom I've seen not explore that yet. WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT.

There's a MArty fic like that somewhere... Anyone know what it's called?

216 .


I know it's something that's been done to death, especially concerning Medic, but aphrodisiacs are literally my biggest kink in the world.

217 .

>>215 I believe it was a part of Marty's "Examination" series. You can find it in the AFanfic section titled, "TeratoMarty's Old Stuff".

It's on pg. 5

218 .

Whelp, I'm stuck in a shitty relationship, and I need a bit of balm for my hurt feelings.

How about Soldier being manly and loving to his sexual partner for a change? I don't care who the partner is, as long as Soldier's the dominant one.

219 .

Idea time!

One of the characters is trying to break a bad habit (Preferably Sniper trying to quit smoking) and become moody or anxious... then (not entirely sure how this would work out, do as you please or go for the literal) to make the cravings and withdrawals subside, they whore themselves out. Relationships form or don't, I refuse to be picky. Go on then, go on!

220 .

Medic/Soldier. Soldier gets off on hearing commands, Medic gets off on giving commands. Not Nazi!Medic, just simple military commands.

Bonus points for Solly's whip falling into the wrong hands.

221 .


I second this SO hard.

222 .

third with the power of one million suns.

223 .

219 My idea was kind of like this, only it is Engineer trying to get Sniper to stop kicking chairs around when he has problems.
So basically, Engineer socializing with Sniper.

224 .

Anon 90... you officially win the Internet! I completely approve of that idea, especially if it involves the Medic and 10th Doctor. I would gladly request this as well.

I would also like to request some Medic/Medic stuff. I have some ideas for my own Medicest fics, but I'd like to see other people's Medicest stuff as well.

225 .

oh I
I really want to see that. Just omg 'quit kicking chairs!' is a conversation I don't think many have had.

226 .


I really want this, if not just for the 'quit kicking chairs!' conversation.

227 .

He's Coming! Hide your children, hide your wife, and for gods sake don't forget about your mother! Am I talking about a Red Spy on the rampage? No! I'm talking about Nicholas Crowder, the Australians warped version of Santa Clause gone bad... and not in a good way.

While I admit that I do enjoy a good story brimming with holiday cheer turned exceptionally eccentric due to the shenanigans of our favorite Teams awaiting the yearly visit from the fat man up north, what I'm looking for is a story detailing the gut-twisting fear and paranoia of an invasion from the scarecrow down south. could be sniper-centric or better yet both Teams slowly but surely losing their shit as December 18th creeps ever closer.

already posted this message on the other request board but I figured it wouldn't hurt to put it here as well. Why? Because I know that there is at least one of you out there that can imagine something dirty going down.

228 .


This sounds hilariously fun, and yes, I think it should be done. I could imagine some Sniper/Anybody shenanigans going down in a scenario like this.

229 .

YES. Might save that for later. c:

I should have been doing better things but instead I did this. I'm not trying to clutter things up with random shit. I'm simply offering it as maybe a service when in doubt (or a new toy for WTF; similar to the Mad Libs thread) and this seemed like a good place to dump it. I am a dump truck.

Pick and choose whatever combinations need randomizing, as many times as needed, then take the set of numbers to random.org and you're done. Obviously how many classes you're rolling depends on how many you intend to focus on. The characters list may be used instead of or along with those decisions. I tried to make it less specific, in most areas, and keep to encompassing ideas because I feel that allows for more conscious decisions, after getting a direction to go in.

... Please don't hurt me.

TF2 Randomized Adult Prompts

Class A
1. Pyro 2. Engineer 3. Spy 4. Heavy 5. Sniper 6. Scout 7. Soldier 8. Demoman 9. Medic

Class B
1. Pyro 2. Engineer 3. Spy 4. Heavy 5. Sniper 6. Scout 7. Soldier 8. Demoman 9. Medic

1. The Administrator 2. Miss Pauling 3. Saxton Hale 4. Mercenary Relative 5. Merasmus
6. Monster 7. Historical Figure 8. Pop Culture Icon 9. Second-Person Narrative You

1. Tentaspy 2. Vampire 3. Lochness 4. GMod 5. Ghost 6. Zombie(s) 7. Mutation 8. Alien

Kink (add in anything you want; remove anything you want)
1. Crossdressing 2. BDSM 3. Crossfaction 4. Toys 5. Dress-up 6. Classcest 7. Incest 8. Snuff
9. Medical Procedures 10. Amputee 11. Genderbend 12. SCIENCE! 13. Weapon Play 14. Bodyswap
15. Food Play 16. Threesome 17. Foursome 18. Orgy 19. Drug Use (broadest definition) 20. Roleplay
21. Magic (actual magic; possibly Merasmus induced but there are alternatives)

Sexual Acts
1. Manual Stimulation 2. Oral Sex 3. Frottage/Tribadism 4. Anal Sex 5. Vaginal Sex 6. Analingus 7. Fisting

Violence Related
1. Cannibalism 2. Dismemberment 3. Medical Procedures 4. Defenestration 5. Torture 6. Rape
7. Explosion 8. Asphyxiation 9. SCIENCE! 10. Vehicle Involved 11. Combustion 12. Bashing

1. Dustbowl 2. Egypt 3. Gorge 4. Gravel Pit 5. Junction 6. Mann Manor
7. Mountain Lab 8. Steel 9. DeGroot Keep 10. Badlands 11. Granary 12. Lumberyard
13. Nucleus 14. Offblast 15. Ravine 16. Sawmill 17. Watchtower 18. Well
19. 2Fort 20. Double Cross 21. Sawmill 22. Turbine 23. 5Gorge 24. Coldfront
25. Fastlane 26. Freight 27. Gullywash 28. Yukon 29. Eyeaduct 30. Harvest
31. Harvest Event 32. Lakeside 33. Viaduct 34. Badwater Basin 35. Barnblitz 36. Frontier
37. Gold Rush 38. Hoodoo 39. Thunder Mountain 40. Upward 41. Hightower 42. Nightfall
43. Pipeline 44. Hydro 45. Home 46. Country of Origin 47. Headquarters 48. Vacation

230 .


Sorry, forgot I meant to respond to this to. Also YES.

231 .

Gotta ask - have we got a fic like this? Im attempting it, but will not be probably successful

We know Soldier has killed a lot of people. Well, what if he had rather severe PTSD from that. It could queue to Medic/Soldier or Engie/Solly (just cause well... its ENGIE). Taking more of a tangent that he kills someone that he loves over there because he learns that he is a Nazi.

Makes Solly's actions/vocals more about self preservation and suppression. Queue to lovely Solly to shipping team member. I like the idea of Engie, because Medic could just be dosing him up, and the rest not be as interested, Demo being all about boozing it away, blah blah blah.

Intimacy will be the issue, whether its just relating to Soldier, breaking the psychological issues that he has, and then being physical. My idea is that Solly will be highly resistant to the team member, and probably little caustic.

232 .

Okay guys, IRL the Australian goverment has passed a bill that has legalised same sex marriage.

I say this calls for cross-faction Snipercest celebration.

233 .

So I posted a less-graphic version of this in gen fanfic... but for the adult version, you know how Medic's a little (a lot) insane, and kinda gets off on blood and organs and body parts? I'd love to see a fanfic of Medic trying to do self-surgery to give himself an ubered heart - and it continuously going horribly wrong, one because self-surgery is obviously rather difficult and two because he gets off on the blood and the knives and everything, like some sort of twisted masturbation. And it gets to the point where the rest of the team sees that he's seriously injuring himself more and more and has to step in and assist with the surgery.

Yeah. I'd really like to see that.

234 .


I had a sudden additional thought. What if the teams tried to coax Merasmus into being their liaison to get the Horseless Headless Horseman and the other Halloween bosses in a fight versus Nicholas Crowder? Merasmus could be pissed off about it and ultimately says he'll only help if they meet his demands regarding something sexual. They deem his request unreasonable at first until the real panic sets in, then they agree. Could have some awesome battles and sex?

Sorry, I've just become an utter Merasmus whore. I blame that on Oglaf, for coloring my perception of magicians (and pretty much anything else fantasy related) forever. Plus the idea of big boss fights amuses me.


You never know. Any of them could be interested. It depends on if the character is written as truly caring about him, that's all that matters. I like the idea in general and both pairings regardless.


I approve both of these things. C:

235 .


Oh dear, if only. Labor has only voted to propose a marriage bill and if it goes to a conscience vote it will be defeated by the coalition. We have a long way to go.

That depressing thing aside, I feel it's been far too long since we've had some good, filthy, Spy/Engineer sex. Can we have them on some adventures in Paris, seeking government secrets by day, fucking by night?

236 .


Dunno how I feel about that. Probably good with the right author.


Ah well. Progress always takes time. That said, yes. I love the idea of them acting as secret agents. Especially with a short Texan in Paris. Wish I could write it.

237 .


Seconding this so hard.

238 .

Uhh >>232

Its not legal yet. One they are a minority government, which means that they just can't declare it. They also have to pass Senate (which is Greens, which probably won't be an issue). A conscience vote (the party line does not need to be followed, and they can vote how they want) has been called, and Caucus has allowed for Labour to vote yes to it. Abbott won't allow his party to, so they must vote no.

So its a long way off yet. It has several parts left of the legal and drafting before it can come to parliament.

Queensland, the state I live in, has allowed Civil Unions for same sex couples. I kinda disagree with this (before you start flaming me, I WILL debate this topic either off this board via email or on a separate topic - and you probably won't be expecting my answer).

239 .

so how about a fic that involves a team that isn't the traditional Highlander you see in most fics, where there's one of each class?

I'd like to see interactions between a 6s team. That's 2 sollies, 2 scouts, 1 demo and 1 medic. It would be cool if their personalities sort of reflected the roles they play in battle, like the roamer and pocket soldiers, the medic with the calls and general gamesense, the demo who lays out the damage so essential to pushing and holding, and the flanking scoots.
Pretty sure you could even write porn reflecting this if you're willing/creative enough!

I'm just really into this format of competitive tf2 and it's surprising you don't really see it in fandom. Anyway that's my suggestion for a fic.

240 .

This post has been deleted.

241 .

I've been creeping the threads but haven't really found what I'm looking for. Is there anything on here that has a lot of violence? I don't really care for all the fluffy stuff. Maybe something along the lines of Breakpoint? I really like that one.

242 .


i don't know jack about that kind of competitive tf2, but that sounds great.

243 .

>>239 >>242

I agree. I think it'd make for a great story.

244 .


Oh, I totally agree and have had many thoughts about competitive-style vs. highlander/casual fanfics. Pocket Soldier vs. Pocket Heavy, ubers used like bullets, yes.


You can watch Salamancer's podcasts, covering mostly 6v6 but occasionally 9v9, here, because he is my favorite. I recommend watching them in chronological order: http://www.youtube.com/user/fatmop/

245 .

Competitive tf2 requester here and I think Salamancer's casts are very easy and enjoyable to watch if you want to understand each class's role. Also that pocket heavy and solly idea sounds cool as well. Anything that references competitive strategy sounds awesome, be it highlander or 6s, it's just that generally HL isn't as coordinated and classes just do their own thing like in pubs.

I think it'd be interesting for example to see a fic portraying the relationship between a medic and his pocket solly - 2 key players that make up the core of the team, calling and leading the pushes. Ok I'm getting dangerously close to shipping TLR and harbleu together now.

246 .

I'd ship TLR/harbleu anyday

247 .

I ended up loling myself to sleep when I saw this request last night. I also play competitive, so I understand what 6v6 teams have to go through.

Anon, I might take this request once I'm done my final exams (holiday season is always a busy time of year for requests, so no guarantee). Also, not a big fan of TLR, but Harbleu doesn't seem like a bad guy.

248 .


Dude TLR and harbleu are only the beastest soldier and medic in the game!! But nevermind that, I'm happy to hear others like this idea and that it might get a fill. Also cool to know more competitive players go on here, ahah

249 .

There's something that's been bothering me since the Uber update, the schadenfreude taunt for Engineer. His laughter was broken into heavy coughing and while it is normal for that to happen I took a bath while thinking about it and came up with that he has asbestos poisoning. And since it is a pre-Fortress condition (I would think from the oil fields.) I wondered if he would even tell his team he was dying or just leave. Would they feel hurt and betrayed? Or would they care he left at all? Would they wonder why and ask themselves if it was their fault for treating him the way they did?

TL;DR: Engineer is sick and leaves BLU/RED before he is too weak, Teammates point of view of him leaving suddenly after being teammates for so long.

250 .

I found this video on youtube "it's not fair" by "BlahStudios2" and when I watched it I really fell for the plot in there.

Sniper treating Engie like the lyrics to Lilly Allen's - It's not fair song.
Engie bottoming and they're both from RED team.
Not a songfic please..

251 .

>>250 I was going to request this very thing! So + 1! Especially if it ends up with Engie getting frustrated and telling Sniper he's doin' it wrong, Sniper getting defensive and sulky, and then Engie giving him step by step guidance to please him...

252 .

>>251 Oh, that sounds awesome! I'll second your suggestion as well~

253 .

Something involving Scout and Heavy being in a post-war long-term relationship. I don't know why I want to see this so bad, I just do.

254 .


Seconding because that would be AWESOME

255 .

Inspired by a meme in the dump thread

2 Heavys. 1 Medic. Double penetration.

or some other combination. 2 Engineers. 1 Sniper.

2 Scouts. 1 Spy.

2 Demomen. 1 Soldier.

Or any other combination. Just make it consensual, if overwhelming for whoever is bottoming.

256 .


I also want this. Some sweet and awkward Medic/Soldier lovin'

257 .

Someone posted this in afanart:

I'd really like to see Engie touching Spy inappropriately through the Itsy Bitsy Spyder while the latter is confused because he has no idea whats going on.
Someone please make this a fic. Please. I will have all your babies.

258 .

>>255 >>257

seconded oh my god.

259 .


I called it. I knew someone was going to suggest this as soon as this item came out. I need to get out of this fandom.

260 .

I request Heavy and Engineer having a tea party and playing (voodoo) dolls together...
Which results Medic and Spy having a sudden passionate make out session and being incredibly confused about it.

261 .


Oh god yes.

262 .

Alright guys, obligatory Old Nick x Merasmus fic/oneshot. It must be done.

263 .

Man, a Santa Soldier/Elf Scout has to happen. If no one else does it I'm going to have to roll up my sleeves and write it.

264 .

Side burn fetishes.
namely touching them, grooming them or using them as handles.

Can be with any of the team, but I'd prefer Sniper or Spy, as they currently have/might currently have sideburns.

265 .

Heavy wants Medic. Medic wants Heavy. But thanks to miscommunication and misunderstanding, both think that the other would never be with them thank to the events surrounding WWII and their respective countries. Something has to happen to let them come together.

266 .

>>263 Please. Jingle bells during sex. I want this to happen.

267 .


I thought of that too. I might try it sometime soon.

>>263 >>266

OMG, yes! Please do, Banimal. Especially with jingle bells. (I could try it but... I dunno.)

268 .

I knew I forgot something. I also strongly second the following.

>>251 >>253 >>255 >>256

269 .

Someone, other than Scout or Medic, being a complete virgin. Preferably Engineer, but any person and any pairing would be great.

270 .

I would like to request a Scout gang rape fic. Based upon Junko Furuta case.

The whole team involved: they just took the boy hostage without reason, and the combination of boredom, sadism and creativity cause the situation. And it was to be completely non-con for the scout, please.

...sorry if this is kinda disturbing.

271 .

Anybody know where the fic called Shave and a Haircut went? I can't seem to find it. It was a spy/sniper one that started out with spy cutting Sniper's hair.

272 .


Look here: http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/4800.html

273 .



274 .

How about some good ole spy/spy? It seems to be a very seldom done pairing, not to mention when it is done, its often done kind of poorly. Preferably not rape lol.

275 .

You can find it over here: http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/4800.html

One Spy/Spy fic is on post #100 there.

276 .

I'm looking for all Soldier, Engi, Sniper, Spy and Demo fanfics.

I already read that one in the Secret Santa (I liked that one), and the other 2 Helmet Party fics on here.

I prefer some general romance, nothing too extreme, sex is fine.

277 .

Anything involving Sniper's new Outback Intellectual. Dat sweater vest.

278 .

CBS and Gentlespy getting it on.. with CBS topping and somehow manages to make Gentlespy's suit bloody.

279 .

A captured and bound Soldier hypnotized, interrogated, and then taken advantage of (preferably by either Spy or Medic, author's choice- teams are author's choice too).

280 .

>>278 I don't know why, but a part of me really wants this.

281 .

I don't know if I should request this, but can anyone do a continuation of this fic?

282 .

Ms. Pauling/power-bottom Administrator

283 .

Wanka said something about CBS, so now I wan to see some Vagineer. Yeah, Vag/Engie. Make it scary, not just 'Medic's sick fetish' scary, but 'scary' scary. I want to see nightmare material.

Bonus points if it's con.

284 .

Sexy times during chores, doing the dishes, mopping, taking inventory... something along those lines. If you want a challenge then make it Spy and Heavy (or for a three way Spy Heavy and Engie) but, as its a rather vague request feel free to use anyone you'd like.

285 .

Medic/Scout. Anything goes, really, since it's quite sparse on the fanfiction side.

A prompt? Medic/Scout with a dominant Medic. Scout is disturbed and/or scared by the Medic, part past experience, part overactive imagination: cue frequent, exaggerated reactions and variably silly insinuations. Medic eventually decides Scout's behaviour is interfering with both of their abilities to fill their team duty and starts trying to approach him about it with the intention to find compromise. Something happens between them along the way.

Bonus points if the past experience is Scout having been captive to the enemy team and subjected to the enemy Medic's whims. More bonus points if Scout regarded his own team's Medic as suspicious even before the aforementioned incident.

I apologise if the lack of hatefucking and non-con is blasphemous, but "Go Avay" (referred to earlier in the thread) did imply it can be done differently. But as I initially said, basically anything with decent characterisation goes, given the lack of this pairing.

286 .

This is probably the weirdest request I'll ever have, but I would want to read a story about a Tentaspy couple having babies and the reaction of both the teams as they see the small things swim around in the sewers.

I know it's a pretty weird request, and I hope it's not too weird for TF2chan standards....

I would try it myself, but I'm currently writing two other stories which have my priority, and I am never satisfied with reading my own fanfics....

287 .

>>278 O yes I want to see this happen REALLY bad!

288 .

Anything Sniper/Sniper
one of my favorite pairings but there aren't many fics out there...hopefully involving torture or revenge maybe a knife fight?
but at this point anything will do


289 .

I've been playing a lot of Portal lately, so I want a Cave Johnson/Hale fic. If it's been done, then please direct me to it.

290 .

I have a few thoughts

RED is low on funds, the team gathers and after a few weird ideas they decide to have a carwash to bring in some extra cash. But after the setting up the REDs discover that BLU is also doing their own carwash! Neck and neck/or/ready to give up at the total lack of customers, one RED or so tries some sexy shenanigans that ultimately result in even sexier times later or during! Who cares who sees?!

Another one we find Soldier enjoying a late night tea party with his card board pals. Soldier dozes off and dreams of the four imaginary men fucking his psycho brains out. Hot tea orgy!

291 .

I can't think of anywhere else to ask this...
I'm trying to find a Medic/Heavy fic I read here, where the rest of the team was convinced Medic was an ex-nazi, until he was injured and they saw a camp tattoo...
Anyone know the one I'm talking about?

292 .

That sounds like A Higher Law: http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/5425.html

293 .


I don't really want to ask for new fics, because it's probably rare to get a prompt filled and it's understandable. So I am more asking if anyone knows where I can get a fill of this pair?

294 .

For everyone who is/was interested in >>278 (Christian Brutal Sniper getting it on with GentleSpy)

Somebody on Hipstr (Tumb lr) wrote it! Linking!

http://publicrabbit.tumb lr.com/post/15604508156/alroight

Don't forget to remove the space!

295 .

I had a dream that involved two medics making out and other naughty things. just like, spontaneously in the hallway or on the battlefield. heavy may or may not have been involved.

if anyone knows any good medic/medic or medic/medic/heavy fics, or wants to fill this, i would appreciate it.

296 .


Thanks for the link~! *fetches popcorn and goes to read*

297 .

I have a evil!Engineer and victim!Spy story in progress and am looking for some ideas for the conclusion. I have never written any (good) sex scenes, and I definably haven't written anything kinky, but this story demands it. Is there some tips for writing good sex scenes that anyone can give me?

Yes! Medic with Soldiers whip...yum

298 .


For the love of god, don't use silly words for things like a dick or an asshole. One of the only words I can stand would be 'entrance' in place of asshole or pussy. Don't use ridiculous metaphors, either.
Don't draw it out too long... cute banter is always nice, but when it turns into a conversation while they're busy fucking each other it's just too much.
And that would be my advice. Probably not too helpful, sorry in advance.

299 .

I don't think they would speak while having sex. It's practically dub-con. Do insults count? And I won't be using the flowery language most fanfic writers use either.

300 .


Ok, here are some suggestions.

1)The mercenaries are all extremely tough, extremely competent, deadly and proud badasses who go to war and murder and get murdered on a daily basis. Even unarmed, they are very dangerous. Spy in particular, assuming he is 40, was only 12 when the Nazis invaded his country (which would explain why he seems to think that it's perfectly normal for children to wield deadly weapons and kill for survival).

Therefore, even if the mercenaries are horribly hurt and victimized, they are very unlikely to simply give up and openly show their fear and pain and start bawling. They would hold on to their pride for as long as possible.

Bottom line: just because Spy is the victim, please don't turn him into a weeping uke.

2)Remember that penetration is extremely difficult, if not impossible, without stretching and lube (spit can work too); it's also extremely painful for both the penetrated and the penetrator.

I'm always baffled when I read a sex scene and the top just pushes in with no preparation whatsoever. Especially in rape fic where the rapee supposedly feels pleasure, in reality the pain should be enough to drive him insane.

3)Does the fic use Respawn? If so, death is a very convenient means of escape and shouldn't be used as a threat. If anything, Spy should be actively trying to kill himself and Engineer should restrain him from doing so to prevent him from getting away.

I've read several TF2 rape fics with Respawn where the rapist was all "don't resist or I'll kill you!", which made absolutely no sense because if the prisoner died he would simply get back to his base free and good as new. Heck, the guys in TF2 might as well kill themselves if they have a stomachache, Respawn is so very convenient.

An exception could be made for types of death that are slow and painful. For example, something like "you can't get out of this cell on your own, if you resist and kill me I'll just respawn outside and then I'll leave you here to starve to death."

4)That said, Respawn is a very good thing because it lets you build upon an existing history of conflict (or, in fangirl-ish terms "OMG HATESEX IS THE HOTTEST!!!"). If the guys die for good after getting killed once, and they are constantly shooting and stabbing each other, then there can be no long-lasting rivalries. With Respawn, you can say that Engineer and Spy have been fighting each other for years.

5)For the love of God, spellcheck. And if you can, get a beta-reader.

6)Ok, this last one isn't an objective suggestion, it's a personal request. So please skip it entirely if you don't like it, it's all about subjective preferences.

I've been looking for a (finished) Engie/Spy fic for a while, so I was very happy when I read your post, and I'm very much looking forward to reading your fic.

But... I detest snuff fics. I have no problem with torture porn, quite enjoy it in fact, but I hate it when the victim dies or suffers dehumanization as per "pet" fic (conversely, I'm a big fan of revenge stories, IMO hurt/confort isn't nearly as satisfying as hurt/roaring rampage of revenge).

Again, this is just my personal preference, I'm sure plenty of people in this forum would ask you exactly the opposite.

But I would like you not to end the fic with a dead Spy. Pretty please ^^

301 .

I've always wondered, since I've read a good share of the fictions here.
It's about Sniper's accent, if you write it in his dialogue, what is too much?
I've seen comments with people commenting about it.
I still somehow feels that it gives the character some depth.

Also where do you find beta-readers??

302 .

>>301 ie beta-readers you can trust..

(and I start to dislike captcha with a passion, I can barely read what it says sometimes..)

303 .

>>301 Oi think if yeh staht roitin' loik this, it's a bit too much.

Personally, I prefer when accents are kept to a minimum within dialogue especially when the character is a native English speaker. If the writer has a heavy hand, it can be near impossible to read. Try writing out your own accent phonetically, and see how ridiculous it is to try and read it.

It's one thing if the character is so inebriated they start slipping into their first language/local dialect, or if it's Heavy's broken English, but it's another when there's a serious conversation trying to be had and I have to reread everything 3 times just to figure out what words are being spoken.

We all know what the characters sound like, we all know what sexy accents they have, we get it, okay, let's save everyone the time and effort by keeping things on the simple side.

What gives the character depth is what they say and how they say it, not the accent they say it in.

Sorry for the rant, I just get frustrated when I click on a fic and all the dialogue (or, god forbid, the 1st-person narrative) is butchered to hell because the accents are laid on so thick for the sake of "accuracy."

304 .


I personally love writing out accents since for me it invokes old newspaper comics and adventure serials and Mark Twain and Krazy Kat and it's just something I like to do. However, I don't like when people use "oi" for "I" with Sniper's dialog. It bugs me.

Use accents, but make sure they don't overly impede understanding and comprehension. Be smart about it.

305 .

Slight accents are fine.
Although I have a character whose accent is supposed to be ridiculously hard to understand (even fellow English speakers don't understand him most of the time), so I enjoy going all out.
But unless that's the case AND you're going for humor, keep it light.
For spy characters, I usually just turn every "th" into a "z" and perhaps leave it at that.

306 .


Okay I get the accent part.. but what about beta-readers whom you can trust? Where do you find them?

307 .

I'd honestly love to see a Dub-Con where the victim is really aggressive and vengeful afterwards, with no tears, just rage.

308 .


Over-the-Counter Medicine is pretty much that.
Except more noncon than dubcon.

309 .

Those are all great, thanks.
As for posting, well i wasn't originally going to, and i dont really know how to... Do i have to start a new thread?
And its not anywhere near done yet, a meager 4000 words and no where near the sex scene, should i wait? Or do it in chapter?

310 .


As far as I know, in the whole TF2 Fandom, there are only three non/dub-con fics where the abused reacts with rage and takes revenge on the abuser.

One is Butterfly Knife. A female Spy is raped by the enemy Sniper, and she gets an extremely bloody revenge. It's the most clean-cut by far, as the rapist is an enemy who has no delusions about his victim enjoying it, the rape scene itself is not shown, and the Spy reacts realistically with horror, fear and anger.


Another is Creative Conditioning. Scout does cry in the fic, but in the epilogue he shows that he has very much not forgotten let alone forgiven what Engineer did to him, and he is ready for payback.


The third one, as 308 said, is Over-the-counter Medicine. I personally found it immensely satisfying to, for once, read a fic where the "I'm forcing you to have sex with me because I like you so it's ok! You totally enjoyed it so it's ok! I feel bad about it so let's just forgive and forget!" bullshit excuses are met with furious rage, an utter and complete lack of forgiveness, and an appropriately gruesome punishment. Even if in the end Medic agreed to a truce, he still got to make Spy suffer.


I suppose you could also count the alternate ending of With Apologies to Stephen King. Techncally the woman didn't have sexual intercourse with Sniper, but she still tortured him and the moment when he overcame the conditioning was awesome.


So, as far as I know, just 3 or 4 fics out of all the existing TF2 fics. Personally, I'd like to see more, but as much as I enjoy reading revenge stories with rightfully furious characters I suck at writing them.


Yep, you start a new thread.

Not saying that you have to post it if you don't feel like it, but you are writing a kinky TF2 fic and this is a site for kinky TF2 fic. Either now in chapters or later as a one-shot, it just makes sense to post it. Even if you are very nervous about receiving negative criticism, the mods will make sure it's not personal, and anyway I've never seen a fic here that didn't receive at least some praise.

Out of curiosity, if after 4000 words you are still nowhere near the sex scene, does that mean that the characters are teammates? I had assumed it was crossfaction.

311 .

Holy shit I had no idea my comment was gonna get me fic-recs. Thanks, mate. That's brilliant!

312 .

It is crossfaction. Just really slow going. And its not very action based either, more of a though process, like a character piece.
Ill probably upload it , after my beta-reader gets back to me, since i have what I'm thinking is a chapter worth of good content.
I'm still not sure if I've made Spy fierce enough...But i suppose that's what feedback is for.

313 .

Persona/TF2. New enemy: Shadows. The gang conquering their own Shadows and getting their Personas.

314 .

This post has been deleted.

315 .

Spy/Engineer, No rape please.

316 .

May I request something where Spy is only dating Scouts mother to get closer to Scout, if there isn't already a fic like that?

317 .



318 .

Any recs at all for Soldier/Spy?

319 .


Hey, that's interesting!

So it have to be a whole romantic intereste from Spy or it can be only erotic and stuff? Either would be very nice, in my opinion. =3

320 .

The Spy finds himself sexually attracted to the Engineer's Sentry gun.

321 .

RED Spy/Scout's mother/RED Sniper.

Has this been done and I've just missed it? I almost want this to be the case, because I'd really love to read this.

322 .

I'm voting for >>316 and >>320 ! I'd love to see those !

323 .

Seconding >>316 and >>320 too!

Strangely enough for some reason, I want to see some masochistic Medic. He might be sadistic on the outside towards the enemy, but he's a totally different person around the one he lets close to him. He probably doesn't mind letting that person use him however they'd like. Heavy is reluctant to hurt or humiliate him, but after a huge amount of persistance from Medic, he eventually gives in.

324 .



Also, not exactly what you are looking for, but I've been thinking of writing a RED Spy/BLU Sniper fic where Spy is in an open relationship with BLU Scout's mother. Knowing myself (let's just say that I would make Valve proud), it would most likely take me many many months, assuming I could even get it done at all. But, as far as I know, there are no other fics where Spy gets with both Sniper and Scout's mom.

325 .

I have a request. There is something I'm a big fan of: call it team spirit, camaraderie, comradeship, brotherhood, extended/surrogate family, nakama... Call it whatever you want, the point is that I'm a total sucker for it, and I would love to see more of it in TF2 fanfiction.

So many TF2 fanfiction focus on a single pairing or a single friendship, portraying the remaining characters as distant coworkers at best. I would love to see more fics that portray all the mercenaries as a honest-to-goodness team, a group of people who may not particularly like each other but will still look after each other.

Here are a few suggestions:

1)Demoman is discriminated against because of institutionalized racism (for example, a pub or a store some other place refuses to let him in, or a bunch of civilians picks a fight with him), which pisses off the other mercenaries.

2)Spy is turned into a tentaspy (maybe a respawn error?), and the rest of the team looks for a cure (Engie could try using machines or voodooo, Soldier could try asking Merasmus for help, etc etc). Their attempts could fail spectacularly at first for humor's sake.
Furthermore, if the Administrator found out that one of her employees got turned into a monstrousity she would probably have him murdered quietly to avoid drawing negative attention from civilians and press, so the mercenaries have to cover up for Spy to make it seem like nothing is out of the ordinary until they can find a cure. The guys could take turns putting on Spy's clothes and mask and sneak around the battlefield to make it look like he is still doing his job (could be especially hilarious if Scout or Sniper or Soldier had to pretend to be Spy).
Just one note: if you decide to go with this suggestion, please make it so that in the end the mercenaries do find a cure, I would like a happy ending where Spy gets his legs back.

3)One of Scout's brother in Vietnam gets very badly injured, and Scout feels very guilty over fighting in a "war" where the medigun and respawn ensure that he can never get permanently hurt. His guilt might push him to fight with total recklessness and get a lot of very painful deaths, so the other mercenaries have to help him get over it.

4)Soldier's cutout comrades are destroyed when a sudden storm hits the base. Knowing that Soldier believed the cutouts to be real people and his old friends, the mercenaries know that he would be devastated to find them gone, so they decide to make new ones before Soldier notices.

326 .

need more Demo/Sniper up in here. I feel like if Demo was a bottom, he'd be a really pushy aggressive one, he'd egg his partner on a lot.

327 .



328 .


Any chance someone has started this?

I LOVE this idea. It hits all the kinks.

329 .

Thirded, but ALSO combined with an idea I saw in one of the other request threads (don't know if it was in afanfic or fanfic) of a sock-racing contest. If I recall, the idea was something along the lines of Pyro vs Scout then Soldier and Demo joining in, Sniper knitting the perfect racing sock and Engie calculating friction factors and ideal material of construction and other engineery things and then Scout injures himself (probably Spy trips him for the hon hon hons) and Medic doesn't heal him because how else will he learn? But then I imagine Heavy would feel bad and help Scout out so then of course Medic would have to relent.

I hope this idea isn't too dumb. Capital D colon ahh.

But I am with you on team spirit/cameraderie. I've seen a lo tof Spy being made out to be the cruel manipulative bastard or Soldier being a bigoted asshole and it makes me sad, so teamlove sounds FAB to me.

330 .

There needs to be more Pyro fics. The firebug needs love. I would love to see a bro-ship fic between the Pyro and Engie, that later turns to more.

Now-- I'm not talking about unmasking Pyro. I'd like the full suit to stay on the entire time to keep things anonymous. That's right-- The ENTIRE time!

Please and thank you.

331 .

I have a more specific request.

Sexual tension for an entire fic, last chapter may or may not relieve the tension, but eh.
I just want agonizing, drawn-out skirt-chasing TENSION. Dancing around the subject, avoiding the intimacy, but all the while craving it near breaking point.

332 .

I want a Sniper/Spy fic, where it's this hot, torrid romance, with sexual tension galore, and eventually leads to this sex scene, and...not so great.

Either on Spy's or on Sniper's end. Or even both. Lack of technique, or power, or just staying power. However you want to play it. No amount of teaching will make it good sex, for the sake of this fic. Bonus points if the other person doesn't know just HOW BAD it is for the subject. Just bad sex, and the person wondering if they can make this relationship work despite that.

333 .

I have another team-building orgy type prompt.

I read a fic for another fandom ages and ages ago, and the idea of it always stuck with me.

Basically, to lower tension and raise morale, it was decided by higher-ups that for a week, one member's ass (and mouth, and other parts, etc) would free game for everyone else, and the duty would rotate through the other members in subsequent weeks.

Encounters could be from like, awkward uncomfortable "I'm horny, and you're my only option, lets get this over with," to hot-quick-and-dirty-in-the-middle-of-the-hallway sex, to long and sensual "Let's both enjoy this."

Pretty much anything goes.
Though I would love everything to be some kind of consensual, even if it's only a grudging acceptance.
Like, everyone gets the idea that, like, "Yeah, you can take what you want, but remember that your week is coming up pretty soon."
But bumbling, accidental I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing roughness is okay.

Pairings are up to the writer, and of course you don't have to do every week for every member, nor every possible pairing for one member. I won't complain if you do, though.

Also I second >>332
I've been craving badsex.

334 .


Screaming! Someone do it or I will and gods know I have too much on my plate already.

335 .

I would love Soldier/Sniper, where Soldier is being submissive.

336 .

There don't seem to be a lot of Present-day AUs, which can be pretty amazing.

I mean, just thinking up the warring situations is half the fun.
Two competing office branches?
In space?

Okay, that last one wasn't present day, but that brings me to my next request.
In a space ship. Or ships.

The hired mercenaries of Builder League Universal maneuver their ship to attack a Reliable Extraterrestrial Demolition vessel, also filled with mercenaries.

Possibly a crash landing. Pairings strongly encouraged.

337 .


I wish I could do any kind of writing at all because I second all those ideas.

I just had visions of sick as shit space dogfights.
Spy in a slick little stealth number that can turn "invisible" via reflective coat/signal jammer (or however that shit works).
Heavy piloting a space tank, with Medic running constant maintenance to keep the whole thing (and Heavy) from overheating.
Sniper staying on the main ship, manning its cannons.
etc etc etc

Idk just throwing more idea out there. I think it could be really fun.

338 .


Engineer repairing the base, while the enemy spy tries to sap the ship. The Demoman having fun with space-mines, the Soldier being Photon-Torpedo happy... Scout flying a tiny little plane that zooms around...

This could be beautiful


339 .

>>336 >>337 >>338

Medic could be in control of Heavy's shields too.
And is of course in charge of the big glowing Uber Button.

340 .

>>336 >>337 >>338

Bonus points for phallic imagery with the "Docking" of the space ships,
(As in two space ships joining or sending over a "Connector" for the people to walk on."
"Wait, Dummkoff! Mine is not prepared!"
"Stop! Nein! You cannot forze this!"
"Aw, getta room, ya fags! Snipes, ya got any open bays?"
"Only one, mate, the other's got Spy dockin for a bit. I'd like to keep this one open though."
"I'll be quick, cocksucker, just open the doors!"
"Ya always are."
"Fuck you, man."
"Howdy Sniper, comin' in on your right. Ah need ta dock for a bit."
"I don't have any open, mate, bit sandwiched at the moment."
"Ah thought our Spy was off in quad thirteen, pesterin' my counterpart."
"Wanker! I'd just cleaned Demo's stickies out of there!"
"Ah'll keep him from tearin' up your back-door anymore than he has!"
"Wait, ya can't just go shootin' off in there!"
"Mrff hurdur mrff srff!"
"FUCK NO, man, we already know who the Spy here is. Ya don't need ta spray your stuff every where!"
"Heavy comink in for dockink!"

... got a bit carried away with the dialogue.
But the double-entandres are endless.

341 .

RED Sniper/BLU Sniper
I want to see a mean RED Sniper holding the BLU Sniper captive humiliating and abusing him. No romance or falling in love!

342 .

>>336 >>337 >>338 >>339 >>340

Having a sci-fi-gasam over here, I'm so tempted to take out my model ships and pretend the whole story is taking place at my fingertips.

Hey, since so many of you guys like that idea, why don't we start an art project? Just illustrating some of the spaceships and weaponry they might use, and perhaps including alien heratige for some characters. I have an old TF2/ST crossover project I never finished, maybe those types of things could be there too?

Oh well. This isn't the place for images. I personally, would love to see a sci-fi fic, no matter how cheesy. In fact, cheesy = good. You want one magic compound that powers everything? Go ahead. A forcefeild that regenerates without consuming vast amounts of energy or time? A-O-Kay. Respawn? Nah, that's too cheesy. Try something like super-entities that can bring back the dead.
[/sarcasm], in case Captain Obvious doesn't show up.

Also, >>336 I love your first idea as well. Someone go through with this!

343 .

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an odd request, that I would not be surprised if goes unfilled.

So far you guys have tackled just about every perversion under the sun. Necro, robot, shitting, pissing, surgery, even CIRCUMCISION, tentacles,homosexual and heterosexual kinks of all stripes and levels of consensual and non-consensual sex that are limited only by the imagination.

Could someone write a 'size' fic?

The world of 'size' is generally reserved for pig-disgusting giantess fans, who are more concerned with pissing on an entire city then the much more subtle themes of control and domination associated with size play. Gay (or at least, SANE) size material is very hard to come by.

Re-spawn malfunction, Engineer gone mad, Medic gone crazy, I don't care. Whatever pairing you prefer is perfectly fine. If you make a size TF2 fic happen, with sexy times, I will love you for all time.

All time, can you imagine.

344 .

>>336 >>337 >>338 >>339 >>340 >>342

Wow. A lot of people liked that Idea...
Now I have a ton of ideas...
>>342 , As I cannot, for the life of me, draw with any skill, I might attempt to write something.
And answer it myself.
Might take a while.... might devolve into crack.
But hey, that's what the internet is for, right?

345 .

SOMEBODY GOTTA DO THIS. If it doesn't get done I might end up doing it after my current one. I am a huge Persona fan.

346 .

I'd love any kind of fic that implemented some of the game mechanics, battle-styles and weaponry within the story itself.
Something in particular I was thinking of was something like... You know how in the game the Sniper's will mostly be left alone in their nest, but every now and then a Pyro will pop by to do some spychecking? Something like that, but played up for the naughties, perhaps the Sniper getting caught in the act or something else?

347 .

Ah, Snipercest. Brutal, unloving snipercest.
For some reason, I am completely convinced that the BLU sniper hiccups when when terrified, and is generally more twitchy than his counterpart.
Just thought of how the hiccups could be used in a blowjob. Tf2chan is corrupting me.

348 .

2.5 Words:

Hoovy. Short-shorts.

You know what to do.

349 .

Heavy/Spy non-con
I just like the size difference with someone other than Scout or Medic, plus the pairing isn't done often.
You can throw in any other kink i just want to see this happen

350 .

Scout/Scout's Mom. Unrequited.


351 .

One of the team members has breasts and nobody else knows until an abnormality shows up that needs medical attention (like a lump or something.) Then they have to endure the humiliating ordeal of Medic poking and prodding at their chests.

352 .

You know what I want? I want me some consensual Engie/Scout involving a mirror, SOME bondage and Engie dirty-talking Scout.

What can I say? I have a thing for dirty talk and southern accents.

353 .


I don't have any plot or kinks in mind, beyond their height difference... I just want to see more of this pairing. Preferably consensual, preferably no bdsm.

354 .

This post has been deleted.

355 .

Omg, omg so cute!

Do ya guys know about the engagement ring (Something special to someone Special!) update of the game, because of the Valentine's day?! So, my request is about it:

SpyxScout! Spy wants to give the engagement ring to Scout, but the problem is that everybody in both bases will know (if the appearance of the ring and the acceptance note will be like in the game or not, is up to the writer)about their relationship - a taboo - not just because they are men, but because Scout is much more younger too...or something like that; is up to the writer, because i want some angst and struggle to maintain the relationship, but it have to had fluff+hot love making! It don't necesseraly have to end happily, but it would be very welcomed.

Pleeease, someone write this, 'cause i'm too busy to do it myseeeelf!

(Why would they make such update in a game when all the playable characters are men...? Hummm...it makes me wonder...with a perverted grin.)

356 .


I don't want to cause drama on valentines day but reread your words prior to posting. If you have a good idea it could get overlooked due to poor choice in wording. (it's too late for this shit)

Anyways, requesting a bit of demoman getting extra drunk on valentines day and another class (preferably heavy or soldier) taking advantage of a horny lovesick scotsman. Brownie points for humor.

357 .

<i>Why would they make such update in a game when all the playable characters are men...? Hummm...it makes me wonder...with a perverted grin</i>

I'm aware that this is a porn site, but still, no need to view even something as romantic as an engagement ring in a perverted light...

Gay marriage just got legalized in Washington, it's such awesome news! :D

I totally choose to interpret the SSFSS ring as Valve's support for civil rights. Any other interpretation (including "it costs friggin' $100, it's just blatant cash-grabbing," "the ring was submitted a long time ago, it's a total coincidence that it became available the day after one more state legalized gay marriage" and "all the playable characters are men, but the players are men and women, so the update has nothing to do with politics") is wrong because I say so!

And speaking of accessories, aren't my rose-tinted glasses fabulous?

358 .


BITCH PLEASE i don't care to their affectionate honeymoon, i just want to illegaly film them fuckin'. XDD

Kiddin'. I MEAN, totallY KIDDING, really. Dude, it's a joke, okay...? Of course i didn't want to sound prejudiced or something against gays and their rights (things that; of course i can't prove to people around here; i totally agree and support). And just because i made a silly joke about it just don't mean i don't care to their psychological or emotional side.

Srly, what happened to the good old humour and the individuals wits? I don't understand people always getting me wrong just
because of a little silly joke or two. Getting pretty tired of it, actually.
I'm not really angry or something, and please, don't think i want to argue with ya or be offensive, but this just kinda... makes me sad.

And yeahrite no one around here finds hot, for example, Spy banging Scout while whispering into his ear own much he loves him. Sure.

And sorry about the bad english, yadda yadda.

359 .


Please, until such a time comes that you can express your views to miss Millia and this community in a respectful manner that conveys thought and genuine appreciation of the atmosphere the mods and members here have tried so hard to create:

zip your howling screamer.

that is all.

360 .

And now for something completely different.

Rhyming porn, anyone?

Okay, if not, how about some snuggling.
In the beginning, it's supposed to be completely platonic, but eventually gets awkward. As in, oh-shit-I've-got-a-boner-fuck-hide-it-fuck-think-unsexy-thoughts, awkward. Any classes, but I'd prefer Sniper to be involved.

361 .


Since i don't remember being unrespectuful to her or to anyone around here, and that i was just giving an opinion inside the context where i was the one finding myself offended (context: make a silly joke about getting horny with gay sex = being a horrible prejudiced):



I second the snuggling thing...specially with bottoming Sniper... it would be so sexy. =3

(Rhyming...porn? Like...this: roses are red/violets aren't blu(who said that?!)/ please lie on my bed/ and let me fuck U.)

362 .

>>360 >>361
I think more along the lines of:

There once was a Scout from Nantucket
Whose dick got stuck in a bucket
and though he tried
and he pushed and pried
in the end he just decided to fuck it.

Or maybe,
The sniper was RED
the spy was BLU
the lube had the consistency
Of year old glue.

Also, 361, just a word of advice, try and cut down on the emoticons. The mods really don't like them.

363 .

Ooh, I love Sniper/Sniper. I've been desperately trying to put more fics with that pairing into existence. Unfortunately I'm a not that good and I'm terribly slow writer. I'm also not really into full on torture, but I like brawls, blood, and knife fights. So maybe one day sooner or later... I will get something like that in my queue.

I've been working on some Sniper/Demoman, but Demo is usually my top. But still, agree. There must be more Sniper/Demoman at every available opportunity. I will try my darnedest to produce some.

Apologies if this looks wonky. First time posting and the Preview gives me an Error.

364 .

I know we have a surplus of prompts and lack of writers, but I thought I'd toss this one in anyway.

I saw a Heavy/Scout picture, with Scout looking at Heavy's fingers and saying something like, "I'm gonna need to prep just for these."

So I want to see someone (doesn't have to be Scout) prepping themselves to be fingerbanged (and more???) by Heavy.

365 .


Could I get a link to the pic?

366 .


I'm sorry, I saw it weeks ago on someone's tumblr, and I didn't think to save it. It wasn't explicitly porny, both of them were mostly clothed.

367 .


Done here, with a little bit of nudity: http://outfightinglionsthesecond.tumblr.com/post/12538104861/outfightinglions-ugh-bad-scribble-post-oh-well


Done here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/282377/chapters/449226


I think one of the rules of this fandom could be "Marty's done that already": http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/545.html

368 .


Is this the picture?

369 .

Oh whoops, I'm the >>368 anon

Had some internet issues and didn't see >>367 until after I posted, so just ignore my post since I can't figure out how to delete it.

370 .


Oh wow it's pornier than I remember.
But that's the one I was talking about, thanks.

371 .

I'm in the mood from something sweet, especially with the new engagement ring item out.

Basically I want to read about one teammate proposing to another (Spy/Engineer preferable but not required). But it's not just any proposal, it's one of those elaborate, romantic proposals like hiring a biplane to write 'Will you marry me?' in the sky or, knowing these guys, shooting those words into the wall or something. Feel free to be as creative as you can with this.

Yeah, I'm a sap, I know.

372 .

Drowning. Or near-drowning. Flexible with the pairing, porn is an option. But mostly I want someone to need rescuing from drowning, swimming accident, or getting hurt AND THEN drowning......

373 .

Well, this is going to be awkward.

Does Tentaspy/Engineer/Sniper exist? Because that should. Bonus points if the Tentaspy is on the offensive/enemy team, and there's a match going on. It could tie in nicely with request 372.

374 .

You know when immature people try really hard to prove their maturity, and end up looking still more immature as a result?
You know who I'm talking about.
Just beat the shit out of that poor kid's self-esteem.

Captcha says "Successively Riorican," and I want that to be a real adjective.

375 .

I want someone to pin Engineer down, fuck him, and make him scream in pleasure. Over a dispenser, On a couch, On the payload cart I don't care. I just want him to want it!

376 .

>>375 That is a pretty simple request and I will fit it into the Helmet Party I spontaneously started writing last night if the feeling is right.

I also have been working on >>219 for over a week because I've been ill and had no attention span. ( >>326 is also filled in it, if you don't mind drunken, loveless secks.)

>>257 also caught my eye, I'd like to fill it later. Have any of these been done already? Because they are magnificent prompts and I feel like I'm going to stab them with my mediocre faggetry.

377 .

I'd like to see a fic with an arrangement where each class has to whore himself out for a whole week to relieve sexual tension, perhaps they are contractually obligated to do it?

378 .

So, like, people like book-smart Heavy. Which is nice because I like that too.

But for a change of pace though, I'd like to see Heavy as an artist of some kind. Maybe painting, maybe sculpture. Just something where he uses his hands.

And it'd be a great "Want to pose nude for me?" scenario, if you wanna go down that route.

Any pairing.

379 .

So turns out the Cozy Camper is glitched and is actually 94% slower instead of 60% while scoped.

"Snail Sniper" is my new headcannon character I made up.

Requesting Christian Brutal Sniper / Glitched Cozy Camper Sniper.

Just use your imagination.

380 .

Well, this might be absolutely pointless, but, a crack Crossover/mashup popped into my head and I absolutely can't remove it.
It's just -
Firefly, (Space cowboys!) has 9 crew members. There are 9 classes. I realized that, and...
I fiddled with it and now it won't go away.

I guess the class lineup would be something like;
Mal = Soldier
Zoe = Sniper
Jane = Heavy
Kaylee = Engineer
Wash = Pyro
Inara = Spy
Shepard Book = Demoman
Simon = Medic
River = Scout (because of age? I don't know...)

I don't know, feel free to change it up, but some firefly/TF2 porn seems amazing.
Like, either way around, that'd be awesome.

(also, Sniper/Spy would be femslash here? What?)

381 .

Crack Prompt:
Somebody goes down into the sewers looking for tentaspy. They don't find tentaspy. Instead, they come across The Sewer Medic. (Duh duh DUHHHHH!)

382 .

All these Gmod creations, someone has to write a fic with all of them.

383 .

Clearly, there is something wrong with me. Just saw a touching movie a couple days ago about the brief but incredibly powerful friendship between a terminally ill boy and a miniature girl who lives under the floorboards… and now all I can think about since seeing it is porn involving Team fortress. That and Medic riding around on a flying Archimedes. Ah well, since I can’t get rid of it, might as well spread it to the rest of you, along with the other ideas floating around my mind. (This’ll be a bit long so bear with me)

>Honey I shrunk the Team- I’d like to see a story where several members of the team end up getting shrunk. Let’s say something happens during a ceasefire while most of the team is away and Spy, Medic, Engineer and Scout (basically the three smartest guys on the team and the juvenile) find themselves RESPAWNING as the victims of this bizarre scenario. Engineer quickly discovers that the problem lies in some broken/corrupted parts which unfortunately he doesn’t have all the spares for… but the RED base might. Now this is where shit gets pornographic. I don’t care how you go about it or who you pair who up with just as long as one or more of the following is put into play- Voyeurism, Urethral play, Doll play/fetish, Accidental Vore, Cum bath.
>Another idea is a De-aged engineer and soldier. Again, RESPAWN malfunctions find the two physically the same age as the Scout. I want Pros and Cons people. Pros like aches and pains of old age being gone, and an influx of youthful vigor and all that jazz. Cons on the other hand could have some serious repercussions on the battle field. First off, coordination- I’m not saying it’d be as bad as if they were turned into little kids, but after years of living in their own bodies, getting comfortable with how things physically were with themselves, this sudden upset could leave them a little unbalanced. For example, to work with their equipment the two had to grow the muscles to carry it all around like the engineer’s sentries/toolbox or the soldiers rocket launcher or other such paraphernalia, and now the two don’t have those muscles anymore. Also, cue Hormones. After several decades that allowed their bodies to, er, settle down is suppose you could say, the sudden rush of testosterone would be like a jackhammer to the face. I’m talking complete meltdown of bodily control. Helmet parties are priceless but I wouldn’t mind other classes getting in on the action. Hell, for that matter, why not De-age the demo as well? Poor bastard doesn’t get enough sex as it is so maybe this’d be the little pick-me-up he’s been waiting for.
> During ceasefire, A Post-War! BLU soldier saves a RED scout being hunted down and getting the crap beat out of him by his team’s soldier for being a queer. A tentative secret friendship begins between the two, not complicated least of all by Jane’s past with Tavish let alone the fact that they both belong to opposite factions, which could maybe develop into more. Actually wouldn’t mind if Scout had a lover or somebody he was crushing on instead. I just would like an initial BLU Soldier/RED Scout friendship to happen first.
> A bit of a challenge for anybody willing to take it up. I’d like to see some stories involving the original BlU and RED teams as whom they appear to be, like Pyro! Abraham Lincoln. This will take some research (both real world and TF2 universe-wise) and a little bit of creative licensing given that we don’t know who the Original RED team was. The skewed timeline involving these characters might also be a bit of a conundrum (I mean, historical accuracy being taken into account, their dates don’t add up. Crocket, the Original BLU sniper, died in 1836, 14 years before the Brothers War officially started. And at Lincoln’s death in 1865, Tesla and Freud would have been 9 and Billy would have been 6) but this can easily be bypassed by either relying on the Tf2 universes skewed dates and overall history, or just throwing in a time traveling wizard or Australians.
Following in the same line as this prompt, another concept that could be worked with is the Team lineup either during or right before WW2 era. With characters from the present lineup, like Red Spy and Blu Scouts mom working with or against Radigan Conagher, and with Emily as the announcer. (For some reason, I keep imagining BS’s Mom and Red spy as Scouts or spies in training) -Just something for you all to think about.

>Before I go I’d also like to repost some ideas I had in a previous request thread. One is Engineer getting kidnapped by the opposing team which results in either selfcest, or soldier, who has a frustrating crush for his own 'married w/kids' Engie and decides to take out his lust on the prisoner engineer.
The other is giving Pyro a reason for being the fire wielding maniac he is- Specialized pest control concerning giant irradiated ants. (this would be in reference to the 1954 B&W Movie 'Them!')

384 .

Personality-wise, Demo fits Mal or even Jayne better. Someone on the losing side of a war who still holds it wasn't the wrong side, or someone for whom money is often too attractive an option. Also, with Jayne, there's the filial piety in sending money home to the family.

Pyro's much more suitable for River - their actions are crazy and difficult for people outside their heads to understand, but make perfect sense to them.

Scout for Kaylee, for someone young, happy with their work, and who's also very glad about sex. Engineer is Wash, for obvious reasons - and it's not hard to imagine him playing with plastic dinosaurs on or off the battlefield.

Sniper as Inara didn't seem like it'd work, and then it occurred to me that they're both professionals who pride themselves on their reputations, except that their feelings keep getting in the way.

Spy could fit as Simon, not just for the dislike of dirty suits and the delicious cross-universe irony of Spy protecting Pyro, but rather for someone who has to hide his identity and keep it from getting out due to a mysterious and dangerous past.

Heavy could make a go of Zoe: defense and support - they're needed in the back, not the front - who love battles, fighting, and the team as a whole, as well as individuals who have potential for care and affection that doesn't get expressed often.

Medic could fill Book's role reasonably well - like Spy, there's a dark and dangerous past, and like Book, he doesn't really want to go charging into battle shooting people. Which isn't to say he's averse to the occasional kneecapping, if the situation comes to it.

Soldier's position in this crossover could be argued for either Mal or Jayne, for cross-universe WAR! purposes, or even River, for the whole insanity bit. He's tougher for me to pin down, so - got any ideas?

385 .


Ah, I was trying to sort out the characters in a way that everybody got a part...
Although your interpretations makes a lot of sense too, character wise.

Although I do like Sniper as Zoe, they're both quiet and professional, and really care about the few people they're close to.
To fit yours down... Demo=Mal, River=Pyro, Scout=Kaylee, Engineer=Wash, Sniper=Inara, Spy =Simon, Heavy = Zoe, Medic = Book...
So, that leaves Soldier as Jayne, I think, by rule of elimination, (or Mal, if Demo was Jayne)

386 .

Invisible public sex - Spy gets Sniper to meet him in the common room before a team gathering and gives him an extra invisibility watch. They both cloak, and when Sniper tries to question why, Spy tells him to keep quiet or he'll "ruin the game" before starting to do naughty things to him as teammates arrive, completely oblivious. Sniper is torn between being mortified and supremely aroused and Spy is, naturally, being a smug and teasing bastard. That can end in whatever way; I just think the scenario is fun.

387 .


I'm intrigued by the tiny porn. Could you explain the kinks listed to me? I'm a little uninformed about them.

388 .

Just throwing this idea out there.

Medic with a sense of "humor" for April 1st loads his syringe gun with his home made aphrodisiac. Chaotic TF2 buggery ensues.

Maybe use some uncommon pairings like Fem!BluSniper/RedSniper, Demo/Scout, Heavy/Spy, Medic/Medic, Fem!Soilder! Class-cest would be nice but seriously, I'd like to see some odd and humorous pairings.

389 .

I want to see something with characters that have never been thought of before, specifically, Barnanbas Hale and Elizabeth. I've searched and searched, but for the first time, Rule 34 has failed me.

Just throwing that out there for anyone who is up to it.

390 .

Sorry, been away from this site for a few days so you probably already looked them up but I'll go ahead and explain the kinks.

-Voyeurism: the derivation of sexual pleasure from observing the naked bodies or sexual acts of others, usually unnoticed.
-Urethral play: also called sounding, its the stimulation of the urethra by inserting objects of various sizes. (imagine a tiny dick being inserted into a much larger dick)
-Doll play/fetish: a sexual attraction to dolls or doll-like figures.(this one actually ties in with clothing fetish which is a fixation upon a particular article or type of clothing and/or the person wearing it. I was just considering the fact that with so many plushies being made within the game that story-wise at least one or more of the characters might have an unusual hobby of making dolls or doll clothing)
-Vore: an imaginary fetish, where one imagines being swallowed or swallowing another living being whole.(accidental vore might happen if a much larger partner was lavishing his miniscule lovers naked body with his tongue within his mouth then suddenly getting startled by something and unintentionally swallowing. that or somebody somehow getting trapped in a heavies sandwich, getting eaten, and having perverse feelings while going down.
-Cum bath: to cover a person with multiple loads of sperm all over their body.(given how small an individual might be, one load ought to do it. in this case it might be a literal 'bath')

And there you go. Also since I'm here already, here's another idea i thought about.

A spy Engineer: based off the comics its pretty much conclusive that the RED and BLU engineer's share an ancestor in Radigan Conagher. Now, in a setting where there are multiple teams that tend to get switched around from time to time, lets assume that Dell and BLU spy come up with an elaborate ploy to swap Dell with his RED Cousin whom he shares more than a passing resemblance with(who would incidentally be locked away for the time being) so that they can get at the Red bases intel and even have Dell shut off his sentries so that his team can get past and win the rounds.(this would have to be a story with RESPAWN and Dell fiddling around with the system so that for the time being he would respawn in the RED base instead of the BLU) Now after he successively gets inside the plan gets a hitch because one of the other RED members seemingly has a relationship of some sort (or a desire for such) with RED engie. Coming prepared knowing everything except for this little tidbit, how far will Dell have to go to keep the charade up? Moreover, how far is he willing to go?

391 .


Would pay to read this. Seriously.

392 .


I'm fascinated with the concept of a tiny team. However, I'm not comfortable with writing the kink aspects of this request.

Would it be alright if I take the root concept for use on the Fanfiction side of the chan? Someone else could take the more mature route, if you'd still like that part to be fulfilled.

393 .

I've been searching for a fic I read not long ago so a friend could read it. Can't find it. It was on Tumblr when I read it. The person had multiple fics. It was Christian Brutal Sniper/Spy and there was a Scout corpse involved. Ring a bell, anyone?

394 .

By all means, go right ahead. Tiny Team is good Team!

395 .

A simple, dream-inspired prompt.

Heavy/Medic 69.

More optional details: It was on a train, and actually a cross-faction pairing. They ended up getting caught by their same-colored partners.

396 .

Medic decides to be a jerk and puts Engie on a diet because he's a little fatty.

Engineer is sensitive about his weight and is also starving because seriously, fuck diets. Class of your choice decides to either feed him and/or fuck him hard because he's an adorable little fatty.

397 .


Seconded, because my dad has me on a diet, and seriously, fuck diets.

398 .

Maybe I'll try. Maybe I'm too lazy. In the meantime, "Beer and Shotguns" in /fanfic might be of interest to you.

399 .


Seriously, fuck diets.

“/Lose zhe vheat, lose zhe veight, Engineer. Is is zhat simple./”

That’s what Medic had told him, anyway. Engineer wasn’t a man who went around believe everything he was told, even if the person telling him once had a medical license at some point in their career. He couldn’t argue with the man, as he would just keep droning on and on in nutritionist technobabble until Engineer finally threw up his hands and agreed to his little diet plan.

He personally liked his padding. He’d never realized how much of his diet had revolved around wheat before, he couldn’t have toast or pancakes with his eggs and bacon. He couldn’t have a simple sandwich, a donut, a bagel, a /cracker/. He’d never even really liked crackers before, but goddamn if he didn’t want one now.

His stomach grumbled as he stared at the blue prints before him. His pencil hadn’t budged in the past half hour as he contemplated his misery. Then he smelled it, beckoning him like the steady hum of a dispenser. Bread isn’t the most pungent ingredient in a sandwich, but it’s the only thing that had him salivating as he turned and saw Scout sitting on one of his half-finished models, a sandwich in each hand.

“You okay, Engie?” He asked, taking a bite of one of the sandwiches and chewing rudely so that Engineer could see the bite masticated into little bits and pieces before the majority disappeared down Scout’s throat.

“Yeah, kid. I’m fine.” He didn’t sound fine, though. His stomach was urging him on, telling him to walk closer, get friendly, get that goddamn second sandwich, maybe even the first one-- he wasn’t picky. “You got an awful lot of sandwich there for just you, don’t you?” He asked, shuffling closer. He was nonchalant, just striking conversation.

“Nah, I slept in and missed breakfast. Got a little catching up to do, y’know?” Scout told him, taking a bite from the other sandwich, leaving neither untouched by his large, horse-like teeth. “Why? You wanna bite?” He smirked, and Engineer knew that Scout knew. He hesitated. If Medic found out, he would put Engineer through the whole speech again.

“Naw… I was just statin’ a fact.” Engineer shrugged and scuffed his boot against the floor. “Something you need, Scout?” He asked, suddenly realizing that the younger man had invaded his workshop without knocking—well, he could have knocked, and probably had, but Engineer might not have noticed. He didn’t dwell on it, though. Scout had a tendency to blur the lines of others’ territory and his own.

“Yeah, sure.” Scout’s smirk widened and he pulled at the crust with his teeth, pulling off a long strip. His lips played with it, trying to get it all in his mouth without the help of his tongue before he chewed it and swallowed. Engineer unknowingly swallowed with him.

“Hey, hey Engie.” Scout waved one of the sandwiches in his face. “You wanna sandwich? Seriously, man, I have two. You want one? You’re starin’ at ‘em like you’d really, really like one.”

“… really?” Engineer was cautious, and his eyes narrowed behind his goggles. Scout never gave anything away for free. Last Christmas he had given everyone the option of receiving a “super-fucking-awesome” present for five bucks. No one had taken him up on the offer, though.

“Yeah, I mean… if you still want it after I’m done with it.” Scout stuffed the rest of one of the sandwiches in his mouth before hopping off of his perch and loosening his belt. To Engineer’s dismay, the youth stuffed the other sandwich down his pants, grinning as he did so. “Schtill wabt ig?” He asked through the mouthful of sandwich still in his mouth. He stood proudly with both hands on his hips, giving Engineer a nasty look as he chewed his food for the other man to see.

Engineer swallowed and pursed his lips. As much as he didn’t want to admit it… he licked his lips and that was answer enough for Scout. He guffawed loudly and fished around to pull the sandwich out. Engineer tried not to look too closely at it. He didn’t want to know if it had any evidence that it had been down where the sun don’t shine.

“You really wanna sandwich that’s been touching my dick?” Scout snickered and walked around Engineer to put the sandwich on his desk. He sat on it gracefully and beckoned Engineer to come closer. The Texan sighed and walked over to stand in front of Scout. The little rascal never did pass up the chance to humiliate a guy. “Now, I’m not gonna deny you a sandwich if you’re still willing to eat it. But I can’t guarantee that I ain’t gonna tell Medic, y’followin’ me?” He wiggled his eyebrows and Engineer knew what was coming next.

He felt tired and his response sounded far away and mechanical. “What d’you want me to do, Scout?”

“Y’mean, what do I want you to do so that I don’t tell Medic and he don’t pump your stomach and give you a lecture and probably like tie you down to a bed and poke at your brain until you agree to stick to his crazy diet shit?” Engineer didn’t know how the kid could fit that much wind in his skinny little lungs, but he nodded.


“Take your shirt off.” Scout demanded, crossing his arms and grinning.

“… beg pardon?”

“Take. Your shirt. Off. Seriously, did I stutter? Strip it off.” Scout kicked Engineer lightly in the stomach and Engineer felt heat rising in his face.

“Now wait a minute, Scout…” he thought it was just going to be something simple. Like giving him a blow- or hand job. Not fucking stripping for him. He thought of the stretch marks on his sides and across the front of his stomach.

“I’m going to get up off this sandwich and tell Medic.” Scout promised, pouting a little that Engineer was putting the brakes on his fun.

“Nono…” Knowing Scout, he wouldn’t even mention that Engineer hadn’t eaten the sandwich yet. Medic would be all too eager to pump the man’s stomach anyway, despite any protests about Scout’s reliability. “Alright…” he grumbled as he yanked off his glove and unhooked his overalls. His belt still held them up below his gut and he pulled his shirt up from where it was tucked in. Scout wasn’t satisfied until his undershirt was off too, then he just sat there, scrutinizing Engineer.

“Your man boobs aren’t as impressive as Heavy’s.” He commented finally, reaching forward to touch Engineer’s fat. The man stood there, taking the attention like he had nothing better to than get molested for a penis-flavored half eaten sandwich.

“That’s because I’m not as fat as him.” Engineer replied, eyeing a corner of crust that was peeking out from between Scout’s legs. He was too interested in the sandwich to notice the bump in Scout’s pants.

“Yeah… you’re not like that lard-ass.” Scout told him, running his fingers almost reverently along Engineer’s pudgy belly. “You’re just right, Engie.” One of his hands drew back while his other hand grabbed Engineer’s chest hair and pulled him closer. “Stand there.” He ordered harshly, his legs hooking around Engineer’s back and pressing his heels into his ass. He ground himself lightly against Engineer’s stomach, sighing and sitting back on his palms as he his legs moved him against Engineer’s jiggling mass. Engineer was becoming more uncomfortable by the moment, but he let the kid push and pull himself against his fat, his hands hanging limply at his sides uselessly.

Scout was groaning softly, muttering and cursing to himself as he rubbed himself harder and faster against Engineer. Suddenly, his movements slowed and one of his hands shakily came around to undo his pants and push them down as far as they could go on his spread legs. His bare ass sat back on the sandwich and he pulled Engineer closer, wrapping his arms around his neck and leaning forward to buck his hips against the man’s stomach, panting and groaning into Engineer’s ear like a dog in heat. It didn’t take long before Scout’s trusts and bucks became more frantic and needy. He whined softly and Engineer raised his hands to support Scout’s ass, pulling the sandwich from being stuck there and holding it in one hand while he supported scout with the other.

He felt Scout’s cock rubbing against him one moment and then the slick slide of semen between his stomach and Scout’s cock. The boy was still bucking and groaning, trying to make his pleasure last as long as he could before he just clung there, resting his head on Engineer’s shoulder.

Engineer turned his head and took a bite of the sandwich, and it was the most delicious thing he’d tasted in a month and a half. Scout leaned over to try and get a bite, but Engineer pulled it away from him.

“It’s mine now, Scout. Get out before I change my mind about telling Medic that /you/ gave it to me.” The young’un was off of Engineer and out the door quicker than he came. Engineer set his squished and abused sandwich on his desk as he wiped himself off with a rag and pulled his shirt back on. He rebuckled his overalls and adjusted his tool belt before pulling his glove back on.

Sitting down, he started munching on his sandwich with his left hand and drawing plans with his right, his inspiration for his new design suddenly flowing back to him.

400 .


I'm not the anon who requested this, but i'll be damned if i said i didn't enjoy it.

401 .


Silly porn is the best kind of porn.

402 .



Thanks, guys. Here's some more silly porn. Actually, I think it's kind of fluffy and touching.

“As much as I love you, my dear… we just cannot continue this.” Spy ran his hand across battle scarred metal, his eyes dark with satisfied lust. There was a beep, stark in comparison to the rather deep, foreign hum of his own voice. A whir cut through the ensuing silence and he sighed. “I know, I spent so long just waiting for the right moment, but...” another beep, accompanied by a more mechanical whir as the turret head stopped moving and rotated its barrels. “Oh, no, no, it is not you. It will never be you…” he pressed a soft, almost reverent kiss to the machine’s dark metal barrel. It seemed satisfied and began to whir again, rotating on its ballast to stop again with another beep. He sighed and looked away from it, studying his pants a few feet away. He drug a finger through the semi-clear substance that stood out against its dark legs in the dim light.

“I will miss you as well.” He purred and draped himself between the two turrets, as if they were open arms for him to sink into. He was careful to keep his lower half away from the rotating spindle that kept the machine moving every few seconds. He allowed himself to be moved with the rotation and sighed. It felt as if he were being rocked to sleep by an angel—

“What in /Sam Hell/ are you doin’, Spy?” Spy gasped, grabbing his pants and tugging them across his exposed groin as he whirled to face a dumbfounded Engineer. “Why… why are your pants…?” He looked more confused by the second and he flicked the remainder of his shop’s lights on as Spy gently slipped away from the level two Sentry.

He cast it—no, /her/, she was so much more than just a genderless automaton to him; she was a beautiful seductress without a clue to the effect she had on him—a last, loving glance before he pulled his pants on and slipped away, not bothering to answer Engineer. He had done what he had come to do. Now, he would have to wait with eager anticipation until his next opportunity.

He cloaked when he heard a choking sound from within the workshop, and soon the Engineer ran past him with a wrench, shouting about having told him not to touch his machines. Spy smirked and took slow steps back before breaking into a run. He locked the door behind him, threw off his pants and shirt and fell back into his lover’s arms once again.

“He will never understand us, /mon chere/… but we understand eachother.”

There was a soft whir, followed by a click and a high pitched chirp.

403 .


This warms the cockles of my admittedly quite silly heart. I laughed, I d'awwed, I laughed again. Do another (please).

404 .


Engie's face must've been priceless!
BTW this made me realize...

Level 2 sentries deserve more love. http://i44.tinypic.com/34ru3rm.jpg

405 .

>>399 I agree wholeheartedly with Scout. Engie pudge is hot.

406 .

OP here, and thank you! It was really great.

407 .

>>404 I vote for the misuse of battle equipment every day of the week. And Level 2 sentry is the cutest sentry.

408 .

You know what I'd like to see? An Amnesia crossover. You know, one of the many maps in the place of Brennenburg, Engineer in the place of Daniel (I'd prefer if it was Engineer, that's just me) and so forth.

409 .



410 .

I'd like to see, like, a darker scout?
People seem to like to give scout this relative innocence/naivete. Like, he's a virginal, deep down good boy just trying to help out his poor ma with the bills.

Soldier flew himself to war and killed hella people, even after the war ended, and Sniper was probably a sniper before he signed up for RED/BLU, and who knows what Spy has done in his life before.

So it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to think that Scout has killed someone or maybe a few people. And he agreed to join this glorified turf war because it was a way better option than prison or capital punishment.

411 .

You know what would be great (and something that I don't think I've seen on here)?

Sniper x Femscout.

I've seen Femscout with regular Scout, and with Spy, but not with Sniper. Fluff, smut, genfic where Femscout's an obnoxious, psychotic (but still somehow endearing to Sniper) brat, it all works for me.

412 .


Challenge accepted. I'll start on this when I get home and look through for a few more to fill.

413 .


I love this.

In fact, i have a few ideas featuring Dark Scout, hehe. I promise i will write them as soon as i stop sucking in this write thing.

414 .

I'm looking for a fic that was posted long ago and i cant find it.

its scoutxscout and basically one scout is running away from the other but they get trapped in this ditch/room/chamber thing together and become friends and eventually have sex. 2 chapters, second chapter they meet in a barn and one scout is wearing spys boxers. It was a collaboration between to writers

anyone have this? please ive been looking for so long.

415 .

Someone should turn the tables and have Engineer experimenting on Medic.

416 .

I really, really want to read something with Spy and Engie. I don't really give a damn about any other details, but it seems to be a such a rare pairing, and it's also one of my favorites.

417 .

Been looking at wonderful pictures of Solider/Sniper.

That pairing...catches my interest...Haven't see anything like it before here unless it's buried deep in here, but I would rather not dig through tons of fiction that may scare me.

Is anyone interested in trying it out? Writing the pair, no guro or rape unless consensual please.......

Maybe a bit of Soldier trying to court Sniper and is failing miserably haha. Bonus if he asks everyone on the team for help on how to 'court'!

[[I know I put it in another thread, but hopefully this can get noticed by others as well!]]

418 .

This might be a weird request, but I want some Christian Brutal Sniper x Gentle Spy. I want CBS being brutal to GentleSpy, and Gentlespy in tun being gentle with CBS.... I just really wonder how that would turn out. I'm more interested in how CBS would react to being treated gently than I am in GentleSpy getting brutalized.

Anyway, just a thought.

419 .

Anybody remember how Spy was supposed to get a tranquilizer gun, but it was scrapped? Well, I would like to see somebody write about Spy using his tranquilizer gun on a random teammate and he has his way with them while they're drugged up.

Also, I apologize DEEPLY if this is the wrong place to post this, but I've searched high and low for this one fic based off of this picture: http://tf2chan.net/dumps/src/131268223698.jpg I swear to God it exists, but I haven't been able to find it again. I've searched all throughout the archives, but no luck. If anybody finds it, could you possibly post it up here or send it my way?

420 .


Seconded! CBS is always portrayed as some kind of inhuman force of nature, I'd LOVE to read a story where he is baffled and unsure.

421 .

Boys, this chan's lack of humiliation exploitation is in itself humiliating. You should be ashamed of yourself for not taking advantage of this oh-so-advantageous game mechanic.

422 .

Sniper pissing on Spy's feet, team or crossfaction, doesn't matter, and both of them loving it. None of this doing it for the other, but honest to goodness both of them fucking loving it. They both want piss, they both want feet, dirty or clean, again, doesn't matter. They can piss on each other, the others feet or their own, just PLEASE, there is such a disappointing lack of pee and feet!

423 .

Heavy and Medic decide to get sexual for the first time, but Heavy is really shy and Medic has to show him the ropes/get him more comfortable.

424 .

I am thinking of filling some requests while practicing my writing. However there seem to be no request fillings in here, so I was wondering where to post the stories?

425 .


You could make your own thread for the purpose of posting fills.

426 .

dumb prompt coming up:

In battle, Scout leaves his headset turned on the whole time so he can alert his team to danger at a moment's notice, but that also means that the team can hear every sound he makes. Unless it's a legit warning (SENTRY AHEA-- AUUUUGH), or a compliment (Nice shot, Snipes), the team pretty much tunes him out. Like, his voice (and snide, cocky remarks) becomes a sort of background noise, like the gunshots and explosions.

For most of them anyway. To one (or more) member, the noises Scout makes (heavy breathing when he runs, gasps and curses from wounds, breathless laughter from managing to get out of a sticky situation alive, etc) become a great source of arousal or attraction.

I could see this most easily with Sniper, Spy, maybe Engineer, because they're the ones who are generally away from the main conflict, in quieter areas, so they can hear everything.

But these are just some ideas, if anyone wants to play with them.
I just like the idea of Scout's voice being a constant in everyone's ears, for better or worse.

427 .

(I have no clue how this board works so here goes)
I found this intriguing so I think I can fill your request. Unless life plays a trick on me, look for the story tomorrow.

428 .

Damn it that linking didn't go too well. I meant to link to Cas's sniper/soldier request!

429 .

426 YES! Yessss.
I do recall a fic similar to this prompt, I think it was the same idea, that his headset is always on for all to hear, but he was having sex with another team mate and everyone else heard. Does anybody have it?
But I would love to see this, the almost voyeuristic? side to it.

430 .

I need some delicious CEO stupid sex please. The hammier the better

SAXTON HAAAAAAAAALE and Cave mothafucka Johnson.

No really, I'm serious. If we can fics where tentaspy is shitting out babies, we can have ridiculously hammy business sex.

431 .

I think someone has mentioned this somewhere along the line a million times, but I would die and go to heaven if there was a Poker Night At The Inventory fic.
Maybe something that involves reluctant players (any class, other characters from Poker Night, or imperative PPOV) involved in a strip poker game that gets weird, or maybe blatant betting for sexual favors.

Obviously since this is a TF2 forum, we might want Heavy involved at least, right? He could win in any preposterously exciting plot form and enjoy his prize, or lose everything and be absurdly humiliated...

432 .

I am once again requesting >>418 because I really want to see it but don't have the time to write it. Also, there is just not enough good CBS fanfics.

But that is not the only thing I'll be posting here...

I still have this fanfiction I once got from someone that was about humiliation ingame, like >>421 wanted. It was a gift to me from "CrazyGirlMe" on fanfiction.net.

Though I severly doubt it was what you mean when you requested a fic about "humiliation", I still feel like posting this here. If it's against the rules, feel free to delete this post, but I don't think it'd be a good plan to post it on its own as it is pretty short in my opinion.


Humiliation, by CrazyGirlMe

BLU had lost a good one today, not that he was at fault. RED was just too good with their defence today, what a rare event. As much as he hated it he had to give them credit, today’s defence had the smell of Spy written all over it.
“Crafty Genius” BLU muttered as he made his way through the sewers towards RED, with any luck they would be making a mad rush to finish off any poor BLU who hadn’t yet found somewhere to hide out till the cranky boss called them home. This wasn’t the most sounds of survival plans sure but it wasn’t the first time he was forced to use such drastic measures. All he needed to do was to hold it out for a couple of minutes then he could sneak back to the ever-angry BLU boss for the next assignment.
He reached the stairs to RED, there was no turning back now. He pulled out his disguise kit, for some reason it was the only thing that still worked, not that he was going to bring it up any time soon, last thing he need to do was to curse his hope of survival. RED Scout should do the trick, the speedy little brat should be running amock the BLU base right now, dirtying anything in site with his grubby hands. He shuddered as the thought of a baseball bat carving his head in right now if he had stayed behind. He only hoped his favourite pet Sniper wasn’t receiving such treatment currently...or anytime soon.
He casually made his way to the RED courtyard, not daring barge into enemy territory full speed, he just needed to last a couple more minutes.
“Your back early, Boy” the Red Engineer commented as he came across Spy.
‘Just a couple more minutes’ “Ran out of BLU to kill. Man, shoulda' seen the number I done to the Heavy. The sound of me crackin' his skull in was just beautiful”
“And I though I was disturbed sometimes. Nice work, short stuff” Engineer shock his head and went to slap the supposed Scout on the shoulders, a friendly action.
Spy saw it coming and ducked out the way. “Dude, get them hands of yours away from me. I’ve seen you jerking off to them machines of yours. No way, man”
Engineer cracked up laughing as he made his made to pack up his machines. Spy sighed to himself with relief, that was close. Dressing up and acting the part was completely different as opposed to disguising as the enemy. Sure it was an easy cheat’s way, but it got the job done. Trying to do his job with nothing to defend himself on the other hand was another story. He scared out his mind right now, on the outside he was cool and laughed in the face of danger, it was an appearance he had to keep up, trained to keep up.
He stretched and was about to walk up the stairs when his fears came to life. The RED Soldier, Heavy and Medic walked into the courtyard.
“There you are! Good job today with the Intel. To think I didn’t have to abuse you to get it done” Soldier barked with joy to the Spy.
He chose his words carefully. “I didn’t want another spit shower, Tin brain. Plus im’a natural force of nature, aint no messin' with me. Like they stood a chance”
“Here we go” Medic grumbled. He coped enough of the ‘force of nature’ shit during downtime without having it on field. Last week he heard the saying 184 times, no amount of pain killers was going to fix that headache.
“We do good job today! Big party tonight, Scout come and drink with us” Heavy roared with joy, slapping both Soldier and Medic on the backs next to him, the friendly gesture coming from the big guy could break bones if not careful, his comrades falling forward unable to keep balance.
“Oh hell yeh! Don’t have ta tell me twice. Ill catch you later, gotta shower before Spy locks me out da base again” Spy replied trying to ditch the ‘company’... moments too late.
“DUDE! Did ya see me! Bastard had no chance”
“Yeh, Scout. I saw ya. If fact I lost count of the amount of times I saw ya, it’s almost like it’s a game to ya”
“Ya kidding me right? It is a frigging game, man. And you know why?”
“Oh I don’t know *sigh* Yer a force of nature?”
Laughter erupted, bouncing off the walls “Fuck yeh”
RED Scout and Sniper turned the corner, stopping dead in their tracks upon seeing three sets of eyes looking at them with suspicion with a fourth set glaring daggers with a slight hint of fear.
Soldier pulled out his shotgun and aimed it at the Spy while Heavy aimed his at Scout. “Gentleman, we have Spy in our midst”
Sniper stepped aside.
“What? You gotta be friggin kidding me. I was out all day capping THEIR Intel!” Scout glared.
“Yo, you seriously gonna take his word over mine? I just pounded their Heavy’s head in for crying out loud! I can’t friggin believe this shit” Spy answered in return. Further aiding the confusion, all he needed was a moment’s distraction bolt for it. This is what made this plan so high risk and crazy, but experience prevails. There was no really strategy of surviving ‘humiliation’ it was just whatever worked. It wasn’t the first time he used this as a plan to make it to the next day, it didn’t stop him being scared out his mind though, not that he would ever admit it.
“What the fuck, man!?! Stop lying ya creep. Guys, I’m the real Scout!” Scout was getting pissed, there was a creep running round with his ‘good looks’ and yet the team was looking at him like he was the said creep. So not cool.
“Your fried one too many brain cells, buddy. It’s obvious he’s lying. I mean look at me, no dam Spy can replicate this fine piece o’ work” Spy rubbed his hands down his body, aiding the remark. it was a well known fact RED Scout was a bit self- centred, thinking that he was the hottest guy on earth and universe. ‘Yeh right’.
Scout started shaking his fist, he was about to charge at the imposter and put an end to it himself. “Oh your gonna pay for that”.
Medic spoke up, there was no way this gonna be settled via words. He looked at the Scout “Scout, lift up your shirt and show us your right hip”
Scout went wide eyed. “Oh no way, anything but that!”
Only Medic knew that Scout had a tattoo there, done only Friday night during their victory party. Everyone was completely wasted, way beyond medically possible, how they done it was beyond him. Somewhere during the night Scout discovered that Demoman was an armature tattoo artist and wouldn’t stop pestering the Scotsman, how it even was one of the drunken mans skills was a complete mystery. Needless to say Scout now had a rather regretful and painful ‘mum’ tattoo. The runner had come to see the Doc the next morning for something to dull the pain. It never ceased to crack to him up that not only did no one remember it, it was spelt the Australian way not the American way.
Not even a Spy knew of this yet.
Spy mentally sighed with relief that the Medic asked the runner first about this mysterious hip thing. “What’s a matter, Frenchy? Afraid their gonna find out your a fraud?” he taunted.
“Yeh very funny, you first tough guy”
Medic turned and death glared to the Spy, silencing the comeback that was on his lips. “I will get to you in a moment”
The Scout growled in anger. “Doc, you promised me that this would never leave the med bay! Get fancy pants to show his first!”
“And I’m asking you first”. If only looks could dissect people.
Medic didn’t honestly know who to believe, Spy’s were known to adapt and survive to any situation, even the tiniest bit of information was all they needed to better their disguise.
“You're so dead you no good backstabbing basted pansy French sissy pants...” Scout mumbled as unbuckled his belt, pulled out his shirt and lowered his pants just enough to reviel to painfully sore and bodgy ink job.
He was greeted with a storm of laughter from his surrounding ‘so called’ team mates. It didn’t matter how tough or well trained you were, the awful site that was now Scouts right hip was bound to crack any heartless Merc up.
Even Spy cracked up before using this opportunity to make his escape. He made it half way up the stairs before RED realised and opened fire. Soldier’s shotgun pellet half made home in Spy’s leg. It didn’t slow him, he knew better then to let the pain stop him. He bolted past the Supply room to the Sniping deck. Barley turning the corner as bullets carved up the wall he was facing mere moments ago.
This was a stupid high risk plan from the very start, not that it stopped him using it any. Using all the energy he could muster up in the short few moments he had left he jumped off the deck just making it to the sewers, diving under the water while dodging a rainstorm of bullets right as the Boss lady called a everyone home.
He had made it. Survived the nightmare that was ‘humiliation’, his fear calming one more as he swam deeper into the bowels of the base that he called home.

“Scout, if I was you I would stop staring at the new Spy” Medic replied casually while eating breakfast, not even bothering to look up.
Scout had been staring at the new Spy for easy the past half an hour. He arrived late the night before and was due to fight alongside the team, a replacement for the Spy that died in battle the day before. All that Scout could tell was that the new Spy was pissed, constantly pissed.
“Yo Doc! Come on man, you see this guy? Looks like his constipated or somthin’ his expression hasn’t changed since he arrived last night” the runner said in defence.
Medic sighed, it was far too early to be dealing with a Scout. “I doubt he is constipated. Even if he was, it would be none of your concern. All we know is he was the sole survivor of his previous teams humiliation”
Scout whistled in amazement. “Well that’s harsh. Wounder what’s got his boxers up his ass for?”
Medic didn’t even bother answering.
All that was on Spy’s mind was revenge and no sore leg was gonna stop him.



433 .


The sex was... not gentle. The Spy never expected for it to be, his partner was hardly a gentleman, far from a gentle man... And yet, something about being savaged open, fucked hard and bitten 'til he bled, it was fantastic, it was everything he secretly dreamed about, when he watched his friend at work.

Well, almost everything.

Afterwards, he tended his own wounds, bandaging up the deep bloody marks left by sharp teeth, running a cool cloth over beard burn and bruises. And then, once he felt in a fit state, he limped back to bed with a fresh damp flannel, to clean his Sniper up, wiping away the minimal amount of petroleum jelly, the copious amounts of both their release, the little smears of blood-- some from the Spy, some from old victims, a little bit, the Spy was dismayed to see, from scratches he'd left down the other man's back.

"Oi, 's this then?" The other man muttered, blinking up with as much confusion as satisfaction.

"Nothing, mon cher." He snatched away the post-coital cigarette before it could fall to the bedspread, dropped it in an old ashtray, clear red acrylic with the name of a hotel stamped on the bottom in flaking gold. "Shh... relax. I have you."

They'd had a long and gruesome journey together, one he always prayed was far from over, for no matter how many times the Sniper got blood on his suit, the man never hurt him-- never hurt only him, their teammates frequently falling to friendly fire, in battle or out of it.

Well, by now they'd earned it. They hadn't exactly shown the poor man much kindness, and he joined RED because he had to, had nowhere else to go, who else would take someone like him? He wasn't right in the head, but he was a good man, under all the killing. The Spy believed that. After all, he'd exiled himself to a land of respawn, to do his killing, he knew enough about right and wrong to want to trap himself someplace where his rampages wouldn't do honest damage.

There were times the Spy felt he could love a man like that, rampages, blood, and all. He cupped the Sniper's scratchy chin, pulling him into a kiss, gentle even as teeth grabbed at his lip, hard, and there was a sad little whine when he didn't respond in kind.

"Never asked you to be sweet." The man rolled over in a huff.

The Spy wrapped himself around the tanned, scarred back, cuddling close and laying his head against a shoulder. "No. You would not ask. But that does not mean you cannot use some sweetness." He murmured, tasting a little blood, his lip split again. Well, at least his suit was hung up safely.

The Sniper's clothes were less lucky-- his trousers had gone out the window, before they'd gotten down to it. The Spy could remember the Scout's dying cry, not that he understood how trousers could do so much damage. A knife in the pocket, perhaps?

The Sniper growled a little, but he didn't make any further protest, wouldn't hurt his Spy outside of a rough fuck, no matter how much this treatment perplexed him.

434 .

>>433 Thank you Anon! I really enjoyed it, and i liked the detail about the pants, true CBS fashion without the rest of the fic being cracky! Thanks!

435 .

Thanks for filling the prompt, I was really craving CBS fics :)

436 .

Could somebody write a fic based on this comic, please?


It's Christian Brutal Sniper/Christian Pure Spy.

CPS is a new fan-made character. He was created a week or so ago, and there has already been a lot of fanart and a few fancomics of him. He is basically a saint-like guy.

I find the pairing very funny (plus, as I said above, I love baffled!CBS), and I would love to read of it in a humor fic.

437 .

>>436 The niceness is more than I can bear. Just thinking about the possibilities makes me smile until my face hurts. I can't breath.
But before I run off to write until I faint from kindness poisoning, I must ask request some clarifications, as I don't quite understand how Christian Pure Spy comes apart from a particularly gentle interpretation of GentleSpy.

Also, if you don't tell me who drew that comic I'll shatter your kneecaps.

Captcha: u reuse works, THE POWER IS YOURS!

438 .


Christian Pure Spy was created by mit-332 on Tumblr. As I'm not the creator, I'm not entirely sure that I really understand the character, I may be completely off. But my personal impression is that CPS is like a kind of sort of "evangelical" version of GentleSpy.

That is to say, while GentleSpy is passively sweet, CPS is actively and enthusiastically kind.

Example: http://saew69.tumblr.com/post/23648078195
(Although this comic assumes that they are already sleeping together, I'd be much more interesting in reading a funny fic about their first meeting and their beginning)

Basically, while GentlSpy is like "the only person who loves and understands CBS", CPS is more like his opposite.

Other example: http://mcsiggy.tumblr.com/post/23665174877/cbs-cps-christian-pure-spy-by-mit-332-this

So, much more ludicrous romantic comedy material than straight romance.

And here is the source for the comic:


In the week or so since he has been created, I think I've seen like 20 pictures of CPS on Tumblr, you can google search for them.

I freaking loved Captain Planet ^^

439 .

I'm looking for an old Snipercest two parter.
one has them stripping for eachother and the second part has them fucking in a shed.

Anyone have it saved?

440 .


I’m pretty sure you’re thinking of ‘Crosshairs’ by Tanyart?

It was originally posted to this thread: http://tf2chan.net/archives/afanfic/4-16-10%20archives/threads/TF2%20Kink%20Thread%20%237.html
You can find it full-length on Tanyart’s LJ: http://tanyartblog.livejournal.com/20961.html

441 .

Um, so, I would like to request some shameless sideburn porn.
I mean, sex with the sideburns, fetishization of the sideburns, using the sideburns like handlebars during a blowjob...
Just anything like that.
Sideburns are not fetishized enough.
Preferably Sniper sideburns.
Any other kinks I really don't care

442 .

I need a little help, please.

I've been trying to write an Engineer/Spy fic (yeah, Sniper/Spy is my OTP, but I'm also a fan of variety), and I'm hoping to get it finished in... well, hopefully before Rapture, anyway. Assuming I don't lose inspiration.

I'm gonna be honest, it may never get done. It has taken me a month to write 900 words.

BUT. Assuming I can keep writing it, I will need somebody who can speak French to help me translate a couple of sentences. I know it always frustrates me when writers have their characters speak in Italian because it sounds cool, but it's obvious that they have been using BabelFish or something because the lines are little better than gibberish.

I want to use French because it sounds sexy, but I don't want to make French speakers cringe. Could a (preferably native) French speaker please give me their email so I can ask them for a translation when/if the story is finished?

443 .

Okay, I have Scout torture request, except with a little twist:
They are not actually interrogating Scout, but using him to psychologically break down another prisoner(s?) that they also have in captivity (maybe Sniper or Spy or someone similar).
So the main plot idea would be that the opposing team captures these two together and decide that the above would be the best course of action considering the former's supposed training in torture resistance, or maybe someone in particular on the opposing team is feeling rather sadistic towards Scout (classic Spy anyone?). The two would be held in the same room, but bound to keep them apart, and Scout is taken to another room periodically to be tortured then taken back so the other teammate has to deal with seeing the repercussions.
So I guess this will be a sort of hurt/comfort genre? And since this is afanfic: sex it up, I don't care what you do (especially the torture parts but preferably not too rushed). It would really make my day if someone filled this: I never see enough of this type of thing.

444 .

i'm just gonna toss in another request for some classcest.

maybe something not scout/scout or sniper/sniper?
only because i've seen a lot of those.

heavy/heavy would be nice.

445 .

Prosthetic kink

Scout has a prosthetic leg (that goes up to either knee or mid-thigh) which he's had since before he joined RED (or BLU).
He and Engineer start to bond after he sees Engineer's Gunslinger.
At some point Engineer offers to build Scout a new leg.
Maybe Scout did some last-minute growing and his current doesn't fit quite right anymore. Or maybe his current isn't best suited for running and taking heavy abuse like gunfire or shrapnel, and while Scout does fine enough with it, Engineer thinks an upgrade would do wonders. Or maybe both. Or maybe whatever other reason the author thinks of.

Things get awkward (see: sexy) when Engineer is taking measurements, and his hands all over Scout's thigh and calf and feet and hips starts getting to Scout. Things go from there however the author sees fit.

446 .

sniper/medic please.

447 .

My brother in the army sent me this photograph with the attached message, "Somebody should write gay porn about this."



Sniper x AnybodyexceptforSpy

Guys, it's for the troops.

448 .

There were quite a few requests for this kind of thing in the /afanart/ request board but I'm going to request it here too.

Looking for some pants wetting/pissing in general, preferably out of desperation.

Preferred class is Scout but I'll happily take whatever class(es) and situation anyone is prepared to write.

449 .

441 445 447
yes please

450 .

All I want right now is for the two least compatible, least often shipped characters to get together. Make it work.

451 .

I'm looking for a fic
I think I read relatively recently, but I can't for the life of me remember the name or where I read it. It's not on the first page of the chan anyway, anyway.

It was a Sniper/Scout story
And Scout discovers that the drinking-fun-party nights that he always missed out on were really everyone-watches-one-of-the-couples-fuck nights (heavy/medic and solly/engie).
Scout also has a thing where he's afraid of having sex because of the bad first-time experience he had with a girl.

If anyone knows where to find this fic, you may have my heart.

452 .


I assume this fanfic's name is "Blowing off Steam", from your description. It was in ff.net, but now i took a look around in there, and i can't find it.

That's too bad. I liked that fanfic too. If someone can give a hand, i would be grateful, too.

One MedicxScout fanfic (one of my favorities - with Heavy playing a somewhat antagonistic role), is missing too.

453 .


Yeah, that was it!

Looks like it was deleted, which is a major bummer.

Thanks for the help though.

454 .

Has there been a non-Scout fic where both parties turn out to be virgins?

455 .

454 I would very much like to see this

456 .


I found the other, and she said the story would be moved to another fanfiction site/ livejournal soon. I sent her a PM asking for a link so we can hopefully read it again.

457 .

Hello! I'm Kate Matty and I write "Blowing Off Steam" :)

So here's what happened

On June 16th, FailFiction.net started taking down all adult content, and 'Blowing Off Steam' got taken down on June 20th :( my account is currently frozen

I am re-activating my old Livejournal account (k8matty.livejournal.com) which is currently closed while I 'renovate' to include my TF2 and Sherlock fic (because the livejournal was Harry Potter centric)

Thank you so much for showing an interest in my fic! Will definitely not abandon it now (as though I could :P)


458 .


Oh, that's awesome! I can't wait to read it again.

We are waiting eagerly. Good luck with your LJ.

459 .

Blowing off Steam was one of my favourite fanfics on FF.net. Too bad that site went completely bonkers recently and baleeted all the good adult content. Oh well, I shall be eagerly awaiting it's return on LJ.
That aside, I'd like to say that this world needs more Sollycest, in my opinion. ...Is there any way that would even work? Homosexual intercourse for the sake of AMERICA?

460 .

Spectator mode voyeurism

Say respawn gets shut off after battle/at night/on the weekends/whenever. If someone dies during that time, they aren't dead permanently, just sort of stuck until the machine is turned on again in the morning.

So, someone dies for whatever reason, and since he has nothing else to do, he decides to see if any of his other teammates are up to anything else besides sleeping.
They are.
You can guess what.

Optional possibilities:
Dead Teammate can see AND feel
Alive Teammate knows he's being spectated (they can kinda feel when they are), and either decides to tell his partner(s), or doesn't.

461 .

447 Don't forget the fellatio!

462 .

Can I request some nice!Scout?

Usually Scout's depicted as a selfish jackass. Why can't he be a cocky, energetic, nice-guy instead? Saving the insults for enemies, instead of calling everyone on his own team cockfags. Positive nicknames. Likes sharing, instead of hording it all for himself. etc

463 .


Demoman has a butt literally made of chocolate and coffee (one flavor per buttcheek) and Sniper finds that irresistible.

Bonus points if it's a satire on racism.

464 .

I don't know why I want this but...
Spy gets stuck in one of the bases air vents, when help does arrive they have a little fun with him before getting him out. Would be great if its his own team mate and he has to explain why he's in the vent in his own base.

465 .

I have two things that I did not know I had kinks for before coming across this section of fandom, and that I now really, really want to see.

One is Medic/anyone, using the medigun to open the other person up. Thing is, I'd like it to be very sensual, less of, "Ahaha! Aren't your insides fascinating and gross! Let me stick my fingers (and other parts) in your open wounds!" and more of, "The fact that you're letting me do this (and that it's even possible) somewhat awes me and I think your insides are sort of amazing because they're still working and alive and you'll be able to walk away from this." Almost a reverent feel to it, or ritualistic. (Anon can't English right now, sorry.)

(Bonus points to any writer if the Medic gets sidetracked off into doctor mode, because, hey, cool, guts.) Please have it be consensual on both their parts, although plot devices and cliches are perfectly valid....

Two is Tentaspy/anyone that's not A) rape or heavy dubcon, b) Dominique, or C) Once You Get to Know Him. Not that those aren't great, but I've read the last two so many times that not knowing exactly what'll happen next would be of much interest.

466 .

>>465 You said "heavy dubcon," and that's not what you meant but I don't give a damn.
If I've ever seen Heavy get raped outside of the occasional Medic's Porn-Inducing Drug scenario, I don't remember it. What is it, you people think big, strong men can't get raped, or you just don't think their rape is as worthy of discussion as that of a more fragile and effeminate character? Perhaps you find it funny when--I'm sorry, I'm being in bad taste.

Anyway, Heavy non-con or dub-con. Any assailant you like. Any method of coercion except for Porn-Inducing Drugs.

467 .

So, the phrase "Soldier in drag" has been in my brain for a while, and since I love helmet party:

So Soldier has a crush on the new Engie, but dosen't know if he (Engie) is gay (he is). To find out, Soldier tries seducing the Engineer on his first day by dressing in drag (heels, makeup, the whole nine yards) and laying on Engie's bed with a dozen roses.

Akwardness (followed by sex, of course) ensues.

468 .


Did you ever read Lessons?


469 .

I would enjoy seeing some work where a team accidentally recieves two Medics, or something like that, and they eventually find interest with eachother. Perhaps Heavy also enjoys their newfound relationship?

470 .

I'm in desperate need of Pet!Sniper fics. I know there were some lurking around in years past but now I can't seem to find any of them. Can anyone help me out with an easy link, please?

If I might also drop a request for more while I'm at it, I'd love seeing a Pet!Sniper fic where Medic actually pampers his pet instead of abusing him.

I was thinking of writing one myself but I don't really like reading my own writing. Because it's not very good.

471 .

Okay, I've had this in mind ever since "Repression" was starting to be written, and that has all the trappings of what could become a revenge-horror story. (It's right here if you want to see what I mean:http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/6497.html) But in short, it's a story where the entire team is radically homophobic, sans Medic, who is the homo in question. They harass him, mock him, and do everything short of physical violence to him, and because of Friendly Fire prevention, he can't make them shut up and they can pester him as they please without killing him.

Now, it's not finished and probably abandoned at this point, but I want to see it go to the extreme: since the Demoman in that story seems to want to do it, he manages through mob mentality to get the team to gang-rape the Medic with any sort of blunt--and/or sharp--object they can find and utterly break him. They also coerce the Heavy to join in, for the sole purpose of that he's the reason the Medic was outed.

After this horrible event, the Medic snaps and searches for a way to disable the Friendly Fire system and turn Respawn off--when he does, he goes on a revenge killing spree straight out of "I Spit On Your Grave", offing them in the order of who slighted him the worst (Demoman being up in the top since he's the one who initiated the gang-rape), saving Heavy for last. Who he probably does psychological horrors to for days, possibly weeks before he finally kills him...or worse, keeps his head alive to take with him in his deranged idea of a "happy ending".

I'm not a huge fan of gory dark horror, but that situation demanded it. I want to see that team get axes or knives or something sharp plunged into their crotches.

472 .

can someone do this please.
Heavy has Olga Mannlova


473 .

This post has been deleted.

474 .

I really want awkward/pissed moment going to sexy times when one team member busts another with the inappropriate use of surveillance equipment. I mean everyone’s entitled to their own stash under their bunk, but of dirty magazines/Playboy and such, but not of your own team mates and especially when they’re unaware that such images exist.

475 .


Scout finds /afanart/ in Spy's bookmarks.

476 .

I'd like to request more Engie/Scout stuff, specifically with Scout being the top/dom/whatever you wanna call it in the relationship. Engie taking it up the ass, either emotionally, or literally, or both. Especially both.

There's not enough top Scout out there, in my opinion.

477 .

>>476 Yes. Scout fucking anyone is good. I'm working on something along these lines myself, but seeing everyone's favourite brash, obnoxious little bastard topping a (preferably willing) older teammate is something I would like.

478 .

I'd love to see Spy/Agent 47 from Hitman. I'd like to read some sexy torture but anything with these two would make me happy to be honest.

479 .

Hey, i don't know if anybody else has noticed, and maybe this isn't the right place to post it, but did you know that on the official tf2 site the blood stain on the logo has a link on it... that gives the name for a THIRD BROTHER! Oh, and the mother and midwife too? I just noticed today and it blew my mind away.

thing is, I've been reading fan fiction and none of the stories I've read so far have ever mentioned the third brother by name or the other two. Maybe I'm just not reading the right ones or maybe the link just appeared, i don't know, but stories henceforth with these additions would be nice.

Peace out all.

480 .

Yeah. Gray, the third brother, sounds like he's being the AI/robots that are planned for the MANN vs. MACHINE update. Probably a new Halloween map.

481 .

I'm just gonna go ahead and request sex robots.

Like, for example, Human A and Human B have a sexual relationship.
Because everyone was secretly observed, the knowledge of this relationship was transferred into the robots.

Robot A runs into Human B, and proceeds to sexually advance on Human B.

Multiple Robot As is also an option.

482 .

This. This so, so much.

Also, though I personally don't have a fetish for it, I want to see a twist on the popular "nazi uniform play" story...except being worn by anyone /but/ the Medic. In fact, seeing someone wearing a Nazi uniform utterly disgusts him.

Bonus points if people remember that the Medic was never a member of the party to begin with!

483 .


Oh hey. I kind of wrote something really similar to that, just by odd coincidence, so if you don't mind Sniper/Spy (I know it's not everyone's cup of tea):


484 .

Robot Solly/Robot Demo

If you've lived under a rock during the past few days: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhZboftDIaI

485 .

Multiple Robot As is also an option.
Robot/Human gangbang. Someone make it happen.

486 .

BLU Solly/RED Demo

inspired by http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhZboftDIaI and http://www.teamfortress.com/pyromania/soldierhome/

Jane loses his apartment, Tavish finds out and invites him to live in his mansion. Either they've already made up and been secret bffs for some time, or they make up in the fic or whatever. And then they fuck a lot, this is afanfic after all.

487 .

I'm going to go ahead and say that my imagination went... Places, after I saw this bit of fanart: http://butt-z.tum blr.com/post/29540715595/
I'm not sure if this will make much sense to anyone else, but I'm going to go ahead anyway.
Basically, I was thinking "what if the robots had pretty advanced AI? Enough to basically be properly sentient?" and then about human-on-robot dubcon, in the sense of one of the robots being captured and reprogrammed by the RED Engineer to serve/love/fuck him (or whatever), and the unsavory implications of that (if the robot was sentient).

Well, if it doesn't quite make sense, no need to overcomplicate things, I guess. Let's say I just want some morally dodgy robot fucking.

488 .


"Dude, wanna see something sick?" The Scout laughed, hopping up onto the kitchen counter next to the Sniper.

"For the last time, no. Let the buzzards have it."

"Sicker than that."

"So help me, Scout, if that was you using the tank of the toilet--"

"Dude, I think it's sicker than that." Scout shook his head.

"If it's pictures of Spy with the BLU Scout's mum again, I don't need to know what that man thinks is kinky."

"It's the robot."

That grabbed the Sniper's attention. He followed the Scout down to the Engineer's workshop, where the captured robot sat, plugged into the wall, its head drooping.

"Fuck me." The Sniper whistled.

"He probably could." The Scout laughed.

The very clearly cock-like attachment had been welded into place, since the robot's capture and reprogramming.

"It gets better." The Scout said, beckoning the Sniper in closer and rolling the robot over with a clanking sound.

There was a port that hadn't been there before, one that was clearly not used for plugging further mechanical attachments into. The Sniper could see the rubbery coating.

"Holy dooley."

"Kinda not a surprise, though, really." The Scout shrugged. "I mean, he talks about machines like a guy who'd fuck a robot."

"Heavy talks about his guns the same way, but I don't bloody think he fucks those." Sniper shook his head, feeling a creeping sense of revulsion. He'd been friends with the Engineer! He'd trusted the man.

Well. No need to be so disturbed, it was only a machine, after all... like a blow up doll, of sorts...

The robot picked itself up with a whirr, and both men jumped back.

"FUCK!" Scout yelped.

"It must have turned on when you flipped it over." The Sniper said, leaning against the wall. "Scared the shit out of me, too, though."

The robot turned, tilting its head and regarding them. "Are you friends of the Engineer?"

"Uh... Sort of?"

It whirred, almost like a sigh. "I see. Very well. What function shall I perform? Are you certified to change out my new attachments?"

"Damn eloquent robot." The Sniper blinked. "Didn't know he reprogrammed you so well..."

"We're not here for any shady robot sex business." Scout said. "Unless there's a girl robot-- What? I mean-- We're not here for that."

"I was not 'reprogrammed'." The robot said.


"I have been limited in my functions. I can no longer harm humans, without direct orders from the Engineer. It... causes... pain. I did not have pain, before."

"Hell." The Sniper shook his head. It was a good thing, of course, having the robot incapable of going on rampages, but why not just program it to be friendly?

"And, of course, there are the attachments."

It gestured to a screen, which came to life. Security footage rolled, of the robot attempting to attack the Engineer and cringing away. There was no sound, when the Engineer spoke to it, but sound wasn't really necessary.

The footage rolled on, as the robot found itself unable to fight back, while its jaw was forcibly removed.

"Does that hurt?" The Sniper asked.

"No. But there is... fear." The robot jerked, but did not stop the footage.

The jaw the Engineer attached next was fitted with a rubber sleeve, and the Sniper turned away from the screen, sickened, seeing where things were going. The Scout kept watching, leaping and swearing as the Engineer forced the robot onto its knees to fuck its new mouth.

"What did I tell you? Sick shit!"

"Turn it off." The Sniper said.

"Is this an order?" The screen went dark.

"Dude, Snipes, chill. It's just a robot, it's not like--"

"It just told you it could feel pain now. And fear. What else do you need it to feel before you think that's not right?"

"Does... does getting fucked hurt a robot?" The Scout asked.

"No." It told the Scout, before turning towards the Sniper. "But I know shame."

"Fucking hell."

"Pain is not the worst thing that he has given me. Fear I knew before. And shame. Many of the things you know."

"Then what did he give you worse than pain?"

It jerked and twitched, and the Sniper looked away again. "Pleasure."

"What's wrong with that?" The Scout asked.

"I did not choose it. It is forced upon me, like turning any switch on an unthinking machine... and that is when I know shame."

"I'm getting out of here, this is too weird for me." The Scout shook his head. "Snipes? You coming?"

"Huh? Oh... Yeah." He gave the robot one last look, before following the Scout out. They passed the Engineer in the hall, heading in the direction of his workshop with a smile on his lips, and he found he couldn't look at the man.

489 .


GOD this is amazing. Well written with just enough creepiness and suggestion of ideas to make one's imagination go nuts.

i'm not the person who requested that but this gave me an idea for a request of my own: I would love to see consensual sex with one of the robots fitted with these new 'attachments'. Which robot and whom they're having sex with would be up to the author.

490 .


(forgot to sign in like an idiot, but writer of 488, continuing the request from 487 into a fill for the request of 489)

The Sniper didn't know who else the Scout had convinced to go down and gawk at the robot. He didn't know what made him go back, when the Engineer was gone, to find the thing's switch.

"Do you want to leave?" He asked.

"I run on the power from the wall now." It looked down. "I cannot."

"There are other bloody wall outlets in this place! You don't have to be a-- a slave--"

"I was built to be." It made a tinny sound like a laugh. "No... I suppose that is not true. I was built to run on money."

"Yeah. We wondered about that. Seemed weird."

"Not at all. You run on money."

"No-- No, people run on food. And sleep, and caffeine sometimes, but--"

"Don't you?" It tilted its head. "But you require money, to obtain shelter and food and material goods. You receive money for your services. I was built to fulfill certain functions, but I was given money to do my work. Capricious, but not wholly without reason."

"I don't think I can handle a philosophical robot..."

"I was programmed to think, and to learn. More than most of my fellows, I have applied these abilities, and expanded my programming. Sometimes in ways I would not choose." There was the suggestion of a sneer in its voice, that did not show on the smooth metal face.

The Sniper nodded. He'd seen a couple worker robots, when he'd gone into the city back home, about the level of a two year old, mentally. He didn't know what good a mechanical two year old was, except maybe to someone who wanted a kid and couldn't have one. It might never grow up, but you could still teach it to do most household chores without complaint. Plug it in at night. The sudden unbidden thought came over him that someone was using one of those robots the way the Engineer used this one, and he felt sick.

"I'm taking you with me." He shook his head.

The trip through the factory was difficult. He had a feeling the robot would have been better at sneaking around without him, except that he needed to get it from one outlet to the next. Still, they made it to the far end of the factory without incident, to the little upper-story office he'd carved out as his own temporary living quarters. He plugged the robot back in, and it shuddered, eyes flickering to life.

"Thank you."

"No worries."

"Why did you do this?"

"Didn't want you being hurt." He shrugged. He tried not to spare too much thought to the man the robot resembled-- a man with his own love life, no doubt, a man who might be horrified to think the Engineer had been carrying on as he had, or that the Sniper himself was feeling a weird warmth towards the machine.

"... I have been sterilized, if you wanted..."

"What? No! I didn't-- I didn't steal you so I could have you, I wanted you to be... free, just--"

"And I am." It touched his cheek. "And I am making an offer. I find you aesthetically pleasing, and kind."

"... You find me aesthetically pleasing?"

"Should I not?"

"No. That's fine." He slid an arm around it, kissing the smooth metal cheek.

It was awkward at first, giving a robot a handjob, but that was one new attachment that seemed a permanent fixture-- as well as the new hole. He didn't want to go back for the other mouth, even though he felt confident he could learn to switch it out. He didn't want to use it. He couldn't separate the thought of using it from the sight of the robot helplessly protesting the switch. He didn't want to think about what other attachments the Engineer had come up with that could be switched out.

He slicked himself up, with the lotion he normally used on his own, before pushing into the rubbery sheathe, continuing to reach around to stroke the stainless steel cock.

"I don't know what's, ah, good for you," He panted.

"This is." Its hand covered his, it turned to gently nuzzle its head against his, the closest it could really come to a kiss.

He cleaned it out after he finished, before tugging it down to cuddle with. Unlike a human being, it wasn't too hot, wasn't sweaty, wasn't any of the things that made an after-sex cuddle uncomfortable. It just was. He kissed its cheek again.

"Thanks. I mean-- That was... Thanks."

"Thank you, for allowing me my free will. And for the good time." It said, with a smile in its voice.

491 .


Holy shit! I didn't think my request would be filled, let alone so quickly (or with the pairing I secretly hoped it'd be.) I love you forever, this is exactly what I wanted. I love Sniper's conscience making him rescue Spybot, and Spybot being grateful to him.

(my new request is: please write more. please write so much more)

492 .

Alright, due to a strange thought process I've been having for the past couple of hours (won't get into that too much. All I'll say is that is has something to do with The Hunchback of Notre Dame), I've given myself a burning need for the pairing.

Gray Mann/Engineer.

As for a prompt well, here's an idea. Gray wants Engineer to join him (both partnership wise and sexual wise). While the idea of the machines are tempting, his answer is a firm "nope", perhaps because he's not willing to turn on his team and/or he's slightly creeped out by the +100-year-old man making sexual advances toward him. Well, Gray is the type of man that if he wants something, he does everything in his power to get it, be it bribery, blackmail, or, if all else fails, abduction.

Make me proud, guys.

493 .

Casual sex during casual activities.

Easy riding while watching tv, bending someone over while they're doing laundry or the dishes, blow jobs when they're cleaning their guns, maybe someone slipped a vibrator into them at some point and let them continue with their day like that.

Bonus points if other teammates don't bat an eyelash at people unabashedly having sex around the base.

494 .

I recently discovered I have a massage kink.

Don't care what pairing. Just massages leading to sexy times. Whether the massage is done as foreplay, or innocent and just leads to steaminess, I dun give a fuck. I just love massages.

495 .

Coincidentally, massage is among my kinks-- particularly where Sniper is concerned.

"Have you ever stood up straight in your life?" The Spy sighed.

"Probably. Once or twice. As a kid maybe." The Sniper joked, rolling his neck.

"Stop that, it's sickening, I can hear it when you move." Spy rolled his eyes, beckoning to the other man. "Vest off."

"... What?"

"I'm fixing you. Or I would, if you would take that vest off, and..." He looked around, snorting at his surroundings. The Sniper's bunk was too narrow, the seats no good for it, no place in the van where he could give a proper massage. In the end, he settled on just standing behind the Sniper, stepping in close once the vest was off.

The Sniper sighed, rolling his shoulders and stepping back, tossing his vest up onto his bunk and letting the Spy rub his shoulders, the back of his neck...

"You're tight." Spy said, digging into the Sniper's upper back.

Sniper groaned, his head falling back. "Bloody hell, when'd you learn to do this?"

"I have had some practice." He chuckled. "Can I get your shirt off?"

The Sniper hesitated a moment, before shrugging out of his uniform shirt.

"You keep lotion somewhere, I trust?"

There was another moment of hesitation, before he jerked a thumb towards the cabinet by his bunk, within easy reach. Spy stripped off his gloves, slicking his hands up before going back to the Sniper's shoulders. He also kneaded at the back of his neck again, skirting the undershirt.

"How is your lower back?" He asked.

"It's... uh... Could use work."

"All right." The Spy gave his shoulder a quick squeeze, turning him. "Lean forward on the table."

The Sniper did, head falling forward against his folded arms. The Spy stood behind him, pushing his undershirt up, and he could hear the sound of more lotion being squeezed out into the man's palm, the sound of the Spy's hands rubbing together. He tried not to think about it much, the wet slapping noises, the heat of someone standing so close behind him, the Spy's thighs occasionally brushing his own. He felt exposed, and tried not to think about that, either.

The Spy's hands worked at his lower back, kneading sore muscle, spreading loose warmth out from the base of his spine, relaxing things that had been knotted up tight so long that he hadn't known they could be anything else.

He groaned, and he could have sworn he heard something almost like a grown from the Spy in return, as the man leaned down, adding weight to the massage, breath heavy and warm against the back of the Sniper's neck.

It would have been awkward, if the Spy had gotten an erection during the course of things, but the Sniper could have dealt with that. He wasn't so sure he could deal with having one of his own. After all, if the Spy was queer, that didn't have to change what the Sniper felt about himself.

He groaned again, back arching under the Spy's touch, half praying the Spy wouldn't notice his problem, half hoping he might, half hoping that if he shifted his hips back just a bit, the Spy would be just as affected.

"Better?" The Spy asked, his voice tight.

"You tell me," The Sniper breathed, hips rocking back against the Spy's, relieved when the Spy thrust forward just slightly.

"Do you...?"

"Yeah." He pushed himself back up, turning around to wrap his arms around the other man, to pull him close and grind against him through a long kiss. "Feel loads better, by the way."

"Mm, and you'll spend all tomorrow crouched over that rifle making it worse again."

"You could give me another one of them backrubs tomorrow." He wheedled.

The Spy cupped his cheek, nuzzling his jaw a moment before stealing another kiss. "I could teach you how. Trade massages."

"Sure. Sure, like that." The Sniper moaned, as the Spy sank down to his knees, wiping the last excess lotion residue onto the Sniper's undershirt so that he could unzip his trousers. "Oh, you're good to me, aren't you?"

Spy grinned, undoing his own as well. "I'd like to be."

The Sniper just nodded, one hand gentle on the back of the Spy's head. He watched as the Spy stroked himself to full hardness, in between teasing licks to the Sniper's cock.

He was as slow and as thorough in the blowjob as he'd been in the massage, moaning around the Sniper's length, breathing deep through his nose. Eventually, he let himself alone, both hands working at the Sniper's thighs, sliding up to grip his hips.

Once he had finished swallowing the Sniper's release, he braced himself on the small fold-down table, getting to his feet. The Sniper wiped at his lower lip with one thumb, flashing a dizzy grin and switching places.

"I'm not... I haven't had practice, at this." He admitted, nuzzling at the Spy's belly.

"I won't take much." Spy promised, stroking the Sniper's cheek. "Just use your hands..."

The Sniper did, pushing the Spy's shirt and trousers both aside to be able to suck a mark onto his hip.

"Your teeth," Spy hissed.

Sniper nipped at him, gave him a couple of firm strokes to finish him off.

They wound up on the floor, leaning against the Sniper's bench, sharing a cigarette.

"That happen every time you give a massage?" The Sniper asked.

"Only when I'm lucky." Spy shrugged, grinning.

496 .



Never expected it to be fulfilled so quickly, nor so steamily. Kudos, anon. Izzy likes.

497 .

Anything involving Sniper and watersports.

I am terrible and gross for requesting this but damn it, some part of me wants to see it and I'm too chicken to write it. Bonus points for Sniper being the one getting pissed on.

498 .

(I was secretly hoping someone would ask for this just to give me the excuse)

The jeering voice of the Announcer echoed, hollow and tinny and faraway but ever-present. A loss. The Sniper had let himself be tied up with fighting the Spy just long enough for the other man's team to win, and now he stood there, unarmed, staring down the angry, piss-drenched spook.

"On your knees." The Spy ordered, voice firm and even.

A clean execution was better than the Sniper had expected. He placed his hands behind his head and waited. The Spy just holstered his Ambassador.


"Shh." A gloved finger touched the Sniper's lower lip, briefly.

He wanted to be angry-- wanted at least to not be aroused at the gesture, but it was a near thing. There was a sense of control that the Spy exuded now, that he wasn't used to. He didn't doubt it existed, on the field, only that when it was there, he didn't see the man coming. It was something the Spy lost when he was caught, and now that he had perfect control of the situation, he had it back. Dangerous, but the Sniper liked it. The Sniper had always preferred dangerous things...

He started to protest again anyway, when the Spy unzipped his fly.

"Only fair." The man chuckled, and he didn't give it a tug-- didn't try to work himself hard, when he pulled his cock out, just held it lightly in his hand, aimed at the Sniper, no move to force it on him.

The Spy groaned softly, as he relaxed, let loose a hot, steady stream of piss that hit the Sniper just at the dip of his throat, to trickle down his chest.

The Sniper couldn't complain-- it was fair, in its own way. At least as fair as using the opportunity to kill. He'd started them down that road, picking up Jarate in the first place, and anyway, it was only urine. Almost clear, almost odorless, most certainly sterile, but warm, wetting its way through the front of his shirt.

"I have planned this," The Spy said, his hand closing around his cock just a little more firmly, the stream cutting off. "Since not long after you first started throwing those jars at me. You filthy, filthy bushman... And how do you like being on the receiving end?"

"I like it fine." He admitted, meeting the Spy's gaze with an almost defiant honesty, a heat that returned some of the balance of power to him, even on his knees. He opened his vest a little wider, to rub at his chest through the now-wet shirt. His other hand dropped down to his crotch, rubbing over it until a bulge stood out.

"Move your hand." The Spy ordered, stepping closer, angling his cock down.

The Sniper obeyed, growing harder as the Spy managed to go again-- not as much, and not as strong, but just as rewarding, the way it wet right through his pants, the way anyone who saw him that way would think he'd pissed himself.

"Suck me?" It wasn't an order any more-- another shift in power, perhaps, or just the way the Spy's invulnerability had run out, the brief revenge period over.

The Sniper leaned forward, grabbed at the Spy's thighs and sucked at the soft organ, his tongue pushing back at the foreskin, playing with it, delighting in the musky taste of him. The Spy's hands cradled his head, the Spy's hips rocked forward, and the Sniper let him, let him go as rough as he liked. It still erred on the side of polite, if not exactly gentle, control passing back and forth between them as the Spy grew harder, groaned and gasped and fucked the Sniper's mouth.

The Sniper opened his own fly, freeing his erection, sliding a hand lazily up and down his own length while he sucked the Spy off, swallowing when the Spy came with a soft cry.

"You get off on this?" He grinned up at the other man.

"Yes." The Spy hissed. "Are you happy? I am a filthy degenerate. I love it."

"Don't act like you love it."

"Am I supposed to? Every time, I think about forcing you to your knees and returning the favor, fucking you... Distracting thoughts to have, at work."

"Well, now I'm never gonna stop." He chuckled, grip loosening. "Help me take care of this?"

"Stand up." The Spy nodded. He jerked the Sniper off, quickly and efficiently, into a handkerchief-- brought that handkerchief up under his nose and took a deep breath, the mingling of the Sniper's sweat and release, and his own urine. "Filthy."

"And flexible." The Sniper promised. "If you ever want to make this a regular sort of thing. Be your dirty little thing, if you'll be mine."

Another nod, as he tucked the handkerchief into his inside pocket. "Save it for after work, and you may have me any way you like-- any way. I will refuse you absolutely nothing. Hit me with the jar again and I will take control. Think about it. A little impulse control and you will be rewarded, and if you give me trouble, then I will be."

"Yeah?" The Sniper grinned. "Hm... might just drag out the Razorback and see if you really mean it. We'll see."

"I suppose we will." The Spy grinned, reaching up to wipe at the Sniper's lower lip one last time-- this time, to push a drop of come into his mouth before retreating. "Au revoir, mon ange crasseux."

"Tomorrow." The Sniper tipped his hat to the retreating spook, before zipping himself back up and heading for the shower. Getting a taste of his own medicine had never been quite so sweet...

499 .


OP of the original request here and WOW this was so, so good. Wow. I requested this kind of out of embarrassed curiosity since I've never read anything with it and wasn't sure if I liked it or just liked the idea of it.

But I guess I now have a new kink and it's all your fault! Thank you so much for filling my request. (Loved the powerplay and how you handled their dynamic, too.)

500 .


Hnnnrg I love you Anon

I'm just going to casually request it again so you have an excuse to write more if you want to.

501 .

Alright, guys. Now, I'm sure most of us have gotten 'the talk', before.

Scout, being inexperienced in the ways of sex, has gotten such a talk, before, but from his mother, so it was a lot of 'pee-pee's and 'bunny holes'.

The team learns of this, and chooses to rectify it.

In short: Every member of the team giving their own spin on 'The Sex talk'.

502 .

>>501 that's actually brillaint

503 .


I actually want to attempt this, but I'm having a hard time making Scout not look like TOO much of an idiot... I mean how old is he? Late teens/early twenties? Wouldn't he have found out at least something from his peers by now?

504 .

>>503 Weeeell, you know, there's no-one like one's peers for baffling half-information and complete misdirection. Where they'd have been kind of going "nudge nudge wink wink know what I mean know what I mean" and Scout playing along with it because he doesn't want to look like an inexperienced loser.
Plus, it would be amusing to see his confusion compounded by half-remembered bits of almost nonsense.
But that's just what I think.

505 .

>>504 When I think about this, I always remember a comedian (and for the life of me I can't remember his name, but he's Irish, that much I remember), and he said that he learned sex when he was like 10, from another 10-year-old.
The 10-year-old got all his little 10-year-old friends around the back of the clubhouse, and told them all about sex.
"First, your mickey goes hard."
Surprise from the boys.
"And then you put it...inside her."
The comedian paused. "...but I don't like cider."

Still makes me laugh.

506 .

I think I'll do it...
Also, Iz, probably not who you're thinking of, but have you watched Jimmy Carr? He's fucking golden.

507 .

>>505 You wouldn't happen to be talking about Dylan Moran, would you? Although I think sardonic humour is more his thing. Still, as I'm on the topic, you might like to check his stuff out, he can be pretty damn hilarious.

>>506 If you do, I have to say that it would make me more than a little bit happy.

508 .

Shit I just saw this

Actually one of my "fetishes"/fantasies. I just -might- have to write it if someone doesn't beat me to it.

509 .


Good to know someone's actually interested in my request haha.

510 .

>>506 Love Jimmy Carr.

>>507 No, it's not him. After a little youtubing, I've found that the comedian is actually Tommy Tiernan.
At 3:08 is the joke I referred to.

Also, SO EXCITED to see someone gonna do this. Thrilled.

511 .


Welp, I finished. Does anyone wanna beta it, or should I just go balls out and post it as is?

512 .

>>511 Well, considering this is the chan, balls out seems to always be preferable, but if you're prone to having bad spelling or anything like that, I'd say beta. I'd offer to do it myself, but half the time I just end up fangirling and the other half of the time screaming 'WHY CAN'T I BE THIS GOOD?'

Either way, I look forward to seeing it.

513 .

This post has been deleted.

514 .

Take 2:

Scouts eyes flicked from face to ruddy face. Sweat began to dribble down his forehead and his pulse was racing. He had been completely silent for 23 minutes and 37 seconds, not counting some forced laughs. 38. 39. Scout locked eyes with Spy. Shit! He looked away, then looked back, only to find the damn Frenchie's gaze still fixed on him.

All of the men were gathered in the back over a fire, sharing booze and tall tail tales. Fuck jokes. Sex humor. Naughty stories. And almost every single freaking word of it flew right over Scout's head.

"Scout," Spy said, a single hidden eyebrow raised. The kid almost jumped. Well, he did, but, like, just a little. Not really. "You are not following." Scout swallowed. It wasn't a question. The Spy saw through whatever thin act he had put on. Damn damn damn damn.

All the other guys were now staring at him, holding back their laughter. Oh, poor little Scout. Little boy. His cheeks flushed red and he dug his fingernails into the dirt below him. He looked straight into Spy's eyes.

"Nah, I'm followin'. It just isn't fuckin' funny, creep." This brought some hearty fucking laughter from Spy . The team couldn't hold it in either. Scout's voice practically shook as he spoke. They could nearly smell his fear and uncertainty.

"Leetle Scout does not know of sex?" Heavy taunted him. The man let out a big belly laugh.

"Of course I do! I'm not a fuckin' baby or nothin'!" Scout said. He twisted his face into a scowl.

"Oh, do tell," Spy mocked him.

Scout looked from person to person. His cheeks were redder than a baboon's ass. "Well," he cleared his throat, "you put your balls in her tootsie-"

He was cut off by uproarious laughter. Medic, who had been the best at staying quiet, was bent over himself in pain. Tears were leaking from underneath Engineer's goggles. Scout wished ReSPAWN didn't exist.

"What's so fuckin' funny?" Please oh God, Christ just let me fucking die.

"You put your b-b-baHAHAHAHA!" Demoman was snorting and doubling over. Fuck! Was that not right? Scout pulled his knees tight to his chest. Medic, feeling bad for the kid, tried to shush everyone.

"Scout, that isn't how it vorks," he moved closer to the boy who then shrank away from him. Medic repositioned his glasses and began in a clinical tone. "You see, ze man puts his erect penis inside the moistened vaginal canal of the woman, or alternatively, the mouth or anus of a woman or man-" Scout gagged a little "-and they begin to ungulate until finally one or both parties ejaculates and or reaches orgasm."

The room was silent.

"I di'n't understand a single bloody word, an' ah doont think Scouty did, either." said Demo. He took another swig of Scrumpy. Sloshing it about his teeth thoughtfully, the Scotsman eyed the Scout from across the fire.

"Ya see, lad," Demo swallowed his drink and raised an index finger in the air. "this represents yer wang. Ya stick it in the hole of yer choosin," represented by the forefinger and thumb of his other hand, "and ye wiggle around a bit until ye blow." He downed the rest of his bottle, satisfied with his explanation.

"Demo, zat is very crude. You're leaving a bad impression on ze young man und-"

"I really don't care! Can I leave? I'm leaving." Scout got up and was about to make a break for it when a gloved hand caught him.

"Mon petit chiot, you still don't understand! We can't let you out into the adult world a bumbling idiot. Think of the poor, beautiful women who will be dissatisfied by your tiny, inexperienced penis!" Spy made a dramatic fainting gesture. He pushed Scout back down onto the ground. The boy folded his arms, huffing and puffing and truly hating the masked man.

"You see, Demo has the basic mechanics correct." Demo saluted with his empty bottle. "However, to truly please your partner you must think of their orgasm, not your own."

Sensing Scout's confusion, Spy quickly told him what an orgasm was, then continued with his tirade.

"You must tease and please her- sucking on necks and nipples, down to her fleur," his expression was sentimental and he cradled his wineglass like a lover. "You must kiss her and prepare her and once she is squirming and begging for you only then," he looked into Scout's eyes, which had him squiriming, "you may slowly insert your manhood, savoring the warmth of her pulsating, wet, lovely entrance. Make sweet love to her and after she has spasmed around your throbbing penis, cum inside her... but leave before the morning comes as well." Spy took a delicate sip of his wine.

Scout was not the only one who looked uncomfortable. Spy was sure of at least four boners in the audience, which may or may not have been some of the intentions of his little speech. Heavy, cheeks flushed, spoke up.

"But Spy, why do you leave lover before morning?" He turned to address Scout. "Leetle Scout, stay with your partner through night and hold tight to chest. Kiss them and tell sweet into ear, tell never leave and keep true to word. Real men not slippery slidy snake," the last bit was pointed at Spy. Medic was now loosing his tie, sweat dripping down his forehead.

"EEE-nough with this NAMBY PAMBY ROMANCE COMMIE BUUULLL SHIT." The Soldier stood up from his seat. "SCOUT!" The poor New Englander jumped. Who invited the psycho to the fuckin party?

"When you have SEX, be careful of LOOSE WOMEN! Wear a condom at ALL TIMES! You never know if she has VD!"

"You don't wear a condom unless you're getting ready to have sex-" interjected Engineer, but Soldier snapped back before he could finish his thought.


Everyone stopped talkimg. The dying fire crackled as if to break the awkward silence. Sniper was giggling to himself and Engie was red in the face.

"I think you ought to sit down, Solly." And Soldier, realizing what he had just said, took the Engineer's advice.

Engie brought his beer to his face, partly to cover it. He was glas he was still in full headgear. He took a sip, then set it down beside himself.

"Can we be done?" Scout pleaded.

"Anyway," Engineer completely ignored him, "I don't think you should go 'round sleepin' with everything that has a pulse." Another painfully slow sip of beer. Just chug it, asshole. Stop nursing it. We have fucking larders full of beer. "You ought to take it slow with one girl at a time. Git to know her, date, kiss. Don't sleep with her 'til you've done everything else." Really, just drink the whole bottle or I swear to God Almighty I will take it and shove it up your "Let's her know you care more than any words will."

Whether Engineer was finished or not, Sniper spoke up.

"I respect your opinion, mate," he said to the hardhatted man, "but that's bloody retarded. As mercenaries and hired assassins," (the two are very different), "we haven't got time for all that courtship nonsense. My personal philosophy is to see 'em, greet 'em, an' fuck em on the spot."


"I'm not British, Solly. Demo's British."

"I thought Demo was Irish!"

"I'm nat fookin Irish you stupid cunt."

The conversation quickly devolved into a lot of yelling and nearly escalated into a brawl. Heavy was physically seperating Demo and Solly. Engie and Sniper were at each other's throats. Medic had left, probably to fetch a preemptive first aid kit.

Scout locked eyes (or something) with Pyro. The little man made a shooing gesture with his hand, and Scout followed his advice. He had almost gotten back to his room when he slammed into someone.

There was some smoke, then his team's Spy materialized.

"B-b-but, weren't, weren't you just-"

"I could tell you still didn't understand anything." Spy blew a smoke ring, then crushed his cigarette onto the floor. "I thought you might prefer a... demonstration."

515 .


Seriously, you fucking NAILED that bro/sista! Kudos. Everyone absolutely in character, for me, and I loved every minute of it.

516 .

Hehehehe. I felt a sex scene would mess up the flow, plus I'm a horrible person. Thanks so much! I'm really glad you liked it.

Going to do the casual sex one when I get a chance. I honestly go crazy about that idea.

517 .

Bleh I just read it again and I realized I wrote "x took y's advice" twice. gross.

518 .

Fun idea for a fic

Plot twist: Heavy has a really fucking tiny dick. Where it goes from there is up to you.

519 .


I really liked it :)

520 .

>>519 Thanks!
>>518 fat people usually have tiny dicks, but nobody ever seems to want to address that. Would be interested in seeing this

521 .

Heavy and Medic always get along perfectly well, their relationship is always portrayed as flawlessly sweet and romantic.

I'd like to read a fic where Heavy and Medic have a fight.

Please avoid the usual "one of the two gets hurt to save the other, making the other angry out of worry" story. I'd like to see them have an argument about some genuine problem, not "you are too noble and selfless" problem.

522 .


Just typed this up. Not revised or anything, but quite honestly I'm hard and I figured I'd just post this for now. A revised version plus an account of another "incident" will come soon. Critique very welcome.


The whole thing started when, out of nowhere, Demo started masturbating in the mess hall. He was probably drunk, sittin' there and yankin' his doodle like no one was in the room. Strangely, it wasn't repulsive. There was something sexy about the way his eye rolled back, how he groaned, the desperation in his strokes.

Soon enough, Scout, who had been watching along with Sniper and Engie, pulled out his dick as well. The other two men exchanged a glance, but then turned their eyes to the boy's erection. Scout closed his eyes and started pumping.

Engineer palmed his own bulge through his jeans, looking between the two masturbating men. Sniper bit his lip as he watched Scout.

"C'mere, boy," beckoned Demo. He had slowed his rythym down to a crawl. Scout got up. He didn't stop wanking as Demo urged him down to his knees. The Scotsman pushed Scout's head down and he moaned when his dick was enveloped by the boy's mouth.

"I-I gotta go take a piss," Sniper dashed out into the hall.

Nobody talked about what happened in the mess hall. At least, not out in the open. But what they did do out in the open after that was... more interesting than talk.

523 .

I read back to some old comments and found >>445 ... Would really like to do it or see it done if it hasn't been done already.

524 .


You have made this anon (who also happened to have requested >>445) very, very happy.

525 .


whirr, i just can't stop myself from saying thank you for this funny piece of work. Seriously, the characterization is awesome and the scenario you made was perfect, with their conversation and the whole issue flowing naturally and well-made(plus Scout was so cute at the beginning).

But i also will remind ya of all mean your soul is for let us just imaginning the SpyxScout...

Oh well, since i'm here, a little request: DemomanxScout, with our adorable one-eyed Scotsman driving Scout insane with his master-sexual skills (no sarcasm implied).

(p.s.:sorry any mistake, guys.English is not my first language...)

526 .


Thanks you guys! Once I get a handle on the casual sex piece, which I may turn into a thread and update with "incidents", I'll start on the engie x scout, which I feel should be a full length story.

527 .

(I'm not sure whether to put sage in the email box since this is a request thread. If I do, my apologies, I'll do it next time onwards.)

Got a simple request - Loads of Sniper hurt/comfort, preferably the physical kind. I don't care if it's gen or slash, or whoever he's paired with (although I certainly wouldn't mind SpyxSniper, EngineerxSniper or hell, even HeavyxSniper). I just want Sniper hurting big time. How he gets hurt and how severe it is, I leave it to the writer. Bonus points if he's a badass anyway throughout the whole thing.

528 .

Hey, first draft of first chapter of amputee!Scout fic. Also has a hint of sociopath!Engie that I saw in this thread, but just a dash. Crit greatly appreciated. I'll post this in it's own thread after it's been revised.


The first day with the new Scout was almost unbearable.

The guy had transferred in at 6 in the morning. He was tired, cranky, and acted like a child. The previous Scout, who had left the base at twenty-two hundred hours last night, had not been any less annoying, but for some reason the team felt cheated. They had hoped for at least a grown man. Or a woman, for Pete's sake.

The new Scout seemed nervous on the battlefield. The first time Dell saw him coming out of Respawn, the kid was shaking... almost on the verge of tears.

Maybe the team shouldn't be too disapponted; he sure acted like a woman.

Engineer had been watching the Scout when the sentry he was working on turned to shoot. The sudden movement snagged his Gunslinger at a bad angle; it seemed that a whole section was totally crushed.

He was able to use his wrench to repair the somewhat damaged sentry, but his Gunslinger needed special attention in his workshop. The Engineer got to work on it as soon as the battle was over. The damage wasn't as bad as he had thought, but he was still late to dinner. He slipped his glove over it and walked to the mess hall.

Dell was surprised to see the new Scout sitting all by his lonesome. Then again, considering how bad the boy had stunk up the battlefield, it was understandable the other guys were ignoring him.

Puerile, but understandable.

Once he had loaded his tray up, Engie sat himself at Scout's table. He didn't sit right across from him, nor right next to him; a comfortable 80° arc was formed by points E and S on circle T.

"The name's Dell." He extended his right hand to the Scout. The boy, who had been playing with his green beans, was startled at first. He forced a smile and shook the Engineer's hand.

"You can call me Scout. Just Scout," he said. Unsure of what to say next, he returned to messing with his food. It looked like he hadn't eaten a bite. Poor kid was shy as a crocus.

"Noticed yer dog tags."

Scout's hand snaked up to grasp the little metal plates of his own accord.

"You look a bit young to've served."

"I'm 20."

Dell, even though he thought 20 was still young, took the cue to shut up. They sat in silence for a while, letting the noise from their teammates fill the air. Scout cleared his throat.

"So... What's the deal with this place, anyway?" Scout looked at Engineer, eyes flickered to his food and back before he decided to keep them on the Texan. The boy's Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed.

"What do you mean?" Dell asked. Scout shrugged. "Why we're fightin'? Why us?" Engie gave a little smile. "All I know," he said, taking a sip of beer, "is that the pay is good."

"Well, you're a fuckin' engineer. Your pay would be good anywhere." There was a hint of resentment in Scout's voice. Dell chuckled.

"You'd think so."

This time the quiet was much louder. Most everyone had filtered out of the mess hall. The rustling of Medic's textbook pages, Pyro's muffled laughter, the tap of Sniper's ceramic coffee mug on wood only seemed to amplify the silence. Scout, who had only eaten roughly 1.7% of his food, got up and began to clear his place.

"See you on the field.

"It's a Sunday, Scout. I'll see you at breakfast."

529 .

Also, request/idea:

The 9 classes are individual people. There's not a BLU Scout AND a RED Scout, it's one or the othr. BLU Engie & Solly, Red Demo, you can male up the others. Spy is neither RED nor BLU and works directly for the administrator. Could be porn or not porn, but who am I kidding? There will probably be porn.

530 .


Scout abuse plus sociopath Engie? You surely going to make my day, thank you! I love when the writers show Engie with a darker personality.

Till now, it seems okay, with my only complain being that the chapter is too short for the premise... But i totally need more to say anything useful for you, dear.

531 .


Lookin' good. My only major complaint is that it's too short, haha.

Oh, there was one of my pet peeves though:

"What do you mean?" Dell asked. Scout shrugged. "Why we're fightin'? Why us?" Engie gave a little smile. "All I know," he said, taking a sip of beer, "is that the pay is good."

New dialogue = new paragraph. Otherwise it gets muddy and confusing.

"What do you mean?" Dell asked.

Scout shrugged. "Why we're fightin'? Why us?"

Engie gave a little smile. "All I know," he said, taking a sip of beer, "is that the pay is good."

But yeah, it's really too short to really say anything about it. Other than that it looks really promising and I'm really excited to have my prompt filled, of course. (with a bonus of sociopath engie too? hot dog.)

532 .


Thanks, guys. Will add to the chapter and post soon.

That whole paragraph is actually all Dell. Perhaps it would be clearer as:

"What do you mean?"

Scout shrugged.

"Well, all I know," Dell said, taking a sip of beer, "is that the pay is good."

533 .

Also another random request/idea/prompt:

Someone can't get hard. I notice in most stories everyones up at attention just from a little making out. What if they aren't usually gay (they're"forced" to be, now), what if they're a drinker (coughdemocough), what if they straight up have ED (they arostly middle aged men after all). Also if they're getting raped they're most definitely not going to get hard (unless they're into that kind of thing).

534 .

Also if they're getting raped they're most definitely not going to get hard (unless they're into that kind of thing).

That's not true, sadly. An erection is a physiological reaction, it's possible for a man to have an erection even if they are most definitely not enjoying the sex, or even if they are not having any kind of sexual activity and/or thoughts at all (for example, sometimes morning wood is caused by the bladder pushing against the prostate. If a guy is raped, he could get an erection because the rapist's penis is pushing against his prostate).

The myth that "if you got hard, you liked it" is commonly used by rapists to bully their victims into not reporting them to the police.

535 .


I'd imagine the pain and shit would probably kill a boner but if you say so.

536 .

Female!Scout transfers from her previous base to a base in 2Fort. Her father helps her move in. Soldier sees Scoutpa. Soldier likes what he sees. Pwp

537 .

Hi there!

Ok, first, I'll be honest - this isn't a completely original request, I was on the tumblr FragDenMedic when I had the idea. But I hope that won't put people off.

Anyway here goes. I hope it makes sense, 'cause I've never been too good at writing my ideas down:

Blu Spy manages to get out of his head-in-Red-Medic's-fridge situation. He's human again - and he is NOT happy. Y'see, he'd been in the fridge so long, he's been replaced on his team so he can't go back, his company account has been frozen so he can't withdraw any money, and his family believe he is dead. So he deals with his anger and stress in his own way...he kidnaps Red Medic, leaves him bound and gagged in an abandoned part of the Red base, and takes his place on the team. He then slowly starts ruining Medic's reputation with the team - y'know the sort of thing, hurting the Medic's doves, being a jerk - but mostly he sets about ruining the relationship between Medic and Red Heavy, which is less difficult than one would imagine - mainly because Medic and Heavy had an argument before Medic was kidnapped unbeknownst to anyone else, although Medic was planning to apologise later. Also, Blu Spy sneaks into the abandoned part of the base every now and then to beat up on the Medic (and he may or may not rape him, that's up to whoever accepts this request).

Now, before anyone asks, everybody notices the change in "Medic's" personality, but considering how sadistic he can be, they decide to steer clear of him for a while. As for Heavy, he's confused and rather hurt by it all, and it cumliates when "Medic" breaks up with him in a VERY horrible way, breaking the Russian's heart. But don't get depressed, there's ultimately a happy ending, with Heavy discovering what's going on, rescuing his beloved German, and Blu Spy getting what's coming to him.

Well, I hope this is accepted. Oh, before I forget, this is probably obvious, but- the story perspective switches between Blu Spy, Red Medic and Red Heavy.

538 .


So, basically the exact storyline that FragDenMedic did, except with rape involved.

Somehow I don't think Sarcasmosaur would appreciate that.

539 .

Crossovers don't seem to be particularly popular in the TF2 fandom, but I thought of something mildly brilliant.

TF2 / Futurama xover.

Mostly I picture Scout as Fry.It can also be like the future of MvM, or incorporate in some way. This could be really awesome and I hope someone agrees with me.

540 .

Okay, guys, I'm gonna request something crazy.

Heterosexual Scout attempts to be a ladies man. And for once, let's not have it end in a homosexual awakening. I'm not saying I don't love those stories, too, but the world needs more unsuccessful hit-on-everything-with-tits Scout.

541 .


Fry is Scout

The Professor is Engineer

Bender is Heavy

Zoidberg is Medic

Leela is Sniper

Hermes is Demoman

Zapp Brannigan is Soldier

Nibbler is Spy

I can't think of who might be Pyro, but Mom is the Administrator.

542 .


Yesss. This is amazing.
And Kif = pyro? They're actually the same shape.. short, rounder bellies, weird head

543 .


Sure, why not?

And now to wait and see if someone who can write worth a damn will pick this up.

544 .

Scout with premature ejaculation problems.

Like, whenever he has sex, as soon as he thrusts in (or they thrust into him), it's too much and he cums. Blowjobs are the same -- he's just too excitable.

Whoever he's with and whether or not they successfully fix his problem are up to you. (though I have a bias towards Heavy/Scout, anything is fine!)

545 .

Dad Spy/Son Scout incest, where they both know, and it isn't violent bloody rape.

I read a few before, which were fantastic, but in one, everything was consensual but only Spy knew the truth, and in the other they both knew, but Scout was raping Spy.
And I think there was a third where they both knew and it wasn't rape but it was REALLY SHORT.

So yeah, anything would be nice. It could be as bitter and/or angsty and/or "omg you're my son/dad and you slept with me??!?!? blurrhghg vomit" as you want, but no forced sex.

546 .

Several ideas, it'd be cool if one of these struck someone's fancy!

Inspired by Cat Bountry's Straightgineer, what about Straight Heavy? Either Ms. Pauling or a different lucky lady. Cunnilingus would be a bonus.

Heavy/Spy, same team. Spy is the pursuer, Heavy is kind of suspicious on why the sneaky Frenchman would be interested in him. Perhaps Spy is in a mentor role. I imagine he'd be really romantic too, haha.

Heavy/Engineer, period.

547 .

I was playing a game on defense, and the BLU Medic ubered their Spy. We were kinda dumbfounded to be honest but he ended up backstabbing the entire team, sapping, and then pushing the cart to the final point. Ofc this gave me a fic idea.

I would like to see Spy/Medic, where Medic gets off to how fucking OP Spy is, & powerplay involved somehow.

548 .

Okay, do we all remember Detachable Sniper? The one where Sniper comes out of respawn and has female plumbing?

I'd like to see a fem version. Essentially female Sniper comes out of respawn with a cock and balls.

549 .

How about a spanking (as a punishment) fic? Maybe for something more than just being annoying or an complete ass, but for something more serious, say respawn has malfunctioned and the team has been warned not to take any risks/deliberately engage the enemy until it is fixed. However one team member ignores warnings and carries on as normal and is putting themselves at risk of dying for real.

Would love it if Solider is the one dishing out the punishment “YOU THINK THIS WAR IS A GAME, MAGGOT! YOU WANNA ACT LIKE SOME SISSY LITTLE BRAT IN PLAYGROUND THEN MAYBE /THIS/ IS HOW I SHOULD KNOCK SOME SENSE INTO YOU” but deep down Solider is really concerned for them and would be devastated if anything happened to them, hurt/comfort leading to sexy times?

550 .

Seconding the both of these.

Had an idea riffing on both Scout's actual age (as revealed in the Track Terrorizer flavour text) and the relatively common storyline of an older teammate seducing him/taking advantage of his inexperience/how Scout learned to stop worrying and love the cock/etc.
How's about a story where a more worldly Scout consciously plays up his youthful looks and feigns inexperience (and homophobia too, if you like) in order to get into one of his teammate's pants? Maybe with the character in question realising halfway through fucking him/getting fucked that the Scout they have in their bed is distinctly not the blushing virgin they thought he was. Could be played for humour or not. (Especially that last bit.)

551 .

About Scout's age, I'm not sure if we can talk about actual age.

The TT says that he is at least 23. But TF2 takes place between 1968 and 1972. It's theoretically possible for Scout to be 23 in 1972, and 19 in 1968.

Well, it's fanfiction, we could say he is 30 and looks younger. Just saying, the TT isn't the ultimate proof of Scout's age.

552 .

>>551 Theoretically, he could be 23 in 1968, and 27 in 1972, too. We just don't know.

553 .

That's certainly true. There's a fair bit of leeway either way for writers to do what they like.
I mostly mentioned the Track Terrorizer because that was part of what gave me the idea in the first place.

554 .

Dunno if this is the right place to ask this, but are there any other Medic intense hurt/comfort stories like Lady Shockbox's Fall Behind? Hell, any intense hurt/comfort stories featuring any of the other characters, for that matter?

555 .

Of all the weird and kinky stuff that is on here, I dont think I've ever seen anyone write intercrural sex, which apparently was not that uncommon historically between soldiers as a bonding/loyalty thing and sure is a lot less painful in a pinch than anal - how about some lonely team members getting drunk and doing this for comfort? I'd like to see Soldier/Medic but it could work with anyone really. Bonus for legs being tied together for the purpose with someone's tie/belts etc. Extra bonus for next-morning awkwardness at the breakfast table.

556 .

I wasn't sure where to post so this thread seemed a good option.

I was wondering if anyone could help me in locating a fic.

It's Heavy/ Medic with Sniper/ Spy where Medic is infatuated with Heavy but does not know how to approach him and so discusses his problem with Spy who has a similar problem with Sniper.

Due to their closeness, Heavy believes Medic and Spy to be in a relationship and so becomes protective of Medic over the course of the fic.

Help would be very much appreciated ^_^

557 .

I think you're looking for Ze Doktor's Misunderstandings fic:


558 .

Ah that is it XD

Thank you so much, I've been looking for a while and just couldn't find it for the life of me =P

Thanks again =D x

559 .

Just letting you know you might want to cut down on the number of smilies/emoticons you're using! Around here people tend to frown upon using more than one (every once in a while) in a post.

I could have sworn I read a fic which featured intercrural before... I'll post a link if I ever remember, but in the meantime, here's hoping someone gets inspired to fill your request.

560 .

>>555 >>559

There was one called "Go Avay" that had a part with intercrural sex. But it was Medic/Scout.

561 .

I would personally love to see a fic based off of this comic-

Most likely switching between what the BLU spy is seeing (scout's ma) to what is happening with RED spy (I don't know how disguises work with that sort of thing; interpret it as you wish). But beggars can't be choosers, do what you want! I'd be glad to see any interpretation of this.

562 .

Still not Soldier/Medic, but this here has some intercrural: http://wienermeister.tumblr.com/post/32722514549/

563 .

Yep saw this on t'other thread - thanks! Always appreciate awesome Demo love

564 .



Don't ask how or why, just.... JUST PLEASE. I NEED THIS.

565 .

Okay. Gonna throw in the towel and ask for some Spy/Soldier. Haven't seen a fic of them in forever (and a real fic ever) and have only seen art of this pair, like, once. So if someone would be so kind as to point me in the direction of some hidden gold mine or something, that would be lovely. (Or maybe someone could make something I wouldn't say no to that.)

566 .

First time posting here in the chan... Tentatively requesting some Engineer and Spy to the tune of this:


It would really bring me joy if one of the many degrees that Engie has would be in French Literature and he sings this one night playing around with the sonnet. Spy is impressed. Smut or fluff is up to the writer of course. Thank You.

567 .

>>561 You may regret this offer, but I think I want to give your request a go.

568 .

Maybe we could have a class/all thread?
To go with the recent gangbanging stories on the chan.

We've got Spy, Scout, and Heavy down.
Now we need the others. Soldier getting group fucked doesn't sound do baaaad.

569 .

My humble request is Sniper/Medic, maybe Medic/Sniper, you choose the order. I think I've never read this pairing before and am genuinely curious about it.

Do your worst.

570 .

Demoman/Sniper/Engi. C'maaaaahn.

571 .

Since it's that time of year again, I'm going to request more supernatural TF2.

Classes as different werebeasts, demons, slayers, vampires (which I'm very partial to, personally), ghosts, what have you.

Hard Mode: NOT Sniper/Spy

Personal Request: Vampire Medic. He has the fucking Blutsauger but he's never ever the vampire. It's always Heavy, Spy, and the occasional Engineer. It's a crime against humanity, I tells ya.

Personal Request #2: Hard Mode: Vampire Scout. Wouldn't that be fun?

C'mon, tis the season. Let's have some fun and pump some life back into this chan. Let's have some fun for the holidays.

572 .

i... I second this

573 .

I'm a little hesitant to request this.... but might as well.

I've been seeing art for Medic/Pauling, and Spy/Pauling, and talk of Sniper/Pauling.

So can we have a Pauling's Harem?
Flat-out porn orgy with her in the center, or the team's fruitless attempts to woo the only female within miles, or maybe the team already has their own orgy going on and Ms. Pauling comes to visit so they invite her to join because that's the polite thing to do. I don't really care how.

574 .


Seconding HARD

575 .

I third the Pauling harem request

576 .

I really dig idea of Miss Pauling's harem and I saw it I couldn't but to think about this (you just replace the 'I' by Pauling)


577 .

Hey, if Pauling cannot have her harem maybe she can have this instead

Oh my, those confessions are the best thing ever, thanks anon576, and I have to agree with this one http://dirtytf2confessions.tumblr.com/post/34200556148/my-headcannon-is-that-all-these-confessions-are

578 .

I really really need some Soldier/Merasmus.

Or anything involving Merasmus really.

579 .

Merasmus realizes killing everyone Soldier cares about isn't enough, because they keep respawning, so he kidnaps Soldier's favorite merc to do terrible things to them.

I vote Scout but I won't be the one writing it.

580 .

Scout/Heavy, involving Scout being penetrated by Heavy.

I want this so bad but can't seem to find any. I just really enjoy the idea of Scout being a (probably very vocal and annoying) size queen. "Oh, yeah. That all you got, big guy? C'mon, try harder!"

581 .


Who doesn't love some nice Heavy/Scout? I know I do! And I have three Heavy/Scout fic recommendations for you, anon:

1. Keep Your Comrade Warm by AndrewRyansCaddy: http://archiveofourown.org/works/444193?view_adult=true

2. You Know What They Say About Big Hands by Renquise: http://archiveofourown.org/works/147911?view_adult=true

3. Learning Exercise by Joe (Heavy/Scout/Medic): archiveofourown.org/works/555024 or http://tf2chan.net/read.php?b=afanfic&t=10198&p=116 here on the ’chan.


582 .

I desperately want to see a sexual story with Soldier being treated like a dog. I'm a huge fan of domination/humiliation and Soldier being involved is just syrup on the pancake. I'd like to see him slapped around a bit,groped inappropriately against his will, (preferably in front of others) treated a like a bitch, forced to say and perform humiliating things. Verbal abuse can be a very powerful tool when used properly and precisely. Maybe even have him walked base with nothing but his helmet, a collar, and leash on to be displayed in front of the rest of the team.

Soldier is a gruff military man who's mentality revolves around orders and discipline. I see very few fics taking advantage of this to put him in a submissive position and I find that a shame. I'd prefer Soldier's dominant to be Engineer or opposite team Soldier. I'd also prefer Soldiers's dominant not be Medic or Spy. Sorry if I'm getting too demanding this is just a simple request and it's ultimately up to the writer to carry it out how he/her sees fit.

583 .

I personally would like to see some more um, "solo" fics. What can I say, others pleasuring themselves is my kink, and while several fics mention it once or twice very few are actually based on it.

Preferably Scout, but one of the other guys is fine too.

584 .

It seems from the comics that Soldier, Spy and Scout hang out! They're pals. Or at least seem to be roughly in the same place at the same time as each other.
I thought to myself that I'd like to see a threesome with them, if any writer would be kind/inspired enough to write one.
(Not that characters having/not having scenes with each other has stopped people from writing things before, haha.)
I don't particularly care what the justification for smut happening is, so long as it's fun (or at least friendly) and consensual. Although I will admit if it had something to do with Spy and Soldier "educating" the Scout sexually, that would leave me frazzled in a good way.

585 .

>>584 Oh god yes. Soldier/Spy/Scout yes please. I'd love to see them educating Scout, especially because their styles of lovemaking would be so different. Spy's probably into slow, and sensual, with a touch of kink, but Soldier seems like the rough and dirty type. Coming together with Scout in the middle (oh look a sexual pun how'd that get there) would be positively glorious.

586 .


Thirded. Hard.

587 .

Medic/Scout (or anyone really, I'll just use Scout for the prompt.)

Scout deliberately injures himself to get Medic to take care of him.

Scout discovers Medic doesn't like to use gloves outside of battle, and his hands are surprisingly gentle, warm, efficient as he cleans, applies ointments and disinfectants, wraps gauze snugly and neatly. All of his tender attention is on Scout, and Scout can't get enough of it.
I don't want Scout to be masochistic. The pain is just a necessity to get what he wants (i.e. attention).

Basically, there are a lot of sadomasochism fics with Medic, and I want to see him actually healing someone instead of cutting them up. I would prefer Scout, but it could be anyone that inspires you to write.

Level of romance/smut is up to the author, as is Medic's feelings on all of this.
(But, bonus points if Medic catches onto Scout's deliberate clumsiness, and continues to treat him anyway since it doesn't hinder team performance. More points if he enjoys it. But that's just my personal preference.)

588 .

I was browsing rule34.paheal.net, and I spotted these pictures:


and I think there's a story behind them. What I'm asking is: could someone write a story based on the pictures, please?

589 .

> 588
There is a story--it may still be in the /afanfic/ archives.

590 .

Hey all, I'd like to request a fic centred around our favourite Scottish bomber with a drinking problem, based off of this song:

(for those who can't/wont watch it, it's the drunken Scotsman song from Dr. Demento)

who the lookers are is entirely up to the writer, as is where the story goes from there. it just needs to happen! thanks in advance :)

591 .

I've always wanted to see some Merasmus/Ol' Nick. Give the wizards some love.

592 .

My needs are simple:
I would like to see Scout pounding Spy's ass into next week and Spy loving every second of it. That is all.

593 .

Can be porn or not, but it turns out one of the guys has a beautiful singing voice.

594 .

>>107 I agree with you. There isn't enough tickling going on in here.

As such, I'm putting in a request for Sniper/Scout. Can be porn, can be fluff, but definitely playful tickling involved, possibly a focal point for the fic.

595 .

Not exactly the usual request but I'd like to see someone use a particular phrase as part of their story, to go from insult to someone coming out and the the other not knowing what to do.

"Get bent"
"Why, what would you do to me" {smirk}
"...what,... wait WHAT?!"

596 .

This need to be seconded.

597 .

>>595 Seconded. Also...
>>596 why didn't YOU second it?!

598 .

>>597 I thought I did ... So, it's thirded then.

599 .

464 Loved the idea! It did deviate a little from the exact nature, but still features Spy stuck in vents.

With that, first time writing and posting so any feedback would be wonderfully appreciated.

Scout/Spy, and vents.
Spy's intentions when clambering into the air vents at the base had been perfectly justifiable. A quiet man, more used to fading into the background or playing out the part of another found it hard to relax even in his own room when the shouts of his teammates could be heard through the thin doors. He'd found that during ceasefire, the respawn room was empty, and there was an entrance to the overhead vents easily accessible thanks to a set of stacked boxes. (Looking back, he really should have questioned that.) Said vents were quiet, comfortable, and most of all deserted.

Or so Spy had thought. The Frenchman had been enjoying himself in a novel- the newest in the series of smoky mysteries- when a clang coming from farther down the vent startled him. He'd started, dropping the book with a curse following close behind, then left it to investigate the source of the noise. A rat or a loose screw he could have handled, even an enemy spy trying to sneak around after ceasefire would have been preferred to the slim bundle of energy that was his team's Scout. He was flattened on his back by the speed of the Bostonian’s movement (how was it even possible to crawl that fast along the maze of metal?) and the jangle of dog tags confirmed the mass's identity.

"Caught ya', Frenchie!" Scout proclaimed, grinning. "I knew someone else was climbin in my territory when I found food crumbs that weren't mine."

Spy grunted in response, just wishing the talkative man would let him go. He'd come up here to get away from the team, and frankly, he didn't care if the Scout had "laid claim" to the vents or not.

Scout had the Spy beneath him pinned easily, thanks to the dimensions of the vent, which made it near impossible for the Spy to wiggle his way out from under Scout or to try to flip him over. "Ya know, usually when somebody trespasses, there's a fee."

He'd expected something ridiculous, no doubt about it. Some rare baseball trading card or a sweet that wasn't usually brought in with the monthly supplies. The last thing Spy had expected was the feel of Scout's lips against his own. Scout's lips were chapped against his own well-cared for set, and the other's tongue insistent to slip further in past the small "o" of surprise. It was still ridiculous, up until the point when hips were ground against his own.

The Frenchman tasted predictably like smoke and smelled of heavy cologne. His lips were soft- the damn guy most likely used lip balm every hour or something. Scout's dog tags and both men’s erections pressed uncomfortably between him and the layers of clothing both were wearing. That would have to be changed.

The vent, although secluded, didn't make for the best space to, well, make out with a fellow teammate. Scout had to settle, after gasps of "Oui" from Spy, for shimmying backwards and unzipping the both of them. A few licks up the sides and bottom of Spy's cock had to do; there simply wasn't enough overhead to suck the way Scout wanted to. With whispered promises of expeditions on a proper bed from Scout (Spy had whimpered at the mental images of it, made worse by the fact that the soundtrack didn't have to be imagined) and various curses from Spy to put Scout's mouth to better use, they rutted against each other, hot, desperate. When they came, it was with un-muffled shouts that carried through the vents into the common room where the remainder of the team sat playing cards.

Medic was the first into respawn room, ready both to heal and to injure any possible spies. When he poked his head into the vent, he had seen something rather amusing instead. Spy- fully dressed but mussed nonetheless and red, breathing hard- and trapped on his back in the narrow vent, with no one else in sight.

"I... fell, alright?" Spy mumbled.

Medic just nodded, attempting to contain his amusement as he helped Spy out and whispered in his ear. "Don't forget to use protection."


600 .

About a week back, at MAGfest, John Patrick Lowrie was interviewed as The Sniper. It was both hilarious and insightful and I really would like to see something based off this.

part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkSXpe6iaPY
part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECsJcxK-vsY
part 3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzU8UnbK6_g

601 .

I have a big thing for breeding, so I'd like to see more of it.
Preferably with at least one party intending on that ending. (like, say the top intends to pull out, but the bottom locks their ankles around the other's hips before they can)

My personal favorite is when they plan to pull out, but the top gets so into it that they 'forget'. "Ugh, I told you not to!" "Oops, haha, too late!" But with the bottom feeling that, like, it's not the end of the world because the top didn't pull out, it's just annoying.

That's just a suggestion, of course.

No pairing in mind (preferably not sniper/spy or heavy/medic, but I won't forbid you), and of course threesomes or moresomes would be more than okay.

Basically I just want cum in butts. I love cum in butts. And oozing out of butts.

Ooh, or maybe Pauling wants a baby, so they have a breeding party (for lack of a better term) for her. She ends up getting pregnant, but no one knows whose it is, but it also not super important whose it is, you know? Like, the mercs who DO care are like, "Man, I would love to be a father, but these guys are like my brothers, so being an uncle is great too." Or something sappy like that.
And whether or not Pauling decides to share her baby with the mercs is up to the writer. She could just be like "Thanks for the baby, sperm banks. See you never."

Or whatever! Just rambling and throwing out ideas, feel free to pick and choose.

602 .

I sort of want to see some OC... wait, wait, hear me out please.

I want behind the scenes OCs, meaning that it would be characters that have no connection or anything but passing interaction with the Team with the exception that they are in the general same area, and that they are also happen to be deadly assassins as well...they just didn't happen to make the cut to be ON the team. (Which they are maybe sort of only A LOT bitter about)
Like a night crew that nobody bothers with. I want to see homicidal maids, repairmen, cooks, pest control, ect. do something like thwart the other team's plan of sneaking in at night (probably a idea concocted by the opposite team Spy) triumphantly pushing them back night after night using only improvised vocational equipment as wepons and...

for the entire Man Co company to just not give a flying fuck because they could have just respawned the team back anyway.

603 .

"ENTIRE TEAM IS (class)!"

Respawn royally fucks up and makes the entire team soldiers, scouts, heavys, whatever.

I would either like to see... All of them are exact clones. Example being Soldier won't work with any of himselfs and vice versa because they are obviously the BEST soldier and the boss and end up having a fucking contest to see who has the longest stamina to call the shots. Which all of them had the same plan anyway.

or... all the members are the same it's just they were all allotted another member's skill sets. Such as the entire team suddenly loosing their proficiency at pyroing, sniping, spying, and instead say all they have is Scout's running/Medic's healing/Demo's bombing and what-not. Realizing how difficult the job of the class is and having to work with it while the team member who has been doing this all their life begrudgingly has to work with these amateurs until the spawn is fixed. Trading sexual favors for training OR in the end after everything is fixed another team member coming up to them and thanking them now fully understanding how difficult the job is in a very special way, if you know what I mean.

604 .

make it happen

605 .

It was so warm and gentle, the light strokes against his skin, were sending shivers down his spine. He had never felt anything like this and thinking the situation over that wasn't surprising. After all birds aren't usually this "friendly" but after Scouts chest cavity/nest incident, well he thought he may as well find out if the Medics doves might be interested in any other parts of the human body. Sighing deeply as one of the birds spread its wings stroking his bare thighs he prayed the chair under the infirmary door would hold.

Why has nobody written about the above.

606 .

So... I'm totally going to get flack for this but it has been sitting in my head festering for such a long time I can't contain it anymore. Crack prompt guys.

Any of you guys played Lollipop Chainsaw? If not then please avert your eyes if you care about it (though you probably don't).

So what if at the end of the game Nick's head doesn't get a new body? Both of them would be fresh out of high-school, Nick has no body and Juliet isn't good at anything but zombie hunting and spending all their money leaving them constantly in flux. Nick is bitter that he is trapped with the irresponsible Juliet. All his attempts to break it off with her end with her ignoring him and continuing to carry him around anyway.

So I know the timeline is funny but hey, they live in a world where they use cell phones, dress like the 60's/90's and listen to music from the 50's/60's so there's a little wiggle room there... I guess.

So story time, Merasmus is screwing around and raises zombies much to announcer's dismay on Man Co. property. She hires Juliet to exterminate them. Red Medic takes interest in Nick's head and they just had a fight so Juliet leaves Nick with him while she goes out to do the job. Cue Nick's head and Blue Spy's head makeouts in the refrigerator.

Yeah... this is mostly for headcest. Though if Julie HAD to have a love interest I can only really see her with Scout (their annoying's mesh in my mind for some reason) or Soldier (I mostly see this happening because of her weird relationship with her father.)but any relationship I see her having is short lived because she doesn't have good relationship skills. Whether or not she takes Nick back and away is up to you.

607 .

I'd like to see a fic based on these 2 pictures:


608 .

Anyone have Mr.X's old stories?

609 .

Looking for something focusing around Scout's teeth and mouth.

Anything from someone shoving their fingers in there or licking his teeth during a makeout session to micro of a class sitting in his mouth and getting off on it is fair game.

610 .

I second/third/etc. the folllowing: 43, 186, 325 (Tentaspy), 336 (Space), 343, 383 (de-age, and possible shrinking), 571.

And a few suggestions of my own:
-Something based on Faust, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Misfits, or Digital Devil Saga
-A fic involving cosplay sex
-Superman!Medic (I want this one so bad, it's not funny.)

611 .

To elaborate on some of my suggestions:

-Digital Devil Saga: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Devil_Saga
-Misfits: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misfits_(TV_series)

612 .

Hello! So, anybody know any fem fics going around? I love women character versions of the team and a little women love is good after the usual sausage fest that goes on here.
Also sorry if the english is bad, not my first language

613 .


have you read Entire Team Is Ladies?


614 .

Yes I have, Im looking for something either new that I can check in on or something that has been posted before I started lurking.

615 .

How about Butterfly Knife?


616 .

Yes I have, I loved both butterfly knife and Entire Team Is ladies, but those are the only ones I have read.

Is there anything else? Maybe more recent and involves a womens romantic relationship with another woman? If not I would like to request a women/women fic, maybe with fem Medic and Fem sniper? And the entire team doesnt have to be ladies, unless the writer chooses.

617 .

I don't know if you're still taking requests on this thread, but I'd love to see Medic being royally pounded by anybody except Scout, Spy or Pyro and shamelessly loving it. That will be all.

618 .


Some canon girls as well, but this is what I've run into so far:

http://archiveofourown.org/works/550997 - Administrator/Miss Pauling

ml - Administrator/Miss Pauling

Also, pardon the tumblr mention, but there's been an upswing of FemScout/Miss Pauling lately over there which wasn't posted elsewhere.


Just replace the world filter and you're good to go.

619 .

I'd like a fic based on this picture, please:


If you're wondering what's going on, Heavy's been possessed by Meramus.

Anyway, I'm imagining something like, maybe: Meramus possesses Heavy in an attempt to get revenge on Soldier, and decides to do so by torturing (and maybe even raping) his teammates one by one. And he decides to start with Medic, Heavy's lover...

Yeah, I know, pretty dark, but I'd like a happy ending, where Merasmus is finally expelled from Heavy. Oh, and before I forget, I think Heavy and Merasmus should struggle for possession of the body.

620 .

Here's an idea that's not a crossover:
One of the classes discovers that he and a teammate were lovers in a past life, and tries to help him remember.

621 .

Greetings all. I'd like to request Heavy giving massages/shoulder rubs. Preferably to someone incredibly tense. I think i'd like to see either Heavy/Sniper or Heavy/Spy but i'm not picky.

622 .

Oh, and I second #313, if I haven't already.

623 .

So I was just trolling through some youtube videos when I came across this

Prompt: One day, Sniper wakes up inexplicably speaking nothing but french. One or both of the spies are horrible charmed by his accent. Sniper gets rolled(into a bed or whatever's most convenient)

624 .

Hey there!

I'd like to request a fic based off these letters that have been popping up on Reddit recently http://i.imgur.com/w6PCDva.jpg

I haven't read many fics where Sniper is shy. Maybe he gives/sends this to Spy and the results are even better than what the letter states.

625 .

I have a request.
Someone go finish some of the good fics in this forum that were abandoned. This would satisfy me greatly.

626 .

On a similar note, I've been considering writing a fanfic AU. A fanfic of a fanfic, if you will. Anyone object?

627 .


Which fic?

Better ask the author.

628 .

There's a lot. Any of them. Any of the good ones.

629 .

I'd like to see a fic based on this picture:


630 .


Agreed! I'd really like someone to finish Repression http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/6497.html

631 .

There's plenty of fics with Scout being homophobic (at least, initially). What about one where he actually tries to play matchmaker with his teammates?

632 .

i second this so hard

633 .

someone/Sniper shaving kink.

As in Sniper gets off on being shaved and (person of your choice)shaves him completely from the neck down.

634 .

Crack/Fluff/Sexytimes anyone?

Team Member/Team Member is the most annoying couple ever.

They're constantly doing stuff like planning their routes to the intelligence to intersect so they always get killed together, turning up the radios really loud and dancing together, calling each-other embarrassing pet names in public, they've only been dating for a month and they're stealing spy's camera to take cheesy shots of them kissing, ALWAYS asking poor Heavy and Medic on double dates (regardless if they are together or not), having loud sex in awkward places (I can imagine Scout really having to pee or something and rushing into the bathroom and becoming REALLY embarrassed), ect...

Really Anyone X Anyone- but Soldier and Demo always tickle me especially with shenanigans like this, I can also see Scout being involved in this. Maybe with Pyro? (I can see someone getting pissed and being like "Can you even understand ANYTHING Pyro is saying?!?! Why are you dating?"), but any pairing is cool.

Cue the team trying everything to break them up so they can get back to theirs jobs and stop being woken up in the middle of the night by the duo's romps.

635 .

Reader x Medic, Spy or Sniper. Maybe Spy being interested in light bondage? Though the Reader would be a smart ass and be egging Spy on all the time. Though when the time actually comes for them to be alone, the reader is all bark but no bite.

636 .

This is a bit embarrassing, but I would like to see a story where Sniper and Spy (doesn't have to be Spy but it seems like a good example) are friends/enemies with benefits, but Sniper gets jealous when Spy is with someone else, though he won't admit it because he's a "cold professional."

Besides that, I wouldn't mind seeing more fics where Scout is the top and/or dominant.

637 .


Not exactly what you asked, but pretty close:


638 .

The world needs more Jane/Tavish.

A lot more.

639 .

Um...I am looking for a fic posted ages ago...I searched far and wide but didn't find it.
It's Engineer/Spy (as far as I remember), a problem with respawn has the two exchange their bodies and it gets steamy.

640 .

Scout/Engie(based on a pic that was floating around /y/)

Scout actually IS a big deal where he's from. Ladie's man Man's man, you name it, he's laid it. On base, the pickings are slimmer but he sets his sights on the Engineer; Scout has a chub kink even though Engie just has a bit of a beer belly. He molests Engie in the showers. Engie allows it because he's pretty hard up himself though he doesn't take kindly to his ass being poked at first.

Scout shows off his not-a-virgin-at-all-ness and shows Engie a good time against the shower walls/benches/lockers/wherever. Bonus for Spy being his nosy self and embarrassing the hell out of both of them. (I imagine that the only reason the Scout never tried anything with the Spy is because the Spy is far too skinny for his tastes)

641 .


it's called Body Swap by Dogmattic. You can find it on this link, it's post 112, 117 and 119.


642 .

@641 you are my hero. Thank you for the link, I appreciate it very much....miracles happen after stressfull days of work.

643 .


Do you still want to read a massage fic?

I finally managed to get over my writer's block, and I've been writing the second and final chapter of my old Engie/Spy fic Playtesting. Massage is one of my kinks too, so I made sure to put it in.

I should be able to finish the fic within a week or so.

644 .

May I humbly request a fic of Spy and scouts mom? I feel like the pairing needs a little more love, and if anyone knows any good Spy/Scouts Mom fics out there can I please have links?

Please and thank you.

645 .


My personal favourites:



This one is Sniper/BLU Spy/RED Spy/Scout's mom foursome:


646 .

A couple more ideas...

-Maho shojo antics (Cross-dressing or genderswap--your call)

And the captcha says Lab rtheofD.

CatBounty? Are you reading this?

647 .

Any kink or pairing with Pyro. Pyro would be male (I love genderbender gens but I just don't find other women attractive sadly) and preferably keep his mask/suit at least partially on. It sounds pretty straight-forward but I'm having a heck of a time finding anything (decent).

Lord, I am so thirsty for male!Pyro fics. Lordy lordy lord.

648 .

>>646 Maho shojo sounds good! But I say we forget the cross-dressing/gender bending and make them magical BOYS. Maybe, Team Fortress 2 meets Pretty Cure?

649 .


Works for me.

Also, @647: would you mind if I wrote that fic, and had Pyro be Japanese?

650 .

Has anyone seen the show FlashForward?
What would it be like if this happened in the TF2 universe? Possible storylines would include a team member dealing with the (possible) loss of a loved one, or trying to figure out the mystery?

(Could someone please tell me how to do links? And also how to turn off that "dicks everywhere: thing? It's really annoying.)

651 .

Y'know what I'd liketa see?

A TF2 version of...Cinderella.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking - am I totally cracked? Well, what can I say? I think it'd be a funny crack fic...unless of course someone figured out how make this idea into a serious story.

652 .

So, we know that Medic is apparently married. But what if he wanted out in order to be with Heavy?

Think "The Seduction of the Doktor," but in reverse.

653 .

I request oral sex while asleep, waking up to oral sex, etc. Any pairing.

654 .

Requesting ye olde dubcon sex pollen sniper/scout. Sniper gets drugged up,Scout's the only one around who can get him through it. Would love if it's ambiguous whether the scout is into it or not.

655 .

This place needs more Spy abuse. Sniper, Engineer or the other Spy would be the perfect men for that.

656 .

Can I just request Vampire fics? I've seen a few around but I know there are more tucked away on the net and i'm having trouble finding the ones that AREN'T here.

657 .


I have a short list of vampire fics on my tumblr, maybe some of them will be new to you: http://writingcyan.tumblr.com/post/24459926183/yes-i-do-in-fact-know-of-a-few-vampire-fics-in

I'd love any links you have to stories that aren't on the list in return.

658 .

Does anyone know the fic where Medic and Heavy are demonstrating wrestling moves to the rest of the team and it leads to them having sex in front of everyone?

659 .

I read a fic awhile back with a Femspy joining the base, getting raped by a Sniper, getting some serious post-rape ptsd. Soldier and Medic help her cope with this, and the femspy has (accidental?) sex with the Soldier and I think the fic ends there... Anyone know it?

660 .


It's called "Butterfly Knife" by Ze Doctor


661 .

Here's an idea I'd like to see somebody write up.

Basically, Heavy is in love with Medic, but the German is infatuated with the Russian singer Olga Mannlova - who just happens to be Heavy's alter ego. Believing that Medic would never be interested in another man, Heavy decides to court him as Olga, but things get complicated when Medic starts falling in love with Heavy as himself (does that make sense?)

Well, what do we think?

662 .

Thanks! It's a really great fic.

663 .

I'd be super happy with scout/scout where they're both so pushy and narcissistic that the only way they can agree on who tops is a deal/bet/whatever that whoever dominates the other in battle gets to top.

664 .

How about some Heavy seducing his entire team?

665 .

I'd love to see a fic where a Heavy is attracted to the enemy Medic. Medic has no clue, and is a fidgety Medic-- afraid to be alone on the field, without a teammate for help; so having the enemy Brute suddenly trying to get close to him would have him panicked and flighty.

Thanks in advance to any who would attempt this!

666 .

Yaaaay 666 \m/

As for my request: can I have some Scout topping from the bottom? I can totally imagining him making his partner (I want Spy, but feel free to chose) going deliciously mad with his sexual skills and dirty talk, since he is the boss around here, and he commands! Just because he isn't big and likes dick inside him doesn't mean he is weak and submissive, no! Scout likes to show who is the force-a-nature!

Pretty please?

667 .


But yea, anyway I notice a lot of the fics on here are like 'one on one' fics. Ex; one spy, one sniper. One engineer, one scout. Why not have like, five of the same class and one of another? Uneven odds I guess. I suppose it's harder to formulate a back story or setting for these types of fics, but hey, who says a good fic needs one?

So, summary; more than one person per class in a fic, not centralized on just two people.

668 .

If it counts, I've dabbled in Engineer x Engineer before, for my own sick amusement. Didn't think anyone would be keen, so I never shared, haha. It is monogamous though...

669 .

Several years before RED/BLU, X and Y met and had a one night stand, or maybe a really long weekend. Cue the present where they meet again and one or both recognize the other. They can be on the same team or opposites.

670 .

How about a fic based on That's Amore?

Not a songfic just using the song as a guideline.

671 .

Are there any good Merasmus or Old Nick fics out there?

672 .


Yes Please.

673 .

I keep seeing this picture floating around of Ms. Pauling, the Scout and the Sniper naked on a bed presumably about to start a threesome. Every time I see it, I wonder what the Sniper is doing there. The Scout was obviously there for Pauling. The Sniper was there for the Scout but who was there for the Sniper? Did Pauling agree to a threesome as long as the Sniper was there? Did the Scout want him there at all? Someone help me puzzle this out.

674 .

Just general requests:

Porn with hats on. Legit surprised I've never seen this with any pairing or character.
Funny porn. Stuff where it's a little awkward or funny, but still hot.

More specific ones:
Miss Pauling/Soldier. I'm surprised this isn't way more common.
Demoman doing science things. Again, why don't people do this?

675 .

Air sex.

That is all.

676 .

so uh crossfaction engineer/spy. actually i'm new to the fandom and can't find ANY engineer/spy...

677 .

Adding this here because i'm not at all a fan of pyro sex

~Someone getting fucked by a cloaked spy during the humiliation round?

Basically, someone from Blu is trying not to get their skull bashed in by a bunch of Red scouts during humiliation. They're hiding behind some boxes or something and the Red Spy shows up and molests/fucks them while they can't make noise/fight back.

I imagine it being the sniper though, ASIDE FROM PYRO it could really be any of the mercs.~

678 .

(sorry for my english, its not my first language)
It a VERY long request (its more of a personal vent TBH)

So,I would really REALLY like to see a SniperxMedic story that I had in my head for a while. With multiple teams, ones normal and one full of psico freaks.
I had an idea (but I'm so bad at writing...) where, in the normal team, there are 2 medics: one sadic and more "meet the medic" stiles, and one gentler. The gentler one is in some kind of relationship with the sniper (just a start like in http://games.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600084408) but he get assigned to the freak team (they miss a medic because he decided to kill the previous soldier and take his place).
Now, thing start getting pretty much fucked up because, the freak group is composed by 3 old nazi that escaped trials by joining the mercs (I thought Pyro, medic/soldier and heavy), a subtle russian spy with no heart, a barely sane engie who keeps up by standing away from the rest of the team during ceased fire and a very dark and Psicopath Sniper (CBS whould be the best for this part).
Gentle medic (I called him Joseph but if someone would ever think about writing this thing, can call him whatever he want) is cornered fro the begin by the nazi group but he's able to avoid them for some time (at some point they catch him and mark a svastica with a burning iron in his chest).
Meanwhile, (before the marking) he got friend with the sniper, who misunderstood all the gentle care of the medic for something different.
After the marking event, the sniper told him to hide in his van.
(I imagined this particular sniper like some kind of villain for and old horror movie, the kind of bad guy always two feet in front of you and basically unkillable)He goes to the trio and beat the shit out of them, telling them to not touch "his" medic again unless they want to keep their organs inside.
When the sniper got back to the van, covered in blood, medic is preoccuped and run to him to check for injury. Unfortunatly for him, this only make the brutal sniper believe in his personal, crazy world where the medic is his and only his to care and love.
When the medic tried to refuse Sniper's advances, the assassin reply something like "dont worry luv, I will show ya how much I love ya. Then you will understand and love me back" theeeen, he proceed to assault and rape the medic.
NOTICE, that the sniper never really "hurt" medic (in his head, he is loving him, and he will never hit him). He trap him inside his van, sleeping with him every night and tying him at the begin to not let him harm himself; and no matter how much medic screamed, no one will ever help him (they fear sniper)

After month of this routine, in which the sniper keep him recluse and raped him constantly, declaring his love every single time (cuddling him and telling sweet thing, because in his sich psychopath mind, medic is his lover and he HAVE to remind him and protect him), medic get accustomed to it (something like in http://www.y-gallery.net/view/690767/), to the point when, one day, Sniper leave the door of the van unlocked, and medic do not try to escape. He just sit there and wait for sniper return to greet him.

(and at this point I'm already feeling bad for him but my mind cant stop)

The freak squad was one of the best (they are brutally efficient and more than often, find a way to kill forever the others team's members) and the absence of the new medic is something not felt (to justify why no ones complains for the lack of the medic..)

Happy that the medic loves him to, the sniper let him free to go (the medic will always go back to the van after every match and will be at sniper's side at ceased fire).

MEANWHILE! the engeneer is sick of the situation (one time that medic actually managed to escape and went to him to ask help, he just closed the door of the workshop in his face, to afraid of the sniper) and seeing the new medic with the sniper only make him angrier with himself, so he find a way to get assigned elsewhere.
UNFORTUNATLY, in the rush to not be discovered, he transfered the entire team.. and just to be more and more lucky (maybe, I dunno?) the normal team get assigned and merged with the psico team in a new area where the red (I prefer red but they can be also blu) had accumulated a lot of defeat. (short, they're loosing territories so they thought of merging two good teams and get them back).

When the two teams meet, the norm mercs are happy to have their old gentle medic back (the sadic medic was getting to sassy with the autopsy days..) but there something wrong with him...
(at the begin, the normal sniper and gentle medic were keeping in touch by phone.. till the psycho sniper kidnapped him)

There where my mind stopped working and simply spat out a tons of possible endings, but I would like something where:
1) engeneer, out of sense of guilty, tell the normal team what their medic had to endure (he also says that, with medic, brutalsniper seems calmer and saner, and he is scared of what it will happen...),
2)normal soldier put together a plan to kill the nazis,
3)sniper and spy (cause spy the sassy friend that we all want) try to make gentle medic see reasons,
4)brutal sniper get mad ("they're tring to steal your angel") and murder all the psycho teams (he broke the respaw sistem),
5)the normal team find a way to kill brutal sniper at last, and gentle medic cry for him (maybe he cuddle him while he's dying?),
6)eventually, cause I'm not a so bad persone after all, medic can get over it an be loved by the good sniper?

679 .

"so uh crossfaction engineer/spy. actually i'm new to the fandom and can't find ANY engineer/spy..."

Really? I'm sure you can find it if you do some searching. Try looking for Asymptote on AO3 for example.

With that said, I wouldn't mind more of that pairing either.

680 .


If either of you are still looking and haven't seen it yet, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes is a good crossfaction Engie/Spy fic. http://archiveofourown.org/works/577207/chapters/1035231

681 .


Thanks, will check it out. And I just realized I forgot to add that the other fanfiction I mentioned isn't crossfaction, so sorry about that. (It's still good, though.)

682 .

Does anyone know where I can find some Heavy/Soldier? Like besides the story where they beat each other up the one where they frick in the showers that are located somewhere on the chan? (Because I've already read them both like twice) I think they'd make an interesting couple and I'm really curious to some new material involving them.

683 .

Whoa whoa wait, where is this?! I've never seen a single fic (and only one or two pieces of art, ever) of Heavy/Soldier!

684 .

Okay, so you guys like Sniper/Spy, right?
And you know how the average public server team has roughly six snipers and six spies?

Are you following me?

685 .

I know this fic is super old, but does anyone know if phenomenology a scout/medic fic by miarr has a part past three? Someone mentioned they had it it in the archive so many years ago, and I've been looking for it for a while.

686 .

This post has been deleted.

687 .

I second the first two suggestions. For the first one I could see Pyro finding them and playing with them. Not sure how it would work as an adult fanfic *shrugs * but I'll read it anyway.

688 .

Don't know if this request thread is still alive, but:

If it hasn't been done yet... I want a fic based on this fanart


Most preferably that it leads to porn/sexytimes/what-have-you. I'm totally fine if writer plays it more towards the erotica bent--meaning sex is not a necessity, but sensuality/sensory input and emotional saturation becomes key (all because of Vampire!Spy and immortals being creatures of senses rather than carnal lust).

If this fic has been done, then just point me in the right direction.

Ideally I want the factions to be as they are in the art, but writer can feel free to switch things up... with only one exception.... No BLU!Sniper x RED!Spy. It's like the only pairing I can't read.

Other than that the sky is the limit. Multi fills, one-shots, multi-chapters, slow burn/build, pwp, AU, Halloween themed costumes/loadouts, go nuts. I just want to know the story behind this art.

Bonus points if this scene in the fanart + caption somehow happens in the fic... and the question posed is answered by Vampire-Hunter!Sniper. Super bonus points if this is somehow cannon--because magic is a thing in TF2, and does anyone else remember Australia is a futuristic utopia?

689 .

Male Pyro/Demo. It's Pyro's first time in bed and he is incredibly curious/playful. Demo takes it in stride.

690 .

This post has been deleted.

691 .


A ton of those already exist. The Nucleus Incident is one.

692 .

This post has been deleted.

693 .

This post has been deleted.

694 .

This post has been deleted.

695 .

Yes. This!

696 .

I wouldn't mind seeing some body swap fics or the tiny team idea. I know there's The Nucleus Incident but there's not to many out there like it :/

697 .

Pyro pegging Scout. That's all I've wanted for a long, looooong time...

698 .

Dispenser glitches out so it dispenses orgasms. Or orgasmic sensations. Your pick. Bonus points if Sniper and/or Demo included.

699 .

I've had this prompt burning at the back of my head for awhile, something about Heavy being sexually helpless. Someone finds some kind of restraint that's so strong, even he can't break loose. Strong, large men bottoming for much smaller, thinner partners is a kink of mine that I don't know if there's much of any material for.

I'm a masochist in more ways than one, so my gut is telling me to make it a noncon fic (which I usually never read or write) where Medic's like, "heh, you really thought I loved you?" and sort of reciprocating Heavy's gentle, kind love with very violent, cold dismemberment and rape.

700 .

Mmmmmhmm, anon #699, I like the way you think.

701 .

Okay, so I've started fleshing it out a bit. I want, for a change, for everyone else on the team to have turned Medic down for sex. They think he's creepy and unattractive. Heavy's the only one who likes him, and Medic takes advantage of this. Also hacking a few limbs off in the process, because he's a terrible person.

Either that, or a similar idea with Classic Heavy x Modern Heavy, because I see Classic Heavy as someone who would only have sex with someone who would challenge him (i.e. Modern Heavy).
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