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File 128925150615.png - (15.70KB , 256x256 , 128875343552.png )
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Shame that we lost the old cosplay supplies thread. Oh well, we can do it again guys!

Post all your requests/recommendations for gathering cosplay items here.
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>> No. 2815
Howdy! I'm getting together a Soldier cosplay and I can't find any grenades or helmets. THere aren't really any surplus stores near me, and I live in England.

Anyone know a good helmet/fake grenade supplier that can ship to England?

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Where can I buy a pyro hoodie?
>> No. 3088
Can you be more specific? Are you talking an official merch one, a hoodie with pyro printed on it, or one that's a cosplay hoodie of a specific cosmetic?
>> No. 3098
just buy a gas mask that looks just like the pyro's gas mask you'll be fine

File 129219436089.jpg - (203.10KB , 1600x1600 , Spy in a Photobooth_1.jpg )
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Going to repost my costumes cause of the crash. I am most known for my props, I take pride in them, but I sew my costumes too. I'll gladly answer any questions to help others. Rock on TF2 costumers!
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>> No. 2120
File 131517859772.jpg - (658.78KB , 1040x1998 , Zo_Tentacles Everywhere.jpg )
This was me trying to sit down in front of the TF2 shoot, I really loved how dynamic/alive the tentacles looked in these stills, not to mention them slowly eating my friends, har har. Photos by Zo and her sister!
>> No. 2358
great work on the tentaspy. i really like it! (and i dont like most of them)
>> No. 3086
Jeg elsker tf2

File 133340359411.png - (182.26KB , 304x659 , spy.png )
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So I'm trying to to assemble a costume for the Team Fortress 2 Blue Spy.
I found this nice 2 piece navy blue suit from a thrift shop and I want to do some color correction.

In game render:

close color comparison to what I have at home:

I was hoping someone could offer me some advice or techniques on how to lighten the suit. Obviously there's a big difference in the shades. Easier techniques preferred.

I had thought of using bleach, but... Well I heard it is very hard to use. Not only could it eat the fabric, but certain spots will brighten up faster than others.

Someone else had suggested leaving it in the sun for it to fade naturally... but in comes consistency issues again.

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>> No. 2575

I agree with Drillbot and LittleMeesh.

But I guess you could start off with being a Vest!Spy; it seems like it would be just slightly easier and another good way to start. You could find an old vest and copy the pattern down and tailor it to your size.

Pic related, by the way.
>> No. 2576
File 133631627563.jpg - (54.42KB , 534x685 , Vest Spy.jpg )

Derp, forgot the picture. I apologize.
>> No. 2610
File 133888579577.png - (435.47KB , 500x498 , tumblr_lnp0u69w7S1qk9hrqo1_500.png )
If I could at least track something like this down I'd be happy

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doing a scout cosplay in England and i cant seem to find some of the items, anybody know anyway i can get them in britain easily by march?
>> No. 3012
What sorts of props/items are you looking for specifically? Knowing that would make it a bit easier to help you out

File 14455867162.jpg - (75.34KB , 1024x768 , image.jpg )
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File 128919246366.png - (107.76KB , 500x867 , 128877931257.png )
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Enough with the vague pyro tutorials and insane amount of cash that you would have to pay others to make the costume for you. It's cheap pyro makin' time with LADY! There will be no measurements and crap here! a real man uses his bare ARM to measure out length and his TEETH to cut the fabric, MAGGOTS. So I'll included prices and links/stores of places where I bought my crap because I am nice.

Also, Radio can post in here with her remake of her bluro costume. We're going as a red and blu pyro for Acen next year. Super pyro Bros. forever!

pic by Radio is related cause I let her wear my engiebee helmet last year and got an adorable pic of her.
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>> No. 2914
File 144351512886.jpg - (118.81KB , 639x615 , image.jpg )
>> No. 2916
File 144351555068.jpg - (474.15KB , 2048x2048 , image.jpg )
Also bills hat, got the patch at a Gun Show and the beret at an army surplus
>> No. 2918
File 144351579756.jpg - (434.42KB , 2048x1793 , image.jpg )
The nose is a bit long but it's made to keep me cool since I'm in Southern California and people can't believe I would wear such a thing in the hot sun

And yes I made the flamethrower myself, I started working on it a few years back and lost the progress pics on my old phone

File 144317518679.jpg - (548.09KB , 2048x1366 , image.jpg )
2905 No. 2905 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
It was at Causeplay in Ontario California,

There were other groups

but we performed

We did the conga taunt across the stage (no video of it)
>> No. 2906
File 144317564181.jpg - (43.82KB , 400x290 , image.jpg )
Here one of the pics and the only that turned out good
>> No. 2907
File 144317571364.jpg - (40.50KB , 400x293 , image.jpg )
Also here's a pic of the girl that won best craftsmanship, she was Medabee from Medabots
>> No. 2910
You all look great! Special props (heh) to the Solly and Pyro on the weapons.

File 144317422256.jpg - (0.98MB , 3072x3072 , image.jpg )
2901 No. 2901 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
On Halloween there's gonna be a group photo shoot in Los Angeles at Stan Lee's Comikaze at the L.A. convention Center
>> No. 2903
>> No. 2904
>> No. 2909

File 144053479264.jpg - (870.62KB , 1280x969 , tumblr_nnvpb1btoR1rl5yz7o1_1280_png.jpg )
2878 No. 2878 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
cute little souljaboi!
>> No. 2880
you are absolutely adorable. Good job!
>> No. 2881
A+ would hug and or offer ears

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