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Moderator Application

If you wish to apply for a moderator position please answer the following questions as completely as you can on a text document and send it to any of our moderators on our Discord server. To follow-up an application, please contact the administrators directly by sending them a direct message on our Discord server.

1.) Name
2.) Age
3.) SteamID (If applicable.)
4.) TF2chan username. (Applicable only if you post with a username and/or tripcode.)
5.) Full imageboard/forum history. Please include details and links.
6.) What moderator position do you want to apply for? (ie. moderator of a certain board, global moderator, event moderator, etc.)
7.) Have you done any moderating on an imageboard or forum before? If yes, please explain.
8.) Why do you think you would make a good moderator? Do you have any special skills? (Previous imageboard/forum experience as a moderator or administrator, game server administrator experience, coding, media, design, etc.)
9.) Where can we contact you?

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