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If you have a problem with a thread or post then your best option is to report it. Otherwise, Discord is the best way to contact us quickly.
  • This is our Steam Group.
  • You may also join our Discord and hang out in our chat if you wish to talk with fellow Channers or the moderators live.

Who should I contact about something?

What should I contact the Moderators about?
You should contact the moderators anytime you are having a problem that you believe can only be solved by communicating with them. This includes (but is not limited to) any bans you may have incurred, drama or the handling of a situation by said moderator.

What should I contact the Administrators about?
You should contact the adminstrators anytime you have an idea for the Chan itself, which can also be put on /inception/ for input from other users and further deliberation. You should also contact the administrators if you would like to advertise a website.

How do I apply for a moderation position?
We are currently looking for experienced, competent people who would like to contribute their efforts as a moderator, you may apply here.

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