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Official Steam Group: TF2 Circlejerk

The TF2 Circlejerk is TF2chan's official Steam Group. All the Global Rules from TF2chan apply to the Circlejerk. If you want to become a member of the group, then all you have to do is click "Join" at the top-right corner of the group profile page. The people with a star next to their name are a moderator of the group, and all moderators of TF2chan are moderators of the Circlejerk. The Circlejerk is led by Kumori and is heavily moderated by Ashsflames and Eudevie, so all queries relating to the Steam group should go to either of them.

  • Turn the crank, grease the wheel.
  • Together, we can be industrious.
  • Join the Circle and LEND A HAND!

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