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File 156185799732.png - (34.19KB , 1200x720 , 9ad9f7ed4faefb8c87d8506d7b2b4a2812b3ecb0b5356ff1d5.png )
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>> No. 719
what's up?

File 129485701781.jpg - (46.19KB , 480x720 , Coach Cosplay.jpg )
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He fucking owns.
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>> No. 294
File 129790099581.jpg - (36.88KB , 231x231 , Sans titre 2.jpg )
yes I'm
having fun
>> No. 702
Upping for the sheer awesome.
>> No. 717
File 155934766976.jpg - (22.80KB , 236x344 , 9abf3c1423f7b411f96bf6bdbcb3c936.jpg )
If I find burger tank in this place, I'm gonna be a one man cheeseburger apocalypse.

File 132528121010.gif - (85.54KB , 495x395 , i_miss_the_internet.gif )
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It's something that started off pretty simple.


Little did we know that this would transform into a multi-month long epic. Okay, I say epic. I shouldn't get your hopes up like that. This is pretty much me and Izzy derping around and somehow trying to make a comprehensive story out of it all.

Everyone is free to throw any critique our way as they want. Just know that this is very rough-around-the-edges, practically untouched from the time we graced Steamchat with its derpiness. That and we don't plan on changing earlier parts, so all critique should be aimed at making us better writers in general as opposed to making this story in PARTICULAR better.

Expect to see a lot of "HOW CONVENIENT" moments, and even a little 4th wall breaking on the occasion, but hopefully nothing that will take you out of the story.

Named Classes
Rape Triggers
(More warnings as we go on. Can't spoil everything.)

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>> No. 714
File 146989910084.png - (166.67KB , 364x600 , tumblr_o3jnqhaaN71qgpyh7o1_400.png )
Photo credit: http://denimecho.tumblr.com/post/140478673011/a-belated-happy-birthday-to-my-dear-friend

Spoilers continue.

So, obviously by now, it's clear that Spy was the "American" soldier that rescued Nico when he was a boy. If Nico asked why he never told him, Spy would claim that he didn't want to reopen old wounds needlessly. He also wanted to keep his personal history under wraps - force of habit, he supposed. But now the point was moot - he was pretty much on his death bed.

Taylor would fucking lose it and would start denying the fact and saying Medic could help him, but Spy would insist that it would take way too much medical supplies to heal someone who had 3rd degree burns on 40% of his body. Maybe if it happened before the apocalypse happened, he'd have more of a chance, but it'd be unwise to even attempt it now. More than that, he just felt... tired. Tired of running. Tired of having to hide who he was. Tired of fighting. He felt it was his time to go, and he'd made peace with it.

At Taylor's despair, he'd reassure him that it was for the best, and he'd thank Taylor for being the only person in who knew how long who trusted him implicitly. Even though he'd doubted Spy when Peter was murdered, he never stopped defending him and wouldn't let everyone leave Spy to die alone on a gut feeling that he was responsible. That meant a lot to him.

Sensing his time was near, he'd ask Taylor to lift up his mask and kiss him one last time - for the road. Then, he'd ask Nico as a personal favor to "take care of" Taylor. For them to take care of each other. He'd close his eyes for a moment, then open them again, and say, "Oh, and remember when you wanted to know my name?" He'd motion Nico close and would whisper in his ear, "Giovanni".

Satisfied, he'd lay back down and would give a nod with a smile. But it wouldn
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>> No. 715
File 14699069029.jpg - (28.77KB , 500x282 , tumblr_nf6zsnkRfc1rzozeqo1_500.jpg )
Picture credit: http://atrocedie.tumblr.com/post/102881270036/demoman-why-you-look-so-sad

Spoilz. Hoo-rah.

Soldier would fall apart. The entire group would be somber as they laid to rest the second casualty in a month's time. They'd bury the body like they did with Scout's, and mark it with a makeshift tombstone that had his name on it.

Everyone would be quiet in the vehicle as Taylor continued grieving over his loss - using Nico for support.

Demoman would especially be quiet, then would apologize for everything that had happened. Taylor would express forgiveness, saying he hadn't meant to set off the sticky that blew Giovanni up, and that he didn't blame him for it, as long as he upheld his promise about no longer abusing inhalants. Demo would just shake his head and quietly mutter that wasn't what he'd meant. Not entirely.

At Taylor's confusion, he'd take a deep breath, and would confess that he'd been the one to kill Peter. He'd been angry about the attention Emily was getting from Dmitri, and was getting anxious about continuing on their journey. Scout was holding them up, so he took matters into his own hands, and carried out the deed with Gio's gun to frame him for it.

Things would have probably gone very quiet in the vehicle, as everyone digested what he'd said. Then, someone (maybe Medic, or Sniper, or even Solly) would leap on Demoman and try to beat the shit out of him. Demo would try to defend himself, but wouldn't fight back, knowing he was clearly in the wrong. Eventually, Engie would pull over and someone would separate them. The assailant would be highly in favor for abandoning Demo on the side of the road for what he'd done. They'd even call a vote for it.

Dunno how that vote would've played out, but if they did vote him off the metephorical island, he'd accept their decision and would once again tell them he was sorry fo
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>> No. 716
I can't really remember anything else I had planned. I did have an idea of keeping the drama going even if they did get to the Florida Keys and were zombie-free by throwing like a typhoon or hurricane at them or some shit, but that's all.

Really, this RP was a lot of fun, and rereading it has made me miss it bunches. I can't say I was all that taken with Nico as a character, though. He was really fucking annoying to have to work around. Reading it now, I think I would have had even less patience for his shenanigans.

You could kinda tell what characters were mine by how they interacted with Nico in the middle, towards the end. Izzy's characters were much more likely to take his side and express "concern" for him, while mine routinely thought he should man up.

I think that's why I brought in my RED Spy, tbh. To kinda be like "THIS is what (imo) Spies should be like." Playful, charming, merciless, calculated, and just the slightest bit manipulative. But not fragile.

In the end though, I suppose Nico/Taylor was always gonna be the OTP of choice, so there's not much use in griping.

Again, a lot of fun writing this, and a lot of fun rereading it. Hope yall enjoyed.

Unrelated aside: Spy chewed hum because he had an oral fixation after smoking for so long. The more you know!-

File 129816496233.gif - (64.56KB , 600x307 , left4dead2.gif )
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Rochelle is secretly into bondage. She's attracted to a man in leather, and Depeche Mode sing about bondage quite a bit, so there's that.

Ellis acts dumb, but is a technical genius when it comes to cars.
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>> No. 701
I don't really have any headcanons for anyone except that Nick is a giant Michael Jackson fan, on account if that suit of his looking like the smooth criminal outfit, which actually fits his character perfectly.
>> No. 707
File 146783463889.gif - (1.45MB , 360x270 , party-in-the-shower.gif )
Rochelle is bi and very comfortable with her sexuality, but not like obnoxious about it.

Nick is secretly pan but repressed as fuck. He only sleeps with ladies.

Ellis is straight but he's cool with guys who aren't.

Coach is divorced. He doesn't go into it much.

Keith is deadpool.
>> No. 708
As for the zombies, Jockeys' giggling is a form of communication, similar to that of spotted hyenas.

Spitters are a mutated strand of boomette, and chargers are a mutated strand of Tanks.

I actually see Hunters more like cats (lions, tigers, o mai) than dogs. Dogs don't generally CLAW at their victims, don't jump much, generally don't stalk their prey from above, etc. I see them sharing a lot of traits with leopards, actually.

All special infected (aside from Witch and Tank) have male and female varients - Valve was just too lazy to make differing designs for them.

Infected think survivors are mutated monsters, and really only attack out of self preservation. They don't know that THEY'RE the sick ones.

Infected don't eat the bodies of survivors they kill.

Primates are the only ones that can carry the virus. If something other than a human gets infected, the species determines what special infected they become. (Ex. All gorillas would be Tanks, chimps would be Jockeys, baboons would be hunters, orangutans would be smokers, etc)

File 135049978269.jpg - (173.52KB , 536x807 , tumblr_lzsc12ah591r1fp2ao4_1280.jpg )
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Captcha: contagion ousword. How fitting.

I'm dumping this here, if it's not allowed, please tell me where I SHOULD post it, mkay? WIP.

“Come on Nick! We're almost there!”

“Yea yea, don't get your panties in a bunch, I'm coming.” I'll be damned if CEDA is actually at that mall, every single poster we saw made has only told lies so far, and we haven't seen a single survivor besides that loony gunstore guy. The saferoom is small and stuffy, but I have never been more relieved to get into a confined space with two sweaty guys and a whiny woman. The very moment I'm inside, Coach slams the door behind me and slams a metal bar in front of it. Safe, finally. I slump down against the wall and let out a groan.

Coach and Rochelle pull a big sofa in front of the saferoom door, and then lets themselves fall onto the dirty cushions. The room is large for a saferoom, with a bathroom to the side and a few sleeping bags crumpled up in a corner. The sofa had obviously been used as barricade material before, clear drag-marks over the floor. We all catch our breaths while the infected bash their fists uselessly against the steel door.

“You did good out there people. Made me proud.” I don't have the energy to make a sarcastic remark about how Ellis almost murdered me with that grenade launcher of his, so I just stay silent and try to clear my headache while I root through the remains of my medpack. I feel damn awful, and the boomer bile staining my white suit is making me feel like a hobo. I guess I should be thankful that that nasty puke got into my clothes and not into my wounds, but still.

With a frustrated grunt I pull off my jacket and shirt to expose the numerous scratches on my torso. Oh great. The puke did get into my wounds. I gag at the rancid stench that drifts up when I lift my jacket, and try my best not to look at the scratches as I pull it off me. I throw it onto the small radiator in a corner, and it makes a nasty wet smack, soaked in things I don't want to think about.

“Dayum, Nick, that smells some damn bit awful man!” Good thing Ellis is always there to
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 693
>> No. 705
I hope you guys know that the L4D 1 and 2 protagonists are immune to the virus, right?
>> No. 706
Well, that's why it's a fanfic. It would never happen in-game, so I make it happen in my fanfic. Kinda the whole point.

File 128986087528.jpg - (348.04KB , 1687x2611 , 5858010.jpg )
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>> No. 652
File 134006980685.jpg - (27.38KB , 553x425 , Bg_spitter[1].jpg )

>> No. 683
File 134990521439.png - (112.21KB , 306x280 , gungivitoya.png )

>> No. 704

File 136848086876.jpg - (248.86KB , 1280x1024 , 4ea098bb85c86.jpg )
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Hey guys. I added my Chris-Chan Boomer to the workshop.
>> No. 709
That's fucking HILARIOUS

File 129997568118.jpg - (48.63KB , 483x368 , halolz-dot-com-left4dead2-coach-datass.jpg )
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So yeah, L4D1 & 2 is basically my mayhem game, when I just wade through guts and intestines of the many zombies I mow down with three other people. A basic concept with little opportunity for large, awesome moments, especially if solo as yer probably gonna get taken down. They do happen though, and I wanna hear about them.

Personally, my shining moment was when I just joined a game in progress and it was the finale of Swamp Fever. My bot and another guy were the only two standing and my remaining team mate was punched out by one of the two tanks as I took control. It was quite literally the final part where you have to rush for the boat, something I would usually leave as it was so late in the game, and with only five shotty shells, adrenaline, baseball bat and 45hp to my name, my leaving seemed inevitable.

Suddenly, two of the team cried out "Come on Donny! Run for the boat! You can do it!" and suddenly, shit was on. I didn't make a bee line for the boat, no, I turned and faced those tank bastards, emptying the final five shells into ones face, finishing him of with the baseball bat in three blows before turning to his twin, who punched me over a hedge.

15hp I used the adrenaline and raised two of my team mates up, telling them to go for the boat as I raised the third, just as the tank was heading for me.

What followed was a game of cat and mouse, leading the tank through the maze with the occasional leap to avoid his punch and smack him with my bat until he keeled over from the ever fatal bout of death!

By this point, the others were half way to the boat except one who was down to one hp and going slower. Grabbing the ak-47 from the table, I delicately started shooting around him, picking of every zombie heading for him just before they could deal the fatal blow.

With cover from the two now on the boat, I caught up with our limping friend and turned, shielding him from the hoard with my own battered body, franticly shooting and bashing away those that got too close, the infected team respawning for one last attempt at downing us.

They were too late however, as we hobbled onto the boat and to safety, t
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 672
I had a good one tonight.

Playing finale of Death Toll. I like to hide in the closet under the stairs for whatever reason.
Standing at open door, under the stairs, helping teammates kill zombies.
Charger appears across from me.
"Oh Shit."
It rears back or whatever it does, and charges me, and I do the only thing I can think of: I close the door.

Now, I realize that, with real world physics, a plywood door will not successfully block a hulking mass of muscle.
But this is Left4Dead. So fuck real world physics, I guess.

The door splintered after he hit it, but he still wasted his charge, so I was happy.
>> No. 679
The AI director hated me last night. Playing no Mercy. SIX FUCKING WITCHES.

TWO of them within 20 feet of the other, and TWO smack dab in the saferoom doors.

Was not very nice.
>> No. 697
I've had some fun experiences with witches lately.

Hard Rain, got the gas cans, heading back up into the elevator. Hear this soft crying, slowly getting louder, and louder, and louder...

And goddamnit, she's right in front of the elevator door when it opens.

Lacking any other options, I leap out, and slash her with my katana.

Somehow she goes down in two shots.

Aaaand then the Tank around the corner killed us.

Today I had fun with the shotgun, though. Death Toll, start climbing up a ladder. Oh shit, witch is RIGHT there. Well, luckily, we have our trusty propane tank. So I climb back up there, throw it, shoot for it, and drop back down quick.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 13493294399.jpg - (80.29KB , 500x500 , KITTY2.jpg )
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i'll just leave this here! i take requests. :3
>> No. 696
that's cute! Now can you draw the hunter violently tearing his claws into the cat.


File 130474452542.png - (299.40KB , 500x370 , tumblr_lk38m4dlqp1qcys8co1_500.png )
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>> No. 624

Not sure if word filter or actual necrophilia...
Probably word filter but both would apply for for L4D. Nick/Ellis necrophilia, it exists and it’s terrifying.
>> No. 643
Hah I like their expressions.
>> No. 678
I like Rochelle a lot.

I could totally see her as a BDSM dom. She already wears kickass boots, she doesn't take shit from anyone, and fuck, she wears a Depeche Mode shirt, and all of their songs are about S&M (and about how God is either terrible or doesn't exist). That, and the idea of Francis being a sub is hilarious to me.

(I see Helen and Saxton Hale's relationship this way, too.)

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