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File 129816496233.gif - (64.56KB , 600x307 , left4dead2.gif )
298 No. 298
Rochelle is secretly into bondage. She's attracted to a man in leather, and Depeche Mode sing about bondage quite a bit, so there's that.

Ellis acts dumb, but is a technical genius when it comes to cars.
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>> No. 300
File 129820494632.jpg - (23.59KB , 522x399 , 18864_106023762749356_100000251989483_156456_28377.jpg )
There's a bajillion headcanons for Nick and Ellis, so I'll post some love for Rochelle and Coach.

Rochelle has a fiance who is much better off than she is. She's perfectly alright with him having the money in the relationship, but she doesn't want to become dependent on him. He tried to convince her to pass on the story, but she insisted that she needed it to further her career. She also has an older sister along with a niece and a nephew, they both address her as "Auntie Ro." Rochelle also has a soft spot for pugs, enjoys her morning latte, and gets the biggest kick out of cheesy sitcoms.

Coach is a married and has a daughter. His wife was the more cautious of the two and begged him to leave with her when word of a "super flu" started spreading. Coach, being a proud but skeptical man, told her to leave and take their girl with her if it would make her feel better. When everything started going to hell, he kept a level head and made a safe house out of the high school gym for himself and several others. He could have stayed, but he chose to leave at the first sound of an evacuation. He fights for his survival, yes, but he mostly fights to see his wife and daughter again.
>> No. 301
Coach and Ellis are homophobics.
>> No. 302

Man, what part of Savannah would that be? If anything, as a health teacher, any homophobia Coach had got beaten out of him by his second year.
>> No. 303
And Ellis must totally be homophobic, being raised in such an accepting, art college, gay-friendly town.
>> No. 305
I've had this idea for a L4D2 headcanon for a while now. Probably has a lot of holes and doesn't make sense. :F
Ok, so. Nick's white jacket is literally a white jacket, as in the one in which you're sometimes taken to the mental institution. Nick was a gambler, of course, but lost all his money in a bet with a mafia boss, and went batshit insane. Since Nick has to take care of three kids that were rhe result of his night time escapades. Losing a bet after a bet made him insecure, paranoid, delusional and insane in the end. He went from top to bottom in the matter of days.
He was taken away after swinging a baseball bat in the street at random people and shouting incoherent things.

Now he's resting in a mental institution, blaming a 'zombie apocalypse' for everything, and seeing people that are working there as 'Special Infected', and other patients as fellow survivors.
>> No. 306

Huh. I got this as a fanfic challenge once before I decided the Nellis LJ comm was full of retarded. Might finish it anyway.
>> No. 307
It wasn't me, I swear! Although I would love to read it. :)
>> No. 308
Coach is the burger king
>> No. 312
File 12988648096.jpg - (67.62KB , 797x357 , 003XMN_Aaron_Stanford_002.jpg )
I have this dumb headcanon that Nick and Pyro from the first X-Men movie are somehow related. Or Pyro grows up to be Nick.

idfk it made sense when I was thinking about it.

In my mind Ellis is a stereotypical young adult man. He goes from girl to girl, usually one night stands, he likes to party and is something of a player. He's a breast man. I think he keeps a tally of how many women let him motorboat them.

I also think Francis spends a lot of his time trying to cop a feel of Zoey's butt, and she spends a lot of time punching him in the arm. (but secretly, they love it.)

For Coach I think he was at the Highschool he worked at, and the power went out. He had to fight his way out with a group of teenagers, who one by one were lost to the infection, and he had to get out of the area without them. I think he has a wife and a daughter in college- he's holding out hope they got evacced.
>> No. 313
File 129892601840.png - (93.19KB , 422x555 , 9Oe1qcmrk6o1_500.png )

Nick knows how to play the piano
>> No. 330
I got a strange one.

So, Keith and Ellis were pretty much raised together, to the point of considering eachother brothers. They did stupid shit, both having their fair share of scars.

In the outbreak, Ellis is infected and Keith gives him a mercy kill. The Ellis we know is actually Keith convinced he is Ellis due to post traumatic stress. He's terrified of being left behind or forsaken because subconsiously he's more terrified of finding one of his other friends and having to kill them too.

Nick = Undercover Cop who abandoned his partner when they got infected. Lost faith in humanity after that.

Coach is *dundundun* a highschool coach, wants to keep the others safe after blaming himself for the deaths/infections of his students.

Rochelle is a hapless reporter who got stuck in this mess and just wants to survive.
>> No. 331

Aside from Nick, I approve.
>> No. 338
File 130037131236.jpg - (515.96KB , 600x904 , peterock.jpg )
Stumbled upon this book in a magazine. Basically, it's based on a real story from a newspaper about a Vietnam veteran who lived in the woods with his thirteen year old daughter. He raised her as best as he could, just far away from a society he found to be toxic. He gave her encyclopedias to read and taught her how to survive in the wild. Some day the police discovered them and brought them to a farm to introduce them to a normal civilzed life, but a couple of days later they were gone.

>> No. 354
My headcanon for Hunter is that he is a puppy and his animalistic insitncts come from dogs.

My headcanon for witch is that she knows exactly what the fuck has happened to all her friends, and she's crying because she found her friends as tanks, smokers, corpses, jockeys, etc.

Lastly, my headcanon for Jockey is a person who understands that he's laughing for no reason, but whenever he tries to stop the laughter just keeps going, and his laughter spawns more laughter, and he jumps on survivors because he knows that he can't kill them, but they can kill him, and he wants to be killed to put an end to the madness of his own meaningless, eternal laughter that prevents him from saying anything to anyone else.
>> No. 384
Crack-based headcanon

Keith is the name of Ellis' penis. Which makes the story about water balloons a bit less awkward. Not so much with all the others.

Dave is his left testicle
>> No. 385
The Midnight Riders are essentially Dethklok, minus the whole bringing-forth-the-apocalypse part and slightly more capable/less stupid.

Although it'd be pretty funny if the zombie thing was all their fault.

Also, the zombies have incredibly sensitive hearing/sense of smell. Although that may be canon.
>> No. 386
Crack headcanon: Nick worked for a dry cleaner that catered to the mob, and this is why he knows what horrible bodily fluids will and won't come out of formal wear. He made up the whole shady criminal past thing so he seems badass and not like someone who did specialized laundry.
>> No. 392

>> No. 400
Nick is actually a virgin.
>> No. 406
Nick mad some bad deals and was in debt to some bad people. his first encounter with an infected was when he was digging his on grave or something like that

basicly, the zombie apocalypse saved Nicks life
>> No. 699
Nick is (or rather was) a coke-freak.
>> No. 700
File 136455972991.jpg - (240.83KB , 1920x1200 , the_usual_suspects_58131-1920x1200.jpg )
Headcanon: If Nick hadn't ended up in the zombie apocalypse, at some point, <-- this would've been him.

I've always been of the school that Nick was a convicted felon, at least at some point. I don't mind that Valve didn't plug that in, but it still holds a dear place in my headcanon.
>> No. 701
I don't really have any headcanons for anyone except that Nick is a giant Michael Jackson fan, on account if that suit of his looking like the smooth criminal outfit, which actually fits his character perfectly.
>> No. 707
File 146783463889.gif - (1.45MB , 360x270 , party-in-the-shower.gif )
Rochelle is bi and very comfortable with her sexuality, but not like obnoxious about it.

Nick is secretly pan but repressed as fuck. He only sleeps with ladies.

Ellis is straight but he's cool with guys who aren't.

Coach is divorced. He doesn't go into it much.

Keith is deadpool.
>> No. 708
As for the zombies, Jockeys' giggling is a form of communication, similar to that of spotted hyenas.

Spitters are a mutated strand of boomette, and chargers are a mutated strand of Tanks.

I actually see Hunters more like cats (lions, tigers, o mai) than dogs. Dogs don't generally CLAW at their victims, don't jump much, generally don't stalk their prey from above, etc. I see them sharing a lot of traits with leopards, actually.

All special infected (aside from Witch and Tank) have male and female varients - Valve was just too lazy to make differing designs for them.

Infected think survivors are mutated monsters, and really only attack out of self preservation. They don't know that THEY'RE the sick ones.

Infected don't eat the bodies of survivors they kill.

Primates are the only ones that can carry the virus. If something other than a human gets infected, the species determines what special infected they become. (Ex. All gorillas would be Tanks, chimps would be Jockeys, baboons would be hunters, orangutans would be smokers, etc)
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