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File 129997568118.jpg - (48.63KB , 483x368 , halolz-dot-com-left4dead2-coach-datass.jpg )
332 No. 332
So yeah, L4D1 & 2 is basically my mayhem game, when I just wade through guts and intestines of the many zombies I mow down with three other people. A basic concept with little opportunity for large, awesome moments, especially if solo as yer probably gonna get taken down. They do happen though, and I wanna hear about them.

Personally, my shining moment was when I just joined a game in progress and it was the finale of Swamp Fever. My bot and another guy were the only two standing and my remaining team mate was punched out by one of the two tanks as I took control. It was quite literally the final part where you have to rush for the boat, something I would usually leave as it was so late in the game, and with only five shotty shells, adrenaline, baseball bat and 45hp to my name, my leaving seemed inevitable.

Suddenly, two of the team cried out "Come on Donny! Run for the boat! You can do it!" and suddenly, shit was on. I didn't make a bee line for the boat, no, I turned and faced those tank bastards, emptying the final five shells into ones face, finishing him of with the baseball bat in three blows before turning to his twin, who punched me over a hedge.

15hp I used the adrenaline and raised two of my team mates up, telling them to go for the boat as I raised the third, just as the tank was heading for me.

What followed was a game of cat and mouse, leading the tank through the maze with the occasional leap to avoid his punch and smack him with my bat until he keeled over from the ever fatal bout of death!

By this point, the others were half way to the boat except one who was down to one hp and going slower. Grabbing the ak-47 from the table, I delicately started shooting around him, picking of every zombie heading for him just before they could deal the fatal blow.

With cover from the two now on the boat, I caught up with our limping friend and turned, shielding him from the hoard with my own battered body, franticly shooting and bashing away those that got too close, the infected team respawning for one last attempt at downing us.

They were too late however, as we hobbled onto the boat and to safety, the score coming up to tally our final scores. Already, the enemy team crowed about how it was too late, how they had one and many a cry of "gg faggots"

Five points. That's how much we beat them by. Five. Points. Our joy was magical, cheering over mic and typing "HAHAHAHAHA" frantically as each of our enemies rage quit in disgust.

Since that day, I have never been able to redo that insane run, but if I join a server where I could be the last hope, I never leave it.

Your turn.
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>> No. 333
File 130003563140.jpg - (137.39KB , 1366x768 , 1270681478877.jpg )
I was in a game with a fairly incompetent team. The person who played Zoey kept running ahead of us, but we often got there just in time to save Zoey's ass. I decided not to be spiteful, and I'd help heal her and everything.

So at this one point, there was a witch in the way. It was at that point in No Mercy where you had just opened the door and went into the store. The next level would be the one where you used the lift to get into that factory that lead to the sewers.

I decided to take one for the team. I would shoot the witch and make a beeline for the safe room. I probably wouldn't make it, and my team mates wouldn't be able to save me in time, but I'd do it, god dammit.

So, I shot her and instantly ran right to the window, jumping out. My legs broke and my health went into the yellow, but I took some adrenaline and went as quickly as I could, dodging zombies and everything. I couldn't believe it, but I was getting closer and closer to that shop. Snapping barred door closed behind me...

I realized that my team was PISSED. Especially the player who was Zoey. Apparently the witch decided to attack someone else, and I didn't realize it because I was freaking out too much. Zoey initiated the votekick and everyone voted yes.

I just sat there laughing.
>> No. 335
File 130009400115.jpg - (15.21KB , 190x300 , c-james.jpg )
So...best time I ever had was in the finale of No Mercy. We were making a run for it as the helicopter landed. I go flying off the building when a tank back hands me. My fiancee' gets pounced on, and this guy with a heavy southern accent gets swarmed and falls.
He starts a cussing and saying how crappy we are and what a terrible team he's on. We were on hard and the guy had no room to talk because he wasn't very good.
As a retort, my guy starts taunting him in a heavy fake accent. I learned 2 things that day. 1, it's really easy to piss people off by making fun of their accent. 2, hearing a 30 something year old man screaming at the top of lung "SHUT UP YOU DICK SUCKER. YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP" in a heady raging redneck mantra is the funniest fucking thing ever.
In a mad rage he fire bombs us in the saferoom with a molly and rage quits. My guy and myself and a random innocent by stander all fall (we respawned hurt from the previous level and didn't heal). I was in fucking tears of laughter as the screen went black.
>> No. 336
Running around the elevator level in the sugar mill on hard rain trying to melee a tank due to the entire team having run out of ammo. I had earlier that day changed my tank music to the Benny Hill theme, and it was glorious.
>> No. 337
This is just one of 100 glorious and hilarious moments from my Left4Dead carrer.

It was in the early days as i was not more so new to the game and was allowed to participate in hardmode rounds with steamfriends on No Mercy.

It was before the finale. We finaly came up to the roof and were rather bashed up. We got just 1 Med Kit, but still Pills for everyone. While two of my teammates were still in the greenzone, i was already pretty much yellow.

So as we all crawled to the saferoom we heard the one sound we never wanted to hear. Not in this level. Not on the goddamn roof. The breathing of a tank. With no molotovs and pipebombs we all just thought: Fuuu... What shall we do?

My friend (may the AI Director bless him in every game he will play) came up with the following solution: I saw in a YOUTUBEVIDEO and tried it on ADVANCE Mode how to easily kill a Tank in one go.

Just deploy some gastanks here and wait until the tank comes. Than we shoot on them and blow the tank from the roof. As we prepared for this i just thought: This will never ever work.

As he went to get the tank and then came back i was right. Our trap didn´t work and soon i saw how he went flying from the roof. After him followed a teammate, while a other got smashed by the tank.

So who was the last man standing? Yeah me. Bill. So i did the only thing i thought was right. Run. Run for my frigging life. While screaming. (Sidenote: it´s a insidejoke of us: You are really in big trouble? Run in a circle and scream. And don´t be usefull.)


Headless i run around and behind a pile of rubble, there i saw two wonderfull things. Canister. So i switched to my pistols. (Alas i was out of Ammo, too.) And shoot on them. Immediatly a red fire carpet did spread over the floor and the tank did run into it. And i could even take the other way from behind the rubblepile to get pass him! But there was fire too. And so i just recitated a famous german internetcomedian: I´m way to stupid to jump over 1 meter of fire! And run straight through the the flames.

So glowing like a Spy on a pyroconfention i run in direction Saferoom. Knowing that the tank was still behind me, i took my pills and saw than my teammates got respawned in a room.

Now some people would have gone straight to the saferoom. But you know what? I did it. I rescued my teammates, while the burning tank was still behind me. Which sounded like the following: OH GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING? RUN RUN! DAMN IT RUUU.. uhm. Wait why i am here now? Uhm. Thanks?

Smiling i went ahead still with the tank on my tail. Just that the one thing happens i KNEW would happen. I came to a dead end.

See i was 100 percent sure i would lost my way, and because i didn´t want to start the level new, if i fail i rescued my teammates. I knew how dumb i was.

So with just 10hp i prepared myself to go dying like a hero.
I turned around, took my pistols out said a: I will go down, but not without you! Line in the face of the tank. Shot once, twice...
And than the tank was dead. Just like that.

You can´t imaginate how hysterical i laughed about this.

Best Kickass GrandpaBillMoment ever for me. EVER.
>> No. 339
Awesome moments?

Pretty much every time the finale gets really tough and we all fight our way to the helicopter just to get ONE of our dudes onto the vehicle safe and sound. Bonus points if everyone is screaming into their mics in tension. The second your teammate gets onto the heli because you sacrificed yourself to hold off the two tanks ...

It's what makes me love this game so much. The suspense is AMAZING.
>> No. 341
My team won a tournament. /boring
>> No. 382
>just to get ONE of our dudes onto the vehicle safe and sound
>everyone is screaming into their mics in tension


>> No. 401
Playing Cold Stream. Idiot loudmouth keeps rushing ahead, needing to be saved. tries to kick me when i fall off a cliff because he thinks i jumped on purpose. I save many people several times. Make it to the helicopter at the end. I see one guy pummled by charger, so I go to save him. I get taken down by a tank. All 3 get on the helicopter and leave me on the stairs. Bastards.
>> No. 404
Randomly join team as Francis (fuckyeah)
Death Toll. Chapter that starts out after leaving the train caboose (I think). I join the game with black and white vision and maybe 35hp. Every other team member has a medkit and pills. Hear Bill yell 'Pills here!' and think 'Yes, I can make it!'. Get into the office with pills on the desk. I make to grab for them with SON OF A BITCH, guy playing Bill uses his pills and takes the ones off the desk. Dude must've had at least 70hp before taking his pills. Ask somebody to heal me, nobody responds.

Rage quit.
>> No. 410
First time playing, join Dark Carnival on the Tunnel of Love chapter. As we're cruising through the tunnel, some dipship playing Nick decides to shoot me in the legs, incapping me. As I'm laying there, wondering wtf i did to deserve that, guy playing Coach comes up behind Nick with a baseball bat, trying the beat the SOB into submission. Coach is gunned down and the thing is, my little bro, me, and my friend are watching this take place from behind a wooden screen so all you could see was a blue outline of Coach coming at him with a bat. It was gloriously funny. So then, it gets even better when Nick runs off. Coach and I are chilling when we see "_____ has startled the witch!"
we're respawn, absolute glory being in the same room with that wanker

First time playing No Mercy finale, team is getting slaughtered over and over again (normal level, bunch of noobs we were)
Third try and the helicopter's here, three of us are incapped and player playing Francis. Out of the blue, charger runs him INTO THE CHOPPER. We win, everyone freaks out and much lulz was had that day.

Playing verses on No Mercy finale, I make it into the chopper. Tank gets in and incaps me. We lose. Fuuuuu
>> No. 417
All of my ingame stories can be summed up as thus: "Special Infected are really fucking stupid. Hilarity ensues."
>> No. 654
My most awesome moment was in Crash course. We were in the finale, and all my teammates were down. I was helping one of them up, just as a tank enters the Scene! In blind panic I take my pills and start running circles around the truck. My team started yelling at me to get into the car and win the game, but I couldn't find the car that would end the game! One by one my teammates bit the dust as I kept running around like an idiot looking for the rescue vehicle.

One of my teammembers yelled "Look behind that truck! That's where the entrance is!" I run there, and find no entrance. And then I spot the two busses standing by the side. And stupid as I was, I ran in between them. The tank rounded the corner ready to down my red-health ass, I shoot my shotgun- Dead. I dodged that guy for over five minutes, and I got into the rescue video JUST as a hunter was about to pounce me. Maybe not as awesome as most of the stories here, but it was my most awesomest moment.
>> No. 655
Oh ho ho. I have quite a few. But mine aren't nearly as long.

Story #1: You know the part in Swamp Fever, when you're on that ferry, where there are invisible walls all around you, and you can't escape it, no matter what?
Guess whose friend threw a molotov on the ferry boat.

#2: End of Hard Rain. I get to the boat. Totally safe. Rest of my team gets incapped by the Tank. I go to help them, we all hobble off to the boat.
I'm the last to get on, and I had one fucking foot on the boat, and a Smoker grabbed me. Boyfriend jumps off to try and save me. He dies. Bot follows him. Also dies. Our friend was the only one to survive.

#3: Suicidally playing Hard Rain on Expert. So many restarts. We are just terrible.
So we manage to get through the sugar mill. Coming down on the elevator, I start seeing 'Tank Growl' in my closed captions. Holy fuck. The elevator literally stopped right in front of him.
We all got punched to shit, my friends all died, and I ended up running to the saferoom with one health, and a Tank chasing me. BARELY made it. Door shut in his face. Holy shit it was intense.

#4: Swamp Fever, near the ferry boat again. Boyfriend and I are dicking around, and he jumps off the dock, and is hanging there, just to see how quickly the bots will help him. Literally, in the next five seconds, I get charged off into the gator park, one of the bots gets jockeyed off the side, and the other bot gets smokered a mile away. Jesus.

ANNNNND #5: Swamp Fever. I have like, no health, and am slow as fuck. Team reaches the boat, and is all 'Come on, Izzy, you can do it!'
Tank comes along. Punches me. I land on the boat with one health. End credits roll.
It was beautiful.

It's stuff like this that make me wish L4D had replays.
>> No. 656
OH! I forgot the best one.

Playing Dark Carnival Last Stand.
Now, my friends are idiots.
We decide to gather up all of the gas cans and propane tanks, so we can set them in appropriate areas. So we get this giant pile of them, and I go to get the last one, at the edge of the map.

From behind me, I hear 'KABOOOOOM!'

Turn around.

Wall of fire. My friends are incapped and crying for help, and I'm just like "LOL Fuck that."
So I stand there, and watch them burn to death, and then wait another minute or two for the fire to burn out.
Don't feel like going to lobby to restart, so I just start the timer, and wait to die.
Sad thing is, I lasted longer on my own than I do when I play with them.
>> No. 672
I had a good one tonight.

Playing finale of Death Toll. I like to hide in the closet under the stairs for whatever reason.
Standing at open door, under the stairs, helping teammates kill zombies.
Charger appears across from me.
"Oh Shit."
It rears back or whatever it does, and charges me, and I do the only thing I can think of: I close the door.

Now, I realize that, with real world physics, a plywood door will not successfully block a hulking mass of muscle.
But this is Left4Dead. So fuck real world physics, I guess.

The door splintered after he hit it, but he still wasted his charge, so I was happy.
>> No. 679
The AI director hated me last night. Playing no Mercy. SIX FUCKING WITCHES.

TWO of them within 20 feet of the other, and TWO smack dab in the saferoom doors.

Was not very nice.
>> No. 697
I've had some fun experiences with witches lately.

Hard Rain, got the gas cans, heading back up into the elevator. Hear this soft crying, slowly getting louder, and louder, and louder...

And goddamnit, she's right in front of the elevator door when it opens.

Lacking any other options, I leap out, and slash her with my katana.

Somehow she goes down in two shots.

Aaaand then the Tank around the corner killed us.

Today I had fun with the shotgun, though. Death Toll, start climbing up a ladder. Oh shit, witch is RIGHT there. Well, luckily, we have our trusty propane tank. So I climb back up there, throw it, shoot for it, and drop back down quick.

Okay, so then it's really quiet, and we think, well, I must have missed the propane.

Climb back up.

Witch is dead.

I crowned my first witch completely by accident.
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