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Okay--bare with me here. First time suggesting a story. Multiple pairings and plot.

Alright. So the two teams have been cut off from their respective organizations. No rations. No power. No bullets. No re-spawn. To make matters worse-- they're in one of the colder climate maps, like Viaduct. The trains carrying the supplies can't come in, as an avalanche has covered the tracks. The 'war game' has been brought to a temporary stand still, until the engineers can get the needed supplies from the trains to fix the shorted out fuses that power their respective bases, so they can power up the re-spawn machine once more, and get back to killing each other.

Some of the team mates from either side have died in their last fight (before they figured out that each base was powered down), and won't be around again until re-spawn is fixed; because of this, the teams decide they need to work together, and hold out through the storms and declining rations, till the trains come through.

I was thinking, maybe BLU could have lost their Sniper and Medic, and that RED could have lost their Engineer and Heavy.

The BLU Engineer will have to work between the two bases, trying to figure out how to fix problems and hopefully restore power. Maybe he discovers that he can power up the enemy base again, but hides this information, as then only they'd have the re-spawn.

The RED Medic must work between the two has well. Tending to wounds that were inflicted in the last fight, but were unable to heal, as his medi-gun relies on being charged from the main power supply in his base. He'll have to fix the wounds in the old fashioned way. Time and a good doctor.

The RED Sniper-- being the only bush man left, and the only man between the two bases that has the knowledge to stalk and hunt prey, now has to go out and hunt for wild game. Bringing back the meat for sustenance, and the furs for warmth in this harsh climate. (Concrete bases get cold when there's no power)

I was thinking the pairings could be RED Sniper/BLU Spy (the spy accompanies him on hunts, as his team suggested it was the only way the spook would be useful-- Sniper disagrees. The two enemies are spiteful and bitter, but things change after something dramatic happens on a hunt. Maybe Sniper saves Spy from a bear, but gets hurt, and the Spy drags him back to the bases.)

BLU Engie/RED Pyro (The ever curious fire bug wants to learn all it can from the Texan. A helpful assistant turns into more?)

RED Medic/ BLU Heavy. (The Large Russian helps the doctor move medical equipment from base to base, and helps him in the infirmary. Medic misses his own friend, but finds a common interest with this one.)

Other pairings are fine too-- main thing is cross-base romance!